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Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands & Item Codes
By ✪♕♠♥リアス♥
Organized List of Fallout: New Vegas Console Commands & ID Codes.
This Guide has been made to act as a quick way to access the Games Console Commands. Remmber in order to access the console to press the Tilda key ~.

This information can also be obtained from the beautiful fallout wiki containiing the beautiful lore of fallout and content

This Guides focused more on Item ID and does not go very in depth to General Commands.

If you want to quickly find something do Shift+F and Type in what you want.


Player Commands
tfc - Toggles the free camera movement so you can look around at your own character

tcl- Toggles collision so you can walk through things or go flying. (NOCLIP)

tgm- Toggles God Mode (Unkillable, Infinite Ammo & Shots without the need to reload. Infinite carry)

sexchange - Changes your Characters gender, If thats your thing.

showracemenu - Allows you to edit your race, YAY you can finally be transracial in fallout.

shownamemenu - Allows you to change your name.

player.additem (Item Code) (Ammount) - Grant yourself an item and how much of it.

player.modav carryweight #-This command increases your max amount of weight held before becoming encumbered based on the # given.

player.rewardxp # - Gives the player the given ammount of XP

player.advlevel - Garbage version of rewardxp, will give you the level up but you wont physically gain any of the XP needed so any XP you earned will go toward what XP you didnt have to get the level up.... If that makes sense.

player.advlevel- Advanced the Player by 1 level.

player.setlevel # - Sets the player to the given level.

player.addperk (Perk ID Code) - Grants the player the given perk.

tmm 1-This command shows all map markers, so you can fast travel wherever you want to go.

player.modav <actor value> <#Value> - The actor value would be the skill in question such as Guns melee energy weapons etc. The value needing a + or - before to indicate what you want to add or take away. Can also be used to boost your S.P.E.C.I.A.L, Just do Strength or any of the others in place of the Actor value.

showtraitmenu - Yay you can repick your traits if you click faster than you think.
Actor Commands
When using these Commands make sure to click on what you want the command its self to affect or get ready for something unintended to happen.
kill - Kills assigned target
killall- Kills all non-essiently NPCS in the area, Good for Loners.
unlock - Click a door type this in, duh unlocks it.
resurrect - brings dead thing back to life so you can kill it again or whatever you wanna do really. (BECAREFUL ON SELF MAY CRASH GAME!!!)
tdetect-Caises NPCS to be brain dead to an extent (Player is undetectable)
player.placeatme - Bring an item to where you are looking, Doesnt place in inventory, aka why its in this section.

Medical/Drugs/Aid Codes/Caps/Misc
Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap - 00103b1c
$100 NCR - 00013a4d8
$20 NCR - 0013a4d7
$5 NCR - 0013a4d6
Bottle Caps - F, Yes It's litteraly just player.additem F #.
Bobby Pin (Lockpick) A. Same as above, It's litteraly just A, This isn't an Error. <== Not currency but eh.
===================================Medical Stuff==============================
Stimpak - 0015169
Super Stimpak - 000ccef2
Blood Pack - 00034051
Doctors Bag - 000cb05c
Radaway - 00015167
Rad X - 00015168
Antivenom - 000e2c6f
Stealth Boy - 00043e94 <== Not medical but ehhh.....
Fixer - 000cb5a9
Med X - 00050f8f . Just incase your best friend Boxcars needs some ;3
Slasher - 00146cca
Buffout - 00015163
Mentats - 00015165
Party Time Mentats - 00146ccb
Jet - 0001516
Ultra Jet- 000c9cf4 . It's U L T R A, But apprently is better than rocket.
Rocket - 00146ccd . Because when Jet isn't enough
Rebound - 000cea5f . For when you're shooting hoops
Psycho - 00015166
Cat Eye - 0007ea1b
Turbo - 00120D81
==============================Drinks N Food Stuffs=============================
Nuka Cola - 0001519e
Ice Cold Nuke Cola - 00040dcb
Whiskey- 00032c75
Purified Water - 000151a3
Sunset Sarsparilla - 00103b1e
Pork n' Beans - 0008c55e
Cram - 0008c552
Weapon Item Codes
Weapon Repair Kit - 00140a68
Hunting Rifle - 00004333
Cowboy Repeater - 0008f21a
Brush Gun - 00121148
"This Machine" - 000f062b
La Longue Carabine - 000f56f5
Light Machine Gun - 000906df
Marksman Carbine - 00106fea
Service Rifle - 000e9c3b
Sniper Rifle - 00004353
Varmint Rifle - 0007ea24
Anti-Material Rifle - 0008f21c
Minigun - 0000433F
.357 Revolver - 0008f216
.44 Revolver - 0008f215
"That Gun" - 00133058
9mm Pistol - 000e3778
Maria - 000e7655
10mm Pistol - 0000434f
Silenced .22 Pistol - 000e377a
Ranger Sequoia - 00129A44
Single Shotgun - 000e393b
Hunting Shotgun - 0008ed0b
Caravan Shotgun - 000cd53a
Lever-Action Shotgun - 0008ed0c
Sawed-Off Shotgun - 0000434c
Riot Shotgun - 0008ed0a
=============================== Explosives ==================================
Dynamite - 000BA0F3
Fat Man - 0000432c
=============================ENERGY WEAPONS=============================
Recharger Pistol - 0009071f
Laser Pistol - 00004335
Gauss Rifle - 0015837b
Laser RCW - 0009073b
Laser Rifle - 00004336
Multiplas Rifle- 00121168
Plasma Rifle - 00004344
Recharger Rifle - 00121154
Gatling Laser - 0000432e
Plasma Caster - 000906CF
Tesla Baton Prototype - 0015A47F
======DLC Requested Items=============
The Faderator - xx000800 This item is a debug weapon apart of all the DLCS used for playtesters. Basically breaks the game. Pretty sure any of the DLC (01 etc.) work in the XX section. Depends your load order mods etc.
Weapon Mods
.357 Magnum revolver - .357 revolver long barre l - Increases damage by 3 - 000eeeda
- .357 revolver HD cylinder - Increases condition by 50% - 000eeed9

