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Dino Station!
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Dino Station!


Adds these items...

Dino Station
A structure for crafting all of the items in the mod. It also allows you to heal clone and upgrade dinos that are inside the structure.
Healing dinos is free, but the structure requires power.

Dino Ball
Works like a Pokeball. Use it on a dino and you can carry it around in your inventory. It has a custom dropped mesh so you wont be accidently clearing them out. They also have a long decompose timer. That being said if you loose this you will loose the dino, its inventory contents, everything. Cant gaurentee it works with every mod out there.

Stat Point Token
Used to upgrade a dino in the Dino Station. Stats that are applied are the same as leveling a dino except you are also able to modify the wild level points of a dino too. Imprinting can also be improved and the imprinter will always be set to the person who let the dino out of the Dino Ball. Tamed level upgrades are only available after the dino has reached max level. This will not let you upgrade past the maximum 255 levels per stat.

Clone Token
Lets you clone any dino at a fixed price. The clone is an exact copy minus any imprinting.

DNA Extraction Kit
An item used in a wild dinos inventory to extract DNA. Needed to craft some of the other goodies.

Sacrifice Potion
Lets you sacrifice one of your dinos in exchange for Stat Point Tokens. Gives one token per tamed level point that was spent.

Agility Potion
Allows dinos to turn on the spot and removes fall damage. Also doubles step height and turn speed.

Sex Change Potion
Changes the gender of a dino.

Resistance Potion
Use on a dino and take 50% damage for 30s (stacks).

Reset Potion
Resets a dinos tamed stats (mindwipe for dinos)

Heal Potion
Heals a dino to 100% HP

Hunger Potion
Instantly starves out a dino.

Breeding Potion
Makes a female dino ready to mate.

EngramEntry_DinoBall EngramEntry_DinoStation EngramEntry_DNA_Extractor EngramEntry_SacrificePotion EngramEntry_AgilityPotion EngramEntry_SexChangePotion EngramEntry_BreedPotion EngramEntry_HealPotion EngramEntry_HungerPotion EngramEntry_ResetPotion EngramEntry_ResistancePotion

Item Classes
PrimalItemStructure_DinoStation PrimalItem_DinoBall_Empty PrimalItemConsumableEatable_DNA_Extractor PrimalItemResource_CloneToken PrimalItemResource_StatPointToken PrimalItemConsumableEatable_SacrificePotion PrimalItemResource_DinoDNA PrimalItemConsumableEatable_AgilityPotion PrimalItemConsumableEatable_SexChangePotion PrimalItemConsumableEatable_BreedPotion PrimalItemConsumableEatable_HealPotion PrimalItemConsumableEatable_HungerPotion PrimalItemConsumableEatable_ResetPotion PrimalItemConsumableEatable_ResistancePotion

INI Options

Increase or reduce the ammount of DNA gathered from dinos.
[DinoStation] DNAMultiplier=123

Increase or reduce the ammount of tokens given for a sacrifice.
[DinoStation] SacrificeMultiplier=123

Limit the ammount of upgrades allowed for each stat. Max capped at 255.
[DinoStation] MaxPoints=123

Enjoy :)

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BANGIN 8 hours ago 
i maxed out the wild and tame attack points on at dino breed it and now i cant put points into attack (the new born) and i try to put it in the dino station to use that and the tamaed side is locked. how can i put points into it and or unlock it
Maj.Kat 15 hours ago 
When it says the dna and sacrifice multiplier is 123, is that by default or would I have to put in 2 to double the current amount needed
drakig187 Jun 13 @ 6:25am 
yeah i would love a version with only the pokeball
thegrandseraph Jun 12 @ 8:50am 
Is there a way to disable the dino cloning? Or better yet, a lite version of this mod that includes only the pokeball?
szkodnica Jun 9 @ 12:08am 
Hello Chris.
Amazing! can't wait for the new version :) Will it be uploaded as a aeparate mod, or will you just update this one?
DADDY LOU Jun 8 @ 9:26pm 
awesome possum cant wait till you release the new mod man. also i agree if you can keep the balls in just to pick up your dino that be awesome sauce! :steamhappy:
Xrl69 Jun 6 @ 6:38pm 
Cool i love the codeing for thew dino ball its keeps your dino tracker buff to where i can teleport my dino if it runs away and they do alot also whats kinda cheaty but meh i use the grave stone mod to where you can recover past corpes and i just ball my dino after overseer or rockwell and i get to keep my dinos yay dino balls are a life saver.
Chris  [author] Jun 6 @ 1:26pm 
I can leave in the balls, but they wont be required by the bench to upgrade dinos anymore. They were origionally a proof of concept I made for another mod maker, then I ended up incorperating them into this.
Xrl69 Jun 6 @ 8:56am 
so making a new version means you wont support this one anymore Q.Q i liked the dino balls they are better then dino storage you keep invintory and stats like dino tracker from awesome teleporters why remove sopmething like this ?
Chris  [author] Jun 6 @ 8:19am 
I have made a new version of this. Not released yet, its all working but I have a couple of visual bugs I want to try and fix first. One of the changes is a much faster craft speed on items. I also decided to do away with the balls. They are cool in theory but some people (including myself) have had issues after server restarts. It also causes more issues than you might imagine with other mods (including some of my own), because essentially what happens is the dino is deleted and recreated each time. If you like the storage then there are a couple of other options out there for that. I'll just stick to the potions and stat changes.

Resetting coin stats is something I could look into.

If you cant upgrade a dino stat it must be a stat that isnt used or the server admin has limited the ammount of stats you can add. The new version of the mod actually displays the admin set limit to prevent confusion.