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VTOLs that Fly Great! - Helicopters, Drones and Airships
◄NOTE► The TerraTech 1.0.2 update massively buffed hover-steers (adjustment thrusters) and changed how controls work in general. I've tried to move the more broken old techs towards the end of this collection.

Suggestion to add/remove from the collection are welcome (in comments).

[Old text below.]

TerraTech's flight control system is limited, tailored to aeroplanes with only roll pitch and thrust, making VTOL (vertical take off and landing) craft difficult. Horizontal fans on the tail will not help turn a tech in flight. Hover Steers on the tail will turn the tech opposite to expected direction.

The solutions used in these techs are:

► Hover Steer clusters on front and top. (RockFarmer's 'fulcrum' system.)

► Use of the 'hover-bug' to trick the tech into maintaining the ground controls schema (so vertical fans will function for turning, seperate to lift fans, etc).

A few of these techs were built by me, but most are from other talented builders on the Workshop. They are roughly ordered by how much I like their flight controls, while also trying to mix in a variety of sizes and styles.
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ZG Zoologist 3 [Campaign crushing quadcopter!]
Created by ZeroGravitas
Nimble missile drone that flies great with intuitive controls. Self charging by eating trees or anchoring. Carries an SCU for convenience. Works as turret.

Featured at 26m40s in episode 7 of my crafting playthrough series: https://youtu.be/vCM7iMgMpEQ?t...
FAVTL Hurricane MK9 (upg available)
Created by Mr Twister
*Upgrade to MK10 available

Fast, maneuverable and powerful endgame flier with full 3-dimensional VTOL controls.
Fully controllable by one hand from keyboard.
Flies both as a plane and as a helicopter with intuitive controls in both modes.
Turns and p...
Fenrir V2
Created by QuackDuck
A new version of the Fenrir airship. Now with the HE four and six blocks, as well as a speed upgrade. The front Megaton cannons have been replaced with Gigatons.

This airship requires Axis 6 (by default PageUp/PageDown) to be rebound to LeftShift/LeftCt...
Balanced heli
SO far my best after BF update helicopter. balanced, controlable, useful. Just learn commands before you say it is not so good....
Attack Helicopter
Created by HALNICO
New helicopter
Check controle scheme before flying it....
HEMV Mi28 Havoc
Pumpkin army (HEMV) version of Mi 28 Havoc, little improved than previous one, with some roll capability, that make it little easier to maneuver.

My workshop page:
Venture Helicopter
No Stearing Hovers of any kind. Just propellers.

My workshop page:

How to place tech from Steam workshop in to Terratech game:
CrimsonHawkmoth v2
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
The deadliest thing in the sky. Wicked fast accelleration, and has the firepower to vaporize anything unlucky enough to get near it....
Stunt Helicopter
Created by Shark No.2
A little Stunt copter. Very difficult to fly, but if you get the hang of it, its fun to do loopings and that kind of stuff...
Created by Apogee
Armored helicopter gunship, plain and simple. Finicky controls, but still far better than a heli without the hover glitch....
Attack Heli
Created by UncleMarine
Functional attack helicopter with ground controls...
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
Don't under estimate this goofy looking little guy. He flies very well, and sometimes being able to control your tech easily while fighting can make ALL the difference.Check out my collection here >> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=...
Goshawk MKIIIV2
Created by QuackDuck
An updated version of the Goshawk MKIII. Not much has changed except it has been rebalanced. It is also slightly faster.

This airship requires Axis 6 (by default PageUp/PageDown) to be rebound to LeftShift/LeftCtrl, watch the video to see how to do this...
Created by Chrii_the_Vieh
Fully armed, very manoeverable VTOL / Helicopter....
[Broken] ZG ChriiRock SkyFish (VTOL)
Created by ZeroGravitas
Super-fun and nimble VTOL that can quickly wreck any enemy. Affordable, cruises at 100mph and can be anchored as a turret to recharge! Odd looking arms of Hover Steers (front and top) are currently needed to give it correct controls in the air (without usi...
[Broken] ZG Killing Time VTOL
Created by ZeroGravitas
With 14 Cruise Missiles, 14 Seeker pods and a pair of Avalanche launchers, this is a max damage variation on the ChriiRock SkyFish VTOL frame. Steers correctly, like a real helicop...
[Broken] ZG MawhrinSkel VTOL (Drone)
Created by ZeroGravitas
Little drone VTOL with correct helicopter controls. Brings big firepower in a little package.

Licences: Venture 3, Hawkeye 3, GSO 2.

• Same control system as the [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...
ZG Rock-o-Max VTOL v1
Created by ZeroGravitas
Looks odd, but controls like a helicoper/drone (not inverted turn). Definitely an end game tech; it has overwhelming missile firepower that can one-shot almost any enemy.

