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Dungeonland Wall'O'Guide
By MasterOfLazyness and 1 collaborators
This guide exists only to be your personal in-depth manual for Dungeonland. It contains Class Builds, Perk Suggestions, Opinionated Class Descriptions, Co-op Team Building, Dungeon Maestro Mastery and much more!
Greetings my fellow Gamers and Dungeon Maestros!

This is a Work-In-Progress Guide of as much things you will need to know about Dungeonland and a few things you hopefully didn't know.

Please don't forget to Rate the Guide and leave comments!

[Warning]: A great deal of things in this guide is opinionated (subjective) or subject to change with Game Updates. it will be kept up-to-date as much as possible but don't expect miracles.
This is merely a tool to help you achieve greatness in Dungeonland.

The Game Basics
Baby steps, take it slow and learn all you can. You'll be a pro in Dungeonland in no time!
Unity is key for Dungeonland, you must work as a team or die trying to win.
Do your best to offset your fellow players weaknesses and support however you see fit but remember, only skilled players make it to the end with lives left.

Now onto more important things...

Dungeonland is what seems to be a board game created by the evil, twisted mind of the Dungeon Maestro. "The poor Heroes are on a deadly tour through a medieval theme park" so says the Dungeon Maestro himself. But hey, we don't need much of a reason to be entertained. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?

The Dungeon Maestro (or DM for short) is a force to be reckoned with. Toting an array of spells and baddies just waiting to bring the hurt. If you enjoy killing heroes, creating all sorts of mischief and still getting gold while you're at it then he is the right guy for you! But be ready, for being an evil mastermind isn't as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Choose poorly and you'll have your minions dying everywhere.

The Heroes are a group of like minded players, whose only past time in life is killing enemies, collecting gold and giving DM's a hard time. You currently play as only 3 types, The Warrior, The Rogue and The Mage.

Bots, oh these damnedable things.
Keep in mind that they are mere placeholders for what would've been a player.
They're not really all that effective but they're at least a team player and will often try to revive you or die in the process. Sadly, you cannot change the Class Type they play, for example: The Rogue Gunner or The Warrior Lancer. You're stuck with The Fire Mage, The Rogue Assassin and The Warrior Defender.

Here is where I speak about the controls, Oh joy.
You can play with either a Keyboard & Mouse or Gamepad (A.K.A. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows). Sadly with all the managing you have to do as the DM it's easier if you use your Keyboard & Mouse but if you're playing as the Heroes, Gamepad is recommended.

See the "How To Play" under the "Options Menu" in Dungeonland for an in-game refence on the Controls.

Rebinding keys on the Keyboard is quite simple enough but trying to do it on the Gamepad will have you scratching your head at what "Button 5" is and where it is located on the Controller. While the game will change the UI for your Gamepad it will not list the correct buttons in the Control Menu.

To change your controls for Keyboard & Up-to 3 Gamepads go to "Options" and select "Controls". Don't worry about selecting the wrong button you can always reset it back to Default.

Below are somewhat obvious things that you and everyone else should know.

Reviving Teammates shouldn't be a choice, it should be a MUST. If you want to reach the end, spending as little lives as possible should be your goal. You will make it there if your team makes it there with you, every step of the way. Your team should be able to instantly help each other when it comes down to reviving a fallen ally. Don't be afraid to take some risks to get the job done just don't bite off more than you can chew. Don't jump into a pile of mobs without a plan to either tank them or stun them.

Perks make or break a Hero. You should have at least one Offensive Perk and One Defensive Perk on at all times. A Hero with "None" provides less to his team than a Hero who has any one of the many available Perks.
Originally posted by MasterOfLazyness:
A Perkless Hero is but a Zero.

As a new player who is playing as a Hero you should start by buying Offensive & Defensive Perks, different Hero Types, followed by Potion skills. After that, buy whatever you wish. Don't go for weapons right away since they don't give you more damage and armor doesn't make you tougher, it's all for looks not gameplay.

If you're starting off as a Dungeon Maestro see Dungeon Maestro Category for more information.

Every Hero has an evasive move but not every Hero can Block. Block is a type of Unique Skill which only The Warrior can do. The Rogue has Backstab while The Mage has Ray of Awesome. All Heroes have this Unique Skill regardless of their Gear. This means even if you change the main weapon from say Sword & Shield to a Two-Handed Weapon you still have the Unique Skill regardless.

See the Character Class of your choice below for more information on their playstyle and Unique Skill.

Your Weapon Skill is tied to the Type of Weapon you're using but has nothing to do with the LOOK of the weapon. This means if you buy a different look for your Two-Handed Hammer in the Shop, it's merely a cosmetic effect and has no advantages in the game. Hopefully this will change in time.

All gold is shared! Any gold you pick up for the stage you're currently on will be displayed at the bottom right. If you lose before completing the stage you still get the gold so collect all you can!
Careful of the Dungeon Maestro, if he uses Possession on a creature he cam move to steal your gold. Muwahahaha!

Certain Objects can be used as weapons and often can have gameplay changing effects such as a Healing Circle or Ring of Fire. Don't rely heavily on throwing objects for damage unless you're sure you don't have to support a teammate in trouble. It's often better to just burst them for the money or health items then to use them as weapons since this can slow your team down, spread you too far apart or give the enemy too much time to build a greater offensive against you.

Your lives (Also known as Life Hearts/Tickets) are shared and consumed upon reviving, this includes bots as well. Be careful not to let your computer friends try too hard without your support or it may cost you a life. That can also apply to your fellow players as well.

Elemental or Effect Skills can be combined for even greater effects! Use this to your advantage in troublesome situations. There will be more information about this later on in the guide.

Every Hero's colors for their Armor can be altered. Personalize your Hero today!

