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Gardening with friend.
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Better Ocean Parallax
Created by Amee102
The ocean parallax looks empty, doesn't it?

Well... this little mod changes that!

It adds more islands to the ocean biome parallax to make it look better and more welcoming.
Sadly this mod does not affect pre-generated planets, meaning that only pla...
Low Health Alarm
Created by Andriel Chaoti
Low Health Alarm. It does what the title says.

This mod is added for those of us who can't see or are just to inattentive to the default UI and really could just use a sound queue to let them know they have almost no HP left.

It plays a...
Created by Annuschka

This mod aims to expand the variatons for plants. Right now it does not add "new" plants, but adds additioral frames and alternatives to existing plants:

Created by Apple
Adds backpacks to the game. For a full description, visit the ChuckleFish forums page at:
Pets Are Useful!
Created by Audie
Ever wondered why you let your pet stay on your ship when it invariably eats the food you meant to give to your friend? Why is it always in the way? Most importantly, why doesn't it pay rent??

Lumina took a look at your pet and decided it needed ...
Blood Mod
Created by BakaKemono
Adds some blood and gore to combat. Client side mod

-New blood splatter hit animations
-Increased the amount of blood spurt particles from hits and improved the physics
-Blood particles will now collide and stain the environment
-Gore pile...
Make the universe a cuter place
Created by Barb-tan
Welcome to Cutebound, a mod aimed at giving the game a cute/anime feeling (somehow) and monster girls \o/

Nealy everything i could rework have been reworked
-races faces and bodies
-probably things i forgot

All h...
RPG Growth
Welcome to a brand new way to play Starbound!

This mod adds the ability to raise stats to make your character stronger. Simply go out there and fight monsters, and once some xp drops, you'll learn how to craft the Mysterious Book, which enables y...
Terraria Music Addition
Created by CleverAdvisor
Adds to the soundtrack ( does not replace) with the classic music of Terraria. Contains 16 unique tracks. Certain tracks only play in certain biomes such as the ice music in snow biomes and desert music in desert biomes.

Compatible with Frackin Music Mod ...
Final Fantasy Symphony
Created by Epica242
A Song list of Nearly All final Fantasy songs
Melodies of Memories and Sorrow

Most of these songs are best played with Flute, Nylon guitar and Drum
I will add more in later updates Enjoy

Update 2: Ive added quite a couple songs about 20+ and some...
Upgraded Upgrades
Created by Kais
Increases the target level of the Weapon Upgrade Anvil (found at the end of the Ancient Vaults accessible after the main story has been completed) from 6 to 7, and makes all vanilla weapons and shields upgradeable.

Any items that you previously upgraded...
Fall Damage for Npcs and Monsters
Created by Kit
This mod is also available on the Starbound Forums[]

Note: this mod is now part of Frackin' Universe, so you don't need this mod if you use that.

What d...
Created by Lukky
Are you looking for a fast and good vehicle to explore your planets or simply travel through it all, so this is what you're looking for.

This mod is a colaboration between me and Lefl that made the UT-47 K...
Pandora's Box
Created by Elsen Rykker

Here is a patch mod (courtesy of Hubnester) to fix an issue with farm animals currently caused by the mod.

Still lacking in the pc department right now, so this will ha...
Earth's Finest - Crew Improvements
Created by Mickyan
This mod aims to make recruiting your crew a more worthwhile endeavour, greatly increasing the strenght and usefulness of your crew members.
By making each class unique and useful in their own way, choosing the right person to bring on a mission can make...
Useful Pets
Created by Psieonic
Makes pets not suck! Or at least, suck a little less. :)

Make pets a little more useful and little more durable, without making them overpowered or a replacement for crew members. This mod primarily introduces a few tweaks to the way the pet's maximum...
Created by Rage
Most of the credit for this mod goes to CatJamSprinkles, the idea and sprites were all her, I just did some sprite editing and the coding.

Time for some summer fun!
This mod contains many different swimsuits that ha...
Scaled Ores
Created by Reika
Makes high-tier planets spawn a bit more of the valuable nontiered ores (diamond, core fragments), at increasing rate at increasing depth. Makes deep diving on magma worlds actually worth it....
Frackin' Music
Created by Sayter
Note: Does NOT require FrackinUniverse, but is recommended since most of the music will play on those biomes.

What is FrackinMusic, and why is it so gigantic?

It adds (does not replace) over 250 new songs to your Starbound experien...
Frackin' Races
Created by Sayter
No races are added by this mod

Does not require FrackinUniverse

(most) Racial Abilities can be found here:
The rest are in-game in the character creation menu.

Frackin' Universe
Created by Sayter
Note: FU requires a Character Extender such as or you'll experience crashes when attempting to create characters or load.

