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Welcome to Ark Genesis, the first step in your Cyberpunk adventure in the Ark.. Travel through the tek dystopia in one of the most unique takes on Ark yet. Cyberpunk dropships and speeders, reskinned armor and weapons. 25% bigger than the island. This mod is 95% done. What makes Genesis different is the CyberPunk city in it's core. Which can be used for PVP/RP/PVE. Within the city there are a few systems in place, which i think would definitely benefit the PVE/RP scene in Ark. These systems are;
Primitive Currency, you can earn this by mining trash within the city and then selling it on to one of the three vendors within the city. However there are a few other ways of making currency inside the city, Such as loot crate hunting!
Loot Crates, these are littered around the city and you can look inside them for some low tier blue items or Vehicle parts.
Vehicles! Yes genesis has vehicles. One of the vehicles on the genesis map is a Hoverbike. you can create a hover bike by taking the vehicle parts to a 'Henry Hovers' vendor on the map.
Vendors, You will find lots of vendors located within the city, food,clothing,weaponry,vehicles,trashtradeins and resources.
However! if you are a PVP server and are worrying about balancing issues. have no fear! All of the above can be disabled in the .ini.
Map Stuff
A Tornado, Yes a tornado this is still in a testing phase, However you will not want to be on foot close to this, Take cover in buildings and you will be safe.
Boss arenas. There are three boss arenas on the map they look a little different than normal so keep an eye out. (Gorilla,Dragon, Broodmother).
The biomes that are on the current map are, Aberration Caves x2, Cyberpunk City, Snow Biome, Redwoods, Grasslands, Highlands, Tropics, Scorched Earth and a volcano.

Murkablo > Thanks for modelling and texturing the hoverbike and teaming with me!
impulse > A straight up genius, thankyou for all of your help mate!
Torbold > Another genius cheers!
Nano Dragon > Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for those dino's, and helping me out with the pistols.
NatskiAU > A great artist hand drew the hand map thanks natski!
Koltrane > The sound master himself. We worship you sir !
Zen Rowe > wild card workshop, Especially the replication video. and for answering questions. Thankyou!
Red dwarf > Thankyou for answering my questions.
Raging ravage and Vulqi > Helping with balencing and bug testing.
Tess anne > for some stunning photo's awesome!


Big thankyou to and for some amazing promotions also be sure to check out all round great guy, who did the story video.


Voice actors

Fistofthewalrus - Cop Vendor
Hantonius - Henryhovers (Uppercity) and the Resources vendors
PonyPunch - The Vehicle vendor
Phantabulus - SoupSalesman
Fate - Slums Nightclub
Jaylee - The food vendors
Lady Avianna - Drunk Vendor
Skrapp - Robot Speach guy

Music - a great royalty free music website.

INI settings.

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Bach Zhaa May 28 @ 7:39pm 
@butterflygirl23 When Wildcard released the Genesis DLC then anytime you try to play this map it redirects you to their ads and buy page for the DLC. There is no way to bypass it so it makes this map dead. It was an incredibly unique map that I thoroughly enjoyed. I fed gachas with garbage found throughout the city, loved populating the police station with tek rexes, filling the zoo exhibits, making a travel agency with tek quetzals and letting glowpets loose to light the city up more. I took over parts of the neighborhood area and filled stores with goods and resources. I even made my own club down the street from the strip club and added a jukebox mod just to change up the tunes. I understand that as a legacy map its entitled to the name Genesis but its a real shame its broke because of it. Ill miss it greatly. It was my home in ark for a very long time.
Bach Zhaa May 28 @ 7:28pm 
I really did like playing this map. Its a shame wildcard broke it. A true loss. RIP
Osas[Hallbera] May 23 @ 10:27am 
This map is called Genesis and Arks latest official is also called Genesis
But there is only one, okay perhaps two diffrences
1 This map is not devided into 5 other places where you have to use a flying robot to teleport and it is so bloody hard to access
2 This map is EPIC compared to official Genesis ;)
Also i have heard stuff, don't know , about that the map broke somehow, havn't played on it for a year now so i can't say anything :/
Aggroviking May 22 @ 5:48pm 
I don't figure what the problem is not being able to play that map.
I can run it in SP as well as on my server.
If WC implemented something to prevent users playing this mod map not owning the shitty DLC (which imo is not worth the money) affected players should post this problem on survivetheark forums. They messed up this, not Peoples Gaming. His map existed years before the crap DLC. ;)

Peoples Gaming  [author] May 22 @ 5:17am 
No i won't be changing the name. This map was made 2 years prior to WC Genesis DLC, when i asked wildcard about changing the name, they told me it wouldn't break it....Well it did break it. And they won't do anything about it. So don't expect them too. Wildcard knew that this name was on this mod prior to releasing they're DLC. You guys be the judge of what's happened here. But do not ask me to change the name of something i didn't break..
JagungBakar May 12 @ 4:07am 
How to play this map?
is if i buy genesis season pass i could play this one?
Strikerl33 May 5 @ 6:27pm 
Don't you think you should change the name of the Map now that WC have released their Genesis map?
Shadow Apr 30 @ 2:48am 
dreams138 Apr 25 @ 2:33am 
butterflygirl23 Apr 24 @ 3:19pm 
@Bach Zhaa Why would a name make this map unplayable?