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What to Plant: Season by Season
By Dekker
This guide will teach you what to plant season by season, based on your goal: speed, price, and worth.
Hello, welcome to my guide for planting! Here i have compiled all the prices and costs and total season value for the best crops to plant for their price, worth, and speed. [The amounts in this guide are based off the assumption you planted this crop the maximum times, ex. 1 Parsnip can be planted 6 times total over 24 days. In addition, when i refer to maximum value on multiple harvest crops, it is only assumed you got an extra 1 item for every harvest.]

    • Wealth Crops

      Wealth crops are slow to grow and expensive, but earn you the most in the long run.

    • Cheap Crops

      Cheap crops won't cost you much, but they give you little. Not suggested past year 1 for spring.

    • Speed Crops

      Speed crops will grow fast, and give you your hard earned g faster, though not always the best, some can be incredibly worthwhile.
    Topics not Covered
    • Modifiers (ex. Speed-Gro)
      I do not cover these simply because they add too many vairables. Just apply them to the crops you wish to plant. This also includes most fermentation, as you can quickly add up the amount yourself: When put in preserves; [2 * Crop + 50] For juice: [2.25 * Vegtable] For wine: [3 * Fruit]. Specific fermented items such as mead, will be put in when needed.

    • Trees, Ancient Fruit, Sweet Gem Berry
      I do not tend to plant any of these, (excluding trees) and I believe there are more worthwhile things to plant, however ancient fruit are great for fermentation, provided they are grown in the greenhouse with speed modifiers.

    • Animals, Foraging
      I do not cover these in this guide for obvious reasons, as they are not purely farmable objects. (I suggest just foraging everything.)

I hope this guide prooves useful to you!
As Spring is the first season you start in, I consider it to be a very important season. For starters, i suggest going a cheap route this spring, and perhaps a wealth route next seasons.

Year 1
    Wealth Crops
    • Cauliflower
      Though only able to produce 2 per season, these plants with earn you 190g per crop. Note if these crops are planted in a 3x3 area, they have a chance to form a giant crop, yielding you up to 3 times the cauliflower.

    • Green Beans
      Though green beans can earn you more than cauliflower, they can also earn a lot less. they will
      earn you 100g total, but you will also gain an additional 40g for every extra you obtain, bringing you to a maximum of 340g.

    • Potatoes
      If you're feeling more lucky than jsut going for green beans, then go potatoes. They will earn you at least 120g, and up to a maximum of 360g.

    Cheap Crops
    • Garlic
      Not only is garlic cheap, but it's fast, and produces a nice sum of cash. these tasty plants will earn you 120g.

    • Parsnip
      The cheapest of all plants, but almsot one of the most worthless. they will earn you a total of 90g.
    Speed Crops
    • Garlic
      As previously mentioned, garlic is fast, relativly cheap, and produces a moderate sum. They take 4 days to grow. and will give you 120g.

    • Green Beans
      Though green beans take 10 days to grow, they produce fruit every 3 days, granting you 6 harvest. They wil earn you a maximum* of 340g.

      *Check Green Beans in Wealth Crops for additional information.
Year 2
    In year 2 there are some slight modifications. If you wish to plant, make sure you obtain the seeds before Spring starts for maximum yield.
    Wealth Crops
      These modifications are in addition to year 1.
    • Rhubarb
      Rhubarb is an incredibly expensive crop (100g) obtained at the Oasis. though it maybe be expensive, it earns you more than cauliflower, at 240g. If you lack the ability to travel to the Oasis, cauliflower is a viable replacement for rhubarb. Also keep in mind the cost to travel here, which is 500g.

    • Strawberries
      Strawberries can be obtained at the Egg Festival, which is why they have been placed in Year 2, otherwise they are not as great. These will earn you 100g, but will earn you 120g for every extra earning you a maximum of 700g, easily being one of the best crops in the game.

    • Coffee Beans
      Coffee beans are aquired through the Traveling Cart* and Dust Sprites. They produce 4 beans, and sell for a total of 420, though making them into coffee will double their worth.

      *Never buy from traveling cart, unless found for 150g or less, they can cost up to 2500g there!
Summer's crops are mostly on the expensive side, which in turn makes them some of the most valuable. Make sure to rack up some cash in spring so you can go all out in summer!

Year 1
    Wealth Crops
    • Red Cabbage
      Red cabbage is one of the best crops in summer, being worth 1.5x the worth of melons at 480g.

    • Blueberries
      Blueberries are even better than red cabbage, producing 3 fruits per harvest earning a total of 520g.

