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Rhino Prime M.O.B. MK3
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Rhino Prime M.O.B. MK3

Space Engineers Physics & Engineering Contest Entry Vanilla Epicness! 2018
2nd place winner

Many times you can be driving your base and encounter land you just can't climb, a cliff you know you will never get over, or crash when trying to get down.

Introducing Rhino Prime Mobile Operations Base MK3 100% Vanilla

The Mark 3 design is made to not only drive when possible to conserve power but to also fly! In the original configuration it has 8 Large Thrusters to provide lift on all vanilla worlds and is designed for survival. There is a upgrade available to add 4 extra Large Thrusters if additional power is needed for cargo compensation. Also there is a no oxygen farm version for those planets that already have good old O2. Control Stations have settings to turn on/off Front and Rear Thrusters for flying in a "Hover mode" to conserve power and also as breaks when driving.

She can carry up to 4 flying small ships and 2 small vehicles in her Vehicle Bay (Half blocks optional for vehicle connector connections). She is however not designed for direct combat but a more support role for attacking, scavenging, or mining. She also has a lower Boarding piston for underneath access for those times that your out of Hydrogen. For stability when needed you can also use the piston landing legs. Now tweaked to 17 batteries.

I do stream Space Engineers

* Warnings! *
- Check pistons if building in Survival. Have attached to blocks randomly when building.
- DO NOT press "Hanger Ramp" while vehicle bay blast armor door is closed. Can cause physics breaking flying and/or explosions.

2 Large Cargo Containers
2 Refinery's with 4 production upgrades each
2 Separate Assemblers with 2 speed modules and 2 Energy Efficiency modules
1 Large reactor
20 solar Panels (+2 with no Oxygen Farms)
1 Hydrogen Tank
3 Oxygen tanks with 1 dedicated to vehicle bay depressurization
7 Gatling turrets (Currently set for meteor defense)
4 Missile turrets
8 Interior Turrets
16 Oxygen Farms (optional)
6 Parachute Hatches
4 Spotlights "Headlights"
17 Batteries
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Damadark  [author] Mar 12 @ 5:33pm 
Not sure why but I did make some tweaks so enjoy the extra 6 batteries. Seems to be working fine again.
CTH2004 Mar 10 @ 5:38pm 
It refuses to load in for pasting:steamsad:

any idea why?

Basically, it shows the loading icon forever, and then forever...
Damadark  [author] Jan 31 @ 7:40pm 
The only reason why it is so wide is due to the Large Atmos Thrusters on either side. The interior with walls is only 11 blocks wide. It is set up for several types of jobs and up to 7 people.
Korvatus Klok Jan 28 @ 9:54pm 
That thing is enormous. I'm blown away.