Can be fuelled up with (unrefined) resources to keep the shield up on extended fli...
Ornamental products toy...
The HBD Colibri
Created by Exund
The Hawkeye Bomber Drone from Sylver Fancylities...
Copter Mi28 Havoc... flies like a real helicopter is supposed to.
Mindlessmrawesome said: "HOLY CRAP MATE
You just made the first actual helicopter in the history of terratech that flies like a real helicopter is supposed to."

Take of with SHIFT. Then W to pitch down, and S to pitch up, to get speed or to stop. Do no...
Created by _NeW_RoYaLd_
Created by QuackDuck
A large twin-blade helicopter.

Shift to take off. Shift+W to move forward, A & D to turn. Can reverse with Shift+S....
The HMS Raven
Created by Exund
The Hawkeye Mother Ship Raven from Sylver Fancylities...
The HCS Crow
Created by Exund
The Hawkeye Chaser Crow from Sylver Fancylities...
B45 Gunship
Created by RemTM
Note: This is the fixed version. The old version I uploaded was missing parts due to damage I didn't notice.

This is my attempt at a workable combat heli, after repeated failures.

Also, the name has meaning:
- B: Battle-type tech
- 4: It is my 4th ...
Vtol Hover ship 7e
Created by MegaMole
added: more amour, moved the main sources of lift inside the tech for better defence, more hover plates (slightly slower than previous version)...
Vtol Hover ship 7d
Created by MegaMole
added: batteries, shields, repair bubbles, fans for improved flight controls, more armour, more weaponary, changed top speed to about 85 mph...
Shadow Falcon
Created by Solumn Trade
An improvement on the Shadow Hawk, using far more versatile Venture Avalanche Launchers....
Helicarier + base
Created by MegaMole
Can fly, recharge other techs, generate power when anchored and act as a massive base to land vtol or non vtol planes on (land and take off with non vtol planes from the front on the roof) Enjoy! It can also shoot at enemies to defend itself. It moves at 8...
ZG GSO Only [Missile] Drone
Created by ZeroGravitas
So you don't have Venture (or Hawkeye) at level 3 yet, for their advanced flight blocks, but you still want to be able to sit in the sky, raining down missiles, without using the hover bug... Enter this drone using only GSO parts!

It works, with lively...
GK Crossbow
Created by 光轲
Brackoopter modelmkI
Dayum i am in love with (B) (R) (A) (K) (E) (T) (S)
Based of the Disabler mk I which i have made earlier
IMPORTANT : this chappaa is fast af and quite weak. handle with care....
GK cruiser vagrant
Created by 光轲
Press shift shortly to rise , and hold shift to descend .
WASD for move ....
Mini Heli
Created by ShiftingLaughs
Most compact and utilitarian helicopter with realistic controlls...
Created by OfficialPax
GK Elf B
Created by 光轲
spam shift to pitch up and hold shift to pitch down...
The Box O Props
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
About as stable as is possible in Terratech. This is just a trainer, but when you are ready for a serious helicopter check out this either the Dragonfly, or my Boeing Vertol 107 Twin-Rotor Heavy Gunship here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedeta...
Vertol107Gunship v3
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
Heavily modified gunship version of my original 107. Designed to engage the enemy while circling from above, and with much heavier weaponry than is normally possible for conventional aircraft to carry. v3 is VERY MUCH Improved over previous versions. Chec...
Dragonfly VI
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
If you are interested in helicopters, then give this one a try. I have spent many, many hours on this one, and the result was beyond my expectations....
AH15C Executioner
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
An effective blend of helicopter and plane flight characteristics with devastating fire power....
GK Leviathan
Created by 光轲
HPMC Vakeir
Created by AnthemGS
Hits hard, but don't get too close. Went with the "Glass Cannon" mentality when building. Utilizes the hover/upside-down wheel trick for car controls in the air....
attack heli
Created by Namo
op af...
Dusk Vulture MKII
Created by Noahthedog
Night Hawk's more succesful younger brother. Flies amazingly well. Looks amazing and destroys techs amazingly well. Just be sure to charge it up before battle. Make sure to check out the collection above to find the latest model. Enjoy!

(( This update ...
Created by QuackDuck
This is an outdated version of the airship, for the best experience, please use the new version found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1670735115
A small airship which looks like it was made by smashing bits of everything onto ...
[BROKEN] Dire Wolf
Created by QuackDuck
Tech is completely broken, please use the latest version.
LATEST VERSION HERE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1753625510

