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SCP-1025 Entity | Encyclopedia of Diseases
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Jan 1, 2018 @ 1:28pm
Jul 25, 2018 @ 4:49pm
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SCP-1025 Entity | Encyclopedia of Diseases

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For my first "serious" project for GMOD I decided to go with one of my favorite SCPs => SCP-1025. You can find this entity under Entities/SCPs.

Interesting fact: the real SCP-1025 doesn't actually inflict diseases, rather it makes others become paranoid about each other.

Also, you can use my SCP-714 addon to safely read this book!

Anyway, this entity can inflict up to 8 diseases. Yes, you heard me right, EIGHT! (that's kinda low actually)
- Cardiac arrest: kills you after some time
- Lung cancer: makes you unable to run
- Appendicitis: makes your jumps smaller
- Asthma: temporary version of both lung cancer and appendicitis
- Blindness
- Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (or Stoneman disease): freezes the player
- Spontaneous combustion: kills you with fire!
- Regenerative cancer: not a real disease, but heals you for some time then kills you
With the exception of asthma, the only way to get rid of those diseases is to die. (for now)

There are no client-side convars.
Server-side convars:
- scp1025_cardiac 0-1 => enable/disable cardiac arrests
- scp1025_lungcancer 0-1 => enable/disable lung cancer
- scp1025_appendicitis 0-1 => enable/disable appendicitis
- scp1025_asthma 0-1 => enable/disable asthma
- scp1025_asthma_min <duration> => asthma minimum duration (seconds, 120 by default)
- scp1025_asthma_max <duration> => asthma maximum duration (seconds, 600 by default)
- scp1025_blindness 0-1 => enable/disable blindness
- scp1025_fop 0-1 => enable/disable Stoneman disease
- scp1025_combustion 0-1 => enable/disable spontaneous combustion
- scp1025_regencancer 0-1 => enable/disable regenerative cancer
- scp1025_regen_min <duration> => regen minimum duration (seconds, 900 by default)
- scp1025_regen_max <duration> => regen maximum duration (seconds, 1800 by default)
- scp1025_regen_amount <number> => how much health you receive every second (4 by default)
- scp1025_regen_maxhealth <number> => maximum health (100 by default)
- scp1025_regen_left <duration> => duration between the moment regeneration stops and the moment you die (seconds, 60 by default)

For gamemode creators:
You can set whether or not a player can use this entity using the network var 1025CantUse. (boolean)
Example: ply:SetNWBool("1025CantUse", true) => the player represented by "ply" can't read the book
Set to false by default.
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