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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Welcome to Ark Genesis, the first step in your Cyberpunk adventure in the Ark.. Travel through the tek dystopia in one of the most unique takes on Ark yet. Cyberpunk dropships and speeders, reskinned armor and weapons. 25% bigger than the island. This mod is 95% done. What makes Genesis different is the CyberPunk city in it's core. Which can be used for PVP/RP/PVE. Within the city there are a few systems in place, which i think would definitely benefit the PVE/RP scene in Ark. These systems are;
Primitive Currency, you can earn this by mining trash within the city and then selling it on to one of the three vendors within the city. However there are a few other ways of making currency inside the city, Such as loot crate hunting!
Loot Crates, these are littered around the city and you can look inside them for some low tier blue items or Vehicle parts.
Vehicles! Yes genesis has vehicles. One of the vehicles on the genesis map is a Hoverbike. you can create a hover bike by taking the vehicle parts to a 'Henry Hovers' vendor on the map.
Vendors, You will find lots of vendors located within the city, food,clothing,weaponry,vehicles,trashtradeins and resources.
However! if you are a PVP server and are worrying about balancing issues. have no fear! All of the above can be disabled in the .ini.
Map Stuff
A Tornado, Yes a tornado this is still in a testing phase, However you will not want to be on foot close to this, Take cover in buildings and you will be safe.
Boss arenas. There are three boss arenas on the map they look a little different than normal so keep an eye out. (Gorilla,Dragon, Broodmother).
The biomes that are on the current map are, Aberration Caves x2, Cyberpunk City, Snow Biome, Redwoods, Grasslands, Highlands, Tropics, Scorched Earth and a volcano.

Murkablo > Thanks for modelling and texturing the hoverbike and teaming with me!
impulse > A straight up genius, thankyou for all of your help mate!
Torbold > Another genius cheers!
Nano Dragon > Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for those dino's, and helping me out with the pistols.
NatskiAU > A great artist hand drew the hand map thanks natski!
Koltrane > The sound master himself. We worship you sir !
Zen Rowe > wild card workshop, Especially the replication video. and for answering questions. Thankyou!
Red dwarf > Thankyou for answering my questions.
Raging ravage and Vulqi > Helping with balencing and bug testing.
Tess anne > for some stunning photo's awesome!


Big thankyou to and for some amazing promotions also be sure to check out all round great guy, who did the story video.


Voice actors

Fistofthewalrus - Cop Vendor
Hantonius - Henryhovers (Uppercity) and the Resources vendors
PonyPunch - The Vehicle vendor
Phantabulus - SoupSalesman
Fate - Slums Nightclub
Jaylee - The food vendors
Lady Avianna - Drunk Vendor
Skrapp - Robot Speach guy

Music - a great royalty free music website.

INI settings.

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Belladonna 3 hours ago 
This thing looks amazing. Hours, and hours, into trying to install it into a server - it's not worth the time or effort. Not only can it not be installed, it completely fucks up the whole instance. It's essentially server cancer. Looks amazing. Really want to use it - but it just doesn't work.
Belladonna 5 hours ago 
Where is there a setup guide for a server trying to use this?
Amalgamaniac Sep 17 @ 11:40pm 
"Assertion Failed: PackageFileTag.CompressedSize"
"Line: 348"

I hope this can get sorted out... I REALLY want to play this map, but it makes the game crash when I try to install it
Xenoflot/Trevor Sep 16 @ 7:22am 
@Twilight_Princess We're running Eternal on our server which may add them, but I have lots of nameless spawning around lat 60 lon 50.
XueLang Sep 15 @ 11:03pm 
Twilight_Princess Sep 15 @ 9:53am 
Are there any Nameless atm or did they get patched out due to some changes in caves? I can't find any, but I need the venom to raise a Rock Drake. Can't find any in the huge highland ab cave, nor in the small northern one.
Amalgamaniac Sep 14 @ 10:45am 
Holy crap....
I've played this map before in the past, but looks like it's had a considerable facelift! Can't wait to try this again :D
I oXo I Sep 13 @ 7:45am 
do you have mods to advise for genesis?
Elitor Silver1 Sep 10 @ 11:49am 
how many gb does this map take?
TVFALCONS Sep 8 @ 6:05am 
@Fervid Ha ha You Don`t need Therizino. Take argetavis, fly diction bleu arbeertion trees.
around on top montens BLUE FOLWERS (E) and you have rare flowers.Around Blue Licht trees (Arberation trees) + - 200 meter around .