WASD to move, Q and E to strafe, Shift to ascend, Ctrl to descend, arrow keys for tilt adjustmen...
[Lemon] Sky Spear MK3 Heavy Frigate
Created by Sarjento SarSalinno
Due to recent developments, The Sky Spear has been upgraded once more. Now dubbed the Mark 3, this iteration of the Lemonian workhorse ship is the result of hostile encounters of the 3rd Expeditionary fleet against the so-called "Grid", a fully mechanical ...
GK Testament
Created by 光轲
An anti-gravity warships which designed for loading in co-op creative mode.
WASD to move, PgUp and PgDn to go up and down....
Moskito RRD ReTuned
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
This is re-tuned version of NightbladeGreyswandir's "Moskito" helicopter I modified to increase its stability while trying to retain as much of the traits that worked so well in the original design. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original, I j...
Fortress AAC-2 Helicopter
Created by PAJ329
The Fortress AAC-2 (Arial Assault Craft MkII) is a modification of the AAC-1. The AAC-2 is more compact, and much faster as well as more agile. The AAC-2 is graceful, and quick for a helicopter. Pilots should use caution against rolling or pitching too far...
StuntChopper RR&D Retuned
Created by -=ROOSTER=-
This is re-tuned version of Shark No2's Stunt Helicopter by Rooster R&D. Occasionally I run across a design that I see great potential in, and with a little RR&D knowhow could be something special. This is one of them. There was nothing wrong with Shark's ...
GK Snowflake
Created by 光轲
A small helicopter with no weapon , you can attach some missiles on it yourself like the examples shown .( just because I don't want to upload too many of them)...
GK 击败
Created by 光轲
An attack helicopter....
ZG Loach OH_6 Heli [Demonstrator Helicopter]
Created by ZeroGravitas
A.K.A. "small bad-guy chopper" - I actually managed to make something nice(ish) looking with (pretty much) just the small Hawkeye Rotor for lift! :-) GSO fan for yaw turning - you need to slow down to turn properly (or remove tail plane). Pitch control via...
ZG SciFi Heli
Created by ZeroGravitas
A futuristic gunship - pretty and fully functional. Pitch control cheat mode using a BF Pitch Trim Gyro. HE Adjustment Thrusters for turning and additional lift. Turreted guns (including HE Hunter Railguns) for looks, missiles for practicality. Hopeless ba...
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ZeroGravitas  [author] Apr 7, 2018 @ 7:22pm 
I'll take a look. :-)
Mr Twister Apr 7, 2018 @ 2:23pm 
ZeroGravitas  [author] Jan 18, 2018 @ 2:53am 
@Furryaboo - there is no such guide yet.

Basically you just need on hover plate being triggered by pointing at a wheel tire on your tech to activate the ground control system. (It will produce a little bit of force when working.)

Check out the 3rd and 4th techs from the top as great examples ("Attack Helicopter" and Venture Hellicopter").
3 Million Snails Jan 17, 2018 @ 10:03pm 
Hey, uhuld someone please link me to a guide or tutorial on how to make the whole "Hover-bug" thing work? I want to make my own semi realistic helicopters.
ZeroGravitas  [author] Jan 15, 2018 @ 10:49am 
> it anable me to use any mapped key as toggle

Ah, right, I remember you saying elsewhere... Yeah, that's definitely be handy for long distance exploration flights, in aeroplanes, particularly.

Can dither key presses? To feather the throttle automatically? I imagine I could set up something like that with an Auto-Hotkey script... But I don't do much long distance flying, and I consider my VTOLs are more for short range missions, objectives and general fun in creative.:sfsmile:
NightbladeGreyswandir Jan 15, 2018 @ 9:47am 
I cheat :D... i use JoyToKey to play with joystick, and it anable me to use any mapped key as toggle, so i like when I can just lock SHIFT as pressed and let tech fly by itself while I look around for nice base area. So that is little secret behind my way of tweaking flying tech.
ZeroGravitas  [author] Jan 15, 2018 @ 8:47am 
> I just like to have balance on side of long range flying without having to hold both SHIFT and W.

That's fair enough. For me, it's my little 'pinky' finger that's the weak link, holding [Shift] (which can't be avoided). I don't mind holding [W] so much, and feathering it is actually fun, when surfing up and down hills.:steamhappy:
ZeroGravitas  [author] Jan 15, 2018 @ 8:44am 
> SkyFish, remove rear propellers and replace them with 3 Vent batteries for each, it become much more balanced and better hovering tech.

Hmm, it does behave more like a helicopter then, still flying nicely, but having to tip further forwards.

But the forwards propulsion is what I really loved about this design!:steamhappy: It lets you swoop and fly forwards up hills; it's really fun to play around at a low level, in and out of trees and hills.
ZeroGravitas  [author] Jan 15, 2018 @ 8:44am 
Plus it lets you keep it more level at top cruising speed, rather than starting at it's underside. And lets you back up just as fast, with the fans holding your altitude while pointing the nose straight up (and stopping the wing tail spinning you around). A really fun manoeuvrer.

In fact, all my VTOLs based on this system are designed to sit back in a hover, so the forwards force pretty much cancels out with the pull back from the lift rotors. It's like they are sitting in a bucket seat. Which helps give the Avalanche launchers more room to aim at enemies in front, and points Cruise and seeker missiles up into the air, so you can launch them from lower to the ground, if you like.

They're more like autogyros/gyrocopters, rather than helicopters. Hence I stuck with "VTOL" for the Skyfish.
NightbladeGreyswandir Jan 14, 2018 @ 11:04am 
"The A24 BlackHynde" is really pure pain in black... I understand you cmopletly.