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DZPlayer's Builds
By DZPlayer
This is a "guide" that houses many of the freeform builds that I have created. You may do what you will with these builds, whether you follow them to the letter, view them as examples for your own builds, or simply consider them extended archetypes. They're here for your viewing pleasure!
Welcome to my builds guide! Simply put, this is the new place where I will be placing all of my freeform builds. Before I give you the extremely long list please take note:

These builds are made primarily for fun, while remaining relatively efficient. Not all of these builds will reflect any sort of "meta", nor is it necessary to take everything in a build's progression exactly to the letter. The point of this guide is to provide a resource of ideas that you as a freeform player can utilize for your own characters in Champions Online. You can follow the builds as strict or as loose as you desire.

Each build will have a direct link to their HeroCreator page where you can view all of its powers, talents, and specializations. Not all builds will have every power choice and advantage point invested. With all of that said, please enjoy this list!
Hybrid Role Builds
Hybrids are described as the basis to which all heroes are compared, neither excelling nor falling behind in any area of combat. They are well-balanced and are typically versatile enough to fit many scenarios, though lack the specialization to perform to the best of a possible role's ability. Hybrid roles are the "Jack-of-all-trades" characters.

Combat Medic
Old style[]

The combat medic is a capable soldier and healer. Their self-restoring healing keep them in the fight. Meanwhile their supportive abilities allow them to protect and restore allies health in the midst of battle, all while consistently attacking the enemy.

  • Rewards aggression
  • Good supplemental healing
  • Versatile
  • Over-exertion can be devastating
  • Can require heavy investment in equipment
Tip: Play aggressive. Whether it's initiating combat or healing allies, you are incredibly capable to lead your team to victory or give them the support they need to win the battle.


The disruptor is an electric powerhouse. It maintains a calm composure and releases paralyzing and lethal jolts of electricity. The disruptor is adept at managing groups of enemies and toasting them with precise thunder strikes.

  • Can control small groups of enemies efficiently
  • Ignores defenses
  • Deals significant damage to targets being controlled
  • Slow playstyle
  • Fragile
Tip: Initiate combat by paralyzing the toughest target or closely packed groups enemies before bringing them down with one precise Thunderstrike.


The rogue is a disruptive assassin, taking charge of situations by confusing enemies and turning them against one another. They buy time for teammates and pick off key targets during the chaos they create.

  • Good burst damage
  • Can convert enemies into temporary allies
  • Can be unreliable
  • Fragile
Tip: Lead with Mind Control on a Villain or Henchman rank enemy to initiate combat. It is better to lead an attack by using your own enemies to distract one another before positioning yourself to assassinate a larger threat that can't be converted.
Tank Role Builds
Tanks are considered to be the most resilient and toughest of heroes. Their duty is to be in the front, and ensure that the attention of their team's foes are on them. They may not always be the hardest of hitters, but what matters is that they can withstand that which others cannot. These heroes are built to survive while they take the brunt of the enemy's attacks.


The Rocketeer is a tough and hard-hitting ranged off-tank that can devastate clost-knit groups of enemies or single targets. They have many defensive options available to help sustain themselves in combat. This build can withstand the assault of multiple foes while unleashing devastating explosive munitions against them.

  • Great self-sustain with heals and defense
  • Can attack multiple targets and locations
  • Good damage for a tank
  • Can be expensive energy-wise to keep functioning
  • Slow or clunky to use at times
Tip: Toggle-based Powered Armor such as the Rocketeer can split their attacks between multiple targets, allowing them to grab the attention of enemies looking to attack allies or to deal significant AoE damage.

Cyber Fencer

Fencing is a sword fighting art with quick and evasive movements, typically used as a dueling style. Thanks to cybernetic advancements, the Cyber Fencer can utilize the fighting style with hi-tech advantages that allow them to displace their foes and command the battle as they see fit.

