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ZEI - Zeus and Eden Interiors
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Dec 31, 2017 @ 7:02am
Oct 1, 2022 @ 4:29am
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ZEI - Zeus and Eden Interiors

A tool to quickly decorate and populate interiors for your missions in either Zeus or Eden.

Client only mod. Not required to be installed on a server or any other clients. Creates no dependency in mission file.

More Info:

ZEI Interiors Modules

Garrison Building
* Fills a building with your choice of faction and number (should support any units Addon).
* Attempts to find the best direction for the units to face.
* Avoids spawning pilots/crew etc.

Interior Fill
* Fills a building with either a military or civilian template.
* Choose either an area or single building and if the interior should be editable in Zeus.
* Supports CUP buildings.
* Pressing 'LookAround' (Default: ALT) will skip the GUI and immediately try and fill the nearest building with a military template.

Object Fill
* Fills a table or shelf with objects.
* Choose how many objects to spawn on the table and if they should be editable in Zeus.
* Pressing 'LookAround' (Default: ALT) will skip the GUI and immediately try and fill an object a random selection of items.

Object Switch
* Converts objects of one region to another region (e.g. Green Sandbags to Brown Sandbags)
* Supports CUP objects but positioning may be affected due to model sizes.

ZEI Development Modules

The following modules are designed to make it easier for you to help with the development of this addon, they are not available in Zeus.

List Buildings
* Use it to quickly find which buildings have little or no ZEI templates.
* VR World Only
* Creates rows of buildings having the chosen number of templates or less.
* Coloured arrows in front of the buildings will indicate the templates count (Red = Mil, Pink = Civ).

Mark Positions
* Highlights all building positions in a building.
* Don't block these when creating a template!

Save Building Scheme
* Saves a building in the ZEI template format, no need to run any code through the debug menu now.
* Pressing 'LookAround' (Default: ALT) will 'force save' the highlighted object so you can save objects that aren't buildings.
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PREDATT0R Sep 23 @ 4:54pm 
so im trying to make a cusome ZEI building comp and idk how to open the clipboard
Blackbird Ater Sep 19 @ 10:33am 
Does anyone else find their Zeus hangs for a long time when using ZEI, ZEC and ZECCUP? I went one-by-one today and isolated my issues to this mod. If so, did anyone find a fix for it?
Andrews Sep 16 @ 8:50am 
Hello, I have a comment regarding your mission generator script. The zones spawn to odd locations such as the smaller islands like north Stratis. So it is trying to make a zone on a very small island and it dumps the units into the water around the zone. you may want to update it for search for water or whatever its suppose to do to isolate out the smaller island areas with names on map.
Pek Sep 10 @ 9:26am 
Hey! Are you still developing the mod? Me and a friend are starting up a few ArmA related projects and it'd be awesome if we could contribute to the interiors if you're still maintaining it, so we can update it to include a wider variety of buildings.
diveyez Jul 16 @ 3:31am 
The mod has to be loaded on all clients and the server for it to work in Zeus,
snipersadie Jun 18 @ 8:44am 
Crashes when using garrison building
DOK72 Jan 12 @ 12:46am 
Please help.When placing civilian objects:[INFO] Building Not Found...
Ace Jan 8 @ 7:16am 
Not at this time, no, which sucks because it is painful not having this utility for Contact houses after it spoiled me so much.
GXTS Dec 29, 2022 @ 9:06am 
Is there an expansion to arma 3 contact houses?
Redflame1022 Nov 12, 2022 @ 3:37pm 
Can't seem to get this mod to work while zeusing. Anyone know any solutions?