They Are Billions

They Are Billions

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Everything you read is wrong, and here's why...
By Lord Byte
Use chokepoints, time is king, go for a barracks, don't build walls, patrols are better...

They are ALL WRONG! And I will tell you exactly why in this guide, and why they keep saying it, while not doing it themselves, or they wouldn't win...

DISCLAIMER: This is not an "Advanced guide". This is to fill in the gaps for beginners that the 'PROs' leave out. Quality of life and some other ways to do the same things (easier), and to show that you can play well without being an uber-micro-pro.
Why all information is wrong and it kills you in the end
You died for the 2nd or 3rd time, what are you doing wrong?
So you're a clever person, no need to reinvent the wheel, let's just find some guides. Oh! Great tips, let's follow them and... I died again? How?

Why all the information you read is wrong... Is quite simple. It works... and then it doesn't. Yet they don't think about it, they adapt, but since you're trying to work based on their incomplete information, you will keep failing, over and over until you start experimenting and finding out it's wrong. Yet chances are you'll tell everyone the same information, as it is important.

This guide is made to complete the others, to fill in the gaps, and make it easier. I've also stood on the shoulders of giants, and it is now my time to tell you how to go even taller...
Chokepoints... and why they're killing you

Perfect chokepoint right? This is moments before the final assault. Yet each time it'll break and spill forth into my base... Why?

What the hell is that? It'll fall in minutes, it's undefendable... Yet it'll stand barely damaged.... Why?

Take a garden hose, squeeze the end, and the water will pour forth at such speed and ferocity it'll wipe everything away, while if you widen the snout, it'll piddle out as so many drops. Same thing, where the flow here, is the zombies. Chokepoints are great for the early game, they ARE important, but in the end there'll be too many zombies, and not enough guns to keep them from overrunning you. While if you wall off a big section, the flow of zombies will spread out. Less zombies, over a bigger area with more guns = a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of dead zombies and much less damage.

But I won't have the resources to build all those gatling towers and walls, I hear you say?
Yeah you do, just don't make them into gatling until the final or next to final wave... Ballistas are cheap and will do the job just fine until almost the end. But we'll get to that!
Patrols and why you won't last 10 days
So! All the cool kids say that walls are useless, and you should just use patrols until you've expanded lots! Remember you can easily clear huge chunks of maps with just a few rangers...

Oh what is that? Why are there zombies in my houses? Oh no??? 8 days in and I am dead? Again?

I am here to tell you it is wrong and you should wall all the time!
Well... Not really, but close!
Patrols are great, the moment zombies start encroaching (a few days in), but have a huge weakness. As they encroach they'll get busy on one bunch of zombies.... and not complete their patrol for a while. This is when a random zombie will make a beeline for your base, every damn time. It's not whether it'll happen, it is how soon.

Yet the patrol people will say it's bad luck and confirmation bias (the one game where they somehow caught the runner, or starting properly walling in time) will keep them thinking it's the right way.
Wood is cheap, and plentiful. Use it, even if you just make little sections, incomplete, on the major zombie avenues of approach. It'll keep them busy, it'll give your patroller some protection and allow him to take it out easier!

Even better, just chunk of the housing sections. If you can move around them, there's no use for your troops in between the houses. If they have to be there, it's too late! Wall it all :P

Don't be afraid to wall very conservatively at the start, you can always destroy them and build them a little further, remember, broader walls are better late game! Those patrollers? Keep them patrolling behind the walls, there they are actually useful, until you got the resources to start building ballistas! Destroy the wooden ones, and build stone walls further on ^_^
Don't mine what you don't need, turn it off... And you wait until they overrun you...
Don't get stone early! Just find some to build your barracks. (yeah right, how many times I was able to do that I can count on half a hand).

Oh my, why am I constantly running out of resource xxx and I have no way to get more :(

Put them down as soon as you can spare the resources. DO turn them off if you don't have a market yet, and you don't use them, those workers can be used in other places, but the moment you have the power and workers to spare, and a market... Keep em running full time! Just make sure you start selling any excess in time. The auto-sell of the market is slow and limited, and you'll still waste tons of time. But by manually selling what you have too much of, and buying what you need, you'll be swimming in resources! Especially fuel and iron are great cash cows, since you won't need Iron or Fuel until really late game! This is the reason I don't have to expand as much, yet still have an enormously well-defended base by the end.
Time is king, the more time the easier... Except you won't get 5 feet from your base without dying
All the guides are all about time, yet the moment you try keeping it on 150 days to get the third map, you keep getting murdered. You can't expand because there are too many zombies. Certain points they seem endless, and slowly but surely you will notice the ticking clock, and get overrun because you couldn't get critical mass...