Just like in Dungeonland, after reading and understanding all of this you have become a Dungeonland Officially Qualified Visitor TM.
Coins is the currency here in Dungeonland and you will be needing a LOT of it!
Luckily you have a Coin Counter at the bottom right of your screen which will be collected whether you win or lose. Although if you quit, you gain nothing (this includes disconnections).

Not all Coins will simply land at your feet, oh no-no-no my good Heroes. You will have to work for your coins. Thankfully we have an assortment of foolish minions who ate some Coins with their last meal, the only way to retrieve them is to spill their guts! No guts, no glory as they say. Although one must wonder where the Skeletons keep their gold?

Another way to gather up Coins is to find them in Tiny Boxes, Barrels, Defeat tough enemies, Bosses or just open up Chests. The amount you get is different between each one so you're better off just trying to collect as much as you can, every time.

Now the Dungeon Maestro has found that it takes far too much work to gather up Coins like the Heroes do and has chosen to get them by simply killing the Heroes themselves. That's right, as the DM makes things more painful or deadlier for the Heroes he will gain not only personal enjoyment from it but a large pot of Coins too.

The Coins you gain can be spent on Hero & Dungeon Maestro related items. Check out the Item Shop Category or Dungeon Maestro Category for more information.

Are you in need of Gold!? Are you too lazy to actually legitimately play the game and slowly build it up!? Well there is a game exploit just for you!

This exploit is quite easily done by playing as the Dungeon Maestro against Bots on Very Hard difficulty. The bots will continuously flood their meaningless little lives at the enemies and will be killed off in no time. The time it takes will be considerably lessened based on the types of enemies you send at them. Enemies like the Dire Duck and the Orc Berserker will easily pick off the weakest of Heroes. Since you will always have a default Balanced Party containing The Warrior, The Rogue and The Mage. The weakest and most likely first kill will be either The Mage or The Rogue, as The Warrior often blocks damage for a bit.

Now why would you want it to be over quickly, you ask? Simple! The faster it is over the faster you can start over. Think continuous amounts of Coins! Every time you complete this you should gain within a certain amount of Coins as shown in the table below.

Minimum Coins
Maximum Coins
Very Hard
500 Coins
700 Coins
500 Coins
600 Coins
500 Coins
500 Coins
Very Easy
Tested as of 05/02/2013.

Originally posted by MasterOfLazyness:
I don't enjoy this exploit but it was required for testing. I noticed my fastest time was 27 seconds on Very Hard. I gained 638 Coins.

  • The exploit find is credited to D3nn05 of the Paradox Forums.
  • The exploit can also be found within another Steam Guide called Easy Money.
The Mage
The Mage Hero is the supporter of a Balanced Party or the life line of a Cleave Party. His main strength is Crowd Control which allows him to effectively deal with sudden rushes of enemy groups. His source of damage is his staff in which he fires off Bolts to harm enemies at a distance. He has a number of useful utilities at his disposal but the most notable one is his Unique Character Skill, Ray of Awesome, which gives the selected ally target Super Armor (A.K.A. Invulnerability). Don't let his support nature fool you, if played correctly he can be as effective as any other Damage Dealing Class.

There is 3 types to The Mage: Fire Mage, Ice Mage and Electric Mage.
The Ice Mage can be unlocked for 750 Coins while The Electric Mage can be unlocked for 1,500 Coins.

The Fire Mage is capable of dealing large amounts of damage over time. Like all mages he uses a staff to blast his enemies with his Fire Bolts. His Fire Bolts will hit up to 2-3 targets in a very small Area of Effect (AoE) and leave a small Damage over Time (DoT) Debuff on the effected target(s) which can be seen as flames bursting out the back of their heads but has a short duration. In order to keep a distance from enemies he can use his Weapon Skill, Fire Wall to push the enemies directly in front of him back and leave them in a burning wall of flames. The enemies that survive the Fire Wall will be engulfed in flames which can be seen as intense fire on their heads but also suffers from a short duration.

Fire Mage
Summary Details
Regular Attack
Fires out a Fire Bolt that travels roughly 7.5 inches. Burns target for 3 Seconds leaving a tiny burning animation.
Critical Hit Regular Attack
Deals a high amount of damage to the target.
Weapon Skill
Fire Wall
Sends out a wall made of flames that travels roughly 4.5 inches. Ignites affected targets for 3 seconds. Does not pass environment objects or go through DM walls.

The Ice Mage is the master of personal space. The Ice bolts from his Staff slow the movements of enemies while still damaging them, if they deal a critical hit they will be left as a frozen block of ice. Enemies that are slowed will have a blue hazy circle by their feet. With his Weapon Skill, Ice Wall he is able to not only push back small groups of enemies directly in front of him but also encase them in a small ring of ice that leaves them vulnerable and immobile. If enemies pass over the already placed Ice Wall it will freeze them in place, this works extremely well on shielded enemies since it leaves them open to attacks from all directions. The Ice Bolt that ends up being a critical hit is actually slightly larger than a normal Ice Bolt.

Ice Mage
Summary Details
Regular Attack
Fires out a Ice Bolt that travels roughly 7.5 inches. Slows target for 4 Seconds leaving a small icy blue aura.
Critical Hit Regular Attack
Completely kills the target leaving a block of ice instead of exploding. Shatters after 4-5 Seconds.
Weapon Skill
Ice Wall
Sends out a wall made of ice that travels roughly 4.5 inches. Immobilizes affected targets for 6 seconds. Does not work on Bosses or Elites.

The Electric Mage is the king of area control. He is supposed to be a strong supporting character but often ends up as a high damage dealer instead. Given the most useful staff of all his counter parts, his Lightning Bolts bounce from one target to another up to 3 times and can stun each enemy hit when it's a critical. On top of that, his any situation Weapon Skill, Electric Orb allows him to select a group of enemies and fire off an orb that passes over them. When ready, he can detonate the orb to instantly stun any nearby enemies. If they cannot be stunned they will still take a great deal of damage since it is quite a powerful attack. Naturally the orb can be detonated as soon as it's sent out for easy Stun and Runs.