.44 Magnum revolver - .44 revolver scope - Adds a short range scope(1.86x magnification)-0010c85b
- .44 revolver heavy frame - Increases condition by 50% - 0010c85c
Assault carbine - Assault carbine extended magazines - Increases mag capacity by 6 - 0010c863

Brush gun - Brush gun forged receiver - Increase weapon condition by 50% - 000eea72

Service rifle - Service rifle forged receiver - Increases weapon condition by 50% - 0010c851
- Service rifle upgraded springs - Increases rate of fire by 30% - 0010c850

Sniper rifle - Sniper rifle suppressor - Reduces weapon noise - 0010c864
- Sniper rifle carbon fiber parts - Reduces weight by 5 - 0010c865
Hunting shotgun - Hunting shotgun long tube - Increases mag capacity by 3 - 000f0fe8
- Hunting shotgun choke - Decreases spread by 40% - 000f0fe9
Minigun - Minigun damped subframe - Reduces spread to 0.35 - 0010c866
- Minigun high-speed motor - Increases rate of fire by 25% - 0010c867
===============================ENERGY WEAPONS=============================

Ammo Item Codes
.357 Rounds- Standard Round - 0008ed02
Hollow Point Round - 0013e43c
.44 Magnum Rounds - Standard Round - 0002937e
Hollow Point Round - 0013e437
.308 Rounds - Standard Round - 0006b53c
Hollow Point Round - 0013e443
.22LR Rounds - Standard Round -0007ea27
Hollow Point Round - 0013e439
.45-70 Gov't Rounds - Standard Round - 00121133
Hollow Point Round - 0013e43d
.50 MG Round - 0008ecff

5mm Round - Standard Round - 0006b53d
Hollow Point Round - 001613ff
5.56mm Round - Standard Round - 00004240
Hollow Point Round - 0013e441
9mm Round - Standard Round - 0008ed03
Hollow Point Round - 0013e43a
10mm Round - Standard Round - 00004241
Hollow Point Round - 0013e43b
12.7mm Round - Standard Round - 001429cf
Hollow Point Round - 001613d4
12 Gauge Shotgun Shell - 0008ecf5

20 Gauge Shotgun Shell - 000e86f2

Standard 40mm Grenade - 0007EA26

Standard 25mm Grenade - 00096C40

Mini-Nuke - 00020799

Energy Cell - 00020772

Electron Charge Pack - 0006b53e

Micro Fusion Cell - 00004485

Alien Power Cell - 00029364

Flamer Fuel - 00029371
Armor Item Codes
===============================Faction Based Armor=============================
-----------------------------------------------------New California Republic------------------------------------------------
xx01124D - Desert Ranger Combat Armor - Note the xx depends on load order of the applicable DLC
NCR Ranger Combat Armor - 00129254 - Also the Only armor you'll ever need.
Ranger Helmet - 00145ec5 - The only Helmet you'll ever need.
NCR Millitary Police Armor - 0012116a
NCR Mantle Armor - 000ee693
NCR Face Wrap Armor - 000ee690
NCR Bandoleer Armor - 000ee691
-----------------------------------------------------Caesar's Legion------------------------------------------------------------
Legates Armor - 001649dd
Legion Centurian Armor - 000ee481
Legion Vexillarius Armor - 000ee47f
Legion Praetorian Armor - 000ee480
Legion Veteran Armor - 000ee47e
Legion Prime Armor - 000ee47d
Legion Recruit Armor - 000ee47c
================================Power Armor==================================
Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor - 00075201
Brotherhood T-51b Power Armor - 000ee68d
T-45d Power Armor - 00014e13
T-45d Power Helmet - 00014c08
T-51b Power Armor - 000a6f77
T-51b Power Helmet - 000a6f78
(Enclave) Remnants Power Armor - 00133166
Remnants Helmet -00133167
(Enclave) Gannon's Family Tesla Armor - 00133168
Gannon's Family Tesla Helmet - 00133169
Perk-Traits-Skill ID's
Taking Requests, Will add as asked!
============================Regular Base Game Perks============================
Strong Back - 00031dde - 50+ Carryweight
PackRat - 0014609b - Items less than 2 pounds will weigh 1/2 of what they would.
Intense Training - 00044cb1
Power Armor Training - 00058FDF
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