  • Adept at drawing enemies away from friends
  • Can evade significant amounts of incoming damage and sustain its own health
  • Versatile Melee Warrior
  • Incoming damage can hurt significantly should the user fail a critical dodge.
  • Energy can become an issue if not being attacked or when not blocking incoming damage.
Tip: Keep in mind that if allies are under attack, you can force enemies toward you or keep them incapacitated for your allies to retaliate.


A beast carrying with them a deadly plague. This monster fights fiercely, spreading its affliction to others to ensure their demise. The beast can gain significant strength from their victims, draining their blood and reinviting the plague that gives them strength into their body.

  • Very aggressive and well-rounded
  • Great self-sustain and defense
  • DoT effects provide various utility and aggro
  • Relies heavily on the DoT effects' utility
Tip: Keep in mind that most of your sustain relies on applying and utilizing your Bleeding and Poison effects. These will be handy in holding aggro as well as sustaining as a tank with your various ways to heal from them.


You exist solely to grab the attention of everyone. Your flashy martial-arts moves and your obnoxious costume are real eye-catchers, no doubt. You absolutely love the attention you get by showing off just how amazing and untouchable you are. While your team would hate to admit it, you're good to have around!

  • Avoids a lot of damage
  • Can self-sustain very well
  • Poor damage output
Tip: When it comes to gear, a little bonus healing can go a long way for your survivability if it becomes a bit rough.
Ranged Damage Dealer Role Builds
Ranged damage roles primarily focus on fighting enemies at a distance, whittling them down from relative safety away from the brawl. In many cases, their dedication to destruction from a distance puts them at a disadvantage when placed in close-quarters. These builds maximize their potential in damage while at range.


The ninja is a stealthy agent trained in espionage and assassination. These warriors will try to avoid direct conflict, and will achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. The ninja's build is designed as a ranged assassin, throwing blades to eliminate targets with one fell swoop.

  • High Burst/Initiation Damage
  • Great AoE elimination potential
  • Can enter stealth and avoid confrontation from normal enemies
  • Damage over sustained combat can be lacking
  • Not a durable fighter
Tip: Sonic Device is a great tool to combo with your burst damage. When using Ricochet Throw, it also stuns its main target.


The Revenant is a lost soul seeking redemption. Their binding chains become their tools as they seek out and bring down evil wherever it may be. They curse the souls of wrongdoers and seek them out to consume and gain power from them.

  • Strong Damage over Time
  • Can sustain well
  • Fights extremely close to the opposition for a Ranged Damage Dealer
  • May break off more than it can chew
Tip: If you wind up with the attention of too many targets, it's better to block than it is to try to siphon health to withstand the incoming damage.


The Doomed fights with unfettered ferocity. The doomed fighter is intent to conquer hell itself and will make use of the devastating tools they know all too well; munitions and brutality. The Doomed focuses on brutal close-quarters combat and explosive munitions, turning would-be foes into puddles.

  • Brutal and consistent burst damage
  • Shrugs off minor attacks
  • Fragile against hard hitters
  • Fights extremely close to the opposition for a Ranged Damage Dealer
  • Relies on consistently eliminating targets for power
Tip: You have three debuffs, all of which will make your final delivery much more devastating if you utilize them all at the same time.


The Esper is a telekinetic ranger, using their mind's creative strength to overpower the enemy. Their mental weapons pierce through even the toughest of foes and open their minds up to further exploitation.

  • High damage potential through penetration and critical strikes
  • Comes equipped with revival options, both for self and allies
  • Glass-cannonism is inherited, survival is not guaranteed.
Tip: Telekinetic Wave is useful as a gathering tool when preparing to slam your mighty mental hand down for swift justice.
Melee Damage Dealer Role Builds
Melee oriented damage dealers fight incredibly close to their prey, preferring the glory of combat as they pummel foes into submission. Their close proximity to the fight makes them prone to receiving damage, and may have trouble attacking if they cannot close the distance. These builds maximize their damage within arms length of the enemy.

