Fishing: Barents Sea

Fishing: Barents Sea

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Official FAQ - English
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Official FAQ for Fishing: Barents Sea in English
What kind of computer do I need to be able to play Fishing: Barents Sea?
Fishing: Barents Sea has the following minimum system requirements:
• Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
• Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40 GHz or similar
• GeForce GTX 760 or similar
• DirectX 10
• 8GB free hard drive space
• Internet connection and STEAM® account
We recommend:
• Windows 7/8/10
• Intel Core i5-7600 3.50 GHz or similar
• 12GB RAM
• GeForce GTX970 or similar
• DirectX 10
• 8GB free hard drive space
• Internet connection and STEAM® account

In which languages can I play the game?
Upon release, the game supports the following languages:

I have a 32-bit system. Can I play the game?
Unfortunately not, Fishing: Barents Sea has been optimised for 64-bit systems.

Are there any other requirements needed to play the game?
The game installation process and first start of the game requires that you access Steam once online in order to activate your key. After that, you can start Steam in offline-mode and play Fishing: Barents Sea without an internet connection.

The key activation doesn't work, what can I do?
Your firewall might block the "redeem.exe". Should you not be guided to the support website, you can find it here:

How do I install the game from my DVD?
Please ensure that your computer is connected to the internet before starting the Fishing: Barents Seainstallation process. Insert the Fishing: Barents Sea disc into your computer's disc drive. During the installation process, a one-time online check will be carried out to verify the disc. An activation file will then download, which will require a product code.
You will find the code on the back of this manual. Please be advises that this code is not a STEAM code. To receive your STEAM code, insert the game disc into your disc drive. After a few seconds a window will pop up on your screen. Should autostart be deactivated, double click My Computer on your Windows desktop, then double click on the symbol of your disc drive and in the newly opened window on the symbol of the “redeem.exe” file. Follow the instructions there to receive your STEAM code.
The installation and activation of the game, as well as downloading of updates might require the disc to be in your disc drive.

I bought a product key online – what now?
Now you will need a Steam client, which is available for download directly from the Steam website:

Double click on the downloaded file to install the client and set up a Steam account. You will have to accept the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement (SSA).
Now log into the Steam client with your account with your account name and password.
In order to activate your game in Steam, please do the following:
1. Open Steam and log into your account.
2. Click on the heading “Games” and then the subheading “Activate a Product in Steam…”
3. Follow the steps to activate the product and enter your product key at the end.

Afterwards, Fishing: Barents Sea will automatically be downloaded and installed.

How do I uninstall the game?
Open your Steam client and select the library. Right clicking on the entry for Fishing: Barents Sea in your Steam library will open a menu. Now click on “Delete Local Data” and confirm the action to delete the game from your hard drive.

My computer fulfills all of the minimum system requirements, and I was able to install the game, but it does not start. What can I do?
Please update all of your drivers and install any available Windows updates. If this does not help, please contact our technical support under

I require technical support. Is this available?
You can contact our technical support at

Where can I find digital game manuals?
Open your Steam client and switch to your library. Right-clicking on the entry for Fishing: Barents Sea will open a menu. Click on “Show Manual” to open the handbook for Fishing: Barents Sea.

Do your track user data and what are you doing with it?
Of course we treat your data responsibly. Please find additional information in our EULA.

Do I have to be online all the time in order to play?
No, you only have to be online once during installation in order to activate your key. Afterwards, you can also start Steam at any time in offline-mode and play Fishing: Barents Sea.

My game stutters. What can I do?
In the menu under "options" and "graphics", you can lower the graphics settings to help with performance.

Is there a multiplayer mode?
Fishing: Barents Sea is a pure singplayer experience.

Where do I find my dxdiag.txt and my msinfo.txt?
To create both files please follow these steps:

• Press the Windows key and R and get a command prompt. Please enter dxdiag.exe
• Now a diagnostic tool opens
• After finishing the internal data collection click on "save all information"
• Now save the file dxdiag.txt

• Press the Windows key and R and get a command prompt. Please enter msinfo.exe
• Now your system information opens
• Click on file → Export
• Now save the file msconfig.txt

Where do I find my output_log.txt?
The file output_log.txt can be found here:
Your Steam installation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86))\Steam\steamapps\common\FBS\FBS\

Where do I find my savegames?
The Fishing: Barents Sea Savegames can be found here:
C:\Users\[Your Windows Accountname]\AppData\Local\FBS\Saved
Help during the game
What is Fishing: Barents Sea?
In Fishing: Barents Sea you inherit the small ship of your grandfather and brave the rough Barents Sea to realise your dream of owning your own commercial fishery. Catch fish to buy new upgrades and new ships, hire a crew and drive out to the high seas with large trawlers to find the biggest catch.