Disclaimer: Installing FU is a one-way trip
New Tiles and Greebles
Created by Storm_UK
New tiles and greebles to match titanium, durasteel, serene, wave, geometric, opulent, doom and executive style vanilla game furniture/objects, plus additional 'solaris' style tiles and greebles.

Also includes recipes for the game furniture for these va...
Fun with Gravitons
Created by Storm_UK
Not long ago, core ore fragments from deep within a planet were discovered to have interesting properties, emitting particles known as Gravitons.

From these, scientists eventually created Graviton Magnifiers, a technology which proved to have numerous a...
Faster Hoe
Created by Suphax
This mod allows you to hold down your mouse button and move with the hoe, it will miss one or two spots but it's a lot better than it was originally. Enjoy.

v 1.0:
+ Released...
Move And Water [+Faster]
Created by Suphax
Tired of having to wait for a second to use the watering can again? Tired of it Not being able to constantly water? This fixes that. Enjoy.
A video showing what the mod does here.[]
This mod doesn't affect the...
Starbound valley
Created by Komi ♥
Warning: bad english redaction incoming XD

This mod adds most of the stardew valley seeds and some other stuff to starbound xd
the next thing that you will have to do after installing the mod is craft the pierre's store in the inventor's table, you will b...
x10 Basic Drop Rates
Created by Tripod
Compatible with Starbound 1.1

* Does not stack with "x5 Basic Drop Rates" (One will override the other.) *

Increases the drop rate of the Basic Treasure pool (x10) for the following monster categories:
- basicMonsterTreasure
- noMea...
Created by Wyvern
Regeneration through sleep takes way too long to be useful.
It shouldn't more convenient to drink a potion when you have a bed next to you. They're too slow to be useful ! You should be rewarded for being prepared....
Monsters Unique Sounds (SFX from Beta)
Created by Xaliber
Tired of hearing the same hopping and puffing sound from the randomly generated monsters? This mod is for you!

  • Makes procedurally generated monsters have their own unique sound, just like Starbound back in beta versi
Parallax Compression (FPS Improvement)
Created by Xaliber
This mod intends to improve FPS performance by compressing all parallax images size.

Instead of removing the parallax background like other mod does to improve performance, it compresses (with no quality lost) everything in the /parallax...
Diverse Weather
Created by gay monster dad
Adds many new types of weather, and allows planets to have multiple different kinds of climate instead of always having the same weather patterns. For instance, Lush planets could have the regular balanced climate, a climate where it always rains, a windy ...
Job Offers
Created by gmq
Do you really, really want a NPC as a crew member? No worries, now you don't have to hope for them to give you enough quests to trigger the change. With one of these craftable/buyable job offers you can instantly make them happy to work for you.

- Make...
Rubber Boat
Created by guilti_88

This mod add a rubber boat!!! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌


You can buy it on Penguin Pete's Vehicle Lot

Gardenbot2 : MP Friendly
Created by lophatkao
MP Friendly / No Miners Patch
Requires Gardenbot2
Steam Link
SB Mod Forum[]

Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition
Created by lophatkao
The automated gardening bot.

Original art & code by tynaut
Additional code & bots by LoPhatKao
Miniskip art by HuggableCreep aka Royal Jelly

You Arn't Safe: ...Anymore!
Created by samaw
This mod changes how some of the monsters and NPC behave.

NPC's(Crew, Guards, and Hostile NPC's like Bandits) all like and use hatches almost as well as the player...
If they follow you, they won't let a hatch get in their way so no hiding.

You can't hid...
Geometry Dash Music pack
Created by 觋夕莉
This is a musicpack
This pack adds new songs into the game, which can be played on intruments
Current Songs:
1.Stay Inside Me
2.Stereo Madness
3.Back On Track
5.Dry Out
6.Base After Base
7.Cant Let Go
9.Time Machine
Pokémon costumes 2
Created by greater pol
Polo's proper sick costumes init fam but this time it's four new ones

Credit to IcyVines for the Rosa hair sprite...
Pokémon costumes 1
Created by greater pol
Polo's proper sick costumes init fam

Make 'em at a spinning wheel with woven fabric...
Fuuka Kazamatsuri Costume
Created by tigerfestival1988
It's my first big mod project. It took me almost a week, with some trial and error, but it's here. Fuuka Kazamatsuri's Hat/Wig,Jacket/School Uniform and Skirt. They can all be crafted at the spinning wheel, 10 fabric for the Jacket/School Uniform and The S...
Nana Kozuki Costume
Created by tigerfestival1988
It's Nana Kozuki from God Eater 2. This mod has been giving me some trouble for sometime, but now I finally got it to look as good as I like it. The wig can be crafted at the spinning wheel for 10 fabric and 5 string and the top and shorts can be crafted a...
Food Stack
Created by v6
This is a client- & server-side mod.
If it is not installed on server then your stack can & will reduce to 1 when transferred to the server.

