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Surviving Gloria Victis
By Cursed Skullcatron
Just starting fresh, and don't have darnest clue of what you've just gotten yourself into?
Looks no furthur!
Introduction to Gloria Victis

Welcome to Gloria Victis. A crafting MMO with PVP as core focus. It does contain PvE elements on many occassions, and you'll be engaging in PvE as well. However, bear this mind the game is mostly geared toward PVP, and be prepared to be engaged in PVP as you play the game!

We'll start off offering summary of what the game is about.
Originally posted by Summary:
Gloria Victis revolves around combat, and strife between the three big powers.
You have the decision to select one of three powers to fight for, and tries to compete with other players from different Power. To try, and capture as many fort, and tries to strive as best as you can.
Going from crafting, gathering, to fighting giants to even fighting players for glory of your nation!

Since you are here. You must be confused on what the game is about. Don't fret. We'll help you!
Character Creation
Creating your own character!

So you passed the server selection screen. You have no characters to play, so you created one.

You are given an option to choose what name you get, what genders you'll be, and what Faction you'll be apart of. Most of character creation is self-explainatory, but the decision of the Faction you choose impacts on where you'll start off as, and which two factions will be your enemies.

Let talk about them!

The Midlanders. They are
a nation located in the far East of the Island. They are similar to your standard Crusaders. Choosing this faction will puts you on the East side of Island, and everything Red is your faction's land.

The Ismirs. They are a nation located in the Far West of the Island. They are similar to your standard nordic vikings. Choosing this faction will puts you on the West side of Island, and everything Blue is your faction's land.

The Sangmar. They are a nation located in the Far South of the Island. They are similar to your standard Persian Kingdom. Choosing this faction will puts you on the Far South of the of Island, and everything Yellow is your faction's. [Their old name was Azeb Empire.]

Choosing the faction will influence on equipment you have easier access, and equipment you have difficult time accessing, as well what locations is easily available to you, as well what is hardly available to you as well. Make very hard decision, as you choose which Faction you prefers to fight for.
Starter Kits
Starter Kits
During the creation after you finish making your dream character. You are given questions on what you do in a battle. After you finish answering all these questions. You are given one of 6 kits that game recommended. You can choose other kits if you don't like that kit, and the questionaires is just really optional. Here. We'll show you what most of the kits contain for you.

Battle Kit
The battle kit gives all soldiers Iron woodcutter's axe, 4-slot bellows, weak bow, iron knife, and Iron woodcutter's axe material crate, and Tools item.
The Guardsman is given Heavy armor equipment. They carries a two-hander sword, and have one-handed sword and shield.
The Soldier is given Medium armor equipment. They carries a sword, and shield. They also carry a Spear.
The Scout is given light armor equipment. They carries a spear.

Crafting Kit
The crafting kit gives all soldiers Iron woodcutter's axe, 8-slot bellows, weak bow, iron knife, and Iron woodcutter's axe material crate, and Tools item.
The Weaponsmith carry an axe. They have Mortar and Pestle, and a Pickaxe. They wears Medium armor, and learns weaponsmith recipe distributed to them automatically.
The Armorsmith carry a sword. They have Mortar, and Pestle, and a Pickaxe. They wears Medium armor, and learns armorsmith recipe distributed to them automatically.
The Tailor carry a sword. They have just a Sickle. They also learns tailoring recipes automatically given to them.
The Character's stats

There currently exists at least three attributes.

Strength is only stat that'll increase the person's all melee base attack. Additionally, it also increases resistance against Slashing based attacks. It is one of few stat that increases Stamina, and Stamina Regeneration!

Constitution is only stat that'll increase the person's health. Additionally, it also increases resistance against Bludgeoning based attacks. It is one of few stats that also increase stamina, and Stamina regeneration.

Dexterity is stat that'll increase person's bow♥♥♥♥♥♥♥sword damage, as well increasing damage done with headshots, and backstab attacks. It also increases resistance atainst Piercing based attacks. It is one of few stat that increases just Stamina Regeneration. Bear in mind, Dexterity is only stat that can add damage for bows!

The level cap is 100. The player gains at least 5 Attribute point for every levelups, and 1 Passive points.

There is also diminishing return of how many attributes you can gain per levels. Such as increased cost of how much attribute points you have to spend to get next stat-level.



