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Apollo 8 Quick Launch Guide
By Brixton Dynamics
Quickest way to launch Apollo 8 from Kennedy Space Center in autopilot mode.
Quick Launch Guide
In order to maintain realism as much as possible and bring consistency of realism in the simulation overall, we want to move away from the arcade style 'launch-and-go' controls. Instead, we want to operate the spacecrafts using their actual controls. This is of course quite complex. To make the game easy to play, we have introduced the concept of 'checklists', which is a neat and tidy way of covering all the flight procedures for each stage of the mission. Checklists can be automated so you can run through the flight procedures with minimum input.

To launch Apollo 8 from Kennedy Space Center open the CHECKLIST window. The CHECKLIST window is only available in the interior cockpit view.

Select AUTO to run through the Pre-Launch check automatically.

The green circle next to the CHECKLIST tab indicates the a checklist is currently running.
The Pre-Launch checklist will run through the next couple of minutes until the instrument panel is properly configured. The spacecraft will then launch automatically.

This is the preferred way to launch the spacecraft. Although the CONTROL/SHIP/LAUNCH option is still available, this does not configure the spacecraft properly for later parts of the mission.

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Richthofen56 Feb 26, 2018 @ 10:00am 
Works as advertised. Question...How do you know when to initiate the next stage's checklist?
I didn't assuming I only had to hit it once and performed an amazing lunar flyby :)