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Portal 2

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JDubb's Portal Maps
This links all my portal maps together, therefor you don't have to search the workshop for my stuff. I mostly have "Abandoned" series maps, but if you suggest a certain map, I will build it (In the "Overgrown" visual).
Also, If you're newer to the series, I would suggest skipping to EP 10+, because that's when I actually figured out how to make better puzzles and nicer looking maps.
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Created by JDubb
GO TRY ABANDONED EP 10+. SOME OF THESE TESTS ARE BROKEN OR UNSOLVEABLE UNTIL I GOT TO THAT POINT.Short test to tune up your skills. First in a series of "Overgrown" style maps that I'm making.

(I had to repost cause I accidently deleted the ot...
Abandoned (EP2)
Created by JDubb
A harder course, taking you through faith pads and changing walls, while exposing you to the danger of falling to your death. 2nd of the series of "Overgrown" style maps that I'm mak...
Abandoned (EP3)
Created by JDubb
Going offroad and into a secret corridor to get a cube. That's a lot of effort. The 3rd in a series of (Getting more) complex puzzles in the "Overgrown" theme.
Created by JDubb
A medium-sized course that "Tests your remembering skills."
Level spoiler, BEWARE
How many times did it take you to redo the level before you found the exit? ...
Abandoned (EP4)
Created by JDubb
A far larger and more complex course than the previous three. HINT: Once you get to the lake, the last platform will go down when you stand on it. Stand on the VERY edge and it will go up. This is the 4th part of the series, using Overgrown visuals. Check ...
Abandoned (EP 5)
Created by JDubb
Somewhat harder, this part involves using the bounce gel to get to the high areas.Oh, also, there's turrets and lasers. 5th part of Overgrown visual series....
Abandoned (EP6)
Created by JDubb
Go through multiple areas where you could fall to your death, avoid turrets, and maybe find a companion cube.
6th in the Overgrown style series.
There seems to be a glitch where the deadly goo is invisible, and you are able to see through the wa...
Abandoned (EP7)
Created by JDubb
Complex puzzle with less physical damage and more mental damage.
Jk. (It does require thought tho.)
Part 7 of my "Overgrown" series....
Abandoned (Ep8)
Created by JDubb
I think this chamber got flipped.
Go through a turned over chamber, down into the depths of the lab, and find a nasty timed surprise waiting for you.
Part 8 of the Overgrown-Visual series
I might be posting my original part 5 prototyp...
Behind The Scenes
Created by JDubb
An old map I made around Ep2 of Abandoned, I was just experimenting with noice effects and catwalks. Its mostly just walking around and looking at stuff, though....
Abandoned - Original EP 5
Created by JDubb
A far harder and more complex course than any previous ones, this course includes multiple puzzles combined into one giant one. Saves included. Part 5 of the Overgrown series.
This was not used as part 5, instead replaced by the goo course and ideas in thi...
Abandoned (EP9)
Created by JDubb
Dropped down into the depths to get the lost cube.
Now go back up.
Part 9 in the Overgrown series....
Abandoned (EP10)
Created by JDubb
Jump around until you can get to the cube, go up and beyond, then go back for the next cube. The 10th Abandoned episode, after a long wait....
Abandoned (EP.11)
Created by JDubb
Find a way to get a cube through the fizzlers, then maneuver a lightbridge to keep yourself from falling into a pit. Part 11 of the abandoned series. Make sure to check out the others!...
Old Portal Chamber
Created by JDubb
A test chamber in the 1960's old aperature style. It is a rather simple puzzle, but if you want me to make more of this type, comment below....
Portal 1 Test
Created by JDubb
A short and easy test. I was just trying out how Portal 1 looks would feel....
Old Aperature Gel Course
Created by JDubb
"Broke almost every bone in his legs, but, it was informative...or so I was told."
Jump around using the blue gel, then get through the door without a 3rd cube.
The little hole in the wall with water pouring out will clean the gel off of any c...
Abandoned (EP12)
Created by JDubb
"All safety devices have been disabled."
Wade through the flooded room, into the laser catchers, and find your way out without falling into the abyss.
Part 12 of the overgrown-styled portal chamber series....
Abandoned (EP13)
Created by JDubb
Make your way through the broken starting box, then try to figure out how to get the cubes. Part 13 of the abandoned series....
Portal 1 Test #2
Created by JDubb
Manipulate the lasers, then try to make it to the door in time before it closes.
Part 2 of my Portal 1 tests.
I had to use Portal 2 Glados voice because the P1 voice wouldn't work.
This test is also alot harder, as you have to time it almost perfectly and...
Abandoned (EP14)
Created by JDubb
"You did an excellent job placing the edgeless safety cube in the receptacle."
Carefully jump to get the correct cubes and spheres in place, then find a way to get back to the exit.
Part 14 of the overgrown series....
Abandoned (EP15)
Created by JDubb
"If the laws of physics no longer apply in the future, God help you."
Use some angles to your advantage in order to make it through the first room, then find a way to get yourself to the top of the next room while the door is open.
Part 15 of ...
Abandoned (EP16)
Created by JDubb
"Yeah just getting a test ready...for you, obviously. Who else would I be doing it for? No one."
Maneuver through the destroyed chamber overhead, then back into Wheatley's "Brand New" chamber to solve your way out. Part 16 of the series of over...
Abandoned (EP17)
Created by JDubb
"Unbeatable...I would imagine..."
Find a way through the hall, then use portals and angles to open the final door.
Part 17 of Abandoned series....
Abandoned (EP18)
Created by JDubb
Plow through the BTS rooms, into your test chamber, then solve your test using a lightbridge. 18th map in the Overgrown style.
-Removed constant fizzling
-Changed acid to a bottomless pit
-Changed conveyor to go faster and to fizzle cubes fart...
Portal 2
Created by JDubb
"It was part of an initiative to see how well people could solve problems when catapulted into space."
Run through the chamber, using mass and velocity to your advantage, to get to the exit
Maneuver the corridors and then ex...
Abandoned (EP19)
Created by JDubb
Catch the cube and press the hanging button, then slide through the tubes into the next room that includes auto-portals. What happened to your portal gun?
Notes, Tips, Warnings
- When going into a tube, make sure to crouch or it will just throw you aro...
Abandoned (EP20)
Created by JDubb
Find your way into the puzzle from the view of an observer, then manage to get out with one cube and two buttons.
Part 20 of the abandoned series with overgrown visuals....
Cube Collection
Created by JDubb
Walk through the destroyed walls of an old chamber, collect cubes from different chambers, and then get back on track into the main testing area. Maybe even meet an old cubic friend?

