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Heavy's Hauberk
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Has a nice ring to it.

*Team-colored Heavy shirt

*Available for mod download[]...
The Sinoblade
Created by heinous
Happy Lunar New Year! Get in the Chinese celebrating spirit with this fearsome Guan Dao, a legendary polearm. What was once used by general Guan Yu to slice enemy horses in ancient China is now being used by Pyro to slice enemy mercs in Teufort, and it wor...
Show Time | Warpaint
Created by Muhai

It apears a shipment of weapons got misplaced on the convaor for Film Reels and not brought to loading dock. I recomment not using these unless you like having burns up to your e...
The Aegis of Empire
Created by heinous
Happy Lunar New Year! Get in the Chinese celebrating spirit with this suit of ancient Chinese Mountain Pattern armor. The interlocking scales are said to be sturdier and more flexible than conventional scale armor. How on earth did Pyro obtain the only sur...
The Dynasty War Wear
Created by heinous
Happy Lunar New Year! Get in the Chinese celebrating spirit with this suit of ancient Chinese Mountain Pattern helmet. The interlocking scales are said to be sturdier and more flexible than conventional scales. There forehead protector is decorated with a ...
Sweet Surprise | War Paint
Created by Quzga
Got the general idea of this one day when I was hungry and really in the mood for some waffles. Got the picture in my head of how funny it would look with a waffle paint in TF2. Then I remembered "Land of chocolate" from Simpsons and the old Simpsons video...
Tactic Shades
Created by Karma^Pt
Tactical shades for the Scout with an increased peripheral vision to be more aware if someone is sneaking behind you....
It's yellow lenses are also ideal for shooting in dark environments......
The Basted Boxers
Created by Sargent_Jode
"In Soviet Russia, TURKEY STUFFS YOU!!!!"

- The Heavy

What do you do when your festive feast is rudely interupted by the other team? You punch them with it!!

Red and blue animated lights
2 lods
512 texture...
Medic! - War Paint
Created by Mr. Benedict
Press 'E' to use!

(Ingame.. :') My bad.)...
Mann Blaster | War Paint
Created by Mecha Koopa
Presenting the latest of Mann Co.’s patented child experiments: The Mann Co. Mann Blaster!. One is never too young to learn the inner workings of gun safety, and what better way to raise our future mercenaries than with these safe, non-tested child weaponr...
Desert Strike - Paintable War Paint
Created by FailBucket
This is the third installment in the Paintable War Paints Collection!

The Big Idea
It's a simple concept, painting something once just isn't enough! We are pleased to introduce the first ever paintable war paint collection! Making use o...
Fiery Phoenix
Created by Aygor974
From ashes of numerous things Pyro burned this legendary bird was born.

3 LOD: 1337, 999 and 698 tris
-glow on eyes and tip of feathers

Model, Textures, Screens: Aygor
Concept: Saint Lombax Daryl Dixon

The Sand Stormer
Created by CoBalt
Camo hat

- 3 LODs
- Paintable
- Team Colored
Check out my other...
The Stark Slacks
Created by CoBalt
Camo pants and Steel boots

- 3 LODs
- Paintable
- Team colored
- Remake of an old item of mine
The Arid Armor
Created by CoBalt
Protective vest and pockets

- 2 LODs
- Paintable
- Team colored
Marshal's Epaulette & Badge
Created by Tuna Melt
Settle any outstanding vendetta - and do it in style.


- You can download a mod version of this model here -

To Install - Copy the Materials.vpk and MarshalsEpaulette_*itemname*.vpk to y...
Neo Steel War Paint
Created by groundwalker™
After centuries of fights among 2 deadly enemies-BLU and RED mercenaries it is time to change up the game. Mann co. proudly presents to you newest technology: ASWPS-active support war paints system equipped in newest technology. Now with team colored elect...
Space Mint chip Sandvich - 2nd Style
Created by * ReznorsRage *
Life never tasted so nommy! Icecream in a melt free delectable dry cube.

Want to see it in the round? Click below to check out the model:

Space Mint Cream (View in 3D[])
High Noon
Created by Ertz™

When the Clock Strikes Twelve, One Bullet will End it All.

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

-3 lods
-512x512 diffuse

[Unusual effect] Super nova
Created by Ethosaur
Make your own mini-super-nova-kit™!
(Universe kit not included)

Demo's parrot
Created by the Hated
In the pirate's kit, demoman's sidekick...
Hope you like the idea :D...
Communicator's Carryall
Created by Hideous
Carry all your important things, like your radio, ammo, running shoes and sewing kit, you big wuss....
[Unusual effect] The Plague
Created by Ethosaur
Good we got the plague kit! Right?
What?! You forgot it back in rottenburg?...
Two Tone Therapist [Concept]
Make sure you're kitted out to perform miraculous surgeries! Heal the unhealable. Fix the unfixable. And charge a grotesquely large amount of money for it!

Icon is broken, item is generally ugly, etc. If I see enough support, I might go redo this hat. B...
The Builder's Binary
Created by Rain↯
You may be wondering why it's called the 'The Builder's Binary', to which we respond, 'Well, you see, just as programmers need that ol' jumble of ones and zeroes (at least binary programmers, anyway.), all construction workers need a good construction kit!...
Counterintelligence Credentials
Created by Frump
Resubmission because I accidently deleted the last one. It was at 1200 ratings, let's see if we can't get there again!

A fake passport is an essential tool for every Spy. A Disguise Kit alternative with unique skins for each team!

Additional Images:...
Raider's Rucksack
Created by Citizen_001
The iconic classic brown backpack worn by Lara Croft complete with straps. Her trusty flares and a small medipack also included! Truly an essential part of any Tomb Raider's kit.

This item is a miscellaneous cosmetic item and is wearable by all classes. ...
The Bostonian's Brainwarmer
Created by Atmic
Some people might think you look like a bit of a scumbag, but you can show them who's boss by taking all the health kits.

More pictures at
Apple, M.D.
Created by Trackingcookie
Sometimes a Health kit isn’t enough. In that case, try not to eat an apple a day, BE the juicy (rotten) apple yourself! Practicing medicine never was that easy. Does contain organically grown worm inside.

(Manchmal ist ein Health kit nicht genug. Versuc...
The Speling Mistake
Created by Ertz™
this handy kit will not make you see into the future... will not make you fly... but will possibly make you go dizzy, or turn undead

A halloween themed potion/spell set for medic.

-1 LOD
-Team Colours
Rhino Virus
Created by GG_Underscore
This is for the medic who doesn’t give a crap about healing the team. Find your on heal kits. Firing cyringes is for sissies – this is a grade A, blood inducing, rapid fire, scalpels launcher. Part of the Malpractice Suit medic pack...
Created by Taint_Shears
No disguise kit is complete without this classic.
I have this one fitting all other classes as well but the spy's needs come first, or at least that's what he tells the ladies in his country....
Set of the smart guy
Engineer never leaves home without this kit. Think about it: he had the idea, but there is no place to write it. But if this set with him, he won`t miss any idea!...
Boney Bifocals
Created by Psyke
The latest in eyewear fashions!

Head down to your local crypt/mausoleum to get kitted out!

Comes with lods!
Hat compatable!

Concept/Model by DeRosaJ
Texture by Psyke...
The sound of progression
Created by Rain↯
Say no to perfection and say yes to medical mistakes. Nothing can happen to you when you have this super sterile backup kit for –on battlefield- open heart surgery....
Tank U helmet
Created by GG_Underscore
with a mini ego pilot, I can kill you with my mind....
Part of my heavy artillery kit -
-Tank U helmet
-shoulder cannon
-DFA motar
-shell shock...
Four Familiar Paints
Created by Fii
Dangerously Healthy: health kits
The Dairy Express: certain white decals
Frighteningly Festive: halloween gift boxes
The Reward of Cooperation: wiki cap emblem...
Tactical Topper
This is an alternative hat I made for my Mark.II Kit.

2 LODs

Fixed conflicts with update to import tool...
The Contingency Kit
I have learned to be prepared. If another doomsday device makes it forty below in the middle of a desert again, I am ready. If my shotgun catches fire and melts in my hands again, I am ready. If scout tries to pull my pants down in the middle of a firefigh...
The Survival Kit
Created by MonkeyBug
Mod download

Download the posters here

Join my steam group if you like my items!
[url={LINK REMOVED}....
The Trauma Kit
Created by MonkeyBug
Get big posters of the items here:


Join my steam group if you like my items!

3 LODs 50% efficien...
The Homeopathic Kit
Created by Gangstahwezel
Even with homeopathic medicine the medic is a little unorthodox...

Model by: Gangstahwezel
Texture by: Kittra
Lots of help from: RetroMike...
Battle Welder Kit
Created by Donvius
Are you an engineer?
Do you suddenly need to do some welding?
And it just so happens that you are in a middle of a battle?

