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Simple- Modding, troubleshooting, etc. Mostly for Nexus Mods, and begginers
By Steph
When I was new to modding, the only help sites I'd get would say things like "install less mods, don't use mods, etc". This is all my knowlage on modding, "simple to intermediate" mods. For people with lots of mods, or just a little. Ill try and help. (got my game from a buggy, crashey mess. To actually playable.)
Who I am.
Im a Student, i've been modding skyrim for years now. This guide does not help with, Enbs (although I have an enb replacer guide), adult mods (although they ain't that much different), and not alot about framework or like software mods, Unless it's fins. I just havent had that much, experience with them.
So in this article, i tell you to use MODORGANIZER. Yes MODORGANIZER is a great program, but I have recently found a little problem. MODORGANIZER, atleast for me, does not display, installation menus, Idk how to get around this except, by just using NExus mod manager for downloads and installs and just MODORGANIZER for Sorting and loading the game.
What you 100% need.
Alright, don't worry it won't take that long or destroy your game. You can still have nexus, but if you have a different mod organizer (than the ones I tell you about) you should un-install(btw this is mostly for nexus, but also some steam stuff).
First- (this will work if you already have mods, if you already have games, etc)
  • First, install Loot, Can be downloaded at or just search Loot The Load Order Optimisation Tool. You need this but you won't really use this, run it. If there is an error, check the text file (can be found in the upper right drop down menu, should say something like "text error doc"), and uninstall the errored mod. Sorry but this fixes alot, I only had one mod of my 200, that had an error. LOOT- you load it once and it sorts your mods, this is what MODorganizer uses to sort. It wont work unless loot has been installed.
  • Second, Download MODORGANIZER ( sorry had mod "loader" here for some reason") (Can get ModOrganizer from here nice tutorial video about modding can be found here, It has everything you need.
    I know what you are thinking, just do all this stuff. I didn't wanna at first either. Dont install MODORGANIZER in your porgrams files, and always run as Administrator. Don't Link nexus account with Mod manager, keep NMM, just use MODORGANIZER from now on to organize and load the game. Don't worry about errors, just let it sort, It sorts with a Loot plugin. (if missing and esp for a mod, Which you cand find by scrolling through the bottom feed, or the right plugin side- If you are missing an "esp" for anything, that means files are missing, something the mod requires, an "optional file", or installation error.)
  • Third (you can get the mod here, There's a nexus mod that allows skyrim to use more memory (its also in the stable video from earlier) Install woth Nexus mod manager)
  • NOW TO RUN SKYRIM< OPEN MODORGANIZER< AND MAKE SURE THE UPPER RIGHT DROP DOWN MENU THAT HAS OPTIONS LIKE "SKYRIM, SKSE, TESTNAV, ETC" IS SET TO SKSE (Which you also need, skyrim script extender, is on steam for free) THEN CLICK RUN (steam needs to be open too)
- When Installing a mod, always make sure to click the very left option "yes to all", It means mods use the same files. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS you can try re-installing a core mod, like cbbe or something, and use their files instead (to figure out what is a "core mod" you can, use your brain and guess if it is used by lots of stuff, or you can go to MODORGANIZER and they have a little lightning bolt with a plus or minus, that says and shows howmany files they overwrite, and the more they do the the less core they are, this isn't that reliable tho.
- YOU NEED SKYUI IT"S ONLINE JUST INSTALL (just search on nexus, its like the mos downloaded mod)
###Always remeber to runs FINS for fins mod, only check the boxes you 100% know you have.
For really bad computers
If you have a really bad computer, You can try all those tutorial videos where they mess with the Ini file. Which sometimes work, and sometimes mess stuff up. Or you can....
  • (slyrim settings, you have to launch the game not from MODORGANIZER, edit in the popup menu then close the game and use MODORGANIZER) Settings- all settings low, except textures to medium, no decals, now detail fade. All view slider to the far left, except actors which should be between the left and the middle, and objects which should be bewtween actors and the far left. Set your screen ration to 16;9 12*** to 720 or something along those lines. Skyrim can't run over 16:9 well. The memory mod I talk about should help with crashes and performance MAKE SURe you aren't over clocked or, parked with your cores.
  • Disable the Bethesda Hi rez texture pack that comes with the game. You can also try some of the performance mods on the nexus, I reccomend The SKYRIM PERFORMANCE BOOSTER (its the most popular performance mod as of now, can be found at ), dungeon fog remover, and leaf remover. (they might conflict, make sure to read SKYRIM PERFORMANCE BOOSTER's page about conflicts.
ENB if you can't run ENB's, if your computer can't handle them, etc.
This is a super simple mod, that looks exactly like an ENB but isnt, doesn't effect performance.
It's a well known mod, there are lots of guide (like the previously mentioned optimize video) But the creator doesnt mention some things.
  • Download, the first version of. Definetly not EnB (please excuse my spelling and grammer) not the v3 or v2 or anything. Download as a zip file, extract and take all the files/ folders (there are like two folders and three files) just drag them to your skyrim folder in your steam apps (in programs x 86, steam, steampps, common, skyrim?) Now the mod author says you're good, just run the game. Well you're not, On the page there are "required mods" but it says they're all optional (I figured this out, looking at other people with the same problem, and at the authors pictures, The problem was that the game kept crashing) Well you need the mod "imaginator" download and install through Mod manager. You should be good then.
The tough stuffs.
This is my helpful knowlage, to fix crashes, performance, etc.
  • If your game is super bad, crashes all the time, tried all the fixes, or if you're just scared of crashes. SAVE OFTEN, no quick saves. DON'T drop items, esspecially not mod items, put them in something. DO NOT try beta mods, or mods with 100 requirments or compatability issues, or not alot of upvotes. ALWAYS Check the requirments , and compatability. (if you use racemnu or Enhanced char edit, please check my guide)
  • Mods are tricky. IF IT's a super large mod, or you don't really want it, not that useful, then un-install or don't download, just don't. PERFORMANCE issues and you have like a grass mod or flowers or something, prolly not a good idea. WHEN you download a mod of any type, you should start a new save, if you wanna play a existing char, make a new game, load the char, and leave your game to sit a little, maybe like 30 min or less, then wait ingame for a fewdays (not actual days, like use the wait function)
  • Bethesda, made certain parts of the game, more optomized than others. The "strange shack" i think it's called Pinewatch? that area, the bear cave near there, the place where you get lake view manor, are very unstable, even on xbos, playstation, etc. The area arounf falkreath, falkreath, and falkreath hold, are also unstable.
  • WORK you could go into mod organizer, re arrange until files don't overwrite as much, or make sure the most important mods are loaded first and overwrite what they need.
    - Clear tempfiles
    - Run Fins
    - If your game bugs out, and gives you a bunch of warnings on startup, re install SKSE, run FINS. AND ALWAYS Run through MODORGANIZER with SKSE installed.
Random tip - Set task manager to "always on top" for if skyrim crashes.
MOD THAT HELPS - Continue game no crash.
You don't ever have to go in and turn mods on and off if you follow this advice.
and if you're missing some mod menus, there are commands online for, reloading the menus.
YOU ONLY NEED THE ONE RACE MENU MOD. all the mods that say you need, "enchanced character edit, racemenu and all its plugins" You don't ! the new racemenu mod, has all of those already. My game was super unstable, crashed all the time. Just racemenu, body sliders is ok tho.
Feedback and such.
So There are prolly some things I missed. Please excuse my grammer and spelling, yes I Know. I just created this in like 30 min Idk. All this stuff is what made my game go from, an unplayable, crashing 24/7 randomly, buggy mess. To a nver crashing smooth game. If you have any feedback, things to add, advice. I'd gladly hear it, and credit the respective people. thx. (Warning, this is just what worked for me, it should not at all, ruin your games or save. If it does however, not my fault, all of these steps and mods, is how I made my game actually run)
Commands-and better performance with commands and settings.
The command TEOFIS (not case sensitive) Will disable all extra effects and blurs. Also might try not putting all the sliders, Such as grass, actor, object fade, etc. Try putting the slightly left from the middle. So your computer can load more - Just a tip.
Special thanks too
Special thanks to Steamusers CrashSlayer, and Djedi ShadowSlyr0. For telling me very nicely, to correct and clarify my♥♥♥♥♥♥XD. Also to Zaric Zhakaron the youtuber that made the tutorial video I linked.