Electric Mage
Summary Details
Regular Attack
Fires out a Lightning Bolt that travels roughly 7.5-8 inches. Bounces up to 3 nearby targets dealing 16 damage each hit.
Critical Hit Regular Attack
Stuns all targets the Lightning Bolt travels to for 3 Seconds.
Weapon Skill Electric Orb
Sends out an orb made of pure electricity that travels roughly 4-5 inches. Stuns any monster it passes through. Can be denotated. Upon denotation, stuns all targets within denotation range for 3-4 seconds and does 36 damage in an AoE. The stun does not work on Bosses or Elites.
Mage Potion Skills
Potions in some cases are your emergency button and in others are your major offensive.
Every Hero has their own Potion Skills that are unique to them.
You cannot use The Rogue's Shadow Run Potion Skill on The Mage.

The Mage's Potion Skills

Heal and make heroes invulnerable.

This skill is an all around great Potion Skill as you can easily heal your allies to full health and for 2-3 seconds give them Super Armor, all with a push of a button. Sadly, the limited number of potions means you will have to wait until their health is 30% or less to make this effective. Another good idea is often waiting before using a Potion since sometimes you will be nearing a Gate and that instantly heals your team to full health.

Heal and revive downed heroes instantly.

This skill is often seen as the best Mage Potion Skill since you can now instantly revive your downed allies without having to risk getting killed in the amount of time it takes to revive them normally. It also heals your allies but not only when they are revived, making it an instant replacement for the Healing Potion Skill.

Life Link
Create a link between heroes that steals life.

This skill is a little weird as it's more of a party wide Vampire effect than it is an actual life link. You don't share your health like the name implies but you share any health you gain with the green energy beam that is connected to each party member. The beam damages enemies and gives their health to you and your teammates. Often is only effective if your allies know how the skill works and even then it's subjective.

Teleport heroes to you, make them invulnerable.

This is surprisingly useful as it doesn't seem to matter where your allies are located or whether they are even alive. You can use this to easily avoid traps or near death situations and it can even be used for an easy revive.

Arcane Link
Create a link between heroes that stuns and damages.

This is an anti-overwhelmed Potion Skill as it can stun large groups which are located between the Heroes. It also does a great deal of damage but sadly the duration often leaves you wanting more.

Teleport heroes to you, leave electric areas.

This is an extremely subjective skill as it can often have no real effect in battle and when used incorrectly can actually destory teamwork. It leaves large AoE circles that will electrify any nearby enemies but the duration of them and lack of a slow or stun leaves it so they simply walk out of it.
Mage Builds
There is multiple ways you can setup your Mage, so experiment and see what works well for you.

But for those who want recommended and or experimental builds see below:

Pyromanic Mage: Assassin Offensive Perk - Your Fire bolts will take far too long to get the job done, might as well make it faster with an easy perk. Now you should do better damage once their health is 30% or less. Take that into account for a small group of mobs like the Dragons, that will be an easy kill.

The Ice Sculpture Mage: Critical Offensive Perk - Attack like crazy and try to get as many enemy blocks of ice as possible. Lock down enemies with your Ice Wall Weapon Skill whenever possible.
This build requires more testing due to the change in how the Ice Block works

STOP! Hammer time! Ice Mage: Energized Offensive Perk + Ice Wall Weapon Skill Spam. Always target groups of enemies to setup time for you to slowly kill them or for your allies to kill them. When allies go down or the need to kill spawners arise, Ice Wall enemies repeatedly until it is safe.

Stun Lord Electric Mage: Energized Offensive Perk + Electric Orb Weapon Skill Spam. Target any group that moves to instantly lock those suckers down. Keep them from moving around too much and limit the amount of damage you allow them to deal to your allies. Never stop firing electric bolts so you don't miss out on that wonderful Stun chance. In between bolt spams pop out Electric Orbs and you'll do fine.

Ultimate Lifeline (Any) Mage - Holy Ray Unique Character Perk (or Awesome Unique Character Perk) + Medic Defensive Perk + Defibrillator Potion Skill. Your Ray of Awesome will heal allies a little bit per use, while it doesn't seem like much it is still free Health that you're able to spam on them every time it's off cooldown. (if you're using the Awesome Unique Character Perk instead of Holy Ray Unique Character Perk you will have a very long Super Armor duration instead). The Medic Defensive Perk will allow you to revive your allies in mere seconds and if you believe it's too risky to get them up but still don't want to lose a Life Heart then this is where your Defibrillator Potion Skill comes in handy. It's an Area of Effect (AoE) Revive that also Heals players. If your allies are still alive but badly need Health the Defibrillator Potion Skill also acts just like the Healing Potion Skill. Keep in mind not to waste your potions when you could've gotten them up without them. Hording them until just the right moment is the difference between a smart Mage and a foolish one. Also try to keep a maximum of 2 potions on you that way if you pick up another it won't be wasted.

Any Mage: Ray of Awesome - Support your teammates by giving them Super Armor when they need it most! This is extremely effective when used on an ally trying to revive a downed teammate and often ruins a DM's plan at an easy kill. Also, you can use it to save some damage from Missiles and Mines.
The Rogue
The Rogue Hero is the critical damage dealer of a Balanced Party or the entire force of a Cleave Party. His main ability is to quickly dispatch enemies in a blink of an eye, regardless if it is a target in your sights or an enemy seeking the blood of your allies. Because of his high damage output he has what is believe to be the least amount of health. A skilled Rogue doesn't have to worry about dying if they simply do not get hit. But you need to keep aware of what is happening to you and your allies at all times. A single use of your Unique Skill Backstab can make a world of difference since it will either deal a high amount of damage or instant kill the target. Like the name implies, you can only use it at the back of your enemy and doesn't appear to work on Bosses or Elites.