Well it might be your lucky day... thanks to the amazing BATTLE WELDER KIT! Wear a portable welding machine on your back everywh...
First Generation Kit
Created by Rotzlöffel
Do you remember the first toy you ever had in you life? What would you do if you could get it back? Wouldn't you put it into your pocket while you are hitting an engine which is based on this toy, either?

- 3LOD
- Paintable
- Jigglebones (for ar...
The Trauma Kit (Backpack)
Created by MonkeyBug
Get big posters of the items here:

Join my steam group if you like my items!

3 LODs 50% efficiency...
Battle Torch Kit
Created by Donvius
Pyro shouldn't be the only one allowed to play with fire. Your an engineer - you never know when you might need a little help of a blow torch. So how about one that you can carry on your back and keep your hands free?

- - -
2x jigglybone for the top cover...
The Camper's Combat Kit
Created by Lowly
When darkness falls, know that you will never be alone. Have such a kit to help you see where you are going, and what is coming to you...

Updated ( V2 ) :
- Fixed smoothness of pants

Updated ( V2.5 ) :
- Smoothed light's translucency...
The Contingency Kit V2
I have learned to be prepared. If another doomsday device makes it forty below in the middle of a desert again, I am ready. If my shovel catches fire and melts in my hands again, I am ready. If scout tries to pull my pants down in the middle of a firefight...
Bomb Exploding Kit
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It would be embarassin' to set up a load o' bombs and not have anythin' with ye to make 'em explode. Come to think of it, I've been workin' for RED for how long now and I've not once used me lucky detonator?'s like I've nae been usin' bombs at all!"
Night Sights
This is a misc. item for my Mark.II Kit.

2 LOD's

Fixed conflicts with update to import tool...
Bushman's Ghillie
Ghillie hat to go with the Mark.II Kit.


Fixed conflicts with update to import tool...
Field Amputation Kit
Created by Constructor
Limb pains? There's nothing othing some (questionable) anesthetic and a swing from the ol' cleaver won't fix.

Paintable, lods 0-1 and has two styles for "spooky halloween" and regular...
Amateur's Disguise Kit
Created by Xασάπηs
Professional in disguise....
Highland Fishing Kit - Modern Style
Created by Sky
Scottish Loch Fishing is simply a more extreme version of regular fishing.
While there's a lot more waiting around, there's also going to be a a lot more excitement if you do finally catch the "fish" you're after...

- Jigglebones!
- 2 Styles, ...
The Camper's Combat Kit Style 2
Created by Lowly
Style 2 of The Camper's Combat Kit

Do check out Style 1 in the collection!...
Tools of the Trade
Created by Wrench N Rockets

Updated yet again with the new qc lod structure. I had to force a LOD2 to fix the rigging of the wrenches to the cord. :/

Brcause one wrench just isn't enough.

Adds two s...
Tools of a Hidden MANN
Created by zjadacz chleba
A handy set of tools for killing. With these tools, shooting people in the face is as pleasant as ever.

Paintable. Improved LoDs: 1088, 840, 594 tris....
Tools of The Tradie - Style 1
Created by Sinful Creature
That plug can't be used anymore, you tore it from the walls in your office! What? It looks stylish you say? Yeah, but... Whatever! You're fired, you stylish jerk!

-3 LODs

Tinkerer's Tin Mann: Sentry Style
Created by Evil_Knevil
Resubmitted with the updated importer tool.

Paintable, Self-illum, jiggleboned mouth and arms....
Winter Beanie (resubmitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZ-eerie
* Team-colored
* Jigglebones
* 2 LODs
* Paintable

Resubmitted with the Import tool
Festive Fedora [Reupload]
Created by Piper
The ultimate Smissmas pimp hat.
Reuploaded with the Import Tool for the Gold Star and thing....
The Texan Army Wrench
Created by Stoffe
A double barrled multi-tool, perfect for any situation you may find yourself in. Comes with LOD's and skins for both teams....
The Torpid Furball
Created by Exotic Lemming
Resubmitting with the new import tool for optimised compatibility.

Original submission:
Mon Petit Vermine
Created by Exotic Lemming
The Juicy Topper
Created by Exotic Lemming
A lovely fruit hat for the pyro....
The Cracky Pop
Created by Psycho
A new energy drink for the Scout. The attributes are up to Valve, since they want to keep the game balanced....
Created by GetGrenade
You can't be a real adventurer without fancy hat and a proper gas mask.

Paintable, normal map, 2 lods....
Vase Guardian
Created by ka-punn
Demoman found vase in tomb!!
My first TF2 hat model.
This is paintable hat!

Thumbnail changed.
changed correct color tint setting.
Added color list.

The Mini Zen Tree
Created by heinous
"Zen Tree going up!" -Engineer

I did not see many Jungle themed things that are exclusively for the Engineer, so I thought one up. He seemed so excluded otherwise.

Yes, it is a Bonsai tree sentry pun.

The Plastic Pisstol
Created by heinous
In the jungle, you can't run low on ammo if you don't use ammo.

Try it out:
Spry Crab (Coast Style)
Created by heinous
A spry crab? Yes. A spy crab? Maybe, or maybe he can be any one of us! He could be you! You could be me! He could even be-

One of two styles.
Spry Crab (Land Style)
Created by heinous
A spry crab? Yes. A spycrab? Maybe, or maybe he can be any one of us! He could be you! You could be me! He could even be-

One of two styles.
Taunt: Tryhard's Tripod
Created by heinous
This is a resubmission. After listening to suggestions, quite a few things have been changed!
> bip_pelvis is now stationary during idle. As a result prop_bone doesn't have any counteranimations that would have added slight jiggles. It should work even bet...
Player Tou
Created by heinous
Flying. All class. Team colored. Paintable. Based on two species, Toco Toucan for red and Channel-Billed Toucan for blue, altered slightly to better fit with team colors.
The Bear Trapper
Created by heinous
This is a resubmit of an older item. It is a separate submission because the importer crashes when editing the original.

Redid the model mesh, adding details such as a higher polygon nose....
The Antarctic Aviator
Created by heinous
The ear flaps are removed on the pyro's hat because ear flaps aren't needed to keep pyro's ears warm, and also because it allows the hat to be compatible with more existing cosmetics, by not clipping with air filters on either sides, while also not appear ...
The Played Fiddle
Created by heinous
Already a demon.

Like what you see? Check out my other stuff and/or follow me on the workshop on Steam:
The Gleaming Eagle
Created by heinous
Putting America into Mesoamerica, and bling into rumbling....
Gleaming Eagle (no cubemap)
Created by heinous
A style for the Gleaming Eagle with a brushed gold finish that does not require a cubemap....
The Spawned Camper
Created by heinous
Have you ever seen somebody camp one spot for so long, that mother nature took him over?...
The Funker's Flares
Created by heinous
Compatible with the Bootlegger and the Ali Baba's Wee Booties. Funk and disco themed outfit....
Hand Made | War Paint
Created by lyndon
Something something hip-hop...
Everglade Evictor War Paint
Created by MultiH
Get your dirty hands off of my dirty everglades.

Special thanks to Failbucket for allowing me to defile - I mean work with his Desert Strike pattern! When he showed me his Desert Strike war paint, I knew it'd be a perfect fit for a swamp-themed war pain...
Empire : War Paint
Created by PJ
Mysteries of the galaxy.

(I used Bovine Blazemaker to test the War Paint)...
Sugar Coated | Warpaint
Created by Muhai
"Only for Eating"
Again, yes, this was yet another accidental creation. These weapons are sticky and fragile. So dont even Think of loading these candy weapons with frozen gumballs.

"credit to
Unusual Taunt Effect: The Big Bang
Created by Mr. GHOSTS
A space-themed taunt effect.

Any non-stock TF2 assets were created by hand....
Unusual Effect - Pyrovisionary
Created by Mr. GHOSTS
Still bad at names, don't you even worry.

Designed after the Pyrovision rainbow sparkling effect, this effect is sure to make you feel magical.

An idea I had while making this was having a new effect that is identical to Burning Flames except with this i...
Unusual Taunt Effect: Sustained Cruelty / Emerald Embers / Eerie Inferno
Created by Mr. GHOSTS
4 differently colored fiery unusual taunt effects. I attempted to keep them simple-ish since it was rather hard to test them.

- Sustained Cruelty is colored to be similar to Burning Flames.
- Emerald Embers is colored to be similar to Scorching Flames....
Unusual Cash Storm
Created by 🎃Benoist666🎃
Unusual effect Cash storm made for Iron Gauntlet.

Follow me please :)
[Unusual Effects] Musical Winds Pack
Set of 4 Unusual effects Involving musical sprites twisting in a tornado-like fashion and terrible puns.

This pack contains :
-Party Cyclone (Blue-Purple Modern Lights)
-Groove Tornado (Green Fumes)
-Rave Winds (Transparent Ice-White)
-Party Curse ...
Unusual Effect - Even Dead Men Burn
Created by E-Arkham
"To the vision of the otherworldly, a human's head appears like a candle does to a moth -- irresisitable. Or maybe burning skulls just like being jerks to the living in general."

