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Setup for Mobile devices (Android/iOS)
By pyrofrogstudios
Setup for Android and iOS devices.
DashPanel is also available for Android on Google Play:
DashPanel GooglePlay[play.google.com]
If you wish to access full data on Android devices purchase the full data unlocks within the DashPanel Android application do not buy DLC on steam as that will give you full data on PC only.

DashPanel is also available for iOS on the App Store:
DashPanel App Store
If you wish to access full data on iOS devices purchase the full data unlocks within the DashPanel iOS application do not buy DLC on steam as that will give you full data on PC only.

Get server
The latest version of the server is distributed with the free DashPanel install via Steam.
If you just wish to run the server for Android launch the server located in the Steam install at
Steam does not need to be running for the server to start.

Run the server on your host Windows PC that is connected to the same WIFI network as your mobile device and then connect via your chosen port. The server will automatically detect any compatible games running and transmit data to your chosen dashboard.

Choose the connect mode depending on your situation:
  • Discover - Easy to use mode will discover the server running on the same port as you have
  • Direct - If you have any issues using discover use the direct mode that requires you to input the
    IP Address that the server is running on.
  • AC UDP - Use only to connect directly to the console version of Assetto Corsa.
  • F1 2017-18 UDP - Use only to connect directly to the console version of F1 2017-18.
  • LFS UDP - Use to connect directly to the UDP data from LFS.
On PC always use the server instead of a UDP mode as this will generally give you more data.

The app is set to Auto Connect by default however if you want to connect manually press the connect button.

Ensure the server and your chosen port are not blocked by your firewall. The server will attempt to open the chosen port using UpnP however this is not possible on all routers. If your experience connection issues look for specific instructions for forwarding ports at http://portforward.com/.

Extra steps
Most games require extra steps to share data. See the guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1238904308
Techinical Info
Backup - sharing
See the full guide for backing up and sharing dashboards:

Android USB - Reverse tethering
It is possible to use DashPanel over USB with reverse tethering and Direct connection mode.
There are commercial apps that allow this on non-rooted devices however Google Play may not be able to acess purchase data and DashPanel will run in demo mode only.
Reverse Tethering NoRoot Free[play.google.com]

On rooted devices there are ways to get Google Play to redirect with reverse tethering and in theory you should be able to run DashPanel over USB with in app purchases recognised.

USB via Reverse tethering is unsupported do not ask Pyrofrog Studios for details how to achieve this. Rooting you device voids warranty and can make your device unusable.
Pyrofrog Studios does not recommend you root your device and is not responsible for any damages you cause by rooting your device. This information is provided as guidance for expert users only.
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pyrofrogstudios  [author] Apr 12 @ 6:27pm 
Clearing the Google Play Store cache often solves problems like this.
Please see the FAQ for steps:
Zoltan Furedi Apr 12 @ 11:27am 
Hello! I purchase "SimBin/Sector3 Studios Full Data", but my tablet crashed, so I have to format it.
After this I dowload "Dashpanel" from Googe Play, but this item is not active: if I choose to purchase it again, Google Play say: "I have this item already"
Please help me, what can I do to use full RaceRoom data again, thanks.
pyrofrogstudios  [author] Mar 3 @ 5:27pm 
I will add a detailed guide but overall you can copy the files to the DashPanel folder using iTunes. You can then move files into the RacingDashboards and Import folder using the Files app on the iOS device.
ZeldaACFan17 Mar 3 @ 4:38pm 
How do you install custom dashboards created by the community on an iOS device?
pyrofrogstudios  [author] Mar 1 @ 1:33am 
If the steps in the F.A.Q. don't help email me at pyrofrogstudios@gmail.com.
Yauheni Padunovich Feb 28 @ 11:50pm 
I bought for a phone in Google Play
pyrofrogstudios  [author] Feb 28 @ 4:36pm 
Just to clarify did you buy the full data within the Android app or Steam DLC? Steam DLC is just for running DashPanel on PC platform. If you have purchased by mistake use Steam support to request a refund.

If you have purchased within GooglePlay try the steps in the F.A.Q. to restore your purchase:
Yauheni Padunovich Feb 28 @ 2:31pm 
Hello. I have a problem! I bought the full version of Assetto Corsa, and I do not see the fuel consumption on the phone screen, how much fuel I used, the condition of the tires, the delta, etc. shows what is in the demo mode, I have been struggling with this problem for 3 months.
pyrofrogstudios  [author] May 20, 2018 @ 9:39pm 
I had mistakenly written in the guide that F1 2014 used the udp tag in the xml when in fact it is motion enabled. Can you try it with the new instructions?

Example F1 2013, 2014:
<motion enabled="true" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="3" />
Khash May 19, 2018 @ 12:54pm 

I have downloaded the server, and installed the app on my Android phone (currently running Oreo). I am able to successfully connect to the server, it even shows me that I am in F1 game. I am using Windows 7, F1 2014, and Nexus 5X. It is connected, however it is not working.
I even turned off my firewall completely, added the udp tag in the xml file, still nothing.

Can someone please help me?