Until you get a lot better, and fine-tune your build, you shouldn't worry to much about the time. Early on you barely get the base ready by day 150 but pretty soon, you'll be getting there faster. And more efficiently, the biggest time sink, early, is clearing the infected with the few rangers you have, and half of whom need to patrol or you get overrun. Yet this information keeps appearing... Because they forget all the times they got murdered and remember the few ones, where they got lucky that the few clear areas were easily walled off or defended, so... they got lucky. And yeah confirmation bias does the rest.

Not only will the amount of zombies stop you from expanding, early small waves can get critical mass, even if you stop them, because of how near the infected are. And you will get trampled until you get that unicum start where all the right places are clear...

Shorten the time if needed to get to the new maps and learn to get better, don't increase the zombie amounts too much or you won't be able to start.
Keep building houses, until they feed the swarm...
Everyone says to keep building houses, and more and expand, and some more...
You will overextend and get murdered, and what's more, those expansion bases will increase their numbers and overrun you even harder.

The key is balance. As long as you're pulling in about a 1000 plus in gold per tick, and about 20 workers spare, take it easy. Do remember the moment you start building Titans and gatling towers, that amount will shrink.... fast! Take your time to clear and scout out areas around you, and make sure that each one is discreetly walled to be the primary area of defense, before they'll get to your juicy center.

If you have the choice, use the one that takes least damage when it has waves, and build a secondary expansion there. But usually, until the late game, you can do with one bank, and market and all the houses inside their radius easy.

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Brownie Sep 18 @ 11:47am 
Well Builder, many students prefer getting help from classmates than their teachers. So maybe proffessional isnt always the best for beginners.
Builder101 May 12 @ 12:49pm 
Okay, i worded that weirdly even by my standards. What I mean is that you are saying what most of the guides are saying is wrong. That is not "Filling in the gaps." That is a counter claim. This entire guide is a counter claim. Counter claims are not filling in the gaps.
Builder101 May 10 @ 1:25pm 
How about you do? It says a fill in the gaps. You are not 'filling' in the gaps you are either saying that "this is wrong and here is why" or something like that. That is not 'filling' in the gaps. So yeah...
Lord Byte  [author] May 10 @ 8:32am 
Read the introduction? I thought I made that pretty clear.
Builder101 May 10 @ 4:22am 
Lord Byte I think I have to state while indeed if you do not use chokepoints correctly they can be a hazard. But, unless they are those 1-2 block gaps a chokepoint is awesome even for newbies. And, you say this is'nt an elite guide just a few pointers. Well I have a question, who is more likely to be right? A random person saying things, or the best players in the game saying stuff? And while you are right about the certain concepts and trying them differently this is what I say, what certain concepts? Everything you have said in the de? Ifgui yes then I would suggest editing that guide.
Lord Byte  [author] May 10 @ 3:57am 
People keep pointing to my profile, I've linked screenshots showing I've finished it at 100% difficulty too... It wasn't a "elite guide" as I mentioned too. It's just a few pointers for people between "starter" and "elite" to think differently about certain concepts that without trying them in different way are going to be deadly to them as they were to me. For instance the bottleneck, many below have agreed that they are a danger indeed, until you learn some other ways to manage zombies.
Builder101 May 9 @ 5:46pm 
8: (I meant) Okay I am also being a satire, but I guess thats just how we write Lord Byte.
Builder101 May 9 @ 5:44pm 
4: Why is it bad that I hate open areas?
5: I understand what you said about patrols but remember what I said too. "For Newly Discovered (undefended) areas. Patrols are never for long term usage.
6: Why are you picking on me? A person who has not 'learned' reading comprehension as you put it.:steamsad:
7: Why are we still arguing? I think I outrank you because for what I have seen of our profile you are not the best at They Are Billions... (Another Defeat 66% is HARD!!!) :steamfacepalm:
8: Okay I am also being a but, I satire guess thats just how we write Lord Byte.
Builder101 May 9 @ 5:44pm 
1: Is it wrong to state that I love shock towers?
2: Chokepoints are key. As someone in the comments have already stated that comparing the infected to water is a bad simile. What I like to do is make a bubble right behind a chokepoint so I can have even MORE firepower by surronding that bubble with shock towers and ballistas and/or executers.
3: To be prefectly honest though you are being satire too, for insulting my reading ability.(And don't reply saying that pointing stuff out is not being hyprocritical for that is true... If you are not being hyprocritical)
Lord Byte  [author] May 9 @ 5:50am 
aboteler1 Reading comprehension seems to no longer be taught in schools, as is a basic grasp of satire.

Patrols are good, but they can be a liability. Learn to read.
Choke points are good. But they can be a liability as there's limited amounts of firepower you can set up in there.
Open Areas mean you spread the zombies over a larger area which you can keep easily with a bunch of cheap towers.
Shock towers ... WHY do you all keep whining about shock towers? There's nothing in my guide about it.