Two Halloween Unusual Effects: "Even Dead Men Burn" and "...
Unusual Effect: Ghost Flames
Created by Bone
This effect says "Hey, I like hats and I like haunted ghost fire going around my hats!"*

*Note: effect does not actually talk

If you'd like me to add or change anything, lemme know and I'll see what I can do...
Unusual - Chlorine Vortex & Tornados
Created by E-Arkham
"There's no place like home!"

An unusual effect in three different flavours: "Chlorine Vortex", "Nightshade Winds", and "Dorothy's End Game".

Based on a suggestion by JZeeba.

Please take a look at my other workshop unusuals:...
Unusual Effect: Icicle Storm
Created by Cheesypuff
Nice and icy

Cheesypuff: Concept, Particle Design
Tripal:Promotional Video
Carbon:Promotional Art
laundry:Promotional Art
Sinful creature:Promotional Art...
High Rolling: An Unusual Hat effect
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat FX based around tumbling dice.

Unusual Effect: Radioactive
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
The leaders in hat related cancer since 1961

I added a more yellow version, only viewable at present in the screenshot....
Dark Night
Created by Pogo
A becon in the night for the hero we deserve.

Unusual effect for the Batman Arkham Knight contest!...
[Unusual effect] Mist from the tombs
Created by Ethosaur
Beware.. You are in for a scare!

Comes in both creepy green and horrifying purple variants!...
Wisp from the Willows
Created by Nooters
Now in 4½ different colors!...
The Hollows
Unusual effect inspired by the game 'THE END IS NIGH' on steam !

This unusual is inpired by 'The Hollows' stages in 'the end is nigh'....
Unusual Effect: The Harbinger of Doom (UPDATED)
In ancient times comets were said to be omens of doom, or a message from the gods, telling people they were displeased. In fact, some comets were blamed for earthquakes, illnesses, red rain, and even the births of two-headed animals. The chances of seeing ...
Unusual Effect - Pink Eye & Gangrene
Created by E-Arkham
"Ever had a sneaky suspicion that something otherworldly was following you? No longer! Now you know without ANY DOUBT that terrible things watch your every move."

Two Halloween Unusual Effects: "Poisoned Pink Eye" and "All-Seeing Gangr...
Frost Crown ( Smissmas Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman

Check the new additional taunt version!: "Frost Flames"

- Unusual Effect for the Smissmas 2015 event.

- I tried to kinda make it look like in the shape of a cro...
Scorching Orbiting Fire
Created by Salvage
Burning has Orbiting Fire, Scorching also deserves an Orbiting effect, so I made one!

Promotional art made by the awesome Flopp!...
[Unusual effect] Bubbling blood
Created by Ethosaur
Do you ever get so mad your blood just boils out of your ears?...
[Unusual] Friendly Flake
Six community created Unusual effects.
Special Christmas Unusual effect created for Wonkshop Wonderland 2015.
  • A combination of "Circling TF logo", "It's mystery to everyone" / "It's puzzle to everyone" and of course - Christmas theme.
Mana Surge & Fire Aura
Turn all your friendly rock-paper-scissors games into a ruthless barbecue with the Fire Aura effect !

Show your adversaries how much mana you have to stuff in their face with the Mana Surge effect !


[url={LINK REMOVED}...
[Unusual effect] Goop gourd
Created by Ethosaur
Have you ever wanted a pumpkin that shoots out it's own guts, and pumpkin juices at you? Well now you can!...
Total Eclipse of the Hat
Created by Portponky
Here is an unusual effect I tried to make based on a solar eclipse. It turned out okay, especially as I have no idea what I'm doing. It's a bit like Misty Skull, in that a dark moon floats above your head whilst the corona and solar flares poop out around...
Dark Twilight - Unusual Effect
Created by Zoarkenz
There was this day. I was feeling uneasy.
Everything was dark, maybe too dark.
There was nothing at all in the sky.
Exept this thing.

Thanks to everybody who votes, favorites and i gladly accept feedback.
Draggin' Dice: An Unusual Hat FX
Created by thirteen
We stuffed a bunch of dice and hats through the teleports a bunch of times. At some point, they just sorta stick....
Brass Bells: An Unusual Hat effect
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat Holiday FX

Inspired by the bells of jingle

Heavy Weather ( Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman
Particle: Nonhuman
Concept: Metabolic...
[Unusual Effect] Cadaverous Candles
Created by Chaofanatic
I don't know what you did, but these possessed candles sure have it out for you! Good job!

Big thanks to DiscoSwan for making the amazing candle sprites!...
Crimson Vortex
Created by Cheesypuff
My first Unusual Effect. A bit early for Halloween, but here it is hope you like it
Haunted Aura
Created by testinglol
Deadly Downpour | Unusual Effects
Unusual Effects commissioned by Ashannabuda

Art by Rytu
Guts & Gore
You too can have your dismembered opponents haunting you forever !

Art by Rytu...
Power Overload
Unusual taunt effect inspired by the super saiyan transformation !

Original idea and SFM art by DAGREEKHUNTER
Unusual Effect: The Fall
Created by Bone
"The fall of what?"

Behold, the most spook-ariest thing during the Halloween time: Foliage!

Ok, I know it's not quite spooky enough to be a Halloween effect, but hey, leaves changing colors and falling is a normal occurrence in the season.... So I go...
Unusual Effect: Just Got Lei'd
This effect was made for the Jungle-themed update recently announced by the TF2 Team. If you would like to see this effect in the game officially, please consider voting for it! :)...
Unusual Effect - Hail of Bullets
Created by Attroquine
"It's raining bullets from out of the sky! No, wait, that's a cloud."

Submitted for the Iron Gauntlet....
[Unusual Effect] Dem Bones
Created by RetroMike
Careful not to get dust in your eyes.

Dark Matter | Unusual Effect
Created by ZERØ
Dark Matter..?
That sounds dangerous!...
[Unusual Effects] Tropic Champion!
Created by BOO!-nk Scarytoon
Keep the spirits alive (quite literally) with these floating tiki heads, that will never leave your side! That is, well, until you die...

Concept and Particle Creator: Bonk Nickeltoon
Sprite/Particle Design: Muhai
Promotional Poster Make...
Unusual: Primate's Lucky Day
Created by Cheesypuff
Effect Creator: Cheesypuff

Concept: TheFORBIDDENFruit

Promotional images: Duckdog...
[Unusual effect] Bone Rain (Updated)
Created by Ethosaur
Even a umbrella won't help much once the bones start clunking your head in....
Unusual Effect: Jungle Spore Fever
Created by ♥ Greek ♥

= Jungle Spore Fever:

Concept designer - Dagreekhunter
Project leader - Dagreekhunter
Video Director - Dagreekhunter
Sfm Promotional artwork - Dagreekhunter
Unusual Effect: Deathly Portal
Created by Bone
Man, this thing could release some serious Cacodemons!*

*Note: Effect is not affiliated with Cacodemons but does spit out bones occasionally
Unusual Effect: Sugar High
This is another unusual effect that I created for the Team Fortress 2 2015 Halloween Update. If you'd like to see this in the game, please consider voting for it on the Steam Workshop! Thank you! (Hopefully this is a bit more child-friendly for those of yo...
Noxious Stench
Created by Hideous
There's so much going on around Halloween - who has time for a shower?

Also comes with a purple version, called Poison Perfume....
Mystical Mist ( Halloween Unusual Effect )
Created by Nonhuman
Keep your eyes away and you're safe....
Hellbats - An Unsual Effect for Taunts
Created by thirteen
It's a halloween themed unusual taunt effect

"If you keep taunting like that, you'll rip a hole right into hell. Do you want hellbats? 'Cause that's how you get hellbats."

This is an update from last years; about 1/2 the particles in it compared to befor...
Unusual effect composed of dark and bright purple smoke comming out of your hat with TF2 Halloween symbols.

Note : the symbols in the video are fixed in-game !...
Unusual Effect: Brighteyes
Created by Sharktits
Turn around, Bright Eyes...

Assets created by myself

EDIT: made some slight adjustments: bigger eyes, longer time, color fix, etc....
Gushers (v1.1) - Unusual Effects
Created by pretty epic guys
UPDATE: An update was released, improving effect visibility and size. Additional spouts of liquid drops have been added as well.

I think this stuff is coming out of the wrong end.

Jungle Theme:
Tropical Blast - This mean, green gusher spews out pineapple...
Unusual Effect: Bright Idea
Created by Bone
For the mercs who are thinkers, although there are not many, this effect is for you! Show everyone that you have ideas! Some good, some bad, hey at least you're the one on the team thinking!...
Unusual Effect: Circling Skeleton
Created by Bone
(Alternate title: Orbiting Bones)
Did you know that you have a skeleton inside of you right now? Well now you can have one on the outside too!
Unusual Effect: Frozen Stare
Created by Rukery
It's starting to get chilly and the ooze is getting in the holiday spirit...
Orbiting Ornaments: An Unusual Hat effect
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat Holiday Fx

A set of TF2 Logo printed holiday ornaments gently gyrating around the players head

[Team Colored + Smissmas Unusual]: Ark Light
Created by Acute
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!,
For I am proud to announce my newest Workshop effect!
"But Acute! How does this effect differ from your previous work"?

