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PZ Achievements

Adds 50 Achievements to the game.

Achievement trophy button added to bottom right of screen, press it to see the list of Achievements. Double click any from list to see the description of the Achievement.

Things to Note:
These are not linked to steam in any way.
Achievements are linked to your character so dying or starting a new character will reset the Achievements
This was made and tested with the vehicles build

Achievements Added so far are:

You Fired!,Throw a Molotov Cocktail at some zombies,
The Adventure begins,Summon the courage to go outside for the first time and start your journey,
A Grim Realization,Spot 100 zombies at one time,
Kill a Zombie,You battled with a zombie and won,
Kill 100 Zombies,Your getting the hang of these things,
Kill 1000 Zombies!,You no longer fear them,
Kill 10000 Zombies!,You are the master of the dead,
Get Naked,I don't know what it is your trying to do, but good for you.,
Schools out forever,Kill A zombie With a Pencil,
Dinner is served,Kill A zombie With a Fork,
Freshman,Just live through 1 day,
That's a start,Live through 30 days,
Happy new year,Survive 1 whole year of the Apocholypse,
I'm Learning!,Level up any skill to level 1,
Masters Degree,Level up any skill to level 10,
I found You!,Find a Spiffo Doll,
I don't need these things,Find a Rubix Cube, Rubber ducky, Football, Yoyo and a CatToy,
I regret doing that,Shoot a gun,
Chuga Chuga Choo Choo,Visit the Muldrough Train Station,
Where the H*LL am I!?,Find the Isolated Cabin in Dixie,
Church Goer,Visit All 8 Churches on the base game map,
Chirp Chirp?,Catch a Cricket,
Look a Squirrel!,Catch a Squirrel dead or alive!.... preferably dead,
Mushroom Maniac,Find all 7 kinds of mushrooms,
Catfish,Catch a Catfish,
The Bare Necessities,Build a Spiked Bat,
Hell Raiser,Make a Noise Maker,
How did I taste?,Let one of our fine friends just take one little bite...just a little one.,
Liar Liar Pants on Fire,Set your pants on fire...and no do NOT take them off first!,
Just one more,Get yourself, totally, wasted,
Can I Axe you some questions?,Kill 300 zombies with an Axe,
Zombie Hunter,Snipe 100 Zombies with a Hunting Rifle,
In Dire Straits,Be starving and dying of thirst at the same time,
I don't feel so good, You just poisoned yourself pretty good. Will you survive?,
Macho Man, Pick up something very heavy (at least 40 pounds) in both hands and carry it 200 squares distance away,
Would you like a Spiffo with that?, Pay a visit to every Spiffos restaurant on the map,
Safe at last?, Barricade a total of 100 planks onto windows,
Field Medic, Apply a total of 50 bandages to injuries,
R.I.P, Burry a Corpse,
Mmmmm...Chocolate, Eat 25 bars of Chocolate,
Look what I have created!, Start a fire by burning a Corpse (with lighter and gas can),
Book Worm, Read a total of 15 Skill books,
Desperate Times, Eat a Worm,
Blunt Master, Kill 500 zombies with Blunt type weapons,
Blade Master, Kill 500 zombies with Blade type weapons,
Survivalist, Craft a Campfire kit, Tent Kit, Stone Hammer and a Stone Axe
Grand Finale, Drink Bleach...Make sure you have done whatever you need to do before you do this...
Vandal, Smash 100 Windows (with right click menu)
Let there be Light!, Set up and activate a Generator
Returning to the holy land, Bring a Spiffo doll to a Spiffos restaurant (place on floor)

Yes I'd Love to hear Achievement ideas but no promises to whether or not it will be added.



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Banana Aug 26 @ 4:04am 
More achievement plz. Thx
TurtleShroom Jul 21 @ 1:23pm 
I am experiencing a glitch in your Mod in which the Achievement that fires when you start the game ("The Adventure Begins") displays a notification in the upper-right (featuring the Spiffo coon holding a Spiked Plank) refuses to go away. Opening and closing the Achievements Window does not work. Only by quitting the game and reloading does the notification close.
Icy Motto Jul 9 @ 1:58pm 
Are you still gonna update this mod or no? There are some bugs that prevent me from playing without the game breaking. Its a great mod, and adds some goals to the game.
BleedingOptimism Jun 17 @ 6:56pm 
Hi, I was collecting some mods for a new playthrough, and discovered a bug in your mod. I had debug mode on at the time, and figured out what was going on.

You have an AchievementOnWeaponHitCharacter function in your AchievementEvents.lua file. When a pipebomb thrown by the player explodes, your function is, of course, activated.

The problem is that the character passed to your function is a zombie instance, not a player one. This is of course the fault of the devs for setting up the pipebomb like this; however, your function crashes the game after attempting to use the isLocalPlayer method. Zombie instances don't have this method.

A quick fix would be to modify your check like this:
if not (instanceof(wielder, 'IsoPlayer') and wielder:isLocalPlayer()) then return false end

A better fix would be to do the above, but before that check if the weapon is the pipebomb and execute some mastermind code to workaround the wielder problem if it is.

Thrandisher May 6 @ 3:44pm

I get that when trying to move a genorator. Started happeing about a week of updates to super survivor.
Akimbo Swords May 4 @ 10:40am 
Nah, it was one of my first mods I pushed out. This one is more in depth with coding, mines supports splitscreen and controllers, so there's good in both mods.
nolanritchie  [author] May 4 @ 10:15am 
I didnt know that, where is it? is it similar to this?
Akimbo Swords May 4 @ 10:14am 
I was making a friendly joke on how we both have achievement mods now :spiffo:
nolanritchie  [author] May 4 @ 10:09am 
did what first?
Akimbo Swords May 4 @ 10:08am 
I did it first Nolan ;)