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Super Destiny
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Super Destiny

(formerly Star Wars Destiny Super Draft - Scripted)


This is a Destiny mod that supports several scripted draft/sealed modes, branching from IceKobra's great mod ( I like drafting in real life for Star Wars Destiny, and I used this as a learning project for Tabletop Simulator scripting and Lua.

This mod:
* Includes all Destiny cards for normal 2-player games.
* In draft mode, generates 2 boxes of cards from each expansion with normal legendary distribution (6 legendaries, no duplicate legendaries in a box).
* Supports packs from multiple expansions in a single draft.
* Supports the Rivals draft format for up to 8 players.
* Supports the Rivals sealed format for up to 8 players.
* Supports a custom Winchester draft format for 2 players only.
* Supports cube drafting with the Rivals draft format for up to 8 players.
* Provides basic hidden areas in case players want to deckbuild without leaving the room.

But, this mod:
* Does NOT save your deck for you. You must right click and save your deck.
* Does NOT support seamlessly playing Destiny after your decks are ready. You probably want to split into multiple rooms for that.
* Does NOT support cubes that contain starter set cards.
* Does NOT provide any pre-built cube decks.


If you already know Rivals draft rules well, skip ahead to "INSTRUCTIONS".

Draft/sealed gives you 20 Rivals cards and some extra cards (30 for normal/cube, 40 for sealed, variable for Winchester). You then take the cards and build decks using these rules:

* You MUST follow the color rule, as usual (no red cards without a red character, no blue cards without a blue character, etc.).
* You MUST follow the 30-point rule, as usual (no more than 30 points for plot/characters per team).
* You MUST use no more than 1 plot, as usual.
* You MUST follow the unique character rules, as usual (no more than 1 of the same unique character per player).
* You MUST follow the unique card rules, as usual (no more than 1 of of the same unique card in play per player).

* You MAY make your deck 20-30 cards instead of the normal 30 (this is inclusive, so 20, 24, and 30 are all valid possibilities).
* You MAY mix hero, villain, and neutral characters in the same team.
* You MAY mix hero, villain, and neutral cards in the same deck.
* You MAY include include 3 or more copies of cards in the same deck instead of just 2, if you have that many available.
* You MAY change your character, plot, battlefield, and/or deck between games, using your available cards.

* You CANNOT use anything you were not given in draft/sealed (no elite characters without having two copies, no ID9 dice for free, etc.)


IMPORTANT: If anyone stands up or sits down after setup, things may get out of sync. Please sit down before starting.

Normal Draft:
* Players can sit anywhere they want.
* For this mode, each player is given the Rivals set (20 cards). These go on the playmat.
* For this mode, each player is given 3 packs (15 cards) in round 1. These go in the "Cards" stack.
* Dice spawn for the 3 dice cards each player initially has. These dice do not move for the rest of the draft.
* Players are NOT allowed to look at cards other players have on their stack or playmat, but they can look at any dice.
* At their own speed, each player does these steps:
1. Right clicks and searches their "Cards" stack.
2. Drags a card of their choice out of the search window onto their playmat.
3. Closes the search and clicks Pass, which will automatically pass cards left.
* If you get a message that someone is not ready, wait and click Pass again.
* If you get a message to pass a certain number of cards, you might have taken too few or too many. Fix it and click Pass again.
* Once every player has 15 cards and clicks "Done", 15 more cards are handed out. This time, cards automatically pass right.
* After everyone clicks "Done" in the second round, everyone must flip and drag their Rivals decks onto their drafted decks.
* After all cards are taken, everyone must right click and save their decks.

Winchester Draft:
* This is an experimental draft mode that only supports 2 players.
* For this mode, each player is given 8 packs (40 cards) in facedown piles. These cannot be searched.
* A random player is selected to pick first.
* For each turn, the following happens:
1. Each facedown pile automatically deals 2 cards to the table. This produces 4 zones of cards.
2. The current player then clicks a "Take" button to draft all cards in the corresponding zone.
3. It is now the next player's turn.
* Note that as the draft continues, some zones will grow in size unevenly until they are finally taken.
* After all cards are taken, everyone must right click and save their decks.