This is new Passive Tree update!

At the start of character's creation. They get one free passive point, for being level one. Then from now on, every level-ups. A player will gain one passive point to invest into the tree. These is multiple, and large numbers of passive that it is worth the effort, and time invest to study, and understands the passive.

Some players have their own build already designed, and some players are sometimes willing to give you the idea of what their tree is to help you improve yourself in the fight, or give yourself an edge in the fight. Skills are most important factor, but equipments, and passives can make a small push!

[Note: Passive also provide access to some abilities, such as shield-bashing now!]
Players are not required to be limited to just one profession, and in general can level all professions to level one hundred. If they do that, they'll be rewarded a Title befitting of someone who reached level 100 in all crafting professions! The profession is very important for progression, and only means to get way better gears than looted one from NPCs. Here. We'll go by what professions do. From most valuable, to valuable.

is a profession that create building materials, and also most importantly of all, making better gathering tools. Great for gathering, and harvesting.

Forestry, and Farming
is a profession where player gather crops, woods, and craft few other things relating to such. It also allows player to butcher animals, and cook food for consumable in combats.

Metallurgy, and Mining
is one of important profession where player gather ores, and mine rocks they can find that can be mined to be smelted down into ingots, and bars to craft equipments with.

is one of thing that is needed to make materials for Armorforging, and perhap weaponforging. It'll become valuable one day when accessories are implemented, but for now it's just another stepping stone.

Cooking, and Herbalism
is one of most important thing that is needed for Metallurgy when making specific ingots. It won't have access to everything, but it will be needed for few recipes. It also enables access to be able to do cooking. Which will expands to whole new system, especially the hunger system.

will be important to gaining, and creating weapons used for engaging in complete battles. It is also only way to get endgame weapons, and efficient for warfare in PVP scenario.

will be important to gaining heavy armor, and medium armor made out of chainmails. This will be great for also doing complete battles. One of few ways to achieve endgame PVP gears.

will be valuable for doing light armor, and leather medium armor. It is needed for doing laboring in PvE environments, and Archery. One of few ways to achieve endgame PVP gears.

Combat system

Gloria Victis' combat system can be very confusing for the players. We'll explain how to get into combat, how to do combat, and how to understands combat better.

To get into combat mode. The player simply need to press the default key, F

Health, Stamina, and Battlemode

The information is painfully clear: The red bar is health. The yellow bar is Stamina, and the double-sword crossed is Combat Mode. Stamina is depleted when you're sprinting, attacking, swimming, or blocking of any type. It regenerates when player isn't doing much but moving slowly, or standing completely still.

Health is depleted if you takes fall damage, drowning, getting hit, getting shot at. Many other things. It only regenerates when a player is not in the Combat Mode. Which means the double sword indicator must be gone. It persists if the player is getting hit, or getting shot at, or still fighting.


There are two variants of meter that you'll see when you're engaging in combat.

Attacking Meter

Occurs only when the player is performing an attack. It expands outward, and if player had not swung. It'll start to shrink. Green is weak attack, yellow is moderate attack, and Red is strong attack.

Blocking Meter

Occurs only when the player is blocking. It will shrinks inward after second of blocking at rapid pace. It starts in the Red, which means Perfect Block, all the way down to green. Once it hits to Green. It'll turn into stamina-costing block. It'll never expand outward, so holding block forever will be too costing for the player!

Understanding these meters will be extremely valuable!


If you pressed F, and entered into combat mode. You should obviously know that clicking left mouse button will make swing any weapon you have currently equipped.

Using the direction of your mouse will determine how your character will swing. So if you turns your camera to right, your character will swing to the left. But this is only if you have not toggled the invert attack axises. If you do. Moving the camera to left would make your character swings left.

Now that we understands how to swing, and make an attack. We'll focus more on what happens. When you tries, and attack an opponent that is doing a block. There will be a chance where you'll be staggered. This is often dubbed as offense stagger. Your character is not extremely vulnerable. But being staggered can means alot. You cannot fight, or even block their upcoming attack. The different is, that being Offense-staggered. You can still moves normally, so you can have a chance to evade an attack.

But aren't you just getting tired of having to deal with very defensive opponent? Well. Here's your solution!

