Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Mass Effect 2 (2010)

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Editting "Coalesced.ini" (Late 2017)
By Honshitsu
A guide to successfully modifying the Coalesced.ini file. Many Bioware and third-party resources are down so tools and guides on this topic are harder to find. I hope to make it easier by documenting some things in this How-To guide.
Why Edit Coalesced?
The ME2 command console has been locked-down and tools that enable it are hard to find, are for older versions, are malicious, or don't work. People get around this by binding console commands to keys. This can be anything from spawning gear, xp, money, or resources, to just switching weapons.

The Coalesced.ini file also contains some game values. For example: it defines difficulty parameters, item stats, player sprint and shield recharge rates, how quickly your ship runs out of fuel, how quickly you can spin and scan a planet, maximum probe count, how much ammo you get per ammo pick-up, and MANY more values.

How Not To Break Everything
If the Coalesced.ini file contains an error, your game will not launch. It will "Stop Working" the moment you try to open it. Read this next bit carefully.

Make a backup. This is as simple as copy+pasting and renaming the new file (I like to change the file extension[] from ".ini" to ".ORIGINAL", or something).

Text Editing
The encoding of the Coalesced.ini file is extremely important. Normal text editors (like notepad, word pad, etc) tend to butcher it. I recommend using Notepad++[] due to it's simplicity. "Auto-magical".

'Check Sums'
The Coalesced.ini file has pseudo-checksums in it (bin file, section headers with fixed width), that will cause the game to freak out if you add or remove things. For example; If you change 0.25 to 0.50 the game will run. But if you change it to 0.5, the game will crash at launch because the size has changed. Obviously, this would make editing the file difficult.

Thankfully, there exists tools to adjust the section sizes automatically, but sadly most of those links are dead (<3 ubi). BUT I managed to find one. The ME2IniFixer[]. With zero posts, zero endorsements, and no one linking to it. Incase that ever goes down, I have a mirror of it. So throw me a message here if that link ever dies.

I'd recommend running the exe through VirusTotal[] before running it. If for nothing else, it will put your mind at ease about running random sketchy executables from the internet as admin...

Put the ME2IniFixer.exe in the "[...] \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked " directory where the Coalesced.ini is AND RUN IT* after you have saved your changes to fix the file so the game doesn't crash.

*Thank you to the person who pointed out that I had forgot the critical "running" step; though in my defense I had originally assumed the reader had an IQ above 5.

You should only edit the Coalesced.ini file with Notepad++. After you've finished editing you must run the ME2IniFixer.exe as admin. The ME2IniFixer.exe will create a backup when it modifies the file. If you don't do this, the game will crash on launch if the section sizes change.

Key-Bound Console Commands
Input Modes
The Coalesced.ini file contains BIOInput sections, where keybinds are defined. These are broken into several control-scheme catagories / "modes". For example, the controls for when you're walking around as Shepard are different than the controls when you're in a menu or driving a vehicle.

The headings you'll mostly want to pay attention to are:

  • [SFXGame.SFXGameModeBase]
    This section is inhereted by all others. So you would put keybinds here if you want them to always be executed, regardless of what context / mode you're in.

  • [SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault]
    Playing as Shepard ingame.
    This mode is where you're controlling shepard, just doing every-day things.

  • [SFXGame.SFXGameModeCommand]
    In the command slow-mo thing.
    This mode is where you're able to issue commands to your squad.
For a full list of BIOInput Sections, refer to the Wikia citation at the bottom.

Binding Syntax
Once you know what context mode you want your key-bind to be in, you can find that heading and make a new binding.

  • The format for a keybind is as follows:
    Bindings=( Name= "Key name", Command="Command" )

  • Optionally, you can also choose to include modifier keys like this:
    Bindings=( Name= "Key name", Command="Command", Ctrl="True", Shift="True", Alt="True" )

The Name is the key you want to bind. For example: "NumPadFour", "Four", and "F4" are all seperate valid keys. You can also rebind keys that are defined by the game, such as "PC_Reload" or "PC_QuickSave". For the key names, see the [SFXGame.SFXGameModemanager] section.

The Command is the action you want to be executed when the button is pressed.
For the list of console commands, see the ME Wikia - PC Tweaks (ME2)[].

An example keybind would be to press Alt+F4 for godmode (yes, seriously...)
Bindings=( Name= "F4", Command="God", Ctrl="False", Shift="False", Alt="True" )

Commands can be seperated using the vertical pipe (a.k.a. bitwise-or), the " | " key normally found between the backspace and enter keys. For example: Command="initpalladium 100000 | initcredits 100000 | initammo 999" will set your palladium and credits to 100k, and set your ammo to 999.

Editing Game Difficulty
Difficulty settings are under the headings [SFXGame.SFXDifficulty], and [SFXGame.SFXDifficulty_Level1] through [SFXGame.SFXDifficulty_Level6].

