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Portal 2

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The Companion Cube Test Series
You have a friend.

Your one and only friend.

No. I'm not referring to GLaDOS.

I'm referring to...


Your Companion Cube!!!

Guide your Companion Cube through a series of tests that GLaDOS has built. (Truth is, she is jealous that you are spending more time with your Companion Cube than her.)

Update: The collection is complete.

Hope you enjoy them =)
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The Companion Cube Test 01 - Friend Escort
Created by Jade Emperor XII
This test chamber is pretty straightforward and easy to complete with the help of your Companion Cube. Escort your Companion Cube all the way to the Exit without losing or killing it.

Failure to escort your Companion Cube to the Exit or having curiousity ...
The Companion Cube Test 02 - A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed
Created by Jade Emperor XII
GLaDOS has captured your Companion Cube and is being transported to a Blue Excursion Funnel-like "Stasis Cell" somewhere in this chamber and only it can help you escape. She has also sealed up the exit, forcing you to pass through various test as it goes d...
The Companion Cube Test 03 - Gels
Created by Jade Emperor XII
Use nothing but Gels. And of course Portals and your best friend the Companion Cube's help as well obviously.

Each chamber will allow you to use each of the Gel's unique usage. Once you completed it, you will be put to the final test using all the Gels.

The Companion Cube Test 04 - FaithPlate
Created by Jade Emperor XII
This chamber involves the use of FaithPlates and Portals. It may look easy but I would advise you to take extra care of your Companion Cube.

Be assured that this chamber is not some rollercoaster chamber. And I'm lazy to design one as well.

Please drop m...
The Companion Cube Test 05 - Light Bridge
Created by Jade Emperor XII
You know what Light Bridge does. So put them to the test. Just don't leave your Companion Cube alone in this map alright?

Designer Note:
If you do not know how to use the Light Bridge, please kill yourself by jumping into the pool of Goo at the bottom. Ok...
The Companion Cube Test 06 - Excursion Funnel
Created by Jade Emperor XII
This chamber introduces the use of Excursion Funnels.

Always stick with your Companion Cube, remain in contact with your Excursion Funnel and have fun! (And don't get too carried away.)

Current Version: 1.2...
The Companion Cube Test 07 - Flip Panel
Created by Jade Emperor XII
You have seen Flip Panels incorporated in most test chambers. Now try completing this test using only Flip Panels and your Companion Cube.

Current Version: 1.1...
The Companion Cube Test 08 - Freedom, or not?
Created by Jade Emperor XII
You and your Companion Cubeare planning to escape. There is an escape elevator in this map but unfortunately GLaDOS has finished putting together the final test also in this map which you and your Cube must pass through.

This is a short and simple Compani...
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