-Loading times may take awhile, this map is rather large and has a
Abandoned (EP21)
Created by JDubb
Run back and forth across a bridge over a bottomless pit trying to put the correct cubes in the correct positions in the right way.
Part 21 of the Abandoned series....
3 Times a Charm
Created by JDubb
"Welcome to your new job at Aperature Science! First thing's first: We need you to go and test a new chamber three times to make sure it works, then we will allow others to test it. Make sure to look for hazardous objects! Good luck!"
Go throug...
Abandoned (EP22)
Created by JDubb
Make your way through the first room using lasers, then take a catwalk to get through the next room.
Part 22 of the abandoned series....
Old Aperature Chamber #3
Created by JDubb
Run through the simple first room, then carry the same cube over into the second room to help complete the puzzle....
Abandoned (EP23)
Created by JDubb
"That's ridiculous. How could they know for sure that the tests are deadly if they can still write the suggestion?"
Test through several different levels until you get to the end, using lasers, gel, and simple cube-on-button techniques. Part 23...
Created by JDubb
Your new job is in the manufacturing area. Everyone else has gone somewhere, but everything seems to be abandoned. Find a way out!
-Added a bit of extra challenge
- Removed the portalable ceiling above the catwalk...
Abandoned (EP24)
Created by JDubb
Find a way to all the laser cubes, then connect the lasers into the pattern that will open the door.
Part 24 of the abandoned series, using overgrown visuals. Make sure to check out the rest!
- The laser catcher disables the door from opening when you ...
Abandoned (EP25)
Created by JDubb
Use reflective cubes to create a path for the laser, then find a way to the sphere to get out. Part 25 of the abandoned series.
-Don't drop the cubes/spheres into the goo, they don't respawn.
-Sorry for the wait!
Think Outside the Box
Created by JDubb
Find a way through the puzzling puzzles that would puzzle most puzzlers.
Hints: The two buttons in the 2nd part of the 1st room make the door unopenable.
- Yes, if you use the laser you can smash the screen :D
Laser Lines
Created by JDubb
Connect the lasers into a pattern to make your way through this chamber.
This is mostly just a test for a new floor that I'm going to be using....
Think Outside the Box (Advanced)
Created by JDubb
Find a way through the puzzling puzzles that would puzzle most puzzlers.
Advanced V. Twists:
Double turrets in the 2nd room, both facing towards the entrance.
Double lasers that disable the exit door
A fizzler type that blocks solid objects, but not po...
Created by JDubb
Walk through the easy warmup room, then into a harder timed room, then find a path through the crushers and turrets and into the exit elevator.
Sorry for the wait, I'm not sure why steam wouldn't let me post my maps periodically....
Reflection Gel Course
Created by JDubb
A rather simple course, just introducing how reflection gel would work with lasers....
Helping Hand
Created by JDubb
Help out your friend in these chambers by using buttons to enable certain test elements.
Btw this is my first coop map!