By changing these values, you can adjust a difficulty setting
  • Increasing the following values makes the game harder
    + EnemyHealthMultiplierLow
    + EnemyHealthMultiplierHigh
    + EnemyShieldBonus
    + SquadPowerCooldownMultiplier
    + PlayerShieldRechargeModifier
    + MaxTargetTickets
    + MaxAttackTickets

  • Decreasing the following values makes the game harder
    - PlayerHealthMultiplierLow
    - PlayerHealthMultiplierHigh
    - EnemyPowerCooldownMultiplier
    - SquadPowerDurationMultiplier
    - EnemyAimMultiplier
    - BleedOutInterval
    - AmmoDecayMultiplier
    - BreachDuration

Not all of these have been tested, so be a bit careful with your experimenting.

Also, you can enable enemy shield regeneration under [SFXGame.SFXShield_Base]. Change bRechargeable, bFastCoverRegen and bAbsorbDamageOnBreak to true. Then Add bRechargeable=false, bFastCoverRegen=false and bAbsorbDamageOnBreak=false to [SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy] and [SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy_Player] sections.

You can also decrease the Health Regeneration Rate under [SFXGame.SFXModule_DamageParty]. Either decrease the HealthRegenRate, or set bHealthRegenerates to false to disable health regen entirely.

Loadouts & Weapon Restrictions.

Under [SFXGame.SFXPlayerSquadLoadoutData] you can adjust what each class can equip.

The "PlayerLoadoutInfo" has a syntax of:
ClassName=SFXPawn_PlayerClass,WeaponClasses=(weapon types seperated by commas)

Simply replace the weapon types of one class with whatever types you wish. For example, let's make an Infiltrator use Assault Rifles:

  • Old
    PlayerLoadoutInfo=(ClassName=SFXPawn_PlayerInfiltrator,WeaponClasses=(LoadoutWeapons_HeavyPistols, [big list]...

  • New
    PlayerLoadoutInfo=(ClassName=SFXPawn_PlayerInfiltrator,WeaponClasses=(LoadoutWeapons_AssaultRifles,LoadoutWeapons_HeavyPistols, [big list]...


Under [SFXGame.SFXPlayerSquadLoadoutData] you can adjust what your companions can equip.

Search for "HenchLoadoutInfo", and then adjust the WeaponClasses=() to whatever you wish.

For example: Tali uses Heavy Pistols and Shotguns.
So, let's change her to be fully-automatic.

  • Old Pistols & Shotty

  • New SMG and AR

Weapon Stats
The "[SFXGame.SFXWeapon]" heading is the global override all weapons. So it would be best not to mess with values there. Instead, you should edit the weapon-specific stats that have headings like "[SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle]".

I'll echo out some documented fields from this forum post by veteran_gamer[]
As he states: I only "define" ones that I've personally tested & confirmed to do what is said.

Veteran_Gamer's Weapon Documentation
  • Damage
    controls base damage of desired weapon

  • DamageAI
    controls damage percentage of Enemy AI with desired weapon

  • DamageHench
    controls damage percentage that squad mates do with this weapon

  • RateOfFire & RateOfFireAI
    self explanatory, higher is faster, lower is slower

  • MagSize
    controls the size of magazine

  • AmmoPerShot
    how many "bullets" each shot consumes, changing this to 0 in Parent section would give all weapons infinite ammo

  • MaxSpareAmmo
    max reserve ammo

  • MinAimError & MaxAimError
    minimum & maximum INaccuracy, controls spread

  • CrosshairRange
    size of crosshair when idle

  • MinZoomAimError & MaxZoomAimError
    minimum & maximum INaccuracy when zoomed

  • ZoomCrosshairRange
    size of crosshair when zoomed...naturally make it smaller than idle stance, so when you zoom the crosshair shrinks

  • Recoil
    self explanatory, base of recoil behavior

  • ZoomRecoil
    self explanatory, only applies when zoomed

  • ZoomFOV
    how close weapon can zoom in

Values Of Interest
Let powers effect enemy shields, set [SFXGame.SFXGameConfig]'s bShieldsBlockPowers to false.

To Shorten game-over pause time, reduce [SFXGame.BioWorldInfo]'s

Ammo Related
For infinite ammo (with reloading), and then for each "SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_"[...] you can set bInfiniteAmmo to true.

For infinite clip (without reloading), set [SFXGame.SFXWeapon]'s AmmoPerShot to zero.

Remove ammo drops by setting [SFXGame.SFXWeapon]'s bCanDropAmmo to false (no ammo cluttering up the map, useful when you use infinite ammo)

To change the amount of ammo from drops, edit [SFXGame.SFXDroppedAmmo]'s PctAmmoGiven.

