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Dino Quick Recovery
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Jan 21, 2018 @ 1:24pm
Jan 30, 2018 @ 8:01pm
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Dino Quick Recovery

Donation link to help with hardware upgrades, any help is greatly appreciate it :: {LINK REMOVED}

This mod is to help with higher lvl dinos then normal with there massive HP and not wanting to spam hundreds of food to heal your dino. this works on all tamed dinos, both while riding and while not riding.

Tracks combat to detect when you are no longer in combat. After out of combat for 60secs, HP regen for tamed dinos will progressively be boosted. at 60secs out of combat, will boost to 5hp per second which is roughly. this will progress upward to a total of 200hp per second and will continue at this value till full health for the dino or till there is any kind of combat action taken.

Ability to auto pull from Feeding Troughs when food requirement is enabled via the INI.

As of 1/27/2018. Food requirements when healing is an option. make sure to check the INI settings. by default, healing requires 10% food based on hp amt. for example, if a dino is healing for 10hp, then 1 food would be required. 20hp then 2 food are required, etc. ini values to change this as desired. to disable the food requirement, make sure to check ini settings.

if food requirement is enabled, the following is the order of food that will be considered for dinos.
- Carnivores :: Raw meat, Raw fish meat, Raw prime, Raw prime fish
- Herbivores :: Amberberrys, Azulberrys, Tintoberry, Mejoberry
- Carrions (scorpions, bettles, etc) :: Spoiled meat
- if the dino doens't fall into any of the above listed, or there is an issue with the dino detection (ex : moded dinos that don't correctly set the food values because of different taming methods). it will default to the same as a Carnivore.

NOTE :: I'm considereing adding the ability to customize what is considered as food, or add to the food list, but need feedback if it's really needed. if it's not needed, don't want to add it.

green particle effects for healing shows the dino is being healed, while red ones identify that the dino is within the boost timer, but can't be healed due to lack of food.

If any combat action is used (attacking, harvesting, being attacked, etc) while regen is boosted, it will revert to the standard health regen for the server till 60sec's pass at which time will trigger the boosting process again.

NOTE :: min and max values for food, hp, etc can all be set.

ID : 1277490425
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Casanex Oct 13 @ 8:52am 
paracer using raw meat for healing, seems like some other creatures do it also that way
势不可挡·杰克 Aug 14 @ 8:58am 
Hi, I can not find the settings in .INI file on my server. After I put the settings from post into the file, it will automatic disappear on next restarting server. Anyone can help me ? TvT
Talavar Aug 10 @ 6:56pm 
Zan, the healing buff will take effect on new breeds after they usetheir primary (leftclick) attack atleast once.
Zan May 31 @ 10:55pm 
hi, how do you apply the healing buff for new breed dinos (adult) without restarting the server? :)
Ghost May 24 @ 10:57pm 
@The Mod Creator - Direbears aren't healing using berries despite this being one of their foods as an omnivore. This makes the direbears a pile of crap having to enter combat to get meat.

Any chance you can fix this? Thank you :)
jesse.1110 Apr 29 @ 7:02pm 
@CptCulp I have the same issue. I think it happens right when the particle effect turns from green to red, thought I can't say for certain. Still, I think healing ends when it has ramped up to around 60 to 70 hp/s, and I'm gonna do a test now... Could I possibly the the bug from happening if I cap the max healing to 50 hp/s, maybe it won't ramp up so high it ends the healing.
Agusfer Mar 27 @ 11:43pm 
Strange, i got a baby from 2 aberrant megalosaurus, raised it and after some time now it can heal faster (still playing on aberration map), i'm not sure if taking his saddle out and giving it again after upgrading did anything but he started using the buff after that.
Agusfer Mar 26 @ 5:53pm 
Okay now that i could finally reach a beacon without dying or my dino dying, i brought a spino from the island to aberration, he got some damage and same thing as the aberrant parasaur happens, red healing particles, has raw fish, buff goes up on its healing rate but still doesnt apply, i'm beginning to think it's related to the map and not the dinos.
Agusfer Mar 26 @ 2:34pm 
Doesn't seem to work on an Aberrant Parasaur i just tamed on Aberration, the buff appears and i got berries of all kinds in his inventory but the particle effect is still red and healing rate is the same even if the buff keeps going up on healing/consumption rate, i got ami's stack mod but the quick healing worked anyway on the island with all the other tames i had, even flying dinos from speedy flyers and classic flyers so i'm guessing its related to it being an aberration dino, idk.
Frohsted Dec 9, 2019 @ 3:39pm 
🔮 New Server Started on December 8, 2019 🔮 PC | PvP | Mino's Quest Modded Server

Server Title: *(12/8) Mino's Quest Modded PvP - Solo/Duos/Trios | 9x Rates & Offline Raid Protection*
Server Map: *Ragnarok*
Server IP: ** - Query Port: *27041*

Steam: steam://connect/
Mod Collection:

Server Rates:

XP Multiplier - 9x
Taming Multiplier - 9x
Harvest Multiplier - 6x
Mating Interval Multiplier - 9x
Egg Hatch Multiplier - 9x
Baby Mature Multiplier - 6x
Crop Growth Multiplier - 6x