There is 3 types to The Rogue: Assassin, Gunner and Archer.
The Gunner can be unlocked for 750 Coins while The Archer can be unlocked for 1,500 Coins.

The Assassin is a fast paced striker who quickly goes from target to target. He duel weilds two Daggers that pump out very fast ranged attacks. His high rate of attack and crit chance allows him to easily kill single targets and can blow down entire groups of enemies with his Weapon Skill, Power Throw which tosses out a barrage of daggers in a straight line in the direction of your choice.

Summary Details
Regular Attack
Quickly throws a dagger that travels roughly 8 inches. Does low damage but has high critical chance.
Critical Hit Regular Attack
Explodes the target dude to insanely high damage. Shows a red trail when a Critical Hit.
Weapon Skill
Power Throw
Throws a set of 3 penetrating daggers that travel roughly 8 inches. Hits multiple targets for critical or high damage.

The Gunner is a high caliber marksman who prefers well placed shots instead of a flurry of attacks like that of the Assassin. While he fires slower, each hit packs a serious punch and has a greater range. His weapon of choice is obviously High Powered Guns which makes him a long range sniper. His powerful attacks, range and speed are nicely balanced by his ability to handle large enemy groups and powerful creatures with his Weapon Skill, Explosive Shot which fires off a timed bomb onto an unsuspecting enemy. The shot will often explode instantly killing the target but can also damage nearby enemies if you kill the target before it has exploded.

Summary Details
Regular Attack
Fires a bullet that travels roughly 8.5 inches. High damaging slow shots.
Critical Hit Regular Attack
Explodes the target dude to insanely high damage. Fires a slightly larger bullet.
Weapon Skill
Explosive Shot
Tags an enemy with a timed explosive that travels roughly 8-9 inches. Explodes for high damage to the tagged enemy. If the enemy dies before the tag denotates it does morderate damage to any enemies near the target.

The Archer is the slowest attacker of his Rogue counter parts but has a better defense. He takes his time to line up a shot with his Long Bow and aims to hit as many targets as he can with his fully charged piercing arrow. If enemies get too close while he is charging up his shot he can use his Weapon Skill, Caltrops to slow them down. A fully charged shot will strike through all the enemies it passes.

Summary Details
Regular Attack
Fires an arrow that travels roughly 6-7.5 inches. Has a 0.04% chance to critically hit for 48 Damage.
Critical Hit Regular Attack
Explodes the target dude to insanely high damage. Fires a slightly brighter arrow.
Charged Regular Attack (Power Shot)
Fires a single pericing arrow that travels roughly 8-9 inches. Has a 0.08% chance to critically hit for 60 Damage.
Critical Hit Charged Regular Attack (Power Shot)
Deals 60 damage to all targets hit, travels roughly 8-9 inches.
Weapon Skill
Tosses down a circle of spiky triangles that land right where you were standing while you jump backwards a few feet. Slows multiple targets for as long as they remain within the circle. Lasts 4-5 seconds before fading away.
Rogue Potion Skills
Potions in some cases are your emergency button and in others are your major offensive.
Every Hero has their own Potion Skills that are unique to them.
You cannot use The Rogue's Bomb Potion Skill on The Warrior.

The Rogue's Potion Skills

You throw it and it explodes.

This skill is hardly useful as it can not only harm your allies but yourself as well. It does do a massive amount of damage to everything in range but it is far too problematic for what it's worth. The ability to harm allies with it often forces players to hold off on using it, thus wastes not only up to 3 potions but a chance to help your allies as well.

Shadow Run
Teleport while backstabbing multiple enemies.

This skill is your pocket multi-kill as it allows the computer to automatically Backstab a random number of targets for you. During the animation you cannot be harmed for you're given Super Armor. This can be very useful with a number of Perks and pretty much is only ever a waste if used against 1-2 enemies.

Healing Supplies
Deploy a box of healing "potions".

This skill is extremely handy as it allows you to place a barrel filled with health potions on the ground. You and your allies can use them so long as there is bottles remaining. Use the health potions sparingly as they aren't infinite but keep in mind that the entire barrel will disappear after about 1-2 minutes. Currently for reasons unknown players are able to consume potions even if their health is full.

Holy Hand Grenade
Damage enemies and heal allies.

This is a great replacement for the Bomb Potion Skill, as you can still feel the reward of damaging the enemies while healing any ally withint he blast range. So try and stick close to it if you want health. It can also be used as just a heal by placing it against an object or tossing it nearby so that your allies can stay near it for an easy heal.

Teleport and leave a copy of Rogue behind.

Quite disappointing this skill is as there is so many better options avalible. When used you simply leave a target dumby to distract nearby enemies with. The AoE of effect is fairly small and the decoy doesn't do anything other than last about a minute. Thankfully it is given an okay amount of health to soak up damage but I feel without the player actually using it for say Backstabbing it can easily be replace by less situational Potion Skills.
Rogue Builds
There is multiple ways you can setup your Rogue, so experiment and see what works well for you.

But for those who want recommended and or experimental builds see below:

The Stab Happy Assassin: Recharger Offensive Perk + Runner Defensive Perk - Run towards a group of enemies and unleash your Power Throw then quickly run behind any mob and Backstab them for an instant cooldown.

The Insta Gib Gunner: Energized Offensive Perk - Spam Explosive shot on hard to kill enemies or groups of mobs for total domination. Target DM Possessed enemies and always try to land a Explosive Shot on them, if timed correctly you can fire it off and start to revive an ally and the mob will die before ever getting the chance to touch you.

