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Get Out!
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Get Out!

Get Out! is an escape-the-room type puzzle game with horror elements. It takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and is fun for both VR veterans and first time players!

Made with models, textures and sounds from:



and Valve

Forced teleportation script, elevator script and scripting help by Rectus

UPDATE: Steam Destination updates are causing more and more bugs. I can no longer fix those. I'm sorry.

Known bugs:

- Get Out changes the wands' controls! They reset to normal when you restart SteamVR Home, or finish the game.
- Sometimes Destinations will screw up the teleporting. In that case, you're put back at the beginning of the game, but you can quickly continue where you left off.
- Get Out was made as a single player game. It can be played by more players simultaneously, but bugs will probably occur.
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Sep 19 @ 3:16am
[Workaround] Near the end with the illusion-like room, teleporting in doesn't work.
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Partizan Oct 26 @ 10:48am 
Had my VR setup at a Halloween party this weekend and was looking forward to having a few friends try to make their way through Get Out. I was super disappointed to find out that it was broken. This is one of the best little VR experiences I have had, and is easily the best environment in SteamVR. I hope there is a possibility it can be fixed again in the future.
Caldazar Sep 19 @ 10:01am 
Thanks for the update about no more updates 😂 sad steam destroys this, i was lucky enough to play without bugs. If the new one comes close to the quality of this one, fix a price tag on it, really worth some compensation!
juzam666  [author] Sep 19 @ 3:12am 
Hello everybody. Thank you all for playing this game and, hopefully, enjoying it. Unfortunately, more and more bugs seem to creep up with each and every update of Steam VR. Just to name a few:
-Picking up/dropping items with the grip no longer works.
-Some weird lightning glitches/some items aren't properly lit.
-When going through the boarded up door, the flashlight only appears after teleporting.

It's very frustrating for you, the player, and for me. I spend half a year making this free game and I don't have the time anymore to keep up with the updates and bug fixes.

I'm very sorry about this, maybe I can fix it in the future.

On a possitive note, I'm working on a new game like this, but in the Unreal Engine. I'll put an update here when I have more information.

Thank you all for playing and for the feedback, it means a lot to me.


shigureni May 19 @ 8:35am 
I played this with other 3 japanese friends, and finished! We all enjoyed it! Thanks for this item(^_^)/
N. Johnson May 1 @ 2:16pm 
how do i play this?
Qant May 1 @ 11:21am 
WOOOOOW!!!!! Just amazing! Cant belive this can be done so well! Some games is maded alot worst then THIS!

Thank you Juza soo much! Please! Do MORE!!!! =) OR teach me how! )
Mike Apr 25 @ 2:29pm 
This was great, thanks so much for making this! Genuinely creeped me out and scared me haha, amazing job.
Plumtree ツ Apr 18 @ 10:08pm 
That was awesome! Scared the shit out of us several times, and it was very well made! Woulda payed money for that! If you make anything similar I look forward to it!
Malkrag Apr 13 @ 7:00am 
silent hill 4
juzam666  [author] Apr 7 @ 2:51am 
Hi John, sorry about the bugs. Did items fall through the floor? I tried to fix that
but it is caused by the game engine and only Valve can fix that. Also, as stated in the description, playing multiplayer can cause bugs.