"The Graveyard of the Faded Souls".
It's a place for people with no manners, bad intentions and desire to hurt the others.

If you somehow appeared here, there won't be any chance to unblock you, let me explain why:

- You may be called a great person by other people, may be spreading kind, warming and charming words around, but what you do on purpose speaks for your real intentions.
- You can't control what you feel towards anybody, but you can control your moves. So always think at least twice before taking any actions.
- If I find that somehow I blocked a person by a mistake, I'll most likely realise it and unblock them. But that happened only a few times for the last 2 years.
- I wouldn't count on my kindness, I'm absolutely cold to almost everyone around. Kindness isn't just a desire, it's a choice that determines your personality, it shows what you feel about certain people, shows the ways of appreciation ones. Yet, it doesn't make people good.
- If we have friends in common and you think you can ask them to unblock you, don't worry, this won't help. Never helped anybody yet.
- For people who are used to thinking that higher Steam levels give them any more rights - this is a place for you. A level is just a level, a number after all.
- For lower Steam level people who are used to moaning and thinking about people with higher levels that if they were "Queens" and "Kings", seriously - Everyone levels up for their own needs and it doesn't mean people with higher levels have no life or they're some elitists, or else, it's a childish way of thinking. At this point, everyone who doesn't add everybody(which's friend-collecting) is an elitist, logically. So you either a friend-collector or an elitist, regardless. For "whatever's sake you believe in" - Stop judging people basing on personal preferences meanwhile knowing no facts about them, grow up already.
- Nor my trust, nor my respect, nor anything else is buyable. It means, if you're a terrible person in general who thinks they can buy everything on Earth, then I bid you farewell.

In addition:
- If I find something inappropriate about your profile, I'll most likely send you to this place as well.
No hard feelings, it's just what I find the right thing to do to stay away from possible problems and threats.
- The experience here matters the most."