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Probably everybody's favorite part of Aberration, other than the Rock Drake and glowpets. Looking through Reaper's content files in the dev kit I saw there was a lot of unused animations for this creature. Loving Reapers, I decided to make a smaller, KO-tameable variant for people who wanted a reaper-like creature but couldn't get one quite yet....introducing the Venator (for those who don't know, Venator is latin for “Hunter”)!

Venators, although they may not be as big or as powerful, can be just as terrifying. Vicious pack hunters, they can pack up in massive groups, and are smart enough to attack in a variety of ways: from bleeding bites, rock-slicing tail slashes, dismounting riders using their tails, or even grabbing distant targets with their dagger-like tongues! A pack of Venator are truly a terrifying foe to go up against, and an invaluable asset to any tribe's military....if you can bring a pack of these monsters down.

The Venator!

-Roughly Allosaurus sized
-Pack-hunters: they get a gang bonus of +6, and their maximum pack size is 7 (Alpha +6 pack members)
-Although armored, not so much as Reapers. Nowhere near as physically strong as well.
-Still immune to radiation!
-Hard to KO and keep unconscious!
-Rare spawns of the Element Chamber, “Monster Island”, Ragnarok Volcano Fields, Dunes, and Lava Island! Always spawns in packs of three.
-Reduces the weight of all three types of gems, as well as Element Ore, to 25% in inventory!
-Color regions, Breedable: Lays eggs, supports mutations!
-High-level “Venator Implant” saddle. Not required to ride, but provides armor.
-Left click bite. Does good damage and inflicts bleeding.
-Right click roar. Cannot be used while moving. If the pack leader roars, all unmounted pack members roar back in response.
-C key Tongue Spear Attack. Shoots out its tongue to grab distant enemies and pull them to its mouth. Grabs small to medium creatures. Has a cooldown
-X key Tailspin. Has the same damagetype as an Ankylosaurus. Cannot be used while moving, has trouble hitting low-lying mining nodes such as gems, obsidian, etc. Slight cooldown
-Q key Tail Swipe. Cannot be done while moving, has the same damagetype as a lance: great for knocking enemy players off their mounts if you can hit them. Slight cooldown.
-O Key Temporary Burrow. Temporarily dig underground to VISIBLY hide from enemy players. You will still draw aggression from turrets and wild dinos, and can still take damage. You will only hide visibly from enemy. Be careful when digging near water, as you might start to loose oxygen! Burrows and hides for roughly 17 seconds. Good for avoiding visual detection.
-Spacebar to jump!

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Venator Tamed:
cheat gmsummon “venator_character_bP_c” 180

Venator Wild
Cheat spawndino “blueprint'/game/mods/venator/venator_character_bp.venator_character_bp'” 1 1 1 180

cheat giveitem “blueprint'/game/mods/venator/primalitemarmor_venatorplant.primalitemarmor_venatorplant'” 1 0 false
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MachoNatchoMan Nov 8 @ 8:13am 

just use FileZilla or any other FTP program with the "FTP Credentials" in the bottom left of the Dashboard Page, to get any files you need and do it like you would any other mod i guess.
you'll have to google the rest as i cannot help, never done that edit before

but i don't know if the mods downloaded by nitrado are stored localy with your server or not. if not then it would be very difficult. anyways good luck.

(on the other hand beware, if mr dev does an update to the mod then whatever files you edit are probably gonna get replaced. so always keep a backup of you modified files so you know what and where to edit stuff)
MachoNatchoMan Nov 8 @ 7:59am 
will there be an update to add it to areas on the extinction map? :) <3 xoxo
Branikova Oct 26 @ 1:52pm 
do Venators have a preferred kibble?
bdubyah Oct 12 @ 11:13pm 
On Ragnarok they are in Deathsands, around the lava lake area and sometimes in the Highlands near the scar.
DCJRanger Oct 7 @ 11:13am 
i'm using this mod on the volcano map, i have shearched a bit of the map but haven't found any yet. is there a biome that i should be looking in or will they spawn randamly?
Datsumo Aug 7 @ 3:08pm 
Do they spawn on Ragnarok? and where?
Dark Star Raven Aug 4 @ 9:54pm 
Dunno if this is a bug or not, but wild venators can't drown (knocked one out deep underwater, but its oxygen didn't lower at all)
KuhlesKamel Jul 21 @ 2:18pm 
Anybody knows, how to edit his spawnpoint on a nitrado server?
❤️Country heart 27❤ May 31 @ 9:38am 
Do they spawn anywhere or just in the red zone?
rougement May 28 @ 1:19pm 
I Ask because Whenever I tame one on Abberation they instantly die from reaper queens.