"Well im glad you may of asked this, as the main goal...
Unusual Effect: Pollution Emission
Created by Attroquine
Let's face it, pollution's pretty bad, but that don't mean that this sweet effect's the same thing!

Not intented to promote pollution.

Special thanks to Kathleen Rosetail and testinglol for teaching me!

The story of how this effect came to be:

Milky Way | Unusual Effect
Created by ZERØ
Ever wanted to feel what it's like in The Milky Way..?
Well- Now you can....
Unusual Effect: Gem Cascade
Created by Cheesypuff
Cheesypuff: Particle Design
Mark_Unread: Concept
Duckdog: Promotional Art
DAGREEKHUNTER:Promotional Video
Muhai: Spritework...
[Unusual Effect] Magic Mistle & Ladies Mann
Created by Chaofanatic
Show how desperate you are for Christmas kisses by having mistletoe orbit your head! Nobody will be able to resist you!

Also comes with a non-christmas themed variant.

Big thanks to Void and Retro for the original ideas and their amazing work on the ...
Unusual Effect: Haunted House
This is an effect that I made for the Halloween 2015 update for Team Fortress 2. Please let me know what you think! If you'd like to see it in the game, please consider giving it a positive rating. Thanks!...
Corrupted Leak
Created by Acute
Oh Noes!
Looks like Merasmus has Dun Goofed with the attempt of making his own unusual effect!
+Changed the Purple fumes to...
Arcane Signal
Special Broadcast from the Wizard Realm ! Right to your hat !...
Infernal Pyre [Unusual Effects]
Warm up the Battlefield with your very own Infernal Pyre !

Pack of 5 Unusual effects requested by Phynix.

Art by Rytu....
Wisp Demon
You very own wisp here to heat your hat during battle !...
[Unusual Effect]: Surreal Sacrosanct
Created by Acute
"Even if you mindlessly slaughter the innocent Spy-crabs, You'll look Saintlike in this Smissmas themed Unusual Effect!".

This Smissmas submission features a dual layered unusual effect containing elements from The energy effects (Purple energy and gree...
Acid Rain
Created by Tag
It may not be the most pleasant feeling but it looks cool as hell. Equipped with a warning label to tell you not to, well you know, put it over your head or anything....
Lunatic Clock Dial [Unusual Effect]
Time to reap as the midnight hour is close at hand...For ghost to voyage into New Mexico to terrorize y'all neighbour's hood.

Comes in purple & yellow with different animated ghost sprites for each! Yellow has a little bit more on the clock outline. Ori...
Wisp King
The king of wisp chose to follow YOU around, what an honor !...
Created by Left_4_Pillz
Maybe the old man was right, drinking water from that near by well, next to the old abandoned nuclear plant wasn't the best idea. Well at least nothing unusual seems to be happening, right?

Credit to: fo...
Forest Leaves
You too can annoy your local street sweepers with this constant aura of jungle leaves !

Note: The custom leaves textures are fixed ! Thumbnail update coming soon !

Unusual Effect | Digital Storm
Created by RNC1839
I made an unusual effect. I quite like it. So I put it here. ヽ( 。 ヮ゚)ノ...
Unusual Effect: Freedom ring
Created by Cheesypuff
Dong ding, freedom ring!

Muhai: Project Leader, Texturer, Concept
Cheesypuff: Particle Designer
Sinful Creature: Promotional Art, Preview Video
Space Rocks [Unusual Effect]
Get your head out of the clouds! Oh no, now it's in space. Well...Now that you're here, might as well enjoy the view.

Small orbiting asteroid field with meteors....
Unusual effect inspired by the high seas and the feeling of dread you get when you're alone on a boat and know that All is Lost.

The effect is composed dark slightly blueish clouds, spewing out a unrelenting flow of rain bound to splash your hat until t...
lil' Clotty
This little fella' found a new hat to haunt !

SFM art by Dia Heart

That effect is a Spy!: An Unusual Hat effect
Created by thirteen
Unusual Hat FX

For the extremely sophisticated spy

Created by Portponky
Do you like spiders? Do you like dancing around in their web? Then you're disgusting, but here's a spider effect that poops web.

The idea behind this effect was to make something a bit simpler, because not every effect should on par with Cloudy Harvest ...
Unusual Taunt Effects: Black Hole
Created by Cheesypuff
Cheesypuff- Particle Editor

Metabolic- Concept

Hot Pocket- Promos
Terror Tickets
Unusual Effect made for the Halloween TF2 Update !...
Uprising & Ghostrising
Unusual Effects made for the Halloween TF2 Update !...
Ancient Admirer
Unusual Effect made for the Halloween TF2 Update !...
Unusual effect based on a Quasar.
You too can be a showoff and have an astre bound to your hat!

Donate to Rytu, The Effect Producer:

Donate To Azzy, The Idea Maker:
Witch Hunt
Here comes the mob !

Unusual effect made for the 2017 Halloween Workshop...
Unusual effect made for the Halloween 2017 workshop

SFM Art by thespycrap...
Created by Kurwa Blat
This candys are soo spooky...
Spooky Alphabet UNUSUAL EFFECT V.2
Created by Kurwa Blat
First version of this unusual is too lazy and not spooooooky m8...
Created by Kurwa Blat
Blue: Cold Portal
Purple: Purple Portal
Green: Haunted Portal
Yellow: The Little Secret
Red: Mystery Campfire
This is my second unusual effect for taunts :p...
[Unusual effet] Frost crown
Created by Ethosaur
No wizard is a true wizard without some frost magic.....
Taunt: Vas Uber-Manger (Reuploaded)
Vant vas Uber-Charge? Ja... Vell you have to Vait for a while you Dummkopfs.

I've Reuploaded this Item, so I can Add the Video when it is done uploading....
The Wire Tap
Created by levi
They laughed at his silenced revolver. He laughed at their silenced corpses.

Skin download link:

Video provided by [url=
The Phantom Filter
Created by levi
I hope you like it, it's the last thing you'll ever see.

This item includes facial flexes!

Skin download link:
The Cold Case (Charming Style)
Created by levi
Just because you stay warm, doesn't mean you shouldn't stay professional.

Skin download link:
The Cold Case (Chilling Style)
Created by levi
The perfect way to warm that cold blood.

Skin download link:
The Shady Suspect
Created by levi
Do you recognise this man? Of course you don't

Skin download link:
how about a nice cup of .....
Created by Hell
hot chocolate! jiggleboned, preview video
The Scurrier's Scarf
Created by Eth
"Like your favorite TV super heroes said, keep the wind in your face and not your neck!"

A collaboration between Py-bun and myself. Thanks to the wonderful Arnaud_R.dmx for the SFM pictures!

Features include:

-Jiggle-boned t
Empire Pink :: War Paint
Created by PJ
This is a alternative (thicker lines and a different color).

(I used Bovine Blazemaker to test the War Paint)...
Terra War Paint // v2
Created by connn3
Randomized-Seamless pattern.
Please open picture to see best quality preview
Not all weapons are displayed in showcase.
Self-made from scratch.

Thanks for Watching!...
Created by Sir Limesalot
"bring your kid to work day" will be fun they said.

"They won't ruin your weapons" they said..

A crayon warpaint inspired by the yoshi island background doodles on certain levels.

Renders, Promos and pattern by Sir Limesalot...
The Slaybells
Created by Hideous
Jingle Bells, Pyro smells
Punching 'round with grace
There's no need for shotgun shells
Just hit them in the face, hey!

This is a holiday 2012 melee weapon for Heavy.

Thanks to OneFourth for the promo image!

UPDATED FILE with Sounds (and sounds...
The Brush Off
Created by masterelmo
A glorious Austrailian brush axe for all your brush (and enemy) clearing needs....
The Knock-off Rip-off
Created by Bombzopple
"Genuine" Watches here! It only costs 2 payments of your soul and a lifetime of working for Mann co.

-I know its out of place i just had a glitch with boning on filmmaker so look at the last 2 pics to see how it really is...
The Villanous Vestiment
Created by Colteh
The evil is off the charts...
Taunt: Coin Flip
A taunt showing off the snipers true marksman skills...
Concentrator's Companion
Created by Formic.Sapien
The little fella even keeps the flies off of ya'...
The Casual Cupid
Created by PBTV
Take your wings off, put your slippers and glasses on, it's your day off!...
Created by Port Royal 25g
Created by SMaestros
Once he stepped off that ship he was never the same......
The Djinn Remains
Created by nano393
I wish for you to get off my head!

