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Tower Wars

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Tower Wars Strategies: Become Pro Fast!
By Volcaine
This guide explains everything you need to know to be competitive in multiplayer games. Without a solid strategy and grasp of the fundamentals, new players can often get easily frustrated with this game.
Tower Wars Strategies
On the original idea and initiative of Red Panda (aka Volcaine) on behalf of the [PA] 'Party Animals' group.
There is a whole lot of material out there to help new players to learn how to play this game. All you can really see on the forums are reference material type guides and guides that teach you the very basics. These are useful, and they helped many new players. When you start playing; however, there is a lot more that can be learned on a strategy view point. With this guide we believe you can turn the experience around and start winning your first games with less effort and make it more rewarding.

It can be pretty frustrating to new players if they have not yet developed their own strategy/build. We hope by doing this, new players will have easy access to a good strategy they can use, and the overall skill level of players in this game will increase as well. Furthermore, if you wish to critique the strategy guide or post your own for others to critique, we would be very thankful, and it would be a great help to the community to discuss such things.
Update Log
- Changed the Overview section a bit.
- Added the Update Log.
- Added the end of the guide (text got cut off before).
- Changed parts of the guide due to QoOQ's suggestions, after I tested them thoroughly.
- Changed "Pretzel" to "Knight" as that is the more common slang for this unit, and I don't
want to cause any confusion.
- Fixed some grammar and spelling.

- Changed the Overview section.
- Fixed some grammar and spelling.
- Guide will now be maintained by Volcaine and the [PA] group.
- Changed steps 1-3 of the 1v1 Strategy guide some.
- Added suggestions from QoOQ, Diddep, and Chihuahua.
- Added a useful links section.

- No more additions to the guide will appear.
- This guide is solely for the purpose of reference for anyone who needs it.

- Fixed some typos.

Useful Links
A few basic guides from Voyle for reference:
[Guide] Towers and Defense
[Guide] Units and Upgrades
1v1 Strategy
1. First send 175-225 gold worth of Moopsys when the timer reaches 0. The amount of Moopsys I send depends on the map as some have longer travel distances than others. If the travel distance is shorter, you will need more money for towers to stop your opponent's initial wave of Moopsys. If the travel distance is longer(Warcicle Map), you can spend more money on your initial wave since you have more time to prepare for your opponents wave of Moopsys. One thing to note is that stopping your opponents wave is a must. At this stage of the game, Moopsy only has health, so use arrow towers ONLY. Arrow towers do the most damage against health. You will get a huge advantage if you can get more battlepoints than your opponent here.

2. Invest in maxing out your mines to 6/6 until you run out of BP. You will need to be gaining gold much faster to be able to sustain sending a full wave of Moopsy out when the timer reaches 0 every time.

3. For your second wave, send the maximum number of Moopsys you can (450 gold worth). You do not want to send smaller waves here because a larger wave will last longer and get you much more BP than splitting the same wave into 2. You want to upgrade your Moopsy to 1/3 as soon as you get 50 BP from this wave. You will be surprised how much farther your waves can get by just upgrading 1 point in Moopsy. This upgrade quickly pays for itself and more, and if you don't do it, your opponent can shut you out fairly quickly and keep you getting hardly any BP at all. If you get excess BP (which you should), continue investing in mines. Keep working on upgrading your three lvl 1 mines to 6/6 miners ASAP though.

Other Suggestions:
“After wave should indeed upgrade your moopsey to level 1 [ On the 'Airmageardon" map it is not needed sometimes ]” - QoOQ
"Upgrading to moops lvl 2 may not be necessary to return BP on investment. " QoOQ
"Upgrading to moops lvl 2 may be a good idea on the ice map (warcicle)" [PA] Diddep
"On Some maps it may be a good idea to send shorter waves especially if you manage to get Moops lvl 1 sooner (airmagearddon and Battle Bluff)" [PA] El Chihuahua

4. Usually from now on, you will have enough money to sustain sending full waves of Moopsy as soon as you can. Once you have all your mines at 6/6, aim for unlocking "Sir Robert von Pretzel", otherwise known as Knights. If your opponent is any good, he will be getting Knights around the same time as you. As soon as you see his wave of Knights build a few cannons. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a whole lot of cannons to defend against Knights as one hit pretty much gets rid of their entire armour bar. I try to put a few spaces inbetween my cannons so they don't hit the same unit. If you see your opponent using Zoombots, stop EVERYTHING immediately and build as many cannons behind your arrow towers as possible. Zoombots get completely destroyed by cannons as they are mostly armour. It's important you do this though, because if you don't, the Zoombots will rush right past your silly arrow towers and your opponent will get a huge ammount of BP.

5. Next you want to upgrade your Knights to 3/3 ASAP. Doing so will help your Knights get very far into your opponent's territory and get you a lot of BP. Also, start working on slowly upgrading your mines every once in a while. Inbetween waves, I tend to upgrade 1 mine. If I have a lvl 2 mine though, I will put 2 points into it inbetween waves as you can usually still get full waves of Knights off in time (especially once you have a fair ammount of them upgraded). If you think you can still get your wave off in time once you have a lot of points into level 2 mines, you could put 3 or 4 points into them instead to speed up the process.