Enable gun heat mechanics (like ME1) you can set [SFXGame.SFXGameConfig]'s WeaponsUseHeat to true. You can also adjust the cooldown via the HeatDissipationRate. You may want to do some googling about this.

Ship Stuff
Change ship fuel usage modify [SFXGame.SFXInventoryManager]'s MaxFuel and FuelEfficiency (lower is more efficient).

Max Probes can be changed by editing [SFXGame.SFXInventoryManager]'s MaxProbes.

Ship Speed and Ship Turning Rate can be modified (untested?) under the [SFXGame.BioCameraBehaviorGalaxy] heading. This includes stuff like m_fShipMaxRotationSpeed, m_fShipSystemAccel, and m_fShipClusterAccel.

Max Medigel can be changed by editing [SFXGame.SFXInventoryManager]'s MaxMedigel.

Modify resource scanning by changing [SFXGame.BioPlanet]'s PlacedMineralsPool (how often they occur) and ScanBarMaxMineralSize & EezoMineralsBase. (?) You can also adjust how quickly you can rotate planets by changing [SFXGame.SFXGameModeOrbital]'s ScanPlanetRotationSpeed and ScanReticleMoveSpeed.

You can modify the sprint values under [SFXGame.SFXGame]: StormStamina, StormRegen, StormStaminaNonCombat, and StormRegenNonCombat.

Change the level cap you can modify [SFXGame.SFXGameConfig]'s MaxPlayerLevel and MaxPlayerExperience. (untested?)

Modify max health by changing [DefaultRTPCValueMap]'s Health value. (?)

Special Thanks, Sources, and Contact
Special Thanks...
to EA/Ubisoft for going through all the effort of locking down the console...

And then exposing the entire game in an ini file.

(Most contain a lot of dead links)

And thanks to Sdpens of the ME Wikia[] for sharing some archived pages that I didn't cover here: Archive 1[],Archive 2[],Archive 3[].

To contact me (in a timely manor) please join the Public FGL Discord[]

Thanks, and Merry Modding.
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butterysomthin Mar 15, 2021 @ 1:16pm 
You might already know this but an easy way to fix FOV is to add this line in bindings:

Bindings=( Name="Period", Command="set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode FOV 90" )

Then putting it through .ini fixer... All you have to do is press period in-game.

It might not be as complex and in depth as your guide but it deserves a guide of it's own almost
notsee zamby scrake Oct 30, 2020 @ 6:52am 
trying to figure out how I can do some of this with the DLC weapons, but it prevents me from loading the save by saying it can't load the dlc anymore. the ini fixer exe didn't work.
Samuraikan187 Jul 28, 2020 @ 12:22pm 
Can anyone help me edit the coalesced ini so that I have all the upgrades activated (minus ship upgrades) & all weapons in my inventory from the start. Or at least from as soon as I get the Normundy? Thanks guys. Love playing this game again. These edits make it take less time this time lol. I get the concept and have edited my ini for some stuff. I have all the dlc & the ini fixer. I just don't know what code to put where to activate the upgrades & have the weapons & if possible, I don't wanna keybind this cheat, just make it active. Thanks again all
Honshitsu  [author] May 11, 2020 @ 6:31am 
Ah, it appears I did cover that, I said:
"For example; If you change 0.25 to 0.50 the game will run. But if you change it to 0.5, the game will crash at launch because the size has changed."

(and yes I'm re-reading my own guide... my memory is terrible, I mostly wrote it for myself)
Honshitsu  [author] May 11, 2020 @ 6:25am 
@Virt correct, as the "checksums" are actually just section byte widths; if the size of the section doesn't change then the boundaries don't need to be changed, but this is rarely the case. That used to be a big limitation until an easy fix was made (can also be done manually by hexediting but aintnobodygottimeforthat)
Virt May 11, 2020 @ 3:21am 
Good thing you added that crucial extra detail, I spent DAYS trying to figure out why my game wouldn't start....


seriously, if people are having trouble with that then they shouldn't be doing ANYTHING in this guide

Also, something that actually IS useful: if you don't actually change the length of the file (number of characters) it seems to not need to be fixed :)
Honshitsu  [author] May 20, 2019 @ 6:39pm 
Thank you; I've updated that section to include that important detail
Honshitsu  [author] May 20, 2019 @ 6:32pm 
uh.. yeah. Just putting it there doesn't magically fix it.
Player One May 19, 2019 @ 9:13pm 
You don't just put the ME2IniFixer in the folder, you are supposed to run it every time after you edit Coalesced. Else the game will crash since it checks its size cheksums.
Honshitsu  [author] Nov 17, 2018 @ 3:37pm 
@taochaitsung , replace the coalesced file with your own (save a backup first!). Make sure to use the ME2IniFixer and follow the other recommendations under the "How Not To Break Everything" section.