The Healing Archer: Healer Offensive Perk - Every critical you land will heal you and your allies. Now you can support just like a mage! Make sure you always fully charge your shot and aim to hit as many as you can, every time. The longer it takes to die, the better, since that means more chances to Critically Hit, thus more health for your team. Just don't try tanking everything. An Update to Dungeonland has effectively killed this Build as it no longer gives you gauranteed critical hits. You're still welcomed to try it out and see if it works for you.

The Forceful Archer: Bear Offensive Perk - This requires testing.

Any Rogue: Recharger Offensive Perk + Shadow Run Potion Skill. To make this truly effective you need to be skilled in sneaking behind beefy enemies and have a Weapon Skill you love spamming.

Any Rogue: Healing Supplies Potion Skill. This is a must replacement for anyone using the "Bomb" skills. They hurt allies and or waste time. You're better off with something more effective or at least supportive.
The Warrior
The Warrior Hero is the very backbone of a Balanced Party. He brings with him the ability to gather the attention of massive groups of enemies and to lock them down in an instant. But don't be fooled by his sluggishness, he can always get out of a sticky situation or free allies from one. He is also the only Hero who can Block damage and thus is a Unique Skill. Effectively knowing when to Block and when to strike will be the deciding factor between a good Warrior and a bad one.

There is 3 types to The Warrior: Vanguard, Lancer and Defender.
The Lancer can be unlocked for 750 Coins while The Defender can be unlocked for 1,500 Coins.

The Vanguard is a beefy Hero who can take a beating or two while giving it right back. He hits hard like a truck to the face with his final basic melee attack which will strike all enemies around him in a small Area of Effect (or AoE for short). He uses a Two-Handed Mace-like weapon and his Weapon Skill is Ground Slam which is a larger and more deadlier AoE that not only Stuns and knocks away enemies but also gives a brief moment of Super Armor which is also known as an Invulnerability Frame (an animation in which you do not take damage during).

Summary Details
Regular Attack
Bash the enemies in front of you twice before dealing a small backhanded cleave with the third. Each attack moves you forward.
Image Placeholder
Critical Hit Regular Attack
No noticable effect.
Weapon Skill
Ground Slam
Slam the ground with your hammer knocking enemies back roughly 1-2 inches and dealing damage. Stuns affected targets for 3 seconds. Also gives Super Armor. Does not work on Bosses or Elites.
Image Placeholder

The Lancer trades defensive control that his counter parts give for more aggressive attacks. He is superior when it comes down to one versus one fights. His near endless pokes with his large Two-Handed Spear allows for quick advancing attacks and his Weapon Skill Leading Charge allows for quick chases or easy getaways for not only himself but for teammates as well. If used correctly he is able to bring his entire group past large amounts of enemies and drop them right beside an annoying Spawner or pesky Structures. He can also use it to break enemy shields while his normal attacks leave a debuff on enemies. Again, during the skill you and your allies are given Super Armor. It is worth noting that The Lancer takes a keen eye to truly be effective and isn't right for everyone.

Summary Details
Regular Attack
Spear the enemies directly in front of you twice before giving them one final thrust. Does 14 damage per hit. Each attack moves you forward.
Image Placeholder
Critical Hit Regular Attack
No noticable effect.
Weapon Skill
Leading Charge
You and nearby allies charge forward roughly 2-4 inches and dealing damage. Breaks enemy shields and also gives you and your allies Super Armor. Damage is increased by 24 for every additional Hero within the blue circle for a maximum of 48.
Image Placeholder

The Defender is the toughest type the warrior has to offer, sporting Increased Armor and Longer Block durability. He focuses entirely on supporting his teammates, keeping them alive and out of trouble while controlling the battlefield with his insanely effective Weapon Skill, Shield Push which literally pushes everything out of his way with his shield. The distance the mobs are pushed is similar to that of the Vanguard's Ground Slam and likewise also stuns them. Always keep in mind the type of attacks your allies have since you don't want to spread the enemy too thin if you have an ally who can effectively deal with large groups of bundled enemies. But if their things are obviously on a cooldown, it's fair game!

Summary Details
Regular Attack
Hack at the enemies in front of you three times before dealing a heavy strike with the fourth. Each attack moves you forward.
Image Placeholder
Critical Hit Regular Attack
No noticable effect.
Weapon Skill
Sheild Push
Bash all enemies in a wide cone in front of you back roughly 4-5 inches. Stuns affected targets for 3 seconds. Does not work on Bosses or Elites.
Image Placeholder
Warrior Potion Skills
Potions in some cases are your emergency button and in others are your major offensive.
Every Hero has their own Potion Skills that are unique to them.
You cannot use The Warrior's Taunt Potion Skill on The Rogue.

The Warrior's Potion Skills

[/previewimg]Attract enemies and become invulnerable but you can't attack.

This skill is useful for situations where either You (The Warrior) need to revive an ally and cannot be given Super Armor from The Mage's Ray of Awesome or Allies need time to regroup. If they are under heavy fire from Killer Bees this will allow you to draw their attention over to you leaving them completely unguarded for your allies.

Never Surrender
Revive all allies and increase party critical chance.

This skill is your emergency button for when you're the last Hero still standing and the rest are in dire need of revives. For low difficulties you will be holding off on using this a lot of the time since being wasteful with it will cost you. But as you get into higher difficulties you'll rely on it to offset what your fellow Heroes are lacking in terms of player skill. If player skill isn't an issue for you than simply pop it when you believe you cannot pick them up normally. This Potion Skill is fantastic and the price you pay for it cannot be compared to its strategic value, once you see the difference it makes in a Boss fight you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Rush forward dealing massive damage.