Teamcolored and paintable...
Emperor's Old Crown
Created by perrryz
They say it was found deep inside a jungle.
Probably just a rip-off....
The Naughty Nightcap
Created by Jman
Get into character as you check your targets off the list....
the Hot Snack
Created by Leachaiem
Now let's make some fried enemies to top it all off....
Galveston Gibber's Goggles
Created by Gamby
A good engineer lets no gibs go to waste...

The concept is based off of the "Meet The Engineer" video where the sentry shoots off the scout's arm....
The Texan Trackies
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
These cheap tracksuit trousers will help keep the oil off your even dirtier overalls!

3 LODs, 512 diffuse and normal....
The Place Changer
Created by Merczy
SWITCH PLACES! *violently saws off your limbs and switches them around*

Has 3 LODs!
Radical Riff (Pyro)
Created by Tuna Melt
What better way to finish off an enemy than by hearing the musical tone of their skull shattering....
The Searchlight
Created by CoreVixen
Mining lights are great for both tracking down and blinding your helpless victims!
Jiggleboned wire!
2 styles, On and Off...
The Masculine Medicator
Created by Colteh
Show off those arms hun

update: now there's buff sleeves to match his buff arms...
Mayor Of Pyroland
Created by 🎃 V-AHHH!-P 🎃
This started off as a cocktail hat and somehow ended up as this.



It looks good with the whiskered gentleman....
Shaded Shooter
Created by ToxicWeasel
Keep the sun off of your head and neck while shooting things in jungles.

team colours
The Spinal Extension 2014
Created by BLADE
I have a deep tingly feeling in my spine that this will be an excellent cosmetic to scare off those pesky spies!...
Toy Tailor
Created by Demon!
Show off your status as head workshop elf with this quaint felt hat and glasses combo!...
The Navy Cap
Created by Colteh
An all class hat based off of the hats that cruise ship captains and military naval captains would wear.

Magic Mane
Created by G4M3Kitty
Team-colored hat for Pyro, based off of the Ballonicorn design.

-Two LODs
-Headgear item...
The Brain Case
Created by Bladien
Why not show off how brainy you really are. A favorite of mad scientists all over the world!...
Created by Trump Tank
I like Smissmas! And i will take off your eye with it! Oh, wait..sorry demoman....
Pocket Money
Show off your cash with some Pocket Money (assuming you get Pocket Money)....
The Artificial Breeze
Created by Red
Keep the sun off your neck and a breeze through your non existant hair.

Lod's and paintable....
The last say
Created by Samchan
Tell those spies off befor they stab you in the back...
Fountain Pain
Created by Mother
Based off a novelty nudity pen. When the pen is flipped (upon backstab) her clothes come off.

Since the image isn't uploading, the animation can be seen here:
(NOTE: Old iteration)...
Model 1337 Shotgun
Created by Colteh
The ultimate in high powered lever action weaponry merged with pump action to create a deadly shotgun that can finish off any foe.

Based off of the stock shotty, the model 1887, and the model 1897

Swegtastic Snapback
Created by AH_Jason
Now you can show off your sweg with this amazing new snapback, exclusivly for Pyro!...
The Space Patroller
Look smart with this space age security helmet!

- Design is based off of the mini sentry
- 3 LODs
- Self Illuminating Siren Light...
The Silver Finish
Created by Sparkwire
Kick off the space race with the faint sounds of 'beep-beep-beep', beamed directly from a few feet behind you.

Paint and jiggles included :)...
The Shocklocks
Created by Napy Da Wise
Don't you hate it when you're busy undergoing a conciousness transplant when suddenly the intel alarm goes off?

Paintable !...
The Bright Team Cap
Created by nano393
The guy who turn on the lights? The one who turn them off? The one who throw bulbs to people? Who knows.

3 LODs, teamcolored and paintable...
Chrome Dome
Created by The Magic-Ion
Show off both your intellect and your elegance in one amazing hat.

Part 4 of 5 items in the Sophisticated Scientist Pack....
Fat Friar
Created by Jukebox
Let your foes stare at the holy glow that is the reflection off your bald spot.

-Paintable(Pictures coming soon)

Jukebox - Item
CDJO - SFM promos...
Sucker Pouch
Created by Rummy
Mysterious as the Sniper's hairless features, and hypnotising as a cobra.
This deadly sack of vuju will scare the hair off of anyone foolish enough to take a whiff of this wicked kicker....
Squadron's Symbol Sash
Created by Ryugen_Night
Can't have you pants falling off in the middle of combat, now can we?

Street Pop - War Paint
Created by Mikroscopic
Decorate your arsenal with the socio-political tones of 1980s New York subway stations.

Previews based off of Backwoods Boomstick Mk. II....
Chirstmas Item - The Jüterbog Jingler
Created by Treythepunkid
Hey guys.

Here is a set of jingle bells for the medic! Its a nice extension off his normal coat tail.

Hope you like it!...
Son of Mann
Created by sweetcuppincakes
Impress art critics. Confuse philistines. Ward off those in the medical profession. Make holes in all of them with your knife.

*Bowler not included....
Macabre Camper's Cap
Created by supremedalek925
Class: Sniper
Item Type: Hat

Show off your hunting skills with this hat, made from the finest once living animals of some sort....
The PonyTail Beard
Created by Dynamite
Showing off my roots!

Now longer and more hairy, updated LODs.

Red ''Bead'' turns blue for opposite team....
The Tropical Tunic
Created by Rain↯
Take a load off and still look good with this stylish floral shirt, just don't burn it!

Mod available[]...
Radical Riff
Created by Tuna Melt
What better way to finish off an enemy than by hearing the musical tone of their skull shattering.

Now available for Pyro!
Cut Face Killer
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Cut your own face off? never mind a few nails and a belt will hold it back in place


Get the mod here:
The Cranial Cushion
Created by Colteh
Proper head protection from falling off of motorcycles is an extremely important part of being a messenger. Might as well have the highest quality headwear for the job.

Special thanks to TheClaudioAmericano!...
The Wilson Warrior
Created by Unrival
UPDATED NOW INCLUDES SPY AND SNIPER... because u asked for it... you got it! :)

Mask for Demoman based off Slade Wilson/Deathstroke mask. For Batman Arkham Knight Competition....
Soup Strainer/ Rad-stache.
Created by Roast
With some styling tips from his father, Dell proudly wears his new stache.

Based off of this:
Bomber's Barefeet
Created by Psyke
Ach' Lad it's gettin' too warm for wearing those big ol' clunking boots

Why not kick off yer shoes and go fer a run on the various beaches of tuefort!...
The Cookies Carrier
Created by Lowly
Anyone knows why people hate cookies so much that they left it on the table untouched?
Anyways, off to clean up more of those wasted cookies!

Updated ( V2 ) :

- Changed team colours
The Apollo Life Support Unit - Pyro
Venture into far off worlds WITHOUT the small inconvinence of not breathing.

Supplies oxygen, supplies extra fuel!

Medic Version:
The HandiCap
Created by Jackablade
For those times when you need to fight off a pesky spy, perform concussive maintenance on your dispenser and scratch your nose at the same time.

This item features all of the jiggle-bonery that one might expect....
Worker’s Hachimaki
Created by DPV
You’re not academically applied, per se. You just wear it to throw off the teacher.

-Bash Something: Model, rigging, names and description.
-Vulture: Texture, SFM pictures....
"Naughty" Skin Collection: Black Ice
Created by Disco Devil
Is your heart as cold as ice? If it is, then grab this COOL weapon to keep your heart as cold as it is --and as dark.

Part of the "Naughty" Skins Collection.

*Designed off of the Civic Duty Shotgun Skin and the Reclaimed Reanimator Medi Gun Skin....
Battle Medic's Battle Bracers
Created by Voodoo
Bare Knuckle brawling is the Heavies job, but what about when he runs off for Sandvich?

misc, paintable, 3 lod's

matching battle boots:
The Unitard
Cool off in the summer with this tasty and refreshing treat!


Uh heavy, what are you doing......

Now paintable so you can choose your favorite FLAVOR!

Alternate Name: Strongman's Softserve

Teamcolored, paintable, and 3 LODS....
The Brain-er Grater
Created by Rozzy
The revolutionary neuron enhancing kitchen utensil.

This is a remake on an old hat I made that needed some fixing. The bulb flashes on and off and the top part wobbles about during motion.

Update: Now also for Engineer....
Pageant Boy
Created by Razor
Who's the prettiest mercenary in all the badlands? Is it you? It IS you! You have the crown to prove it.
It is paintable and can be worn by all classes.

(This was based off of a design made by, and submitted to the workshop with the permission o...
Australian Expertise
Created by Colteh
A wide-brimmed fedora for sniper.

