Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

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RvE Color Mod(Neptunia CPU Wars)
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RvE Color Mod(Neptunia CPU Wars)

A Color Mod for the Revolution Vs Evolution Mod.

probably the story of the RvE Mod

Revolutionist CPU
Nepgear,cannot keep up with her big sister,due to her slow improvement,but she's still loyal to the older CPU,and even fight with them,but after some times,she started to feel that she's being left out,and forgotten by the older CPU,and so does the other CPU Candidates,and so they form a Revolutionist group to overthrow the old CPU.
Despite of her slow improvement,she still have a good line of spies to help her decide where the time to strike.

Despite being very loyal to her sister,being rejected too much,could sapped the loyalty of even the most incorruptible soul,Uni was the first to rose up against the older CPU,her followers are very aggressive,which is explained by her high quality Police forces,and the representation of her own Elite Troops,the Keisakiru.

Rom,is Cute.

Ram,likes to break things with Giant Cannons.

Uzume,is one of the Oldest CPU,but decided to side with the Revolutionist, because she knew that the old must be a thing in the past,and her role is to support the Candidates with her navy,she could win the sea easilly,and then help the Revolutionist Army with her bombardment.

Evolutionist CPU
The poor domain which neptune rule is probably the cover of the book,her people is the masters of guriella,and agents warfare,she does lack the fund for her puddings,but not the lack of invention of her specialized guriella troops,the Senmeito.

Blanc,the lady of the Lowee,is a peaceful snowy land,she's very loyal to the Evolutionist cause,but Lowee always in the thick of Political,and rebellion from outside powers made her rule more respectful,and vigilant.

Plutia has come from her dimension to help the Evolutionist CPU,she brings her experienced armies with her,her forces is a mix of Modern and Planeptune Traditional Troopers,which makes her army a strong force,if she could gather one.

Vert,once a gamer,but now thanks to her gaming most her people are masters of business,and administration,the Leanbox people are also very inventious,and figured a lot of way,and one of them is the way to reload the guns to fire faster.

Noire is the firm supporters of the Evolutionist group,but she mostly fight alone in the front line,Noire is very strict,and very preservative,this is mirrored by her experienced Governing,selective Training of her Garrisons,which makes the people she ruled are easily managed,and the steady supply for her soldiers.
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Tallestdavid Feb 14 @ 9:27am 
we need nep gear
SgtChickenFrizi Feb 13 @ 5:17pm 
Wut is this? The pictures and descriptions do not match.... From my opinion XD