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Speedy Flyers ScorchedEarth Companion Mod
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Feb 1 @ 8:10am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Speedy Flyers ScorchedEarth Companion Mod

Mod ID: 1288244341

Spawns the exotic Speedy Flyers on Scorched Earth without tampering with .ini settings!

Easily add the Speedy Flyers Pelagornis, Pteranodon, Quetzal, Griffin, Ice Wyverns and Rock Drakes to the Scorched Earth map spawners, where their vanilla counterparts normally do not spawn. Using this companion mod, Pteranodons will spawn in the Canyons and Green Desert regions; Pelagornis will spawn in the Canyons; Griffins will spawn in the Badlands and Mountain regions; Quetzalcoatlus will spawn across the map (rarely); the RockDrakes will spawn in the Mountain Cave and finally, the Ice Wyverns will spawn alongside their Fire, Lightning and Poison relatives in the Wyvern trench (although they are a bit less common then the other Wyverns).

For this mod to do anything at all, installing the Naj's Speedy Flyers main mod ( id=1083349027) - which allows speed to be leveled up on all flyers and also allows for sleeping tame of the Wyverns, Rock Drakes and mating of Wyverns, Griffins, Phoenixes and Rock Drakes through .ini settings - is REQUIRED!

The workshop page for the main mod can be found here!
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NajKrid  [author] Mar 28 @ 11:01pm 
Right now you have to cheat it in. I am working on a resource companion mod where you can craft the exotic resources from already available resources...
Do I have to cheat to get the Rock Drake saddle? Or can i get tht resource through the map?