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Advanced Hunting: Dawnguard
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Advanced Hunting: Dawnguard

More Happy Hunting

Does it feel wrong when you walk in front of a deer and it runs away, despite your stealth meter not changing? Ever think that animal byproducts don't cost enough? Ever think animals in a gameplay sense are pointless? Wouldn't it be awesome if animals took a realistic amount of damage on a respectable difficulty setting? Well this is for the hunters out there! It's also an improvement and mini-expansion to its predecessor: Advanced Hunting.

Features Include:
  • Everything from Advanced Hunting
  • Effects from special arrows used to only occur from the player's bow due to my lack of conditional magic effect understanding at the time
  • Standard crossbows were changed to do more damage to animals
  • Bolts with special effects were added alongside arrows
  • Hunters can occasionally be found with a crossbow instead
  • Vale animals from Dawnguard have been added to "the prey list"
Fixes: Arrows used to say the projectile name rather than the item name, showing things like "Pick up AncientHeroNordProjectile."

I only found a way for the special arrow effects to work with unenchanted items . . . luckily, you can disenchant the hunting effect. It comes default on hunting bows, crossbows, and enhanced crossbows. Deer, from what I've seen, have been able to move at a normal speed despite being affected with the barbed arrows.

Dawnguard required. Check out Advanced Hunting for the version that requires no DLC!

Also, check out my Better Bear Trap Utilization. It lets you craft them, loot/buy them, place, and retrieve them. No more dragging them along the ground at a crawl!
Note: These mods were made separately, and I plan to combine them with a few extra features, but both mods will work for the most part. In the load order, put this one last if you want to see hunters have arrows.
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peacebreeze Jan 13 @ 4:33pm 
great mod thanks