    • Hot Peppers
      Hot peppers produce fast, are the cheapest summer crop (next to wheat), and can give you a huge profit up to 620g.
    Cheap Crops
    • Hot peppers
      As previously mentioned, hot pepper crops are one of the best summer crops. At the price of 40g per seed, these plants produce up to 620g.

    • Radishes
      Radish are a fairly cheap, but somewhat slow crop. They cost 40g, and will earn you 200g.

    • Tomatos
      A benefit of these multiple harvest crops is their sell price is over their seed price. They will cost you 50g per seed, and earn you up to 550g.
    Speed Crops
    • Hops
      These magnificent plants will take awhile to grow, but will then produce everyday for a total of 17 harvests. They will earn you 365g on their own, but if turned into pale ale, they will earn you a whopping 5040g!

    • Hot Peppers
      Hot peppers will produce 8 times, earning you up to 620g.*

      * for additional information check Wealth Crops and Cheap Crops.

Year 2
    Wealth Crops
    These crops are in addition to those previously listed.
    • Starfruit
      Though starfruit has a monstrous price of 400g, it more than pays for itself by earning you 700g!

As Fall is right before Winter, the season of dead crops, I believe it is the most important, as you gotta rack up some extra cash to make it through the Winter. Unless you have animals of course.

Year 1
    Wealth Crops
    • Cranberry
      Though the price is high, the payout is big. these seeds may cost 240g, but they earn you 510g, being the best normal fall crop. They will produce 2 fruits per gather at the price of 75g per.

    • Pumpkin
      Like cauliflower and melon, pumpkin is an expensive crop that earns you good money, and has the potential to form a big crop when planted 3x3 and as much as triple your yield. Pumpkins will earn you 440g under normal circumstances.
    Cheap Crops
    • Eggplant
      For such a cheap price (20g), eggplants will earn you 280g.

    • Beets
      Though these are obtained at the oasis, it's certainly possible to obtain them in year 1. They cost 20g, and will earn you 320g. Grow these instead of eggplants if obtained.
    Speed Crops
    Unfortunatly for Fall, there arent many "speed" crops, and those that are aren't any good. Regardless, here is a list of semi-speed crops.
    • Cranberry
      Though pricey as previously mentioned, these plants will produce twice 5 times in a season, earning you 510g.

    • Grapes
      Grapes can also foraged and grown, but you'll definetly get a larger quantity when growing them. These will grow 6 times, earning you 420g.

Year 2
    Cheap Crops
      Year 2 excludes eggplants, and includes beets.
    • Artichoke
      Artichokes are slow but cheap, costing you very little at 30g per seed, and earning you a good 390g.
As you see there are many crops to choose from each season, though all are mostly the same in their category. I provided you with multiples for decoration and choice, although most do have differing stats, such as 10g or so.

I do hope you enjoyed this guide and found it to be useful, (took me quite a long time!) If you have any suggestions, noticed any mistakes, or simply just want to say something nice, pleas do leave a comment! I hope you guys have a great rest of the day, and enjoy some Stardew Valley, earning the most possible thanks to this guide!
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Dekker  [author] Feb 22 @ 8:58pm 
or maybe ill do a full on money making guide, delving into modifiers special crops, and all that good stuff. recently on a file with 2.5m total earnings, so i think i got a better handling on that than previously
Dekker  [author] Feb 22 @ 8:57pm 
hmmm i might do a fermentation segment :tabbycat:
Dekker  [author] Jan 15 @ 11:44pm 
Though that is true, planting blueberries and then cranberries would be much more profitable. They each last their entire season, and corn doesn't give much profit. However if youre looking for a plant to ignore for 2 seasons, corn works
Mastertheft Jan 15 @ 8:52am 
corn can last though 2 seasons, Summer and Fall which to me is a profitable way of making money
Danodan Jan 11 @ 12:55pm 
Gotcha, thanks.
Dekker  [author] Jan 10 @ 3:14pm 
Overall, wheats only benefit is it costs 10g
Dekker  [author] Jan 10 @ 3:12pm 
Wheat is mostly garbage, though it can make beer. The profit from it will only be about 2000g if turned into beer, making it less than half as good as hops. It's worth without fermentation is only 90, making it not worth it for the space needed to even make a profit.
Danodan Jan 10 @ 2:05am 
What about wheat, does it have any potential?
I imagine not, but hey it could be good for something, right?
Dekker  [author] Jan 7 @ 8:29pm 
Not over blueberriers, even if planted through summer and fall the profit per day is only 7.41g