Cube Draft:
* This is the same as Normal Draft, but a cube deck must be dragged onto the "Cube" board before starting.
* Please be familiar with drafting rules and how the mod works before you try this mode.
* If you do something truly crazy like a cube of all rares and legendaries, please use every other seat (4 players suggested max).

Sealed Game:
* For this mode, each player is given the Rivals set (20 cards). These go directly to the "Cards" stack.
* Each player is also given 8 packs (40 cards). These also go in the "Cards" stack.
* After all cards are generated, everyone must right click and save their decks.


After drafting, color-coded zones are created. If you like, you can move the camera inside your zone to deckbuild without the zone coloring your view.

Packs chosen using the "Mix Expansions" option will be drafted in order.

If anyone stands up or sits down after setup, things may get out of sync.
If players interact with cards while draft or sealed packs are generating, things may get out of sync.
If a cube deck with too few cards is used, error(s) may occur.

Cube drafting generates 1 rare/legendary, 1 uncommon, and 3 commons per pack. These substitutions are used:
If a common is not found, an uncommon will be substituted, or failing that a rare/legendary.
If an uncommon is not found, a common will be substituted, or failing that a rare/legendary.
If a rare/legendary is not found, an uncommon will be substituted, or failing that a common.

If a crazy cube is used (e.g. all legendaries), 4 players max are recommended and using every other seat. Otherwise, dice may overlap.

Cube drafting for more than 4 players has NOT been tested. Please let me know if you have any problems besides dice overlap.


Star Wars Destiny properties are owned by Disney and FFG. No infringement is intended, and no profit is made.

Mod based on IceKobra's mod, huge thanks for their work.

Playmats by permission of,,,, and

Tabletop image by permission of buddingmonkey.

Special thanks:

* IceKobra
* TheDrProfessor
* XeroHour
* Gnars
* jstevenson
* Neblix
* Daigoro
* Lando
* Lasci
* Lityk
* FenrirG
* Stealthmoose
* Spoonman
* Gameslayer989
* Nerf Herder
* Inception
* mercviper
* zulux21
* XShagrath
* Boat Times
* Kr0ozin
* thegandork
* wiwwt
* Vika
* Skillet M
* HonestlySarcastc
* Gonzo
* ussgordoncaptain
* lev
* Locoparentus
* Destiny Down Under
* Jackalmen Games
* buddingmonkey

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nickschumann Nov 13 @ 6:29pm 
Amazing! Thank you @AgentElrond !!!!!!!
AgentElrond  [author] Nov 13 @ 8:03am 
All right, deck downloads from swdestinydb should now work. Make sure you get a fresh download before loading a deck in TTS.

There may be some small glitches like battlefields in Across the Galaxy alt-zooming the wrong way. I'm going to try to work on them as I find out, so just let me know if you see any bugs.
AgentElrond  [author] Nov 13 @ 1:08am 
@coldpizza you're very welcome. :) Everyone please note that deck exports will NOT work until probably tomorrow, whenever the site updates. I will post a comment once everything is good.

In the meantime you can pull cards from the decks on the table, and they should spawn dice. You can also play draft, sealed, and winchester with Across the Galaxy cards.
coldpizza Nov 13 @ 1:02am 
Thank you @AgentElrond for all the hard work!
AgentElrond  [author] Nov 13 @ 12:51am 
Version 1.6.0 was uploaded with Across the Galaxy cards.

Normal draft has been fixed and no longer freezes in the second round.

There is also a "!menu" command the host can use to toggle the blue main menu if it is stuck or in the way.

Lotho Miner Junkers now spawns the correct die.
kscarbro84 Nov 12 @ 3:54pm 
Any update on AtG cards?! Thanks for your hard work!!
Darkus Nov 12 @ 12:48pm 
AtG cards not working with exported deck lists from sWDB. Am I alone in this case?
Tulkar Nov 10 @ 10:59pm 
Thanks for your great work cant wait to play atg card )))
Corbog Nov 10 @ 7:14am 
Yippee! Can't wait for the ATG cards!
AgentElrond  [author] Nov 8 @ 10:00pm 
I'm working on the Across the Galaxy cards but it will probably be later this weekend. Go open some packs!