ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Jan 31 @ 5:59am
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Mod ID: 1287272045

A recreation of a previous mod that added upgraded versions of most of the tek gear.

This version contains:
MEGA versions of each piece of the Tek armour - No element cost for abilities, and full radiation protection, even from the SUN.
MEGA Tek Generator - No element requirement, so UNLIMITED POWER, and an increased power radius.
MEGA Cloning Chamber - Greatly decreased element shard costs and cloning times.
MEGA Tek Turret - No power or ammo requirements.
MEGA Tek Bed - lowered cooldown times.
MEGA Tek Trough - Much longer spoilage times, no power needed.
MEGA Tek saddles - No element costs and higher armour values.
MEGA Tek sword and shield - No element costs, more damage, higher armour value.
MEGA Tek Rifle and Railgun - No element costs, no overheat, more damage, more penetration for railgun
MEGA Tek Tranq Rifle - No damage, tonnes of torpor (including raid, but you still need to hit there head), applies chain bola to slow things down just in case.

I have set up a discord server for people who need to ask anything about my mods or just want to have a way to talk about them easily.
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Dr H creeper
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❂Jamie❂ Jul 16 @ 7:59am 
Sadly this mod feels very off. The chestpiece's thruster is worse than the vanilla Tek one. The railgun doesn't deal damage and the camera shake of the rifle feels like you can barely fire for more than 3 seconds without not being able to see. Where's the configs for this stuff man?
❂Jamie❂ Jul 5 @ 1:21am 
I remember a Megatek mod that surpassed the restrictions of the original Tek stuff, meaning you can use the weaponry in the Tek cave, arenas and keep it all on ascention. Is it this mod or a different one?
dc040583 Jun 23 @ 10:54pm 
Hey Flame, are you still supporting this? Jetpack is still utterly wonky. The 'hold level' key sends me launching way the hell into the air; it's almost uncontrollable for anything except randomly zooming across the map. I can't get the thing to hold level, which means it's almost useless for construction... and since flying dinos are also just about useless for that, it's close to impossible to build a water system up a cliff. Are you willing to fix it, or are you bored? :P
ilyankril May 23 @ 5:07am 
you can instal the supertek mod its the same
Fidulus May 6 @ 7:14pm 
@Flamegazza I love your mod. You did a great job. But the Railgun isn't working. It doesn't do any damage at all. Just like the Tranq Rifle... but without the tranq effect.
It's shooting bullets and all but it does zero dmg directly or indirectly (through walls) what renders the Railgun useless.
Is there an easy fix for this or am i doing something wrong?
dc040583 Apr 28 @ 7:01am 
What happened to the suit thrusters? Shift key doesn't just hold altitude anymore; now it launches me up into the air just like the spacebar. This is fairly new; your mod didn't do that originally. Did the devs change the base game on you somehow?
Gr3y Apr 10 @ 2:54am 
love the mod but could you get rid of the tek gen sound its driving me out of my base thanks for all you hard work
Dr H creeper Apr 7 @ 3:21pm 
how do I sleep in the pod
Daniele Marie Apr 7 @ 4:48am 
I agree with WoolyPenguin, the shift key should not send you up, it is my only concern with this mod, one that i would love if it could be fixed, other than that i love this mod, thank you so much for sharing it with us
WoolyPenguin Apr 5 @ 4:44am 
The mega TEK chest is somehow different than the original one. When you hold shift to go straight forward with the jetpack, it goes a little up all the time, ever increasing your altitude. Which makes it unmanageable compared to the original.
Could you fix this? This is not the original behavior of TEK armor, so it should be relatively easy.