What are the initial steps I need to take in the game?
When you first click on "New Career" you'll be prompted to play the tutorial. We recommend playing it to learn the basics of the game.

I have a question about the game.
By clicking on the question mark in the upper left corner you can open the wiki. Here, the game's mechanics are described in detail, and you'll find information about the different kinds of fish and the methods to catch them. Should you still have questions about the game you can visit the STEAM®-Forums under

I finished the tutorial - what do I do now?
After mastering the basics of the game you can explore the Barents Sea on your own. Take a few lines with you, search for the best fishing grounds with your GPS, and take in the scenery. In the port menu you can also take a look at any future updates or, for example, quests you can take.

How do I save my game progress?
You can save your game at any time in the game's menu located at the top left of the screen.

How can I unlock different ships?
You first need to earn certificates to be able to buy new ships. You earn these by driving certain distances on the ocean.

How can I change the fishing method?
In the port's menu you can click on the dock, and then go to the tab to upgrade your ship. If possible for your current ship, you can buy a new fishing method.

How can I catch different types of fish?
By using the sonar on your ship the different types of fish will be displayed on your monitor. Try to place your lines or nets so that you'll be able to catch the desired type of fish. Take a look at the wiki to find out if the particular kind of fish you're looking for is available in the current season.

How do I bait the line?
At the fish market at the port you can buy new fishing lines and with a right click bait them with four different kinds of bait.

I can´t catch any fish, what am I doing wrong?
Your lines or nets need to at least be in the ocean for about four in-game hours so that there will be a chance of catching fish. You can also use your sonar to see whether there are fish in a certain area.

I can´t go fishing anymore. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure that you have enough baited lines or nets on your ship. If you have a larger ship, make sure you have enough people employed to go out to sea.

I'm out of fuel/my ship is broken - and I'm out at sea!
If you get stuck at sea a radio will appear automatically on the right side of the screen. Click on it to be pulled to the nearest port - for a certain fee of course. If you have insurance you'll save a lot of money!

What kinds of fish can I catch in the game?
Depending on the season you can catch cod, pollack, haddock, redfish and mackerel.

I bought a trawler, I'm out on the open sea - what now?
To continue the trawling, or the trawling tutorial, switch into first person view with v, then get up from the seat with f and go to the back console. There you can set your crew to "set trawl" and set out the trawl bag. To do this press the button in the middle of the console. The two sticks left and right control the net, and on the Scanmar screen you can turn on different sensors to help you.

I can't fast travel!
Make sure that you're not too close to land, and that your waypoints don't cross over land, then you should be able to fast travel again.
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Surrika-Tunnah Sep 28 @ 2:31am 
Why can't I skip time in my cabin... I'm sick of wasting fuel for fast travel just to kill time, please put a wait function in the cabin... I mean there's even a clock in there.
nbccamera Mar 6, 2018 @ 6:14am 
Is there a way to refuse or put back a certain type of fish which doesn't pertain to your curent mission?
bandit_113 Feb 24, 2018 @ 5:51am 
and does anyone know of cheats for the game??
bandit_113 Feb 24, 2018 @ 5:46am 
does any one know why my guy does not want to gut the fish??
Mr Sausage Feb 24, 2018 @ 5:39am 
I need 200kgs of redfish and all I get is cod, why does this bother me so much :steamhappy:
Reaper Feb 20, 2018 @ 12:06pm 
Issues gutting fish, even with DPI set higher on mouse, doesnt make a difference, is there and easier setting for this part of the game/simulator. Thanks.
Totohurteau Feb 10, 2018 @ 1:29pm 
just crank your mouse sensivity for fish gutting it becomes so easy
Myth Feb 8, 2018 @ 12:04pm 
Can I somehow make time pass?
Aviator225 Feb 7, 2018 @ 1:02pm 
on gutting move fast,
Sarge Feb 7, 2018 @ 12:17pm 
whats an easier way to do fish gutting without failing every time?? mouse dont work and controller barely works....