6. Next you want to start focusing on spending your battlepoints on upgrades that will help you gain more BP per wave. I tend to put 1 point in the run, 1 in the little briefcase thing (srry, I never looked at the names xD), and then 3 in the money thing (the one that gives you more BP). Then I try to invest the upgrade that gives you additional units at the end of your wave (usually Moopsy). Once I got this upgrade at 3/3, I sometimes decide to fully upgrade my Moopsy as well, although you really don't need to, it is just pretty cheap. Also, you will want to upgrade the ammount of units you can send per wave, and decrease the cooldown between waves you send. The rest of the upgrades are fairly situational. For example, if your opponent has absolute no teslas, getting the shield upgrade will help a lot. Similarly, if you see your opponent has upgraded shields, build 1-3 teslas right away at the front of your defense as that is all you'll need to stop 1 shield. It is important you keep upgrading though, even if you don't know what you should upgrade, since it will help your waves get farther and possibly to your opponent's base. I'd recommend following QoOq's recommendations below as I pretty much more or less follow this now.

Other Suggestions:
“I do lose games I am sure this is not perfect, but I upgrade like this:
-level 3 knights

Then, [when I don't leak units my opponent is sending] I start upgrading my mines to level 2.
ones they are all full:

-additional forces
-shielders [ when needed ]

After every wave I follow this path as a guideline for my upgrades...
But when I dont have enough BP [ for excample ] level 3 Biggerbarracks. I use the BP I have left for the Speed/ health or additional forces upgrades I can afford at that time.
I also upgrade 1 upgrade in weak shield when I dont see lightning towers yet [no more then level 1 though]

When I got my boris and pepto [ sometimes also shielders]
-I fill up all health upgrades,
-then armor
-then rest of shield upgrades.

[BTW....when you go zoombots focus on armor instead of health upgrades]” - QoOQ

7. Once I have all my mines at lvl 2 and 6/6, I try to unlock and fully upgrade Peptos right away. These units release a healing aura when they die, which will help your waves get much farther. Once I have Peptos, I usually alternate my waves. I'll send a wave of Peptos, then a wave of Knights. If you get some Peptos and Knights in their base, it is pretty much already GG, and I usually win games at this stage because not many players have a solid strategy. Continue investing in upgrades for your units though so they can get farther and you can get more units in their base.

8. The rest of the game is pretty much about keeping your defense strong and slowly chipping away at your opponent's base. Also, you should work on getting Stanley Clankerbottoms when you can as they will completely roll through your opponents defenses and go straight to his base unless they have invested some serious money on their defense. Even if they have, you will often be nearly fully upgraded at this point and they won't be able to stop Stanley anyways. In close games, it is often important to prepare for Stanleys because you do not want one wave of your opponents Stanleys taking out your base in 30 seconds flat when you had your opponent down to 10% HP.
That's pretty much the general layout of my current strategy for tower wars, as my games never get past the Stanley phase. From here on out, your gameplay will mostly improve just from experience in game. Of course, there's a lot of little tips and tricks to this game (such as juggling, which is controversial). I'll try to edit a "Tips" section at the end of this guide to include such things as I think of them. Also, as I said before, feel free to critique my strategy or post your own. I hope you all will have as much success as I have with this strategy in your own games, except in games against me of course ^^. Cheers.
QoOQ - Gave me some excellent tips which helped improve this guide tremendously.
Chihuahua - Gave some advice and helped edit the guide.
Diddep - Gave a tip about the Warcicle map.
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Bonder Oct 6, 2015 @ 10:03am 
Helpful guide, to be honest really all it shows is how limited this game is in terms of strategy... the whole early bp battle = the entire battle, and if you don't follow it to the letter, it's over before it starts. Not the mark of a good strategy game.
TheDerf010 May 27, 2015 @ 6:05am 
The way I play people is I starve their battle points, I force them to build defense and hog the Battle points so I get strong enemies (Maybe stanleys) and they are stuck on the knights.
Liarra Sniffles [Music] Feb 14, 2015 @ 9:06pm 
I will read this, as I have no idea how to play and the tutorial is broken (the first grunt the other team sends never makes it to my base, so the tutorial doesn't continue).
larry459714 Sep 4, 2014 @ 1:12pm 
what good does all these instructions etc. do when it is clear that the game is rigged. during the game almost everytime I start to get ahead of the automated mechanical player, sudden like magic it has all these resources to pull from. BS Why create a game that simply flat out cheats
Ar-Pharazon Jul 30, 2014 @ 12:03pm 
Please note that the suggested opening send in this guide was written when every game started with 200 gold, 0 BP. A recent update changed the multiplayer game start, so that you will likely get more resources than that. Please take this change under advisement as you read the "1v1 Strategy" section above.
umop3p!sdn Jul 5, 2014 @ 3:38pm 
nice tower game, im gonna do some more trying and dieing..
TheDarkLived Jun 20, 2014 @ 4:43pm 
Thanks, very helpful!
cfomaxrd May 4, 2014 @ 5:58am 
Thank you!
_Murphy_ Jan 11, 2014 @ 1:38pm 
Very helpful. Should help define how I play early in the game.
33seconds Jan 3, 2014 @ 1:05pm