Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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MzM-40 tons Truck Set Austria 1-Compartement
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Truck
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Jan 16 @ 12:50pm
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MzM-40 tons Truck Set Austria 1-Compartement

First a GREAT Thanks to Nando333 who allowed me to release this mod-to-mod of his 40 Tonner Set's.

This mod-to-mod uses the possibility to define compartments on vehicles.
The loading possibilities will be converted from a simple type with 20 units to four compartments with 10 units each.
This means that four different types of goods can be transported with a single truck.

The following things are important:
- It's a mod-to-mod. The original mod MUST be loaded and activated!
- The order in the Mod Manager MUST be followed. First the original mod by Nando333, then my mod-to-mod!
- If trucks from the original mod should already be in use on the map / savegame, they MUST be sold prior the activation of this mod-to-mod!
Otherwise there is a crash to desktop with the error message "transportfever. exe doesn't work anymore."

You can also watch the whole thing in the tutorial video about this mod!
This was taken with the German Truck Set but also applies to the other country variants.

I wish you a lot of fun with this little addition.
Without Nando's great work, this wouln't have been possible.

Uploading to other sites is forbidden!
I accept no liability for damage to software and/or hardware.