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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Really Advanced Setup
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Feb 13, 2013 @ 10:35am
Aug 13, 2015 @ 3:43pm
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Really Advanced Setup

This mod includes all of the standard options normally found in the Advanced Setup screen. It also adds new features which allow you to modify game play significantly. Works with Brave New World and all earlier versions of the game.

To use the Really Advance Setup mod in your game first enable it then click "Next".
Then click "Single Player" then "Set Up Game" then "Advanced Setup".
Do not click "Back". That just causes you to exit the mod.

The following options are available.

Select Active Civilizations:
This allows you to determine which civilizations are active. Deactivate the civs that you don't want and they won't show up. Even when using randomly selected civilizations.

Starting Bias
Allows you to set starting bias for any player to: Start Along Ocean, Start Along River, Region Priority, or Region Avoid. The region biases allow you to select up to three regions such as grass, plains, hills, desert, tundra, jungle, forest, and hybrid.

Starting Bonuses
You can set the amount of Gold, Culture, Faith, and Free Techs that each player will start with.

Starting Units
You can individually control which units each player will receive to start the game.

Terrain, Features, Resources, and Natural Wonders
There are two methods available to add these items to the map. They can be placed relative to any player's starting location. They can also be scattered randomly across the map. There are numerous options available that allow you to place as many of these various items as you wish on the map. You set the guidelines when setting up the game. The items are then added automatically when the map is made.

Starting Visibility
You can increase the amount of the map that is visible when the game starts. This option applies to all players.

New Game Options
Disable Nuclear Weapons, No Science, No Policies, No Happiness, Always War, and Always Peace.

For more information:
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Nov 21, 2017 @ 4:30pm
Custom wonders/units/resources no longer appear
Mar 27, 2017 @ 5:44pm
hot seat?
Lord Potassium
Nov 2, 2017 @ 5:35pm
Does everyone in my game need this mod?
✠Comrade Thelisia✠
< >
General Tso  [author] May 13 @ 9:37pm 
(See the first message directly below.)

2. The load order of the mods changed for some reason. I never dealt with the load order of mods in Civ 5 so I'm just guessing there may be a problem with it due to your problem appearing "out of nowhere".

I found something after searching that might help with this issue (if the issue actually exists). I pasted it below but I'm not certain of how accurate the information is.

(Start of paste.)
Disable all mods, delete the caches, then enable them in the order you want them to load.

Claimed to work, but doesn't always (basically the mods load in whatever order they are retrieved from the database, which typically is the order you enable them in, but isn't guaranteed to be)

If mods need to load in specific orders (ie one depends on another) then they should have appropriate References/Depends entries in the .modinfo file
(End of paste.)
General Tso  [author] May 13 @ 9:36pm 
Hmm... It sounds like you have tried everything I would normally suggest. So it sounds like a mod conflict. I can think of two possible causes.

1. The other mod was updated since the last time that you used both mods together. In which case the best solution would be to determine the changes in the update and see if you can change something in the other mod to correct the problem.

I'll post the second cause seperately due to Steam message size limits...
dylan10126 May 13 @ 5:44pm 
I am having the same issue as An Insane Communist.

When activating this mod with "The Elder Scrolls Civilization V Pack (BNW + GK)", when changing a player from "random civilization" to a civ, all players below it will clear the question mark tokens for UU / UB, and you will be unable to assign them a civ. If you had already created a setup for a game, going back into advanced setup will convert all civs that were assigned to George Washington, with no tokens for his UU / UB

I have tried unsub/resubbing to both mods, cleared the cash, verifying the Civ5 game files, and deleting the data base file with no results. As well, I know these mods use to work with each other, as I have used them in many games
General Tso  [author] Apr 28 @ 10:01am 
@martycus: Thanks for the kind words. If I can find the time I'll try to get that Civ 6 version started.

@IronWarrior: I don't recall how Civ 5 treats achievements in regards to mods but this mod should work the same as others do.
martycus Apr 28 @ 3:41am 
Thanks for the response general. i have played civ 5 for a long time and enjoy the game still. however i have moved over to civ 6 recently and the modding communtiy has been hard at work making it into a more interesting game . all it needs is more great mods. (like yours:steamhappy:) so we can further enjoy what the game has to offer. (not earth civ though ). keep up the excellent work ... martycus..
IronWarrior Apr 27 @ 10:39pm 
Does using this disable steam achievements?
General Tso  [author] Apr 27 @ 9:37am 
The difficulty settings are all determined before the program starts. Only the difficulty level itself can be changed once the program starts.
King Harlaus of Swadia Apr 27 @ 9:25am 
Really? There seems to be some difficulty-related factor that prevents the AI from building big armies.
General Tso  [author] Apr 27 @ 9:10am 
@martycus: I've been thinking about doing this for Civ6 but haven't gotten around to seeing if it's possible. Unfortunately I don't find Civ6 very interesting so that's kind of holding me back. Hopefully that situation will change sometime soon.

@Atropia Forever!: In order to make things work in the Really Advance Setup Screen I can only add options that can be changed by my mod after the program has already started. As far as I know unit maintenance doesn't fit that description. Sorry about that.
King Harlaus of Swadia Apr 27 @ 9:00am 
Would ever consider adding an option that affects the cost of unit/building maitenance for players and AI? I've noticed that on easier difficulties, I can build a huge army and still be making plenty of money, but if the AIs build like 10 gunships and MBTs, they go into massive debt.
Another idea, if your taking them, could be with game speed - adding settings that determine building and research speed independently.