Make sure to look at a similar chamber by Intense [] L...
Abandoned (EP26)
Created by JDubb
Use the same button to get to all the cubes, then connect the lasers to correct places and get out of this test. Part 26 of the Abandoned series.
Sorry for the wait, turns out you can't put a piston platform beside a laser or your map is completely broken....
Created by JDubb
Use the catwalks to your advantage, bringing the items needed from the 2nd room into the original room to solve the test.
-I would've made this in the 1980's theme, but panels don't work with inputs for some reason, so I just made it in default setting.
Abandoned (EP27)
Created by JDubb
Hey look, I have more than one image.
Traverse through all 6 old, ruined, and unfinished chambers to find your way out.
place a cube on the little pad, then add an input, and it will teleport the cube to th...
Abandoned (EP28)
Created by JDubb
A slightly harder test track than others that I made, this one introduces 3 new elements:
sucks objects in and disentigrates them
Compressed Smoke Field (Purple fizzler):
blocks the player, as well as stopping portals. Cubes are...
Abandoned (EP29)
Created by JDubb
Use objects from two chambers to solve one, find a way to cross the gap, then use the infinite jump technique to get to the exit door.
Part 29 of the abandoned series maps, using the overgrown asthetic.
This is the first chamber I made in BEE2.4!

Abandoned (EP30)
Created by JDubb
Use a single ball to activate multiple buttons, then maneuver your way through a second chamber.
Part 30 of the Abandoned series.
Sorry it took like 3 days before I uploaded it, had a buncha family stuff going on.
Once again, I took like 12 images but s...
Abandoned (EP31)
Created by JDubb
Use excursion funnels to get the cubes into their positions, then advanced to a second room where you need to cross the goo river. Part 31 in my series using overgrown visuals....
Aperature Nugget
Created by JDubb
It's small. It's a test chamber. It uses a reversed funnel.
Conclusion: The Aperature Nugget

Btw, I'm probably going to stop uploading on the weekends cuz it's so chaotic.
Abandoned (EP32)
Created by JDubb
Go through the upside down first room, then into another chamber, then use elements in the first room to help surpass the second one.
The bomb cube explodes after 15 seconds. You only have one, so don't pick it up until you actuall
Created by JDubb
Find an old friend then solve the test chamber together by using laser cubes to direct lasers.
BTW, I'm probably not going to be uploading any Portal 2 maps in the next week or 2 because of school testing and other stuff.
Back in the Saddle
Created by JDubb
Just a short map where you find your portal gun, then go on to solve a hard(ish) chamber. I'm currently still testing in school, everything's crazy. They decided to stretch the testing over like 5 weeks, then to have a single final exam every day this week...
T.O.G.G.L.E. 1
Created by JDubb


Buttons that toggle your portal gun. Fun.

A simple-ish map that takes you through two different rooms, using buttons to change wether or not your portal gun ca...
Abandoned (EP33)
Created by JDubb
A short level where you try to find the correct way to organize your actions.

Sorry for the delay, I haven't exactly had many ideas for any maps so I didn't make any.

BTW the style was suggested by Intense [] Last - "How about the 33rd part of the Ab...
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Intense [] Last Jun 19 @ 11:45am 
All the Abandoned parts taking place in Aperture Expanse test chambers could contain high-tech stuff such as portal-controlling buttons, sendificational elements, lifeform sensors and half glass doors in place of regular ones.
Intense [] Last Apr 25 @ 4:08pm 
I think the next Abandoned maps could mostly be based on many maps.
Intense [] Last Mar 24 @ 7:29am 
P.S. The maps that are said to take place in just Maintenance Areas and outside test chambers will be BTS styled. There'll also be no exploiting or trapping in any of the maps.
Intense [] Last Mar 24 @ 7:27am 
You could create a second series inspired by the Track Aether Bravo main story maps which is a Redux and is BEE2.4 styled, but with each map being a chapter with multiple test chambers. (P.S. Glass Panels are used as doors in the original, so actual doors could be used instead in the Redux)
Intense [] Last Mar 24 @ 7:21am 
Abandoned episodes can be based on anything.
Intense [] Last Mar 9 @ 1:54pm 
This could be a regular map (Not in the Abandoned series) which is P1 styled and single portal: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1325649910&fileuploadsuccess=1
JDubb  [author] Mar 5 @ 3:06pm 
Alright. I will try to be making (mainly) unique maps that aren't the same as previous ones, as I'm not exactly the best puzzle-maker. (I have a really simple mind :P) Thanks for the suggestions, though. I will look into them.
Intense [] Last Mar 5 @ 3:04pm 
Advanced Maps will have the same name as the original version, except with '(Advanced)' at the end of the name.
JDubb  [author] Mar 5 @ 3:03pm 
I might do that when I run out of testing ideas :P
Intense [] Last Mar 5 @ 3:01pm 
If Maps In This Collection Had Advanced Versions of Themselves which are made harder