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Powerful Heroes
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Jan 3, 2018 @ 7:34pm
Jun 3, 2018 @ 4:31am
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Powerful Heroes

Things that will change
- All the base heroes (but not the dlc ones), giving base status (even Prot, that isn't a default status that grows), aditional range, additional effects to skills or even more. Around 90%+ of skills are way more powerfull.
- The game will turn way easier, but not completly dumb mode. Green maps are now realy easy, orange maps are normal, red maps can be difficult, but not that hard.

Mod compatibility
- I use Inventory Expansion and Inventory Expansion MOAR trinkets, just to turn the game experience more customizable / fun / easy.
- Maybe the mod will not work for people that dont have the DLCs.

If you have any suggestion, please, leave on comments, i would realy like to keep developing this mod (im chaning just a few files that are realy easy to edit, so, isn't that hard to update the mod).

1.0 Just he default powerfull heroes without the DLCs
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Eddy  [author] Sep 17 @ 11:14pm 
Probally not yet =|
Matt DayMan Sep 17 @ 7:16pm 
Does this finally work now?
dont work
cachorro cãomunista Jun 29 @ 7:19am 
i can't play with this mod, it keeps crashing my game
♣ ternera con fritas ♣ May 21 @ 5:17pm 
this mod makes me to cannot buy anything but food
frostmort Apr 2 @ 4:12pm 
Why do i keep getting errors from this mod?
Klabautermann Mar 31 @ 7:42am 
@Crow I think it needs to be updated.
Crow.T.Robot Mar 25 @ 9:50pm 
Am i installing this Incorrectly?

I keep getting Errors and it crashes my game.
Rikika Mar 20 @ 12:30pm 
I might have to retract a prior statement, on the higher levels some heroes are outright busted (shieldbreaker and crusader are those I know so far). I guess it just felt balanced because I usually had parties of both default heroes and modded heroes who had no buffs. Still fun though. I learned a lot looking through your mod.
Rikika Mar 10 @ 12:43pm 
I really like this mod, because it makes your heroes strong, but not "push button to win" strong.
I got a little curious why it did not fully work and tried messing around with the files a little to see if I could find anything.
I got the Leper to work after I manually installed the mod, so I checked the modfiles.txt and could not find him mentioned in the paths there. I think that is why he is not working.
I also compared your shieldbreaker files with another mod editing that hero and after rearranging the files to match that mod, it also worked.
First move shieldbreaker.effects.darkest into the powerful heroes/effects folder and then move shieldbreaker.info.darkest into powerful heroes/heroes/shieldbreaker.
I also opened shieldbreaker.info.darkest and edited in: crit: .effects "on_crit_prot" on the second line which was missing.