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Immersive Taming
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Immersive Taming

For any players who installed the mod previously but have not played in some time, a one time reset of Immersive Taming settings may required for default bait prefs to repopulate if you're seeing unusual bait preferences. See the Customization thread for more details.

Immersive Taming offers an alternative to Ark's vanilla taming methods, by allow creatures to be tamed through in game actions vs traditional inventory items and timers.

As taming increases, so does the creature's trust in you. Even the most hostile creatures will eventually start to consider you a friend. They may start following you around, wanting care or fed a fresh corpse, and may even protect you in battle!

Taming Unlockables

- Target Prevention - 25%
- Hand and Corpse Feeding - 35%
- Following - 45%
- Caring - 55%
- Gifting - 65%
- Species Target Prevention - 75%
- Protection - 85%

Taming Activites

- Feeding bait to the dino - Hand feeding offers a configurable bonus as opposed to the dino eating it from the ground. Eating also heals the dino for a small amount. Hand feeding requires baits to be in the last item slot of the hotbar.
- Corpse feeding - Dinos will only eat a corpse if it offers resources that the Dino would eat once harvested. Grants affinity dependant on creature size, with smaller creatures providing the affinity of Raw Meat all the way up to the largest creatures providing the affinity of Mutton.
- Petting the dino - Has a short interval between each pet and grants a small taming increase.
- Caring for the dino - Can be cared for once the dino arrives at the player when following. Caring also heals the dino for a small amount (slightly more than feeding).
- Attacking the dino's target - Damage to the dino's target is converted to affinity, and increases taming progress.
- Protecting the dino from attackers - Damage to dinos that have targeted the dino being tamed is converted to affinity, and increases taming progress.
- Killing the dino's target - Damage is converted to affinity with a 20% bonus, and increases taming progress.
- The dino protecting you - Small taming increases are granted when the dino protects you from an attacker.

Extra Info

Additional features, many of which can be edited via the Taming Customizer Menu -

- UI messages display the progress of the tame, with yellow text indicating taming milestones and blue indicating affinity increases.
- If taming the leader of a pack, all its followers will also be tamed.
- The chance of a gift increases with taming progress. Gifts may be presented when the dino is cared for and the items are unique to the specific dino being tamed.
- Due to the developed bond, taming always results in a perfect tame (Can be disabled via menu).
- Completing a tame using the mod rewards Taming XP equal to Kill XP.
- Option for taming to commence through combat events in the wild.
- Options to use Taming Ineffectiveness and Imprinting
- Configurable bait affinity values, which allow players or server hosts to fully customize each item.

Baits are crafted in their respective crafting station, which can be unlocked from the Engram screen. Simply throw a bait by using it once it's on your hotbar, or shoot a bait arrow from a bow, crossbow or compound bow. By default, bait attraction is determined by if the Dino would normally eat the food item when tamed, as opposed to its vanilla taming item preferences. In addition, taming can also commence on some creatures by saving their life in the wild.

The more powerful creatures of the Ark will need to be bested in battle before they will consider you worthy to befriend. To do this, display your worth as a hunter by presenting a trophy bait. Doing so will initiate a battle! Once you have shown your prowess, these Combat Tamed creature can be tamed as normal with the mod's other activities.

With the exception of Combat Tames, Dinos will need to be have no aggro in order to be attracted to a bait or be petted or cared for.

Prior to taming, blood samples can be obtained by shooting creatures with blood vial darts. Once retrieved, the sample can be analyzed at the chemistry bench. Doing so allows you to see the creature's wild stats, providing you some intel before deciding if the creature is worth the time and resources. Much like humans, dinos don't like needles, and will aggro once hit.

While taming, ensure not to harm the creature or any of its nearby allies (excluding combat tame battles). Doing so will grant a short de-buff to taming progress, in addition to negatively impacting taming effectiveness and imprinting. Damaging the creature for an extended period will break the trust and end the tame, resetting progress and resulting in a short cooldown before it can be tamed again.