This skill is very situational and can get you into trouble if you use it at the wrong time. If you're surrounded and Charge out towards the right, you might end up just in front of a bunch of idle mobs. But when used correctly it will allow you to deal out massive damage to as many enemies as you can get in between you and it's end destination.

Rage Banner
The banner enhances hero damage.

Despite it's lackluster description this baby is far from lackluster. Using this in a heavy fight with close quarters combat will be a mean combo the likes you would only see with the Charge Potion Skill. Although the duration leaves much to be desired, it is overall a great Potion Skill.
You can pick it up travel with it. While held it still gives its effect in an AoE but you cannot attack with it, attacking makes you place it.

Healing Banner
This banner slowly heals heroes.

Ah, it could've been so great! But it's only so-so. This is basically the only banner in which supports defensive playstyles but it falls short because it lacks the utilities The Green Sheep (Healing Sheep) does. It's overall healing rate is too slow (feels less than the Healing Sheep) and often causes you and your allies to huddle around it leaving you as sitting targets for ranged Monsters or a DM.
You can pick it up travel with it. While held it still gives its effect in an AoE but you cannot attack with it, attacking makes you place it.

Energy Banner
This banner reduces cooldown time for skills.

This one here can out do the Rage Banner Potion skill in a heartbeat. Problem is, you're going to want a lot of things to hurt when you're throwing one of these babies down. You also better like your Weapon Skill since you will be using that a whole lot! This shortens your cooldowns to around 0.5-1 second. The hidden potential is huge but it still suffers from a small duration.
You can pick it up travel with it. While held it still gives its effect in an AoE but you cannot attack with it, attacking makes you place it.
Warrior Builds
There is multiple ways you set up your Warrior so experiment and see what works well for you.

But for those who want recommended and or experimental builds see below:

Blastguard (Vanguard): Thorned Unique Character Perk + Charge Potion Skill + Ground Slam Weapon Skill. The way this build becomes effective is that you must always be in the line of fire or rushing to the aid of an ally about to be surrounded. Since your Block Unique Character Skill is going to break anyway might as well have it deal damage while we're at it. Gather the attention of a group of mobs and begin to block their onslaught, once your Block is broken knock them away from you with your Ground Slam Weapon Skill. If there is far too many mobs attracted to you that you know you cannot handle you're to use your Charge Potion Skill to not only get out of a bad situation but to ready yourself to repeat the process all over again.

The Duelist (Lancer): Energized Offensive Perk + Leading Charge Weapon Skill + Protection Defensive Perk + Healing Banner Potion Skill. Your main focus is to always enter a fight with your Leading Charge but always take note of where your allies are. They don't always want to be right up close to enemies. Misuse of this skill can get your allies killed very quickly. Since the Lancer cannot take hits too well we are relying on either Straifing while using Block to get in close or the Protection Defensive Perk, because you know you WILL get hit. When you're getting too low of health in a heavy battle you may use a Healing Banner Potion Skill, always use these as a last resort or if your allies are unable to do Healing of any kind.

The Assaulter (Lancer): Vampire Offensive Skill + Juggernaut Defensive Perk + Leading Charge Weapon Skill + Rage Banner Potion Skill. Your only staying power is your lifesteal from the Vampire Offensive Skill and your mobility with your Leading Charge Weapon Skill. Other than that you're very likely to get killed. The purpose of this build is to get in as many hits as possible on the enemy before dying. If you can kill them before they kill you, you live. If not, then you better hope your allies enjoy reviving you. Save the Rage Banner Potion Skill for a heavy group fight or Event/Boss battle.

Eternal Defender: Tower Unique Character Perk + Juggernaut Defensive Perk + Shield Push Weapon Skill + Never Surrender Potion Skill. - You are the strongest thing alive. The Tower Unique Character Perk allows you to take an insane amount of damage but leaves your allies open to be surrounded. This is where your Shield Push will allow you to manhandle the enemies out of your way. If an important support hero like The Mage who is setup for Healing goes down, Rogue ally can't make it for a Revive and you're too far away, The Never Surrender Potion Skill has got you covered. Like the name says, You. Will. NEVER. Surrender. But don't waste all your Potions on saving a single Hero since it will revive all your Allies upon use and give you an instant boost in your damage for a moment. Use that boost in critical chance wisely it can mean the difference between a comeback from behind and a complete loss.

Any Warrior: Taunt Potion Skill. This is best used to give yourself Super Armor so that you can revive an ally but can also be used to keep massive groups away from your allies so they can get to work killing them off. Remember upon use you CANNOT attack enemies. Teamwork and focus firing is required to make this shine.

Any Warrior: Healing Banner Potion Skill. Why should The Mage be the only one who can heal? They shouldn't have to always waste their Potion Skill on you. Take to battle with your own pocket heals with this handy dandy Banner of healing! It Heals you, your allies and is moblie. Pick yourself up one today.
Also known as "Skill Combos" or just "Combos".

Synergizing your skills with one another will give you a huge advantage against the enemy threat. Commonly it's just bonus damage but it can also be as important as a temporary Lifesteal.

A skill combo is generally created by using a sustained skill or character effect along with another skill.
The easiest way to start up a skill combo is to combine one Weapon Skill with a regular attack.
For example: The Fire Mage's regular ranged attack, Fire Bolt and The Archer's Weapon Skill, Caltrops. This results in a Boosted Fire Bolt for more damage which is marked by a Sharp Silver Plus Icon upon success. The Boosted Fire Bolt does not gain a slowing debuff.

These are the types of Icons you will see when you successfully combine Elemental Effects or when you use Weapon Skills that have Elemental Effects.

For reasons unknown, Slowing Effects and Lifesteal are considered an Elemental Effect instead of a Status Effect. Thankfully they boost your damage regardless.