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Djedi ShadowSlyr0 Apr 7 @ 4:29pm 
Interesting, I'll have to start using that. I figured there was a shortcut for that, but it's so quick already I never get around to looking it up.

I used to have an IT and marketing/branding business. Now I've expanded into a business and personal development organization using the business services to fund it.
Steph  [author] Apr 4 @ 9:54pm 
Not insulting or anything. Yeah ctrl-alt-del is good but shift-etc, opens up just task manager without opening the menu. Also programs ontop should always be at the top of the list, so it should open over crashed skyrim. That's super cool, what you do in your line of work? I'm just an art student XD I have to teach myself all the tech stuff.
Djedi ShadowSlyr0 Apr 4 @ 9:01pm 
I've never heard that shortcut, but I know Ctrl+Alt+Delete works. That's what most of us have been using for decades, and I am a professional computer tech of 20+years.
Steph  [author] Mar 16 @ 11:35pm 
ctrl+shift+esc - (ig there is a window with like nothing then click arrow at the bottom, if you don't see end task at the bottom right or all the yellow bars moving) - click options in the top left - click "always on top". Now when skyrim crashes, 85 % of the time, when you hit - ctrl+shift+Esc the task manager will pop up and you can end skyrim.exe and relaunch. But doesn't work if like slyrim freezes, or crashes, ur like whole comp. Then you might have to wait a bit, but it will pop up.
Djedi ShadowSlyr0 Jan 24 @ 11:09pm 
That's been such a big pain in my ass, I was seriously considering going back to Win7
Djedi ShadowSlyr0 Jan 24 @ 11:08pm 
Never mind, found it LOL Thanks! That's one of the best tips I've ever gotten!
Djedi ShadowSlyr0 Jan 24 @ 11:07pm 
How do you "Set task manager to always on top"? I've needed to know that for when lots of games glitch and lock up, in Windows 10. In Win7, there were commands to easily log out and log back in to solve the problem, but that doesn't easily work with Win10.
Steph  [author] Jan 24 @ 2:42pm 
Thank you so much. Yeah sorry as I said, iI kinda just threw it together. I think I updated eveything. This was just a guide for info that I found myself, and didn't get from videos. Thank you for reading tho, and for how honest you are : ).
Djedi ShadowSlyr0 Jan 18 @ 6:36pm 
You didn't give any specifics to go on to find it, you just said you couldn't remember the name. I haven't looked at your list since. Between the other post and a youtuber I've been following I've got things pretty well sorted.

I'll probably look through both your posts later for more information and mods to play with, but right now I've spent too much time modding and am getting back into playing.

As for your last comment: yours isn't trash, it just was missing key specifics I needed to get started more safely. You obviously put a lot of time and thought into this, as you've got things nicely organized into sections and have a lot of information, and I respect that. It just didn't have what I needed.
Steph  [author] Jan 18 @ 6:29pm 
AH you couldn't find the enb? Not being rude but, All this stuff was easy for me to find. Thank you for the feedback, and if that thread hass all the stuff I talk about and more. I'd look at that instead of my trash XD