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Enchantment Skill Tree Overhaul
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Jan 4 @ 6:45pm
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Enchantment Skill Tree Overhaul


Enchanting in Skyrim is a lot of fun, always awesome to see what ridiculously powerful weapons you can make. But the skill tree was rather annoying in some regards, and I was never fully happy with it.

I looked for mods that changed it but they all either did too much or too little; They either wildly changed the entire feel of the skill tree or did nothing more than buff the existing skills (often to a ridiculous degree).

I wanted a mod that changed things up, but not in a way that was overpowered or game breaking. So, I made my own.

Skill Changes


The basic enchanting skill has been mildly buffed from 20% to 25%. The skill rank requirements are unchanged. This should make putting all 5 skill points into this a bit more rewarding than before.

Elemental Enchantments

The three elemental enchantment skills in the original tree annoyed me to no end. In fact, they were the main reason I disliked the original tree. I know that in Skyrim the three elements are not equal and shock is supposedly better than frost which is supposedly better than fire, but this never felt like a good enough reason for me to need to spend two skill points I would never use if I wanted to focus on shock skill enchantments.

Thus, in my mod I made them all available at the same time for the same skill requirement (30). Once you have your first point in enchanting you can choose which element you want to prefer. They are no stronger than before.

Insightful and Corpus Enchanter

With the basic enchanting skill granting 25% now and the other route to Extra Effect now being viable, I realized these two skills were going to need pretty significant buffs to justify getting them. Thus, they both provide 50% increased enchanting powers to the respective enchanting types. However, the skill rank requirement for both of them has been increased by 10 (60 and 80 respectively).

Soul Squeezer

This is the odd one of the enchantment skill tree, and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do to it. Even with the buff I provided this skill still feels a bit out of place.

This perk now gives an additional 40% more 'juice' than it did previously. As well, the skill rank requirement was reduced to just 15, meaning that someone who didn't want to invest much in enchanting, but still wanted an easier time recharging their weapons might be interested in this skill.

Soul Siphon

This is the other big change I made, and also the one I spent the most time on. The original 5% on non-human enemies was pitiful, especially considering you needed to spend another point on Soul Squeezer just to get it. However, I quickly found that too big of a buff, or just enabling it on all souls, made it rather overpowered. So, I split it into 2 ranks!

The first rank keeps the same skill rank requirement (40) and soul restrictions, but now grants 20% recharge. This is a significant buff from before, and can even completely negate the need to manually recharge weapons with low hit-to-kill ratios (such as stealth bow kills).

The second rank requires a skill rank of 90, but removes the restriction on which souls are captured. However, the rate at which it recharges drops back down to 5%. This may seem like a downgrade from before, but trust me when I say 5% of a grand soul is a LOT. Of course, if you think this isn't the case, or you expect to not be killing many bandits, you can just ignore the second rank.

New Skill

Elemental Enchantment Mastery

I decided that there needed to be another skill between the elemental enchantment skills and Extra Effect, and I'm quite pleased with what I came up with. Elemental Enchantment Mastery not only serves as its own skill point, but also as a 'second rank' to the three elemental enchantment skills.

EEM requires a skill rank of 70 and at least one of the base element skills. It adds an additional 15% to enchantments of that element, as well as granting a 15% resistance to that element. Additionally, going back and getting one of the other elements will immediately grant you both of these effects for that element. This means going back and getting one or both of the other elements now benefits you even more.

For Example: If you first get Frost Enchanter and then Elemental Enchantment Mastery, your frost element enchantments will be 40% better and you'll have a 15% resistance to frost. Then, getting Fire Enchanter will immediately grant you the 40% buff to fire enchantments, as well as a 15% resistance to fire.

Conflicts and Compatibility

This mod will conflict with any other mod that changes the enchantment skill tree in any way. While it looks like just a rearranging/buffing of old skills, internally it is a complete overhaul.
Avoid other mods that change the Enchantment Skill Tree in any way.

This mod is compatible with any enchantment mods that work with the base enchantment skill tree. The way the perks work is unchanged from base game, just how much they effect them and what order you get them in.

This mod requires no DLC.

Possible Changes

While I'm happy with this mod, there are still some things that I might change based on feedback. If you like the mod but think it could use some tweaking, be sure to let me know!

The number of points in Enchanter.
This mod adds 2 new points to spend on this skill tree. While I would suggest downloading a mod that allows you to get more skill points, an alternative is to reduce the total number of points you can put into Enchanter.

The Availability of Soul Squeezer
I changed how early Soul Squeezer can be gotten so that someone not doing enchanting can still get it easily and benefit from it. I considered making it available even without the first rank in Enchanter, but ultimately decided against it.

The Soul Siphon Percentages
Originally I tried to make the 5% of the second rank be additional to the first rank's 20%, but from what I could tell that was impossible with the mod tools, or at least very difficult. As well, I tried a 25%/10% split, but in my testing it was just too much. I'll admit the amount of testing I did for this was lacking, though, so if enough people think it's not enough, or someone can tell me how to make the 5% be additional, this would be the most likely thing to change.

An Extra Extra Effect
You'll notice that Extra Effect was completely untouched in this mod. I felt that it was perfectly fine for a skill tree capstone as is, and making it give three effects was overpowered. However, I toyed with the idea of giving it a second rank that only unlocks after making your enchanting skill legendary.

Let me know what you think! And have fun enchanting, Dragonborn!
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⚡ It's an Oreo!™ ⚡ Jan 20 @ 11:44am 
Honestly, this is something I've been looking for for a long time.

It's a good mod, rearranges things, reworks a few items here and there.

The problem is, (at least for me) is it's broken.

Not in the sense that the mod doesn't work, but I mean in terms of raw balance.

With all perks and 100 enchanting, I can make items that have like fortify one handed 180% or something.

I literaly had to lower my enchanting to 0, legendary over and over, and take /very/ specific and minimal perks, just to get it so I have something a bit stronger than I did before without it being stupidly overpowered.
TigerishMango Jan 12 @ 1:42pm 
Nice- a much needed overhaul
RustedCutlass717 Jan 7 @ 5:44pm 
Damn good, this. Works wonders with Wintermyst or other Enchantment-adding mods, without forcing you to take elements you aren't focusing on. Feels a little more exclusive, and i like it.
Decker Jan 6 @ 1:10pm 
I just sneezed and farted at the same time