While the ranged attacks of The Rogue & The Mage are the easiest to combo with, The Warrior isn't left out of the picture and has his own combos to utilize.

[Note]:During testing I was unable to confirm the Poison Element within the game. For now, there is none.

Incomplete Synergies List

✘ Doesn't
Healing (Green) Sheep
Burning (Orange) Sheep
Fire Wall (Fire Mage)
Ice Wall (Ice Mage)
Electric Orb (Electric Mage)
Caltrops (Archer)
Fire Mage Regular Attack
Fire Mage Fire Wall
Ice Mage Regular Attack
Ice Mage Ice Wall
Electric Mage Regular Attack
Electric Mage Electric Orb
Assassin Regular Attack
Assassin Power Throw
Gunner Regular Attack
Gunner Explosive Shot
Archer Regular Attack
Archer Power Shot
Vanguard Regular Attack
Vanguard Ground Slam
Lancer Regular Attack
Lancer Leading Charge
Defender Regular Attack
Defender Shield Push

Ice Mage's Critical Hit ~ Ice Block + Defender's Shield Push = Moving Ice Block.
This has yet to be tested.

  • Information is from Self Knowledge, Testing and the Paradox Interactive Forums.
  • Similar information can be found on a Guide called Class Strategy guide.
Team Compositions
Since Dungeonland is a team heavy game there is a number of ways to setup your group. Naturally it will be based on the play styles of at least 3 different people but it never hurts to play with roles in mind.

A Balanced Party is a Group containing The Warrior, The Rogue & The Mage. It simply is the standard group for most players and often nicely counter balances each classes weaknesses or shortcomings. It is suggested to start off with a Balanced Party until you get the feel for what each Hero can do.

A Cleave Party is a Group focused on killing enemies quickly before dying off. It contains At least 2 Damage Dealers and One Support. For example: 2 Rogues and 1 Mage or 2 Mages and 1 Warrior.
Another form of a Cleave Party can be entirely made up of Damage Dealers. For example: All Rogues.

King Slayer Party is an odd Party type that has one of each type of Rogue, The Assassin, The Gunner & The Archer. This one hardly works without the right type of Perks and Potion Skills. With all Heroes being low Health Rogues, one wrong move can wipe your entire group. It takes great player skill, team coordination, excellent timing on Weapon Skills and Potion Skills. When used correctly your team will blow through most offensives the DM has to offer, just don't go around thinking you can't be killed.

The Three Musketeers Party is a Group made entirely of Lancers. This requires extreme focus on cooldowns and moving as a group which then instantaneously spreads out like a swarm of ants ruining everything in its path. If you or your allies get low in health it is noted that, without words, you regroup to keep each other alive until the situation calls for spreading out again.

Elemental Party is a Group made entirely of Mages. For a highly effective team, have 1 Fire Mage, 1 Ice Mage and 1 Electric Mage. The Fire and Ice Mages are to focus any groups that have been stunned by the Electric Mage. The Ice Mage is great at keeping enemies in the right range for the Fire Mage to hit them all with an Area of Effect (AoE) Damage over Time (DoT). While the Electric Mage can easily handle anything that isn't a boss mob. Gather the elements and unleash hell!
The Dungeon Maestro
The Dungeon Maestro (DM) is the epitome of malevolence but can show leniency. Your goal is to bring pain, death and suffering upon the lowly Heroes who have entered Dungeonland. You will use every trick in the book to defeat them and aren't scared of a little sleight of hand or dirty work to get the job done. You'll have to use your wits to manage your Mana and Cards to get the biggest jump on those dumb Heroes. During your rule you'll be automatically drawing Cards that you can either save for the right moment or use right away if you have the Mana for it. Think of it like a Card Game, you can only have so many in your hand and if they aren't used before a certain mark, you lose them. But with this you're able control what the Heroes can do and what monsters they have to face. You have the power to make it fun for the Heroes as well, or utterly hellish. So now that you know what your purpose in life is, it's time to get started!

[Note]:The Dungeon Maestro can only be played with a Keyboard & Mouse.

What is Possession? Why should I care about using it?
This is an innate Ability, solely for the express entertainment of the Dungeon Maestro and the satisfaction of killing the Heroes yourself. Possession, like the name implies, allows you to possess and take control of a minion of your choosing. To possess a minion simply click on them and you should see a prompt appear on screen displaying "Possession [F]". Simply hit [F] to take control and enjoy using the skills of the minion yourself. When you successfully possessed a minion, it will have a tiny version of your DM Hat on its head as well as an evil purple aura around it. You're also able to unleash your selected Possession DM Ability with [Space]. This is a skill you grant yourself to use when you have possessed a minion and can be changed at the Selection Screen. See "So how do I get new Cards & Abilities?" for more information.

Possession can also be used to Steal gold away from the Heroes. It does not directly display the coins gained but you still gain them.
Possession does NOT work on Spawners, you cannot select the amount of enemies it will spawn or the types as it is completely random.

[Note]:If you have changed any of the Keyboard controls then hit the Button you have changed it to. To double check go to the Options Menu in the Main Menu and select Controls.

What is an Evil Meter?
When playing as The DM in Dungeon Maestro Mode there is a large bar towards the bottom right of the screen. This fills up for each villainous deed performed, such as:
  • Player Damage (Damaged Heroes) +1 Evil
  • Downed Hero (Bring a Hero's health to zero) +2 to +3 Evil
  • Hero Death (Defeat a Hero) +2 to +3 Evil
  • Possession Damage (Attack a Hero with a Possession) +3 to +4 Evil
  • Possessed Monster Death (Possessed Monster Dies) -3 Evil
  • Kill Door (Heroes make it to the Gate) +35 to +39Evil

[Note]:The exact number of Points of Evil for each deed and what they require is still being tested.