Learning more and doing better with SFM c:

I also parented the hat to bone prp_hat, allowing for the hat to come off the sniper during the kukri taunt....
Le Fanciest of the Shmansiest
Created by a penguin
With this hat on the top of you'r noggin, people are sure to come up and say "What a fancy classy looking hat". Or will most likely blow your head off and steal it....
The Constructor's Cap
Created by PsyZarr
Build with style, a new staple in fashion! This headgear was created by scientists in a secret lab to cover up the engie's bald spot.

This hat is slighty based off the HECU commander's beret and the Red Beret of the British Parachute Regiment....
The Firebell
Created by Rob!
Strapped to the back of the pyros hand, its also used as a knuckle duster, but when you rack up enough damage, set off the arlarm and watch the mini crits fly for you and your team....
Fish in a blanket
Created by [HTDG]Funky Monk
We all know the scout loves tacos, we all know he loves hitting people with fish, and we know
he is crazy for pancakes. Now you can show off his love of all three....
Le Fanciest of the Shmansiest V2
Created by a penguin
With this hat on the top of you'r noggin, people are sure to come up and say "What a fancy classy looking hat!". Or will most likely blow your head off and steal it.

Baker's Finest
Created by Jacen
Resubmitted to add Jalcober to the creator list for the new texture.

Take off the heads of your enemies with this fine flintlock rifle. Then have your's shot off when reloading.

The quiver is not part of it. That was just a byproduct of using item-te...
The Spytech Nightstalker (Remake)
Created by Daimao
Whether you're out there crawling your way through conveniently placed vents or picking off lightbulbs, you gotta need to get yourself a pair of night vision.

Disclaimer: This is a remake with new textures, self-illumination and LoD models. Based off of...
Bling Thing
Created by The Verminator
A bit of jewelry never hurt no one, right?

Or did it...I mean please tell me if it did because I would take this stuff off.

I don't want to get hurt....
Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey
Created by Gadget
Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey

o Heavy Secondary Item
o 1 LOD
o 2 Styles (Whole & Bitten Off)

It's an edible turkey leg with two bodygroups for the whole and bitten off styles (like the sandwich).

Runner's Rodent
Created by 🎃 V-AHHH!-P 🎃
One of the many mice that live underneath the Scout's fridge attacked him one morning before setting off to work. The little *&!#£%!? still hasn't let go, he just trails behind The Scout while he's running, hoping he can catch up and bite his eyelids off....
Explosive Festivities
Created by Pow!
** Update: New textures! Simplified & less busy!

"What?! Who left him in charge of the pyrotechnics?"

Demoman has been out celebrating the festive season! Celebrate with him, the festivities are sure to go off with a bang!

- Works like the Ull...
Die Gürtel Knopf Handschuhe
Created by Trevor The Jedi
Die Gürtel Knopf Handschuhe aka the Belt Button Gloves was a concept based off of boomsta's gloves with the long name.(forgot it was a button my bad >.<)

It is team colored.

I made the model and texture, it was jsut based off of Boomsta's.

The Body Snatcher
Created by Merczy
With a face like this, you better hope to your extraterrestial god that the pissed-off drifter around the corner still has some bubblegum left before he kicks your ass.


-3 LODs!
-Glowing Eyes!
-Facial Flexes!...
The Clipper
Created by Jal
Clip the wings off a fly from a mile away with this stylish Sub-Machine Gun!

More screenshots:

You can also check my screenshot library for more updated pict...
The Spitefull Spinecracker
Created by ColonelBD
The second item in my Engineer pack which I created for a Gamebanana skinning contest. It got me 3rd place.

Like my NOTLU stuff, I based it off the HHHH.

Download link:
The Pacific Pineapples
Created by io
These pacific primers explode (not in a literal sense of course, that's crazy talk c'mon) onto your screen with delight, carved (manufactured) by a Sumerian monk (weapons manufacturing facility) and placed upon your chest with pride and prejudice.

-2 lod...
The Tasmanian Trailblazer
Created by Wowza
Keep away the sun with your fancy pith hat, and fend off dangerous animals with your manly facial hair.

Texture by Frying Dutchman.
SFM Promos by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Part of the Smashing Safari set.
-2 LODs...
V2.0 Estiferous Earwarmers
Created by SgtR007
There's nothing like putting your Smissmas shopping off 'til the last minute! Updated the model and texture, as well as added a normal map to my original earmuffs from last year.

All-class, paintable, includes a few different styles....
Runner's Burden
Created by Moby The Duck
Did you know that your legs constitute almost 5% of your body mass?

They obviously just slow you down, so why not cut them off and replace both with these ultra-light carbon fiber prosthetic limbs?...
The Spontaneous Combustor
Created by strangledplanet
A Secondary Weapon For The Pyro Based Off Of The Classic Hairspray Flamethrower... STAT SUGGESTIONS: Short-Ranged Secondary Flamethrower, Yet Prone To A Lot Of Mini-Crits.
DOWNLOAD (Flamethrower Reskin):
The Woodcarver
A wooden sword for the demoman (Not just demoknight), based off of both wooden training swords and generic wooden swords in video games.

In-game pictures here (outdated by a year):


Oh wow, this item's over a yea...
Created by Doctor EyeballEEK!
"The ideal situation for a vampire is a world in which every other vampire has been killed off and no one seriously believes in vampires anymore. They are by nature as cooperative as sharks.

Vampyres are just the same, the only real difference being tha...
Created by Wichilie
In case you just can't live without the pleasent experience of having the skin blasted off your bones.

(Make sure to watch the video in high defenition. The effect contains tiny particles that might not be visible with lower resolutions.)...
The Fiery Fella
Created by Nonhuman
It's scientifically proven that flame design will make anything move faster.

Shades based off of the kind of sporty shades Guy Fieri wears.

- Paintable
- Team-Colored ( Cream Spirit on the flames by default. )
- Multi-class
- Bodacious as hell
- 1 LOD
The G.I.S.E
Created by Dusty Showbiz
Generals Intervention and Supervision Equipment

Now I know your not one to help your team mates in battle, but with the G.I.S.E you can have your team mates back by looking for maggots far off in the distance!

Dont go to war without one!...
Stylish at Cimarron Pass
Created by Nonhuman
Based off of Clint Eastwood's hat.
Also my first ever hat for workshop.

- Wearable by Engineer and Heavy
- 686 Polys
- 1 LOD
- Paintable
- Team Colors

Download as a mod[]...
Rump o' Canteen
Created by Grimgazelle
A Halloween-themed canteen for all your Caliginous Caper dominating needs.

Note: Certified Compatible canteens can only have on/off textures, similar to how the Battery Canteens operate. Including a model and texture for each power-up type would not con...
The Conductors Carriage Cap
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Complete with unidentifiable stains this piece of dapper headware is an ideal fit for taking money off strangers.

LOD 1 - 906 tris,
LOD 2 - 758 tris,
LOD 3 - 504 tris.

Team coloured and paintable....
Heresy's Chocolate
Created by Rurouni Sonic
When killing that special someone isn't getting your point across, it's time for another approach.

Just in time for Valentine's Day! It's an all class heart shaped chocolate box! Show off your romantic side in style! All class and 672 Triangles....
Bass Driver
Created by Joey90
I'm pickin' up good vibrations.

The Engineer saw the Scout showing off his new Boombox, and thought he could do a better job himself.

Download - (Replaces Teddy)...
Hill Country Memorial Blend
Created by thirteen
Ususual Misc FX for Misc Items. The Soilder's pipe is an easy example to show off. Also for use on Misc Items where appropriate such as the heads of dolls.

The in-hat crab
Created by Mad Turret
Beautiful brand-new alien parasite decorate head any engineer!
Just look at his satisfied smile!
And how his eyes shine with happiness!
Ooh! How he had lived without it

You definitely need it!
Believe me, you put him on his head and never want to ta...
The Sock Supply
Created by Arti Schoke
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Do you have useless stuff that you need to carry around for no good reason? Well now you can! Store all of your valueables in this big ass sock!

*Paintable and team-colored
*Has room for almost anything
*Might give off an unpleasant ...
The Coggles *Updated Texture*
Created by Mister Manager
Engineers are the brightest of the bright, but nothing shows off your PHD pride like a shiny set of goggles that look just like gears! Wear these and you'll show those pompous princeton prickfaces who the real badass is with these bombastic bifocals. And i...
Cupid Vision Glasses
Created by Darcy P World
We all know the scout is a hopeless romantic (no?) and it's the time of year again where he shows it off by wearing these stylish Cupid Vision Glasses. This modern day cupid shoots the people he loves, but instead of an arrow, he uses a hot piece of lea...
The Tempest [Resubmit]
Created by Spike Nitros
Ride the wind that brings the rain!

A sawn-off over/under shotgun, uses FaN animations. Based mostly off franchi renaissance and winchester 101. Loaded with two remington buckshot shells and a very dangerous bump map. Resubmit with better thumbn...
Zilker Longbottom Blend
Created by thirteen
Ususual Misc FX for Misc Items. The Soilder's pipe is an easy example to show off. Also for use on Misc Items where appropriate such as the heads of dolls.