Food Stack changes so food can stack up to 1000.

To stack food that have different rotting time you will nee...
Improved Containers
Created by v6
Improved Containers adds quality of life features to containers in Starbound.
The aim is to keep the mod multiplayer friendly so you will still be able to play with friends that do not have the mod installed.

It is not compatible with other container m...
More Type Stationtram
Created by ⅠngˆⅥ
add more type Stationtram in game

crafting in rail crafting table...
Mobageddon x5 - Frackin' Universe Addon
Created by EclipticWulf
Quintuples the spawnrate of monsters in Frackin' Universe.
You need Frackin' Universe and Mobageddon x5 installed.

Mobageddon x2

Mobageddon x3
Avali (Triage) Race Mod
Created by Fevix
Avali race mod for Starbound 1.3
The cutest predators this side of the universe rift

If you have issues, please go to and post a new iss
Fu sChinese Mod
Created by ProjectSky
目前翻译进度(01/14 更新)
  • 已翻译: 18465
  • 文本量: 21715
  • 总进度: 85.0333870596362%

01/14 更新内容
  • 自动构建版本,当前适配 Frackin' Universe 5.6.280 版本

Created by Storm_UK
Create 'virtual circuits' inside Macrochips, saving footprint space in game world. Interact with one to open its console/circuit board where you can place a wide variety of components and labels.

Amongst the large number of ...
More Teleportz
Created by DooM74G

The More Teleportz adds all ship teleporters, three quest teleporters, two outpost teleporters and a few custom teleporters for personal use. You can purchase the teleporters from the ...
Shellguard: Starbound Expansion Remastered
Created by Travelling Merchant
Welcome to the Shellguard: Starbound Expansion remaster!

This mod is a remake of my old Shellguard mod, seen here.

We have a public discord here!

This ...
Xbawks Character Extender
Created by Kawa
Adds 36 easily-extended species buttons.

Q. How do I add species?
A. Find and install them. This comes with none.
Q. How do I make species?
A. This is not the place to tell you.
Q. When I run it, it looks like crap. How ...
[StarCore Localization Team] Simplified Chinese Mod (zh_CN)
To English users: This is a Simplified-Chinese mod, Almost all text in game would be changed.
It may possibly affect your save file, So think TWICE before you decide to subscribe.

Supports only 1.3.3 & 1.3.4

Made by StarCo...
Augment Slots for Armor Redux
Created by hebiohime
I'm not sure what to add but if anyone wants something specifically just link

this mod is standalone, and covers all the slots that all of eimbers slots mods did

More than one of a kind of augment does not stack (example: 4 Healing III augments).
Combinable Augments
Created by C0bra5
Combinable Augments
Combinable augments allows you to combine all of your augments, collars and fishing lures into a single piece of mastery.

1 Augment to rule them all, this is the goal of this mod.

What can you do?
- Combine epp augm...
Ground-Penetrating Radar Station (for 1.3+)
Created by Erisss
All Credit Belongs to Wellbott
Link to his original mod:

The power of radar comes to you! The GPR Station scans and displays surrounding terrain, letting you map caves, find struc...
Weapon Stats
Created by Tripod
Compatible with Starbound 1.3

Displays item level, DPS and damage per energy (DPE) for swords and guns.

Based only on raw damage. Abilities and combo attacks are not factored in.

For additional stats on other weapons (legendaries, bows, fis...
"Creepy Cultists" microdungeon six-pack
Created by Fabmat
This mod adds six encounterdungeons to the game, which all go by the theme of Cultists, worshipping the Ruin.
All of them are cultist camps with parts of the Ruin emerging from the Planet.
The idea for these dungeons came from raydragonmaster34, thanks go ...
"Death Valley" microdungeon six pack
Created by Fabmat
This mod adds six more microdungeons to desert and savannah planets.
With doing this i am hoping to enrich the experience you will have with Starbound.
This is my fourth dungeon mod for Starbound, be sure to check out my other mods too.
Also, please leave ...
"Deep Frozen" microdungeon Six-Pack
Created by Fabmat
This mod adds a six new microdungeons to cold planets.
I hope to add a little more diversity to the game by doing this.
I would be happy if you use my mod, leave a rating, and may write a comment, on how i could improve my structure.

I will make more stru...
"Roots and Vines" microdungeon six-pack
Created by Fabmat
This mod adds six microdungeons to the game, which are all found on jungle planets.
This is my Fith dungeon mod for Starbound.
Please Rate my mod, subscribe to it and leave a helpful comment.
If you want to see any microdungeon in the game, then feel free ...
Ability Slot Extender
Created by Psyny
Adds support for two more special abilities on weapons with shift + right or shift + left mouse click.

