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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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[Deprecated] Possible fix for some lags when high FPS but the game is not smooth [2018, nVidia only]
Since driver R445.75 "FRL2 mode" setting has been removed. This guide works only for old driver versions.

I found 1 tweak, which greatly helped me to make the game smoother and more responsive.
  • game not smooth with high fps (300+) 144hz, but smooth with Vsync=On
  • choppy players animations
  • bad feel spray
  • weird hitreg
  • inconstant aim (actually unstable input lag)
tweak only for nVidia:
  • Open nVidia Profile Inspector[] v2.1.3.10 or newer up to
  • Select game - Counter-strike: Global Offensive
  • Find in section Sync and Refresh setting Frame Rate Limiter Mode
    Newer ProfileInspector does not contain this option, instead of selecting presets, enter the numerical value= 4
    Or you can also choose a different mode with similar work: _ALLOW_ALL / _ALLOW_ALL_MAXWELL

  • Click Apply changes
  • Start CSGO and do ez headshots
    (These steps in the video)
Some info:
  • This mode causes the GPU to take more control of the changing frames, less control by OS/game engine. This stabilizes frametimes and animations.
  • The level of improvement is variable (from nothing to very noticeable) and system dependent.
  • This will not limit your fps.
  • I'm also using max pre-rendered frames = 1

If it helped you, you can donate me any steam items
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HELLBANIAN Jul 8 @ 10:08pm 
Guys it worked for me, if you keep getting this message ''DRS_SetSetting failed: NVAPI_SETTING_NOT_FOUND'' error

only downgrade your nvidia drivers and you ready, for my 1660 Nvidia i used 460.89 version.
SinEey May 21 @ 1:07am 
any solution from amd ?
xXBurner Apr 25 @ 12:27pm 
Or you can also choose a different mode with similar work: _ALLOW_ALL / _ALLOW_ALL_MAXWELL actually helped feels better the game.
FATPIGGY Mar 9 @ 5:20am 
any 2021 helps ?
pLeader^ Mar 7 @ 7:16am 
First of all, i'm having problem when i try to apply this settings on app i got ''DRS_SetSetting failed: NVAPI_SETTING_NOT_FOUND'' error. How can i fix that? And secondly how can i find the version which have ''FLIPMETERING''? Thank u guys
sky Feb 9 @ 9:24am 
where can i find this version of inspector?
qlerBoyTim Feb 8 @ 1:01pm 
@PjanoO which version did you install and could you maybe describe the issue you had ingame as accurate as possible? Having the same problem, playing cs just turned ugly af. Would appreciate any answer :-)
PjanoO Feb 4 @ 9:14am 
@VIT Thank you it helped :-)
VIT  [author] Feb 3 @ 2:57pm 
@PjanoO new tutorial: install older drivers.
PjanoO Feb 3 @ 7:45am 
@ђvizzu/1/B9ST1jΛ:j♥P^ I am not.