* By default, some species with strict diets have been manually added to certain baits. See this thread for more info.

* You can also edit bait preferences to your own liking, using the Taming Customizer Menu. Allows you to create custom food chains and kibble trees, along with per creature tweaks. See this thread for more info.

Q) Why can't I craft X bait?
A) Likely down to a stacking mod. See this thread for more info.

Q) Can I tame X creature?
A) By default, If the creature can be tamed in the regular game either through normal methods, or being raised from an egg, then yes. See this thread for more info.

Q) Does this work with X mod?
A) The mod uses the game's buff system as opposed to remapping dino classes, so it's clean and stackable and should work with most mods and modded creatures. However, if another mod alters taming in any way, it could conflict. Total conversions also depend on how much they've altered.

Q) Does this replace regular taming methods?
A) The mod offers a alternative to regular taming. All dinos can be still be tamed their normal way, but the mod allows an option to disable vanilla taming.

Q) It's too easy/ too fast / too X. Is it customizable in any way?
A) There's various options to tweak the mod to fit your playstyle, including excluding certain dinos, custom bait preferences and adding a KO requirement for certain creatures. These options are accessed via the in game Taming Customizer Menu. See this thread for more info.

Q) What happens if I remove the mod?
A) Any dinos tamed via the mod will remain in your game.

Spawn Codes and Engram Info

Mod ID: 1251632107

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Roar spino 19 hours ago 
help when i download this mod and go into ark the game keeps crashing in the main menu
Cobbertson Jul 17 @ 12:17pm 
Any tips for immersive taming a giga?

For experimentation I tried spawning a forcetamed level 1 giga
then I spawned a wild level 1 giga and threw the bait down
combat taming initiated, but taming was only able to get to 2% before he finished off my giga
rexes also have no chance

Given that fights must be 'fair', how is a person supposed to tank a giga for that long?
Savage Jul 16 @ 8:59pm 
ping is 85. ill try SP
Burgesssssss  [author] Jul 16 @ 4:39pm 
@Savage: Hmm... Nothing's jumping out to suggest a conflict. Does it work for you on SP? On the server, what's your ping like?
Savage Jul 16 @ 2:03pm 
@Burgesssssss: I'm the admin with full cheats activated.
I dout it matters but the mods i am using are as follows:
primal fear
immersive taming
ultra stacks
Iso crystal isles
capitalism currency
AI tweaker
Awesome teleporters
Castels and keeps
Advanced Rafts
Ammo Swither (Awesome BTW)

I've used all of these with immersive taming with out issue.
I dont think its an issue with immersive taming. just trouble shooting/proccess of elimination.
Thanks in advance.
Burgesssssss  [author] Jul 16 @ 12:30pm 
@Darc Clan: It's actually not timed. It lasts until the tame completes, and only affects nearby dinos.

@Savage: You may also need to enable cheats in addition to being white-listed as an admin. Load order also shouldn't matter.
Darc Clan Jul 16 @ 12:13pm 
@Dovahstud thanks for the reassurance, hard to tell from the video or description how long it lasts
Savage Jul 16 @ 11:02am 
All hail @Burgesssssss!

Hey boss I'm having and issue getting to the taming journal settings via redical menu.

I'm on my unoffical server not SP and I have it 2nd in the load list (if that matters) and i have admin access.

Anything to fix this would be great!

i've been using this mod sence day one of upload and its only getting better!
Darc Clan Jul 15 @ 9:14pm 
so I got a question, watching the video featured in the description above with the Dilo taming, there was one point where while taming it stated that creatrues of that species will no longer attack unless provoked, thats only temporary right?
Burgesssssss  [author] Jul 15 @ 12:41pm 
@Fat Bob the Slob: There may be some throughout the discussions, but you could very well dislike them just as much as the defaults. I'd suggest just making your own. It doesn't actually take that long, especially with the copy and paste functions.