If you ever stumble across an opponent that is extremely defensive, and are prone to blocking every attacks you are delivering. Sometimes it can be frustrating. There is however a solution! If you get close to your opponent. You can go ahead, and try to kick them! When they're blocking during your Kick. They'll enter the defense stagger. There, they'll be extremely vulnerable, and can be freely attacked for few brief seconds! The default key for Kick, is Q

So what's the different between defense stagger, and offense stagger? Obviously, the defense stagger is an actual stun! You can't even move, and you're vulnerable to devastating attack! It is very frecious, and you have no opportunity, or chance to even survive the brutal onslaught!

This does bring another thing to light. Back-attacking!

When player is in Defense stagger. They are extremely vulnerable to getting back-attacked. Doing back-attack gives player a big damage, and can fatally brings down the player within just a swing, or two! This is an attack opportunity, and having opening strike as a back-attack, will provides player serious advantage!

Ranged Attacks

With a bow, a player can conducts a ranged attack. While ranged attacks is not at maximum damage compared to being in close quarter combat. They are still dangerous opponent! Body-shot will deals normal damage to the opponent, leg-shot will injury the player slightly more, and slow them down. Then a perfect headshot will deals almost highest amount of damage, double of that of moderate shot! However. . . .

If the opponent have their shield out! The players' arrow won't be as effective! Only way they can hit a blocking player, is if they goes for the headshot!

When your enemy is readying up an attack. You will see a white indicator around their character. That means they'll be doing an attack. You can disrupt this attack with a Kick! But wait, what if there is another way! Instead of being smacked with that sword! Maybe there is a solution.. A some way to stop that incoming attack..?!

A block! If you timed your block. He will not be able to hit you, and you'll get away scratch-free! Blocking cost less stamina, and have bigger meter compared to Attack Meter! If you were looking at meters recently. You'll notice Block meters' redzone is bigger! This means your chance of scoring Perfect block is higher, and that you won't get drained of Stamina! Sound good, right?!

To perform a block, just do a right-click mouse while facing toward an enemy!

But don't you just forget! Being too defensive is bad new! If you do so much defensively. The enemy will get wiser, and start kicking you. There, the tide will be turned. Then maybe your stuff will be taken soon! So try, and not to get too defensive about blocking!

But remember that offense stagger? Do you ever wonders how you, the kid that gonna be cool on the block, gonna be able to do that kind of block!? Rather easy, actually! When your opponent is swinging too fast before he can recalls his attack. You can immediately turns toward direction of where he is swinging from, and bam- That indicator that was once white. Turned green! When the indicator turned green. The attacker will be staggered. Remember this; Offense stagger will not stop their movement, so they can still evade you when they can!
Shield Mechanic [Continuing from Combat Mechanic]
Shield mechanic

Unlike, and or compared to blocking with just weapons. You're blocking with a shield instead. The shields can be held up forever, and constantly as long as it have this meter filled, and not depleted to absolutely zero. Either that, or until a player is Kicked. This can be effective to maintain a shield-wall properly to prevent rapidly advancing enemy from harming your allies, and they would struggle trying to be aggressive if you can maintain your blocking. However, there is special name for this meter. Shield Resistance.

Shield resistance is a stat variable that can be found on every shields. It is the maximum amount of resistances you can have. The resistances vary across all shields, and can be very random. The more resistances the player have, the longer the shield can hold up before player's stamina either deplete, or resistance is depleted. The resistance depletes depending on damage inflicted on the shield, and it also depletes the player's stamina during the fight. So holding the shield up for too long after you have been getting hit constantly trying to block. You'll eventually starts to suffer stamina deplete. If the Resistance hits zero. You'll be stunned, and you'll have to block with your weapon, there will be a shield cooldown before you can block with the shield again! This can be presented by a shield icon between your health, and stamina meter in this picture!

But welcoming a new mechanic, a player can also attack with their shield as well! The player can block an enemy's attack. Then do a retaliating attack! When the attack connects. The attacking players will be staggered, similar to getting staggered as if they got hit by shield! This is effective, as shield hurts an opponent pretty badly!

This can be done, by holding the shield up with right-click. Then proceeds to attack with shield by doing a left-click! However. If someone blocks your shield bash - you'll get staggered! So don't treats Shield bash as an alternative Kick!

