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Chernarus Police Mod
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Jan 1 @ 9:51am
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Chernarus Police Mod

The Chernarus police mod adds in a beliviable police force for the iconic Arma 2 terrain Chernarus.

In the mod Currently there are different types of the police force for Chernarus:
- Regular police officers
- Riot officers
- Air wing
- Marine unit (divers)
- Drug enforcement unit
- Counter terror unit

This mod requires the CUP weapons, vehicles and units mods to run properly otherwise items will be missing since everything used from this mod is from the CUP mods.

Future plans:
- Flesh out some of the more smaller units in the force such as the marine and air units
- Add in reasonable suggestions from suggestions thread

The riot officers might seem a bit buggy with their riot sheild when placed in the editor but I assure you it works just fine and it will look like the screenshot when they switch to their primary wepon (the shield)

I've also made another mod which tries to re-create some American police forces, check it out here:
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VRGG Str8aight Nov 11 @ 1:47am 
*opens CHDKZ website*
-Owo what`s that
*knock knock* -KGB OPEN UP
only1paulypickles Nov 7 @ 3:03pm 
Really nice Thanks
cammys2311  [author] Nov 7 @ 2:13am 
Yes it would work on altis it doesn't effect maps in any way it only adds a faction
only1paulypickles Oct 30 @ 3:40pm 
would this work on a altis map?
cammys2311  [author] Mar 8 @ 11:44am 
I can't model things well hence why I used mods but I'll see what I can do, and for the anti terror I just kinda used what I thought suited it, plus it was what tge person who asked me to make the mod wanted for thmn to wear.
cammys2311  [author] Jan 3 @ 7:55am 
No problem
47e | Dankius_Memius™ Jan 3 @ 4:54am 
ive been waiting for this forever thanks m8
NeKsON Jan 3 @ 12:17am 
Very good addon
cammys2311  [author] Jan 2 @ 5:25am 
Thank you, and I was thinking of trying to make some sort of military police for Chernarus, but I'm not too sure how I'd incorporate them correctly