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DiRT Showdown Complete 100% Achievement Guide
By DonRadeh
A complete achievement guide for DiRT Showdown. Everything is properly categorized, organized and formatted for your convenience. Hope it helps you on your 100% journey! Good luck!
Approximate Time to Complete: 15 - 20 h[howlongtobeat.com]
Number of Achievements: 49
Story: 38 | Online: 11

1. Finish the Showdown Tour and clean up
There are 4 tours to do and you need to be 1st in every single race, this shouldn't be too hard since they are pretty easy. You will also have some "Race Specific" achievements to do which can be done along the way in your Showdown Tour or after the fact. Be mindful that you also need to buy and upgrade all the cars which is normally not doable in a single playthrough but there is a way to do it. Read "Money" section for more details.

2. Cruise through the Joyride
The Joyride section consists of 2 locations with 75 missions each and 100 hidden packages all together. Missions will be straight forward to do and for hidden packages you can use the provided video guide to help you find them.

3. Online grind
This would be your most time consuming part but there is a cheat you could do to speed it up. You need to reach level 30 online but since nobody is playing multiplayer your only option to get there is through private matches. I'm sure you'll be able to find somebody to help you over in Discussions. There is a way to get to level 30 quick which involves a save file and I included a guide for this under Showdown Superstar. Keep in mind that you will still need a buddy to get the rest of the online achievements. You will also need to be replaying races until you get that Money Maker.
Showdown Tour
All of these achievements are a part of a normal Showdown playthrough. You need to finish all 4 tours with gold in every event and you will get all of the achievements below.

Complete the Showdown Tour and win Gold in every event

Complete the Showdown Tour with at least a Silver in every event

Complete the Showdown Tour with at least a Bronze in every event

Achieve a podium in the Legend final

Achieve a podium in the Champion final

Achieve a podium in the AllStar final

Achieve a podium in the Pro final

Welcome to the Show
Complete your first Showdown Tour event

Wreck your first opponent in a Rampage event

Mixed Grill
Pull off an Insane T-Bone in Rampage

Jack of All Trades
Complete a Race-Off, Rampage and Head 2 Head Event

Don't Push Me
Get the First Blood bonus in a Knock Out event

Win a Smash Hunter event

Showdown Tour
Complete a Showdown Tour event in each location

Crash-Bang-Wallop - What a Video
View a Crashback replay

This achievement is the only one here you can easily miss. When you hit an opponent really hard a little icon will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, press to view the Crashback replay.
Race Specific
Some of these you will get in your normal playtrough. But for most of them, you will have to replay some races and do specific things.

Ego Boost
Win a Race-Off event without boosting

Easiest on the first race in Showdown Tour. Just don't use the boost.

Hard Charger
Use a full tank of boost in one go without crashing in a Race-Off event

Same first race as Ego Boost. Use your boost when you get to the long straight road. Make sure your boost is full and use it up completely without crashing.

Zero to Hero
Dominate all sectors during the final lap in a round of a Domination event

Start a Domination event and make sure you do not dominate any sectors until the final lap. Then go crazy and dominate all sectors for the achievement.

Burst the Bubble
Be in 1st place during each elimination period in an Eliminator event

Get in to Eliminator race and be the 1st throughout the whole match. The tricky part is getting there before the first elimination, but once you get past that the rest should be easy.

Survive for at least 2 minutes in a Hard Target event

Rust in Pieces
Wreck 20 vehicles in the Lafayette Eulogy

Lafayette Eulogy is a car that you can unlock early on in the game. Once you buy it, wreck 20 vehicles over the course of your playthrough.

Achieve a 5x Wrecking Streak in Rampage

Select a Rampage event and wreck 5 cars in a row without getting wrecked yourself. A good tactic to use is to let other cars do the work for you while you swoop in for the kill.

Achieve all hit types in Rampage

You don't have to get these in one go. There are 11 of them: T-Bone, Shunt, Side Swipe, Head On, Bash, Slam, Strike, Barge, Low Blow, Headshot & Overhead.

Comeback King
Be in last place and then earn a podium during double points in a Rampage event in the Showdown Tour

In a rampage event, you must be in the last place during the whole match and then when the double points start in the final 30 seconds, you must score enough points to finish in the top 3. Make sure you stay close to 7th place during the whole match, when the final 30 seconds start look for badly damaged vehicles and finish them off. Hitting cars in the side does the most damage.

Complete a clean run in a Head 2 Head event

Pick one of the first Head 2 Head runs and make sure you complete it without bumping into anything.

Stylin' and Profilin'
Score 300,000 points in a Trick Rush event in the Showdown Tour

Some tips for this: get all the smasher blocks first to get x2 or x3 multiplayer and then move onto your drifts, jumps and donuts. Try not to do the same trick too many times in a row since you get less points.
There are 2 compounds to do here with 75 missions each and 100 hidden packages all together. Doing all the missions is straight forward and for the hidden packages you can attempt to find them yourself or you can use a video guide which I included.

Complete all Joyride Missions in both locations

Complete 100% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

Dock Worker
Complete 50% of the Yokohama Compound Missions

Mmmm Donuts!
Complete the Donut King Mission in the Yokohama Construction Site area

Complete 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions

London Calling
Complete 50% of the Battersea Compound Missions

Treasure Hunter
Collect all 100 Hidden Packages in Joyride

There is a total of 60 packages in Yokohama and 40 packages in Battersea. Video guides for both:

You will have to get to level 30 online and will get most of these achievements on the way there. If you don't get some of them by any chance, find a friend, and boost them in private matches.

Complete a Splitscreen event

This one you can do on your own. Start any multiplayer match in split-screen and finish for both players. You can do one by one player and use a controller if you have one.

Showdown Superstar
Reach Fanbase Level 30 Online

This will be the most time consuming achievement to get, especially with multiplayer being dead. You can find somebody that also needs this and help each other out in private matches.
BUT there seams to be a way to cheat this which involves a save file, the guide to do this is here.

Rising Star
Reach Fanbase Level 20 Online

Household Name
Reach Fanbase Level 10 Online

Team Awesome
Win an Online team event

Checkpoint King
Win a Speed Skirmish event

Showdown Haulage Co.
Drop the Flag off 5 times in a round of Transporter

Loot Carrier
Hold the loot for 2 minutes in Smash & Grab

Running the Show
Dominate a friend in Challenge mode

You need to have 10 wins over your one friend in challenges. Easy way to do this is send 10 challenges to a friend, he then accepts the challenges to start the races one by one, and when the race starts quit the challenge. It will count as a failed attempt and a challenge victory for you.

Beat it!
Accept and beat a friend's Challenge

Get a friend to send you a challenge you can easily beat. You have 3 attempts.

No Turning Back
Send a Challenge to a friend
You will not be able to unlock and upgrade all the cars from a single playthrough. If you used a legit method to getting to level 30 online you should have enough money to get these achievements. But if you used a cheat, there is a way to unlock all the cars and upgrades in a single playthrough, you will still need that Money Maker though.

Don't buy any extra cars in your playthrough (except the ones you want to use) and complete the game. Once you finish the whole Showdown, turn off autosave and buy all the cars. Once you get Showdown Showroom, reload the game and buy all the "upgradable" cars. Don't buy any Grade A or Gymkhana cars since they are either already fully upgraded or not upgradable - this will get you Max Power.

Money Maker
Earn a total of $1,000,000

Max Power
Fully upgrade all vehicles

Showdown Showroom
Own every vehicle in the game

Gonna Need a Bigger Garage
Own 15 vehicles

You've Created a Monster
Fully upgrade a vehicle
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