Additionally, the direction aimming of the shield still applys to blocking in Combat discussion. This is pretty effective in handling, and dealing with enemy archers, as shields can block arrows. Which is only way to stop getting hit by arrows!
Hunger System
Understanding Hunger

As you play every logged hours of the game. This meter near to your hotbay will gradually decline. If you wants to maintain the fed buff, you'll have to avoid going down beneath the presented bar. If your meter falls beneath the bar. You'll lose the buff. And if you hadn't ate anything. Your character'll be debuffed with less health, and stamina. Indicating that your character is starved. You'll not die from starvation, but they'll be sincerely weakened, and cannot contribute greatly in a fight.

Food quality

Another thing to note, is that your buff improves on your Fed buff. The better the food quality that your chef, or your cooking skill allows you to produce. The better the result of the food you've cooked yourself. And if the food provides a better cooking quality. Then the cooking quality will improves your overall Fed buff. Encouraging goal for better food that strives to increases food quality overall.


Currently, There is farming system in the work. Depending on complication of the system, there can, and may be a separate guide for farming, and or a new section to explain the ongoing of Farming.
Joining a Guild.
As a player that's starting out in a guild. Starting your own guild sounds like a good dream for someone who's social, and enjoys working with other players. That's good, but starting a guild too early into the game can be very bad, for someone with limited knowledge. You should considers joining existing guild, and learns how to play the game with them! Being part of the guild gives you alot of advantages that being alone won't provide.

Such as:
  • They will help you with your equipments problem.
  • You can get to engage in objective quests, and being able to complete them faster.
  • You can do quests where it is hard, or nearly impossible for a single person to tackle.
  • Epic battle against enemies with your guild!

All of these things, sound so cool. You should alway consider joining a guild of your faction, and working to get great. The advantage of Guild gives you teleport access like /home if they have a Guild castle, with maxed out workstations. You can teleport on over there, and utilize work-stations to get better crafts, and not have to suffer with under-leveled workstations your capital provide!

It is settled that only way to truly enjoy Gloria Victis, is to be part of the guild.
United, we shall stand. Divided, we will fall! Remember these, readers. For you must really hope for a Guild!

With this, what is nearly impossible for you to do, is now possible!
Additional informations
While being in a zone with this icon located on the upper left of your screen. You will not be harmed by players of any faction, traitors or none. You are safe as long as this thing is there!

While being in a zone with this icon located on the upper left of your screen. You will be attacked by players, or traitors. But you will not be looted! If this icon, or top one do not exist. You will be vulnerable to getting looted!

A man carrying a flag is to indicate your faction's control. The more forts, or castles that your faction holds. The better the reward of the icon will provide. More experience, more gathering, and so goes on.

Typing into /Capital will starts your teleport back to Capital. This is efficient for when you wants to get back to Capital. Takes around 30 seconds to finish casting.

Pressing the default key, P, will opens up the party/friends interfaces. This allow you to 'request' to join a party. Note that you must type exactly the person's name to join their party, or to invite them to your party! Everything you see in this interface is pretty much self-explainatory!

This allows you to also mute players, so you don't have to hear their whining as well!

You can safety store your stuff in depot. You can find them in almost every forts, and castles as well your capital city! Depot can be upgraded with coins, and need bags to contain your loot! They are represented by green chest on your mini-map! They are your bank, for your stuff. They're all linked together, so don't worry about having to run to Scarsclaw just to get a hammer from there! They're also account-wide, and you'll never be worried about losing them!

Additonally, if you looks at your keyboard. And find the ALT key. If you holds down the LEFT alt key. Your cursor will appear, as long as you holds down the left alt key, and be able to click relatively easy! This is so you don't have to press ESC, or having to open up a menu!

Exploration is rewarding for those who are very curious about finding nook, and crannies of Gloria Victis! Explorers can find Reinforced chests that scattered throughout the Island of Stoneholm! The players' reward will increases after certain numbers of chest been found, bringing players better, and sweeter rewards to make exploration worth the effort for most occassion! People also maintains a map containing information of locations for reinforced chests, monsters, and all sort of stuff! Come have a look, and also contributes![]

Wants to understand questing? Click me!

Wants to know how to upgrade stuff? Click me instead!
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LivAgain Apr 23 @ 11:44pm 
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