This mod was created as a base for my other mod: Weapon Retrofitting Station. However, I've decided to make it standalone to allow other modders to crea...
Ability Slot Extender FU Patch
Created by Psyny
Frackin Universe Patch for the Ability Slot Extender mod.
THIS NOT DOES NOT WORKS WITHOUT the Ability Slot Extender mod

-Some abilities are much linked to its base weapon. And many times they can only be put on default alt ability slot.
I've made a c...
Craftable Salvage Parts
Created by LCD
This mod lets you craft salvage parts for your mech so you don't have spend a bunch of time looking for a ton of salvaged parts just to make a mech part.

should work in progression of your furnace.

I tried to make it as accurate as possible(considereing ...
Fabmats Christmaspack
Created by Fabmat
Merry Christmas!

This mod adds ten microdungeons to the game, all in a festive mood.
Maybe it'll help sweeten the christmas days for you.
Since I do not have much time atm bugfixes might take a little time.
This is my 12th dungeon mod for Starbound, be su...
Faster Combat
Created by Gurudo99
Makes combat faster by slightly lowering the cooldown and windup of attacks.

Currently Covered Weapons:


Incompatible with any...
Faster Combat - Avali Weapon Patch
Created by Gurudo99
This patch changes the Avali Race mod's weapons to match my Faster Combat mod's weapon changes....
Faster Combat - Frackin Universe Patch
Created by Gurudo99
Adds the weapons from Frackin Universe to my Faster Combat mod. Please report if there are any bugs....
Improved turrets
Created by SentientSupper
Forums link:

- Defense turrets can now be equipped with guns, gaining their stats and projectiles. May not work with modded weapons.
- Turrets scale better with planet ...
Green Hills microdungeon six-pack
Created by Fabmat
Only six hours after publishing my first Starbound Test-mod, i am publishing my second Mod.
This one is a Pack of six microdungeons, desinged for lush and forest Planets.
I want to improve the games diversity in the regard of microdungeons, so that the str...
Small wine Cellar
Created by Fabmat
This mod adds a small wine cellar microdungeon to lush garden biomes.
It is my first mod and serves mostly as a test for me to figure out, how all of this works.
However, this dungeon adds a little more diversity to starter planets and looks just fine.
The "Darkest Nightmares" microdungeon six-pack
Created by Fabmat
The "Darkest Nightmares" dungeon six pack.

This mod adds six more microdungeons to dark planets.
With doing this i am hoping to enrich the experience you will have with Starbound.
This is my fourth dungeon mod for Starbound, be sure to check out m
The "Deadly Poison" microdungeon six pack
Created by Fabmat
The "Deadly Poison" dungeon six pack.

This mod adds six more microdungeons to toxic planets.
With doing this i am hoping to enrich the experience you will have with Starbound.
This is my fourth dungeon mod for Starbound, be sure to check out my other mods...
The "Flaming Hot" microduneon six pack
Created by Fabmat
The "Flaming Hot" dungeon six pack.

This mod adds six more microdungeons to scorched planets.
With doing this i am hoping to enrich the experience you will have with Starbound.
This is my Tenth dungeon mod for Starbound, be sure to check out my other mods...
The "Permafrost" microdungeon six pack
Created by Fabmat
The "Permafrost" dungeon six pack.

This mod adds six more microdungeons to tundra planets.
With doing this i am hoping to enrich the experience you will have with Starbound.
Although this is the last mod in this ongoing series of six packs, i will make mo...
The first "Community Picks" dungeon pack.
Created by Fabmat
This mod adds 17 new and unique microdungeons to Starbound.
It was made entirely with ideas of the community on my Discord server, my thanks go out to them.
I hope to enrich your experience with the game with this mod.
Please subscribe, leave a rating a...
XS Mechs : Modular Edition (BETA)
Created by BigAssHunter
XS Mechs : Modular Edition (BETA)
Old name is : Mech New Body

Thank you Tshinzon! Your XS Mech graphic is AWESOME!


[ What is this ]

- Is that LEGS!? Yes. That is legs for your nice mech!
- I stretch...
XS Mechs : Modular Weapons+ Pack
Created by lophatkao
XS weapons and more parts for XS Mechs : Modular Edition

14 weapon Arms + 4 more Legs for your modular mech!
All parts available by finding bluebrints.

They're not perfect yet, but they work well enough to sla...
ION - Item Organizer Network: links containers together & automatically organizes items [AKA item-sorter / sorts / sorting]
Created by Exaelitus
ION provides two "node" items, made under Sensors (2nd tab) in the Wiring Station, that:

"Sender Node" - Monitors storage containers in a small radius around it ( currently about 2 squares ). When items are placed in those containers, any receiver node...
Weapon Retrofitting Station
Created by Psyny
A weapon station that allows modification of weapons.

-PROTOTYPE WEAPONS: When retrofitting weapons, players now can choose to make a Prototype Version of the weapon.
If choosing the prototype version, the original weapons will no...