The Sims(TM) 3

The Sims(TM) 3

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Wanna get rich fast by gardening? With only one type of plant? (University Life only :( )
By 愚か者
You came here because you didn't want to mess around. YOU WANT TO GET MONEY! With only 5 measly bean plants! And you only have to read a small guide! The only catch, University Life epxansion pack only...
Getting started (supplies and prepration)
Im getting staight down to buisness here.

The plant that ive been talking about is the one and only, Red Berry Bean. Now you can buy these easily from the local grocery store, or do it the hard way and try and find some. The price for these beans in the store i believe is about 50 simeoleans? maybe less. Yes, they are pricy. But its totally worth it in the end.

Now you're probably going to need about 5 or 6 of these plants at the least. You can do as many as you please, though. You don't need a very large space for these either.

A small note: As you probably know, the Uni Life EP comes with many beans and herbs. They also make decent amounts of money so feel free to garden those, too.
I told you this would be short. (basics)
Im not sure the level you need to plant them, so beware of that.

Alright so these plants grow fairly fast. Once they grow, obviously harvest them and sell. I had about 6 perfect quality beans and it sold for approximately 1,700 simoleans. Awesome right?

One other catch: The beans NEED to be a VERY HIGH QUALITY to sell well. While you're at the store getting the beans i suggest getting some anchovies for fertilizing your beans.
Get rich!
This "guide" was actually more of a disclaimer to Sims 3 simmers to say "Hey! these beans will make you rich!" so yes.

Keep simming!
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愚か者  [author] Jan 26 @ 3:12pm 
Update: I've been playing a new save trying this out a second time, and i'm making 24,500 simeoleans and sometimes more a day. I'm in a starter house in Dragon Valley and have 300,000+ simeoleans
Also you only need level 1 gardening skill to plant them.

愚か者  [author] Jan 19 @ 4:27pm 
Another tip: you should litterally just farm these. no really. have over 15 of these plants. (if you want money)