Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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A Starter Guide to Red Orchestra 2
By Cardigan
With the amount of players in the game, i decided to make this guide.
With the oncoming storm of new players brought on by tomorrow's sale I thought it'd be a good idea to type out a primer for the game.

First, note that this is going to mainly be focused on the realism mode for RO2 as I play it much more than Rising Storm though the main principles apply to both. However the Japanese vs. American combat ends up being a bit asymmetrical, but that's beyond the scope of this starter guide.

Second, I suggest you play the in game tutorial. It will cover the basics that you need to know and you can enjoy the stilted voice acting while you're there.

Now, onto the good stuff:

Consult this handy reference image.[i.imgur.com]

Much of this will actually be hidden during a regular match unless you hold down the 'Tactical View' Key (default: T). Moving left to right . . .

Certain things like morale indicators, stamina bars and suppression bars should be self explanatory to anyone who's taken even the most cursory glance at another fps. So I won't really go into any detail about those.

Things do have weight and the more things you pick up the slower you move so reconsider picking up that third SMG

The 'Hero Bonus' is given to you when someone nearby has the Hero Class. See Here for a more specific look at how classes work (Note these 'rank' classes are different from the loadout classes you choose. Experience gain in RO2 is actually split into 2 different categories and I suggest you read a bit about it if you decide to stick with the game). Essentially all you need to know is that if you're near a 'Hero,' he will extend some minor bonuses to you like being harder to suppress and whatnot. You can spot a Hero by their insignia (seen in the link above) most notably distinguished by those sweet, sweet golden wreaths.

Not every shot is lethal and if you don't die immediately your wound will show up on that paper doll on the lower left. Severity is indicated with color (yellow being moderate and red being severe) If the wound is moderate or just on one of your extremities it may be safe to keep moving, but if you get shot in the chest, upper arms, upper legs, or pelvis you may need to bandage immediately (default: Left Control). Get behind cover before you do, though, or your injuries might just get worse.

That thing in the bottom appears when you enter a capture point. The insignia and its base color behind the letter represents who holds the point (in this example, the cross and green color indicate the germans hold this point) the little red and green guys beside it give an indication of the ratio of people inside the capture point. It's important to remember that this is a ratio and not literal numbers (in this example there are approximately 2 germans to every 3 russians in the cap). Occasionally the little guys down there will appear semi transparent, which as far as I know indicates an inbetween number (e.g. 1 german to 2.5 russians)

As far as range settings go you should never need to move it away from 100m. I've bumped it up to 200m a couple of times while playing and it's only on 2 specific maps while playing marksman. So as a general rule, if you think you need to adjust your range settings to hit people, they're too far away and you should focus on the enemy that is inevitably closer to you (or move up if you're attacking).

The game will keep track of how many magazines you have, regardless of how full they are so that 5 in the example could be 5 full magazines or if you've just come out of a tense firefight and reloaded a couple of times, some of those might be close to empty. Keep track of your ammo!

That timer at the top called 'Lockdown' shows up every once in a while. If the attacking team hasn't captured a point in a while (the time varies from server to server I think) that timer shows up and if it reaches 0:00 the attacking team loses. However, if a point is contested (that is, if there are currently a larger number of attackers in the point than defenders then the point is contested. Also note that if a point becomes contested and the defenders have an equal number of people in the point as the attackers the point won't become 'uncontested,' if you will, until the defenders have the majority . . . if that makes sense) the timer goes into overtime until the point becomes uncontested one way or the other. Overtime also applies to the match timer as well, but only works if the attacking team is contesting the very last capture point.

Overhead Map
Consult this handy reference image

The overhead map is really, really self explanatory. It even comes with a legend/key right below it if you don't know what something is. Those things up in the top right only show up if you're playing as the Team Leader (TL) which you as a new player shouldn't see for a good long while. I'll say it again because it warrants repeating as much as possible: Don't play as the TL if you're new!

There isn't much that's noteworthy about the map that doesn't explain itself.

Those blue dotted boxes represent the capture points, so if you're inside that blue box, you should see that thing in the bottom that we talked about earlier. Honestly the maps can sometimes be a bit ambiguous about where the lines actually are so when in doubt, crawl a little farther inside.

Those red indicators are for the bad guys. They'll only show up if you or a team mate spots them (default: Z) or if the TL calls for aerial recon and the plane can see them. If the enemy is under a roof or something that completely obstructs their view of the sky, they may not show up on the map during recon.

Blue and green dots are the good guys. Specifically green dots are guys in your squad and blue dots are guys that aren't

On a personal note, I'd suggest remapping (heh) your overhead map key (default: M) to an easier to reach key. For example, I swapped the overhead map key and the scoreboard key (default: Tab). This is because frequent map consultation can give you a wide variety of useful information (e.g. location of tanks, which capture points are in danger, location of friendly artillery strikes [those enemy ones don't show up, though!], near by ammo dumps, and even bad guy locations)

One more thing to note is that some objectives can actually be "captured" via throwing a satchel charge on them. Unfortunately there isn't a good example in the reference image, but a satchelable point has a different icon on it and should be easily distinguished from a regular point. The reason it is important to note satchelable objectives is that, though they can be captured normally, satcheling them captures them immediately and permanently (for obvious reasons). Since the role you're going to choose won't start with a satchel, it won't be your job to destroy these objectives, but to listen to and communicate with your team in case a friendly engineer decides to do so. If an engineer does choose to satchel the objective you need to clear out. Satchels in RO2 function like grenades with long fuses and much larger blast radii. Thrown friendly satchels can be easily seen while using the tactical view as they have a handy white indicator complete with current distance between you and the satchel. Make sure you're communicating with your team, because if you're sitting in a satchelable point with your head in the snow and an engineer throws a satchel inside, you'll surely die. While we're on the subject of satchels, in certain maps satchels are available at the many ammo dumps around the map. They do require you to actually look at them and pick them up via the use key (I don't actually remember the default key for this, but for me it's left alt). Whether or not you want to pick one up and roll with it is up to you as the extra weight can slow you down a bit, but if you find yourself next to an enemy tank or one of those aforementioned objectives it could come in handy.
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Kangaroo Mar 15 @ 8:35am 
Well done, good guide & informative for players new and old alike.
The Rabid Otter Mar 10 @ 5:02pm 
Where is the image for Hero class?
boshmi Feb 25 @ 1:55am 
Something I actually didn't know until I was nearly hero class was that the little grey blips on the edge of your screen which are practically unnoticable point towards enemies that are just out of your view, which is ironically one of the smallest and yet most useful features of the HUD.
wait there is a morale indicator?What doe it show?
Cardigan  [author] Feb 18 @ 6:35am 
Sorry, it was one of my first guides and i didn't know, but i already do so..Mistake fixed.
A shamefur dispray Feb 17 @ 3:58pm 
Tro to use the actual guide instead of putting everything in overview.