Also availible in a soothing menthol color.

The Detective Gizmo
Created by GHz_ghost
A fantastic fedora with built-in transportation! Relive the glory days of fine hat-based aviation with this beautiful piece of retro headgear. Inspired by everyone's favorite non-existent cartoon detective, Detective Gizmo, this hat will lift you off your ...
The Cold Burn
Created by Chuylol
Are you tired of the heat? Want a break to cool off? Now you can take the cold with you, and for more fun, place it over your head!!!

The Heavy's curse
Created by ♛OperaBay♛
Heavy belives the mask is cursed because he can't get it off but the real reason is that his head is just too big and it stuck to the mask.

-team colour!
-3 LOD
-(NEW) Paintable

Next update:

-shiny mask...
The Supreme Shroom
Created by slug
''Thank you Scout! But our intel is in another base!''

(please note not intended to be based off Mario...just throwing a reference because.)

Paintable, no LODs outside of the standard one, and fits snugly on the Scout's head. You'll be looking ridicu...
The Stormbringer
Created by Spike Nitros
Got to keep running

Vote it for Arms Race 3[]

Sawed-off shotgun for the Pyro, single texture & 3 LODs.
Mad Manns' Complex
Created by StovePipe
Why live off giving life alone? When it's so much more fun to take away!

Inspired to be a Halloween taunt.
2 versions:
- One with lightning bolts
- One without

Loosely based of the infamous "It's alive" scene from "Frankenstein".

Update 20 October:
The Knitted Nessie (cyclops style)
Created by zachL
Show your mutual respect for your age old adversary with this adorable hand-made souvenir hat. Paint it your favorite color! Watch its head's mesmerizing jiggle! Tear off its eye out of spite!

Comes with a free comic about how this hat cures depression ...
The Heater Hitter
Created by electromix
Not only will it keep you warm on a cold day, but it also will make your enemies shriek in pain!

This weapon is based off an old heater I had at my old house, which was wall-mounted and when turned on you could see the wiring turn red hot. I decided to ma...
The Humerus Death
Created by Pow!
... And in the darkness, the beast fell, laughing maniacally. Taking nothing but the sharp shaving of flint in his waistcoat pocket, he cuts into the beast's foul-smelling, matted armpit.

Lifting the beast's disgusting arm off the carcass, he grinds down ...
Unusual Effect: Silent Night
Created by BOO!-nk Scarytoon
"Maybe, just maybe you will hear sleigh bells ring...
Are you listening?"

2nd Unusual Effect I ever made! Hope you enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

(12/9/15) Update: Updated to Version 2!
-Added Moon from effects file.
-New Sparkle Effect added.
-New Sleigh T...
The Mild Muffler
Created by CoBalt
Only you can prevent your ears freezing off.

- Paintable!
- 2 LODs!
- Warm!
Check out my other items and Follow to see when new ones are...
Cremating Commander
Created by Vipes
Show those foolish mercs you mean business by wearing this helmet and talking with a lisp... assuming you haven't burned your own lips off.

SFM Shots by Apoc Hedgie
Borealis Brawler v. 2.9
Created by Eoks
Geez, worked my ass off on it only to realise that it's broken.
But less than before though.
I'm going to try and improve it later (like that ever happens) and make some sfm renders. And actual backpack icon.

And maybe make it so that it will look good.

The Heat Shield
Created by AsG_Alligator
So... You are preparing for a blast-off?
Are you shure you have everything you need? What about that old shield of yours? Shouldn't you upgrade it to something more modern? Take that heat shield from that lander over there. I'm sure it won't need it on th...
The 2Fort Knox
Created by CyanPlastic
Show off your burglary skills with a safe full of goodies!

Visit the closed version here: The 2Fort Knox (closed style)

- Paintable emeralds!
- Jigglebones! See the door open...
The Fashionable Foreman
Created by Rozzy
Put on your favorite cement covered shirt for those days off-site.

Builders plaid shirt for engineer.

Q: Is this item paintable?
A: Nope. Item covers important teamed coloured areas.

Update: Now has 2 additional shirt pattern styles.

Style 1: 'Builder'...
Crusader's Flaregun
Created by invisibleStuff
It has been a few months since I've uploaded something sooo have a flaregun.
Somehow my HLMV and my sourcefilm maker all broke. This means that I can't make any "clean" renders for the time being; though I do still have itemtest!

Anyways, here we have...
The Knitted Nessie
Created by zachL
Show your mutual respect for your age old adversary with this adorable hand-made souvenir hat. Paint it your favorite color! Watch its head's mesmerizing jiggle! Tear off its eye out of spite!

Comes with a free comic about how this hat cures depressi...
The TripleShot
Created by Oats
Why use 1 or 2 barrels on your trusty shotgun when you can have 3!

This gun will kill 1.5x more players than your average shotgun! Ditch your double barreled piece of trash and pickup your brand new TripleShot today.

The Dartboard emblem is team colo...
Created by ShadowDio#11285
Made with love for Steam Powered User Forums.

Its an all class fabulous cap to prance and show off your big mouth and equally big ego. Win flame wars in quintuple star, super awesome rep style.

Fabulous screenshots provided by our friendly neighborho...
The Birdsnest Sniper
Created by DrSlowking
Men have long dreamed of the day were they can make arrows from feathers growing off of themselfs. With some glue and some feathers you can almost make that a reality.

I made talons to go with it but it looked terrible so I may or may not fix that up and ...
Suspenders of Disbelief - Polka Dot Style
Created by TidMiste
Be the envy of Medics, Engineers, and Larry Kings everywhere with these dapper suspenders and nifty bowtie. Sell galvanized steel to young children! You don't know any better!


The images show no grenades, but that is for the purpose of showing of...
Radio Relocator
Created by K_Factor
We're blasting off to the moon soon, so we might as well do it in functional style! Not in a de Lorean, but in a radio verifiable, head mounted locating device. So let's get this party started, doc!!!

644 Tris,
256x256 Ambient Occulsion Texture
Custom P...
Ruffian's Wristbands
Created by Bash Something

Wipe that sweat off your brow and keep moving.

• 2 LODs
• Team-colored textures

Made following my guide:
A Mac's Guide to Gold Star TF2 Items — {LINK REMOVED}...
The Bone King
Created by Wormtongue
There was once a brutal, drawn-out battle between the Heavy and an evil foe known as the "Skeleton King" (a character from a mysterious and unrelated game). After dealing the killing blow, the Heavy broke off the Skeleton King's lower jaw and wore it atop ...
North Poler
Created by DJTHED
This is no longer a relavent item in the steam workshop. The B.M.O.C was already released 2 years ago, and I made this item slightly before the B.M.O.C. was released. Try not to call me a rip-off without looking at the dates first.


A h...
Created by The Alfred Source
-The Obvious Master Bow

This fantastic bow shows off you'r skills to craft bow out of simple wood and string you found while stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Sniper misc that goes on your back!

2 Lods
Blue and Red version! (String...
Wintertime Topper
Created by samurai fool
Good ol' Grandma whipped you up some fresher than fresh headgear just for you to show off your christmas sprit.
If you insist on disliking this, at least leave some constructive criticism, that'd be cool.

Team Coloured
Not Paintable
Scout Only...
Baseball Bat - Strike One
Created by 🎃 V-AHHH!-P 🎃
Hey kids!

Do you like Baseballs ?
Do you like Bats ?


You can also paint this lil' guy, How freakin' sweet is that ?

The designed was based off of the Itsy Bitsy Spyder. Wanted to keep that custom made feel to it.

Fireman's Cosmetic Ladder
Created by Grimgazelle
Show off to everyone the utility of ladders in the TF2 universe - that they're there to look good and provide no function whatsoever!

1 LoD, 700 tris, 1 material. Certified via the Import Tool.

Want to try it on? It is available to download here: htt...
Casino Carpet
Created by Patstrick
Back in 1857 three days after Abraham Lincoln invented the stairs he went to a casino and gambled off nearly all of his hard earned stair-money. In a fit of rage he went on a slaughering spree which lasted six days. Later on investigators found weapons dec...
The Compresser (re-uploaded)
Ever run out of ammo when you wanted to airblast that annoying heavy off the cliff or that pesky scout into a train? Never fear, the Compresser will blow your worries about ammo shortage away!

Suggested Stats (emphasis on suggested):

-80% airblast cost
Ruffian's Wristbands V2
Created by Bash Something
Wipe that sweat off your brow and keep moving.

This is a revamp from my previous Ruffian's Wristbands submission. The new features of Version 2 includes:
+2 new LODs
+Revised team-colored textures
+Made paintable
+Better backpack icon

Made using ...
Merry 'Splosions!
Created by Zoarkenz
Boom! Bang! Pow! I hate this sound!
Now you dont have to hear all the fireworks going off and breaking the insides of your ear! Now you can even wear them on your head!

