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Coilguns for War of the Chosen
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Coilguns for War of the Chosen

Coil Guns in War of the Chosen

What is it?
This mod ports the coil guns from Long War 2 by Pavonis Interactive into War of the Chosen.

How good are the guns?
You decide! The guns' stats are fully customizable through XComWotC_CoilGuns.ini

The way I balanced the guns, they are almost identical to Laser Tier Guns (about half way between Magnetic and Plasma).

If you would prefer to use the stats Pavonis used in Long War 2, included those values in the ini. Just be warned that those values make the guns really powerful, as in a tier above plasma guns powerful.

How do I get the guns?
First complete the Coilguns and Advanced Coilguns research projects in the Lab.

Coilguns Research Project gets you Rifles, SMG's, and Pistols.
Prerequisites are Elerium Tech and Gauss Weapons.

Advanced Coilguns Research Project gets you Shotguns, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles.
Prerequisite is Coilguns.

(No other research projects require Coilguns or Advanced Coilguns)

Then you have to build the weapons over in Engineering.
Costs are fully costomizable in the ini.
Default costs are roughly the same as plasma weapons.

Mod Requirements
War of the Chosen (duh)
Long War SMG Pack - WotC (unofficial) - You might be able to run it without this mod, but I make no promises.

As far as I know, should play nice with just about everything. It's working fine for me with the Laser Pack.

What's next for this mod?
Nothing. I consider this mod done. It's got all the features I intend to include and I'm not encountering any bug's I can't blame on Firaxis.

The way things are, there isn't much point to these guns (or to the Laser Guns, for that matter) beyond looking pretty. I'm thinking about rebalancing the guns (all of them, not just Coil) somewhat to change that, but that's a matter for a separate mod. - That separate mod is now out. You can find it here. It makes this one redundant.

Credit where Credit is due:
Pavonis[www.pavonisinteractive.com] made these guns, not me. They look awesome and that is because those guys spent a lot of time and effort making them look that good.

Permissions and Stuff
All the cool stuff in this mod is Pavonis's. They've given blanket permission to use their material in other mods, so no need to ask me for permission. The people who actually matter have already said yes.

For anyone who want my permission anyways, you have it. Feel free to make use of my mod, code, etc. in any way you want.

A Basic Tutorial to Editing X-Com 2 .ini Files
Warning: Screwing with random XCOM .ini files you don't understand can screw up your game to the point of having to reinstall. Screwing with random non-XCOM .ini files you don't understand can turn your entire computer into a giant cluserf*ck.

Scared? Don't be. Stick with me and you've got nothing to worry about.
Follow these steps:

1. Find the .ini file you want to edit:
Go to: [Steam Directory]\SteamApps\workshop\content\268500\[Mod ID number]\Config
*To find the Mod ID number, go to the mod's steamworkshop page in a web browser and find the number after "id=" in the url. This mod is 1253939617, so the directory you want is
[Steam Directory]\SteamApps\workshop\content\268500\125393617\Config

There should be a file named XCom[Name of the Mod].ini, for this mod it is "XComWotC_CoilGuns.ini". For those of you on windows, the icon is a white page with a gear and the type is listed as 'Configuration Settings'.

2. Open the .ini:
You can do this with any text editor, but some are a LOT better than others.
Don't use Notepad. It will take out all the like breaks and give you a huge headache. Just don't do it.
Wordpad or Word are okay.
Notepad++ or any other text editor made of coding is great. Several of them will do things like automatic syntax highlighting. If you don't know what this is, it's awesome and you want it.

3. Make the changes you want:
Most mod authors that want you to be able to make changes will make it pretty obvious how to make changes. For instance if you want to increase the Coil SMG damage by 3 and give it 2 points of Armor Shredding, change

SMG_COIL_BASEDAMAGE =(Damage=6, Spread=1, PlusOne=0, Crit=3, Pierce=1, Shred=0, Tag="", DamageType="Projectile_MagXCom")


SMG_COIL_BASEDAMAGE =(Damage=9, Spread=1, PlusOne=0, Crit=3, Pierce=1, Shred=2, Tag="", DamageType="Projectile_MagXCom")

4. Save and close the file

5. Start up XCOM 2 and enjoy your changes.

Two last pieces of advice:

1. If you screw up the ini and don't know how to fix it and don't have a back up, unsubscribe from the mod and then resubscribe. It will redownload the original file.

2. Every time a mod gets updated, Steam will replace your edited .ini file with a copy of the unedited original. If there are changes you don't want to lose, make a backup copy in a different location so it is easier to reapply your changes after the update.
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Is there a way to switch coilguns and plasma guns in the tech tree and their stats in War of The Chosen. I really like the look of the weapons compared to the vanilla plasma weapons.
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I'm NOT using long war 2 however this mod states in two places that long war 2 is required.
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This mod ports Coilguns from LW 2. If you're running LW 2 then you don't need this mod.
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