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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Admin Toolkit
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Jan 31 @ 9:52pm
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Admin Toolkit

Mod ID: 1287906180

What Is It:

It is intended to be a collection of Admin-Only items.
Its purpose is to consolidate as many useful tools for admins as I can.

No vanilla assets were harmed (edited) in the making of this mod.

Items are hidden from remote inventory and destroyed on drop.
Though the engrams may still show up, all items in this toolkit are not craftable.

What Does It Include:

[Admin Shield]
  • Indestructible, No Fuel Requirement, 30 Seconds to Start
  • Max Range = 2x Vanilla (~50 Foundations Diameter)
  • Overlaps Other Shields, Can be Placed on "Enemy" Structures
  • Pick-Up Gives Vanilla Shield, No Placement on Saddles
  • Orb is now toggle-able.
Goal: Quickly close off an area from non-allied players.

[Admin Turret]
  • OP Damage, Vanilla Range, Indestructible
  • No Pick-Up, No Ammo Requirement, No Power Needed
Goal: Prevent access to areas prohibited by rules (ie. Undermesh/glitched areas)

[Demolition Rifle]
  • OP Damage for Maximum Demolition So Stand Back!
  • Vanilla Range, Indestructible, Does Not Overheat
  • Double Vanilla Projectile Speed, No Ammo Required
Goal: Quickly demolish abandoned structures and/or dinos without commands.

[Structure Protection Totem]
  • Makes All Structures in Range Indestructible, 3 Seconds to Start
  • Allows All Players and Dinos Entry to an Area, Blocks Projectiles
  • Can Overlap Other Shields, Can Be Placed on "Enemy" Structures
  • Affected Structures Have No HP, "Ticks" to Update Protected Structures
  • Orb is Toggle-able, Only Protects Owner's Structures
Goal: Protect community structures on PvP servers from the passing troll who disregards rules.
*See the Pinned Post for More Specific Instructions for the StructProTotem

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Mazarkis Nov 5 @ 6:36am 
Would it be possible to add an admin tek-helmet or some such that has a wider scan range and pings on structures also? Finding meshed foundations is a pain if you don't want to turn on structure auto-decay. :)
Slayerz Aug 26 @ 7:56am 
Ty for this mod :) good luck
SS Aug 15 @ 8:03am 
this only happens on the island .. in aberration it did not happen to probe different combinations of mods but it just failed with this maybe there is an incompatibility with the mods that I have installed and it just happens to me ... anyway the shield is great a warm greeting ..i:steamhappy:will be testing thanks for the mod !!!
Persephone  [author] Aug 15 @ 6:02am 
@oblivionccxr I was not able to replicate this. It also doesn't sound like something this mod could do.
SS Aug 14 @ 6:33pm 
Possible bug when entering caves automatically teleports you to the outside:steamhappy:
SS Aug 11 @ 9:56am 
ok nice thanks :steamhappy:
Persephone  [author] Aug 11 @ 9:19am 
@oblivionccxr That works the same as vanilla-- paint the shield generator base with a paintbrush and some color. :)
SS Aug 11 @ 8:12am 
hello thank you very much for the mod ... how do I change the color of the shield?:steamhappy:
Veenix Jun 2 @ 9:46am 
This mod is amazing! Only wish the protection Totem had more range and an option to buff all tames and all players as well. Have seen another mod doing this so now I have to combine the two mods to protect everything and use the turrets to keep wild spawns away from the area. But other than that, this mod is amazing! Great work!
Mantis Toboggan, MD Apr 30 @ 12:51pm 
This is fantastic. Excellent work!