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Badlands Beta
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Jan 14 @ 1:40am
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Badlands Beta


After a long time, a very ambitious map is finally released. Introducing: Badlands Beta.
Recreated in painstacking detail to be as close to the original as possible.
Note: this is a mix between Badlands and its leaked counterpart to improve gameflow.

- classic TF2 theme
- overhauled entire area of badlands including interiors
- based on pre-2007 renders by Stephane Gaudet
- 3 CP powerhouse gamemode (originally ctf)
- 3 references
- original pre-2007 textures (fixed)
- original pre-2007 models (fixed)
- 1 hint at my next big project

1. Open up your Console (~)

2. Type in "map workshop/1269002293" (without the quotation marks)

3. DONE!

PJX - Mapping, core testing, fixing
Princess Fluffy - testing, feedback
Mittens - testing, gameplay feedback
Bonk Nickeltoon - testing, texture fixing, crashing issue reporting
Stephane Gaudet - original renders of ctf_badlands
Valve - 2fort's texture pool
Badlands's interior geometry to improve gameflow




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Apr 7 @ 11:53am
any chance of Dustbowl beta being created?
Jan 21 @ 4:10pm
Any servers running this map?
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HQDefault Apr 7 @ 8:32pm 
ALSO- I wish I had put this in the last comment but I just realized:
Your sun is pointed the wrong way! Look at your comparison screenshots, in the original the sun was pointed in the opposite direction.
HQDefault Apr 7 @ 8:29pm 
Okay, so now I've actually downloaded the map. Here be some handy dandy feedback:

Missing texture on a couple of guns (This and the tranquilizer gun) -

Really obvious seam-

In fact, there's like dozens of less significant seams, as well-

This window looks super weird-

Oh, also, when I tried playing this map with bots my game crashed. Although I do use a couple of mods, so that might just be me.
HQDefault Apr 7 @ 11:51am 
I think it would've worked better if you had made it a CTF map like how Badlands was in TFC, rather than trying to cram the 5cp gamemode onto a map that isn't built for it. But for what it is, this is spectacularly well done.
ghostboy1225 Feb 5 @ 10:10am 
my guess is borderlands or something related to the saint lewis arch
ghostboy1225 Feb 5 @ 10:02am 
found the hint and i love the art design has the rough badlands theme of TFC but the cartoonishness of TF2 in one map
GibusCat Jan 21 @ 8:43am 
Will this ever be useable in SFM?
Here To Please Jan 20 @ 8:36pm 
damn this is awesome. a few months back i was going over old TF2 concept art and thinking to myself that it would be really nice to play through a map like this. it has so much character, along with all of the other super early maps. i definitely prefer this aesthetic over the current badlands.
Moskow シ Jan 20 @ 7:22pm 
This Destroyed My Toaster PC
aychar Jan 20 @ 10:40am 
!add 4 and !add 5 on the same point???