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Speedy Flyers Aberration Companion Mod
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Feb 1 @ 4:47am
Feb 10 @ 6:14am
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Speedy Flyers Aberration Companion Mod

Mod ID: 1288092571

Spawns the exotic Speedy Flyers on Aberration without tampering with .ini settings!

Easily add the Speedy Flyers Pelagornis, Pteranodon, Tapejara, Quetzal, Argentavis, Griffin, Wyverns (including Ice Wyverns), Phoenix and Moth to the Aberration map spawners, where their vanilla counterparts normally do not spawn. Using this companion mod, Pteranodons will spawn in the Fallen Nexus and Mushroom Forest regions; Moths, Tapejaras, Griffins and Pelagornis will spawn in the Overlook, Luminous Marshlands and Crystalline Swamps regions; Griffins and Argentavis will spawn in the Grave of the Lost and Element Falls regions; Quetzalcoatlus, Phoenix (very rarely; their visibility can be disabled through .ini) and Wyverns (Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice and Alphas) will spawn in any of the Surface regions.

For this mod to do anything at all, installing the Naj's Speedy Flyers main mod ( id=1083349027) - which allows speed to be leveled up on all flyers and also allows for sleeping tame of the Wyverns, Rock Drakes and mating of Wyverns, Griffins, Phoenixes and Rock Drakes through .ini settings - is REQUIRED!

The workshop page for the main mod can be found here!
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NajKrid  [author] Jun 28 @ 9:19pm 
It seems the companion mod on Aberration leads to a lot of Wyverns Spawning at the surface.I am in the process of reworking the companion mods for all the maps (the companion mod for TheIsland being complete already) not only to prevent this from happening (which seems a problem especially on Aberration) but also to allow for the nest Spawn Points so you will be able to find and collect Wyvern eggs. Currently working on Ragnarok, with Aberration soon to follow...
CrysaW Jun 28 @ 2:39pm 
So I installed this mod yesterday and it worked like a charm and the server didn't use more ram the usual 3-4 Gbs of ram. But today it was at 12 Gbs of ram and that's unplayable for my PC. removed the mod and it worked perfectly again. Is it just me or is this usually a problem?
NajKrid  [author] Feb 27 @ 6:48pm 
Apart from it spawning too many wyverns on the surface and the wyvern nests not being implemented yet, yes. Now that the main mod is fairly complete the implementation of the companion mods as map extensions is high on my priority list, which should fix these remaining issues...
WildDew__ Feb 27 @ 5:13pm 
so does this work well on abberation?
NajKrid  [author] Feb 22 @ 6:54am 
Thx 👍
Selune Feb 22 @ 4:49am 
Yes I guess it's something like that. Or maybe the ARK devs prevent completly this dino to fly in any circumstance...? Anyway you can test it in live on our Aberration server : (no password - I'm the admin)
Thanks for your work and for your support !
NajKrid  [author] Feb 21 @ 9:13pm 
Could be that they check for height above them in their AI before they fly off!?
Selune Feb 21 @ 3:58pm 
Hi ! Is that normal that Ptera's don't fly on our map ? They just walk on the floor...
123 Feb 14 @ 1:27pm 
ok !
NajKrid  [author] Feb 14 @ 12:43pm 
Working on update for main mod right now, map companion mods follow right after...