Martial Warden

The intense focus and training the Martial Warden undergoes makes them a stout combatant. Their quick martial movements strike in critical locations, keeping enemies off balance and quickly subduing them.

  • Highly disruptive
  • Self-sufficient
  • High critical rating
  • Health can be an issue
Tip: It may be a good idea to consider any of the Martial Arts Ultimates as an extra power either for utility's sake or to add significant Damage over Time potiential.


The assassin is a focused individual, seeking out their targets to eliminate them with extreme prejudice. They employ whatever they need and nothing more to get the job done, even if it means cheating death.

  • Significant critical damage output
  • Can cheat death
  • Self-sustain can be underwhelming
  • Poor AoE capabilities
Tip: Employ gas pellets to create a zone of punishment that will help defeat multiple weaker targets, otherwise use your smoke bomb to escape their attention. Should you fall, properly assess conditions before bringing yourself back into the fight, lest you fail to eliminate your quarry a second time.
Support Role Builds
Supportive heroes are strong and dependable teammates. Their strength lies in their ability to enable their allies with massive boosts and healing as well as their capability to disrupt the enemy. Though these heroes can be lacking in direct confrontation, their teammates are given much more power to compensate. These builds are team-oriented, investing in their allies over themselves.


The Firefly is a combative healer, fighting at medium ranges and dishing damage and healing out over time. The Firefly is also capable of consuming their own flames for a large burst of healing for themselves and their allies.

  • Good Single-target damage output for a healer
  • Strong healing potential
  • Self and Mass Revive potential
  • Strongest healing is short-range
  • AoE Damage output is lacking and may give unwanted attention from straggling enemies
Tip: Fissure is a great initiation tool. Apply it as your allies enter the fight to give them a small battleground they can heal off of while they fight. Warmth's Illumination also makes future healing you do to your ally slightly stronger.


The Paladin is a stalwart warrior, blessing his friends while smiting his foes. Paladins will take up arms to protect the innocent, wearing heavy armor with a comparible weapon of size as well as taking their blessings of holy fire to battle with them.

  • Strong defense that is shared with allies
  • High burst healing output
  • Great combat initiator
  • Very low damage output
  • Always in dangerous proximity to the fight
Tip: If you don't have a great tank to rely on to begin the fight, you can become the initiator instead. Swap between forms to harden your team's defense or improve your healing and damage as needed.


The Necrodancer summons the dead to participate in their glorious performances. Their magical groove bolsters allies' offensive capabilities and helping to sustain their efforts in combat. Set the stage and wake the dead!

  • Summons provide excellent distraction
  • Significantly boosts damage output for allies
  • Great critical rating
  • Relies on allies and summons to be in the foreground
  • Fragile
Tip: It is wise to let your summons and allies attack first while you set the stage for them in the midst of combat by creating healing zones and empowering damage.


The Auramancer uses their mere presence to bolster their allies' potential, providing large bonuses and focusing power to improve allies as well as being a capable healer to rely on. A truly versatile support.

  • Has most auras available to swap out as needed
  • Strong and reliable healing
  • Has absolutely no business being played solo
  • Little utility outside of aura swapping
  • Demands ALL the Presence, no exceptions
Tip: Utilize the Builds feature to easily swap auras, but beware that swapping a build mid-combat will lock build swapping overall. To counteract this, you can open up the powers menu and manually switch the aura passives freely.
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DZPlayer  [author] Apr 21 @ 8:03pm 
I personally find Parry's damage resistance and 3-point advantage to be safe and reliable, especially when a character isn't quite ready stats/gearwise for 100% dodge.

Should probably consider updating all the builds for the new Herocreator versions more often.
BarGamer Apr 21 @ 10:39am 
Just came back after a long hiatus. Why did the Distraction take Parry over Fluidity? Feel free to use small words.