(This is a submission to the TF2 Workshop Wonderland.)
The Arsonist's Artifact
Created by Snood 🍕
A Tomb Raider-themed head covering for the Pyro, with paintable precious-stone eyes. The original reference for this came from a relic found in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

'Griffin heads were fitted on bronze cauldrons or drinking vessels in archaic Greek...
Heinous Handlebars
Created by NDUDE
This glorious piece of face fluff is reminiscent of a certain legendary moustache...A moustache that is famous for letting a certain BLU Scout know just how mean a RED Engineer's machines can be...

Totally not based off of a license involving a certain ...
The Timeworn Treasures
Created by CoBalt
Show off some artificial superiority with some stuff a king probably wore once.

- All Class!
- Paintable!
- 3 LODs!
- Regal

Suspenders of Disbelief - Striped Style
Created by TidMiste
Be the envy of Medics, Engineers, and Larry Kings everywhere with these dapper suspenders and nifty bowtie. Sell galvanized steel to young children! You don't know any better!


The images show no grenades, but that is for the purpose of showing off ...
Unusual Effect: Sparkling Lights
Created by S3pirion
PLEASE SEE IMAGES BELOW FOR PARTICLE EFFECT EXAMPLE (Sorry for low quality, for HD please see youtube videos above)


Show your Smissmas spirit with this festive softg...
Incorporeal Cape
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
Every full moon, the Demoman succumbs to a terrible curse. Ghostly armor projects onto him, telling him to take up their cursed blade and use it to kill humans in battle. Fortunately for Demoman, that's basically his job.

This flashy spirit cape will sh...
Heavy Lockout Mask
Created by JerkStoreCalled
Goaltender hockey mask for the Heavy. Seeing how theres Baseball and Football type hats/items in the game I figured some Hockey atire would be a nice addition.

Red and Blu Colours
256x256 diffuse
256x256 normal/spec
LODs 0-1-2

Still learning paint...
The Get-Back-to-Work Light!
Created by Finnigan
The Get-Back-to-Work Light!

Whether you're slaving away for minimal pay or doing your darndest to slack every time the boss isn't looking, The Get-Back-to-Work Light is the illuminator of choice for the discerning employee. Press the button for instant li...
Hellcat Helm
Created by CaptainGoodstuff
Watch your enemies cower in fear as you don this frightening relic from ages past, or cower in fear of your teammates because THEY CAN WEAR IT TOO!

Based off of the Atlanteans from Tomb Raider Anniversary.


- Glowing eyes!

- All class!...
Ice Cream Mishap
Created by Mallikeet
Initially started working on this early this year. Only now decided to pick it back up and "complete" it.

The counterpart style to:

That's what you get for standing beneath someone eati...
The Red Round Reticles
Created by Bunnicula
This Red Round Reticles will look Ravishing as you Ridiculously Rappel through your Repugnant Rivel!

[Creator Notes:
This is my first misc/hat made. Ever. It isn't too pretty but I worked my butt off on it! Hope you all enjoy! Please give me constructive ...
The Devil's Tumble Dryer
Created by Flobby

Model & Texture by Lobster.
Includes 4 LOD files.

I know what you're going to ask: "Why would a man attach a jet turbine to a machine gun?" to which I can only respond "I honestly have no idea but would you argue with a man ...
The Triple-Tap
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
If you like this weapon, vote for it to win Arms Race!

This is one of two submissions for Facepunch's Arms Race Contest. Check out the contest here:
The Retro Rocketeer
Created by InfectedPotato
"Blast off into the future with this not-so state of the art, aged hunk o' junk!"

Yes, it's paintable.

InfectedPotato: Model/Idea
R▲in: Texture/LOD help
Mr. Gibbly: Concept
CDJO: SFM work

The Double Tap
Created by braekyn
I have re-done the model from scratch to make it fit in the Spy's hand better.

Be sure...

Be double sure!

Just a couple ideas that I had in mind when I was creating this:
Spycrabs Are Forever
Created by Candeles
Do you have a disturbing love for spycrabs that needs to be shared with the world? Look no further! This team-colored skin will allow you to show off your love for the cutest endangered species ever. (Keep a lookout for the rare spy-spycrab, though!)

Apocalyptic Tendency
Created by мяFunreal
Sorry, i'm bad at making funny descriptions, so i'll get to the details.

This new gasmask was based off of the S10 NBC gasmask but i tried to keep it in hte TF2 artstyle.
It contains team based lens colors and 3 LOD models.
It replaces the whole head ...
The Commander's Confidant
Created by squid.exe
UPDATE 3/22/14: I'm not dead! I even accepted the new Steam agreement! Everything should be 100% perfect with this item.

As seen on KritzKast!

Thank you for your kind words and support! Be sure to follow me...
Punchline Taunter
Created by ZOAG
Sick of looking at that smiley note whenever you taunt with the grenade launcher? Then this item is for you!

Usable with the Decal Tool too!

Special thanks to Mr. Sideburns aka Nitronack369 for drawing the placeholder decal image of Demoman doing the...
Unusual Effect: Jungle Firenado
Created by ♥ Greek ♥
-----------------------VOTE NOW AND RECIEVE 100 YEARS OF GOOD LUCK AND FIRE RESISTANT---------------------

Jungle Firenado:

Concept designer - Dagreekhunter
Project leader - Dagreekhunter
Video Director - Dagreekhunter
Sfm Promotonial artwork - D...
Santa's Lost Sack
Created by Plantdragon
once upon a time there was a child named sniper.

after staying up all night to keeping an eye on the fireplace, which he did with the help of a few jars, he heard a creak coming from the steps. Thinking it was a burglar, he did as his father had taught...
Created by 「Reagy」ー❤
Its a jar, with ants. Stop looking at me like that.

Weaponised version, misc version coming soon.

FAQ because too many daft questions D:

Q) Are the ants animated?
A) No, I'm no animator so it never got done, plus I'd find it a little distracting ...
The Spycho
Created by SPOOPY
-updated name to avoid copyright issues

-added movement to the spys collar bone
-added spy bending down for the first stab to add more lethality to the first stab
-added updated video that shows the new taunt and it working with ot...
Skateboarder's Camcorder
Created by The Winglet
Sketchfab link:

What if I told you it was possible to both record all your sick skateboard skills AND take all the safety measures the law requires?

What if I told you there was a way to show off footage of your sporting venture...
The Soviet Sweeper v3
Created by Maxxim☢
Is time to clean base.

*Weapon model: 6169 tris, 4 LoDs, 2048x2048 texture
*Pickup model: 1960 tris, 256x256 texture

11/28/2017 - Tajealos has ported this item to Garry's Mod! Check it out here:
Open Your Mind/Open your Eyes
Be the public icon of everything Valve!


To everyone, read before you post.
Please do not tell me this is the 5th, or the 15th, or the 3000th Valve on the Workshop. I know. If you tell me that, you would be the 5th, or the 15th, or 3000th fell who ...
Frosties last adventure
Show off your new beat(er that is!)
, Defeating an imaginary Snowman is quite the feat!

Note: The stats here are just an idea of how it would work and in no way are the final stats

Slows enemy on hit with ball
Dealing Slowdown 10% slow down to 30% ...
Blastoff Cap
Created by Vipes
Being a villain has many perks. Easy money, women, and a free rat to fight off brats.

3 LODs
Both RED and BLU texture
(Almost) Allclass Hat

Promo pictures are thanks to my good friend Apoc Hedgie.
Thanks to Chainsaw Joe for the clever descripti...
The No Brainer
Created by BLADE
Want to look classy? Want to have the best poker face at the table? Its a no brainer then, to get the No Brainer! This hat not only shows your off your intelligence, but also what you're thinking at the moment! But don't think too hard, or you might s...
Festive Frags
How many times has this happened to you: you're at a friend's holiday party, only to learn that there's a surprise gift exchange and you didn't bring any presents! Avoid this party faux-pas by strapping these delightful trinkets to your chest and simply pl...
The Bell Bottoms
Created by BLADE

*************Version 2 Is Out!!!!!!!

Catchin' that Saturday Night Fever! Show off to your friends these flashy bell bottom pants as you glisten ...
Patrol Cap
Created by Hawkins308
Army PC(Patrol Cap). Worn in garrison, or while deployed(When your on a FOB or COP etc...)

Its not only a piece of gear, its a tool. Pace count is written on the inside. Pace count is how many steps it takes you, walking or running to travel 100 meters.
Soviet Sidekick[OLD]
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]

New Version:

"You've collected many trinkets in your travels, but what good are those if you can't kill something with them? So many memories... ...
The Top-Hat Target
Created by ElDuderino
Sick of getting sniped and want your revenge to count even more? Well with "The Top-Hat Target" you're a walking taunt to snipers. Make it even more embarrassing when they miss and you get the revenge. You could even say, "I even gave you a target!". I kno...
Lara Locks
[Tomb Braided Style]:

A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. Be extraordinary with this ravishing ponytail while you explo...