Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Eras of Rome: Restitutor Orbis
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Jan 9, 2018 @ 4:39pm
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Eras of Rome: Restitutor Orbis

The Eras of Rome team is back with our next mod called Restitutor Orbis. This is based off of our original Pax Romana mod originally made for the Imperator Augustus campaign, now made for Empire Divided. The mod moves the Roman Empire into its time of crisis. The year is 260 A.D. and the Empire is split, divided by the Gallic Empire of Postumus in the west, the Macrian rebellion under Macrianus and his sons and the semi-autonomous city of Palmyra led by Odaenathus in the East. The frontiers are beset by German, Steppe, and Persian enemies. Rome, having been humiliated in the East by the capture of Valerian by the Persians, must have her vengeance. However, Gallienus is left in a precarious position. You must reverse the fortunes of the waning Empire and return her to her former glory! Roma Victrix!

Requires parts 1 and 2, and building mod to play. The music pack is optional.

No new unlocked factions.

-4 turns per year
-Complete sets of new equipment (helmets, shields, etc.) modeled after 3rd century equipment, as well as relevant models from other fantastic mods
-Vanilla units for Germanic tribes, Eastern factions, and Romans reskinned. 24 Roman legions to choose from (12 pre-Diocletian, 12 post Diocletian reforms); late Roman cavalry units and late Roman auxilia units to unlock as well.
-Roman tech tree reworked to unlock units via tech of Empire Divided campaign.
-Proper historical figures added (Gallienus, Postumus, Diocletian, etc.)
-New music from epic movies to hopefully immerse the player more fully, including Gladiator and the Eagle (In Eras of Rome music pack).
-New menu and loading screen backgrounds, as well as new quotes during loading.
-Roman army will be able to upgrade from the pre-Diocletian army (legions, auxilia, etc.) to the post-Diocletian army (comitatenses, ripenses, etc.) via tech.
-changed starting legions to proper ones (II Parthica, V Macedonica, I Minervia, etc) as well as their date of formation.

I've done my best to recreate the 3rd century accurately. I've had to use a combination of new equipment from various sources so the quality is mismatched at times, along with some vanilla. If anyone sees any glaring inaccuracies with units, please do let me know. I want to create the most historically accurate mod as possible.

Not compatible with any mods that mod startpos or script.

Dresden and Ahiga for many models from CRoC as well as their advice and help
Magnar for his advice and help
Heinrich von Preuben for his building mod
Thunderbolt and The_Germans for new shield patterns
Asterion, Hloeric, and dontfearme22 for helmets
Noif for his faction banners
Alaric for armor
Avetis for Eastern armors
Noniac and Celticus from Roman model Extravaganza for armor

Much credit to the Invasio Barbarorum team for their mods for Rome Total War, who have provided me with much inspiration.
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drapavl Aug 11 @ 10:44am 
and it will be the best, if the cohort evocati will be recruitable unit. I found only 3 this units in the mod (Gallienus) and I didn't find a way to make another
drapavl Aug 11 @ 1:22am 
Hi, thank you for your reply, I spent more than 160 turns in your new great mod. And i found it very interesting. Your mod really change 3rd century to be more accurately(vexilationes etc.). And I thank you for that. But it wouldn't be me not to find some mistakes - for example some Goths units doesnt have their equipment (shields axes), the division of legions into those with swords and those with spears is interesting, however, in the book Roman Legionnaires from Marcus Aurelius to Dioclecian by Ross Cowan(2003), it is said that legionnaires were still using pillum spears and medium and long-length swords. It will be great if the legio Parthica (the core of the field army) has sword-armed legionnaires.
Gaius Julius Caesar  [author] Aug 9 @ 2:29pm 
Hey yes sorry I am still here, work keeps me busy.

@drapavl its via the comitatenses reform tech for the new legions.

@moriarty I will try to get to the skin fixes as soon as possible.
Moriarty Aug 7 @ 1:42pm 
hello:-) are you still there?;-), there are some minor graphical bugs for example Legio Gemina, I think - some legionaries in a unit have half of their heads despite that some don`t have helmets and as I mentiond below about Catafractarii they are missing their reskin
drapavl Aug 7 @ 12:40pm 
Its very good mod, thank you for making it. But I am wandering what i have to do to unlock units via tech of Empire Divided campaign - 12 legions post Diocletian reforms?
impcaeaug Aug 5 @ 7:50pm 
Could you please make the Bosporan Kingdom a Roman client state, please?
sc5879 Jul 20 @ 12:10am 
Great mod- v/well done with excellent models.All modders involved make this game fresh and worth playing- thank you ALL.
Rider of Tang Jul 17 @ 7:32am 
Can we have 200 and 300 unit sizes like in DEI? That would be great.
Magolwanin Jul 11 @ 3:41am 
Very great mod! I have waited for this for some time as I am a great fan of all the mods that you have done. I have a question thought, do you have other plans for this mod? Expanding units roster or unlocking new factions? I wish you all the best!
Moriarty Jul 9 @ 8:48am 
Hi, some bugs... I have seen that some soldiers from Catafractarii unit don`t have proper reskin I mean they are all grey apart from helmet, and like sombody else stated ealier some soldiers in a single unit from some legions (I don`t remember now which ones) don`t have helmets , anyway great mod, thanks for fantastic work:-)