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Rizdel the Half-Keen Courier
Non Hero: Courier
Utility: Imported
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Feb 15, 2013 @ 11:23pm
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Rizdel the half-keen is the result of a mad wizards attempt to cross ogre and the small keen together in order to make more suitable servants for the last King of Solm. Where and how he escaped the confines of the mad wizard remains a mystery, even to him. He now resides in a dangerous occupation, in service to the keeper of the secret shop, delivering his goods to their new owners.
Includes some VO work:
Our courier also has some proposed voice-over work done by Foe as an idea for when Rizdel spawns, delivers, dies, and etc. You can preview it in the videos above.
NOTE: This is just an idea to enhance the courier because we noticed the default couriers have these lines but are barely heard during the game. It will be up to Valve to determine whether it is a good concept or not.
RU Lore Translation:
Не владею русским,переводили друзья (authors do not speak russian)
Полугоблин Риджел - результат попытки безумных магов скрестить огра и маленького гоблина для того, чтобы
создать более подходящих слуг для последнего короля Солма. Когда и как Риджел сбежал из владений мага, остается загадкой даже для него самого. Сейчас он несет опасную службу у владельца потайной лавки, доставляя покупателям их товары