Each of these will give or take away a point that is placed into a counter before being added into your Evil Meter's pool. The more deeds you can achieve at one time before being added into the pool, the better; as this will often result in getting to the next Tier quickly.
This is an assumption and not the offical word.

Okay, What are Tiers?
Tiers are a key part of any good DM's arsenal because they unlock important restricted abilities.
You start off at Tier 1 which takes 50 Points of Evil to advance to Tier 2. It takes 100 Points of Evil to advance to Tier 3. Tier 3 is where the real fun of the DM starts to take a more sinister turn. Once you reach a Maximum of 150 Points of Evil, you're given the choice of Event Cards you did not have access to before. Each Event Card can quite easily upset a team's balance when used correctly. If used incorrectly, it will feel as if you wasted all that time and effort, only to have the Heroes defeat it with little to no trouble. Currently you can Select to either Summon a Powerful Elite (Mini-Boss Event) or Summon a random Gargantuan Horde (Mass Mob of random Monsters with 1 Elite). Hopefully in the future they will most likely give random choices between multiple Event Cards or outright allow us to select and purchase the Event Cards like any other Card or Ability.

The Evil Laughter Button
Muwahahaaha! This button is loved by many DM's and hated by most Heroes. While the game allows you to spam it as much as you please, it is suggested that you think against doing so. Too much time spamming the button means less of an onslaught against the Heroes. Save the button for when you Down a Hero, Trick them, Are waiting for Mana or did something truly evil like stall them for time. Often a lot of the time you're spending hitting the Evil Laugh Button could've been using the Possession Ability to attack and pressure them which will result in more Points of Evil if successful. A good DM knows when it's time to laugh and time to bring the CAKE OF PAIN*! (*It's a lie, it's just pain.)

Where and what is my Mana?
At the very bottom of the screen, DM's will be able to see 6 circles that are filled with purple. These represent the total amount of Mana you have and are consumed when a Card is casted. The circle will appear empty after being spent but they will slowly refill themselves so take this time to plan or harass the Heroes as you see fit. Your Mana is refilled everytime the Heroes make it to a Gate as well as the Cards in your hand. The number on the Cards is the amount of Mana that is require to cast it. The more powerful the Card is, the more Mana it will require. This makes saving Mana for a tactical advanage, often wise.

So how do I get new Cards & Abilities?
As the DM you don't acquire new Cards or Abilities from the same shop the Heroes do. You purchase them from your Selection Screen in Dungeon Maestro Mode. Choose the type of card you wish to purchase by attempting to select a Card or Ability as a key part of your Plan. Plans are a type of Load out you will be using against the Heroes. You will see other available Cards & Abilities depending on what you have selected.

To improve yourself as a DM, you need to know the different types of Cards & Abilities as well as how much they cost. Below is a table listing the different types and their total costs. Individual prices can be found in-game for now.

DM Costs
Dungeon Maestro Cards & Abilities
Card Type
Total Cost
All 6 Trick Spell Cards
4,000 Coins
All 5 Structure Spell Cards
3,150 Coins
All 5 Combat Spell Cards
4,350 Coins
All 4 Trap Spell Cards
2,200 Coins
All 5 Support Spell Cards
4,000 Coins
All 9 Monster Cards
6,100 Coins
All 5 Special Cards
5,600 Coins
All 6 Boss Cards
15,300 Coins
All 3 Possession Abilities
1,200 Coins
All 10 DM Traits
8,700 Coins
Total Cost of All DM Cards & Abilities
54,600 Coins
Last updated as of 05/02/2013

[Note]: Starting Cards & DLC Items have no Coin costs but are still counted.
Trick, Structure & Combat Cards Breakdown
Everything the Dungeon Maestro uses in the dungeon is called a Card except for Possession Skills & DM Traits. As shown by the DM Cost Table above.

So what can these Cards & Abilities do against the Heroes?
Most Cards have different ways to be used, some are very effective at stalling them while others are strictly for murdering them. Stalling the Heroes is good because it allows for more time to gather Mana or wait for the next Card Draw. Murdering the Heroes is quite obviously good but even an attempt at killing them can often yield great results like Points of Evil.

Trick Spell Cards
[DLC] Ace Up The Sleeve: Draw 2 Cards "One step back, two steps forward"

Easily a great card when you're in dire need of additional Cards or just want a few new ones. Careful of the Mana cost as using too many of these can leave you lacking the Mana require to be offensive. If you're not careful they will make it to the Gate and you will lose any Cards you currently have.

Confusion: Inverts the controls of a Hero "Would a fly without wings be called a 'Walk'?"

One of the most annoying spells to use against Heroes as there is no sound way to counter this other than just dealing with it until it's duration is over. Using this while Heroes are in a heavy team fight will almost guarantee you at least 1 Hero Downed or wasted Potion Skill.

Discord Curse: Curses a Hero with a turret that fires at the other Heroes "No friendship can endure a few shots in the face"

Again another skill best used when Heroes are busy fighting enemies. It can serve as a delaying tactic for 1 Hero of your choosing but unless used with something else they will quite easily shrug it off or ignore it entirely. You want to maximize your potential damage and force them to stay together to make full use of it.

False Drop: Creates a false item that explodes on pick up "Nothing says 'evil' like a turkey filled with explosives"

This one almost guarantees damage against the Heroes if placed directly where you know they will have to go. It's duration isn't insanely long so make sure they have to go towards it to be effective. They only way they can avoid its damage is if they are not only aware that it's a false drop but have some sort of Super Armor or damage reducing effect.

[DLC] Mana Mimic: Places a false chest that recharges your Mana when opened "Of course I can't open the chest myself. That's preposterous"

This one can be very useful or absolutely worthless, it depends greatly on the type of players you have and your placement. If you have a group of Heroes that don't go for Chests you will not gain anything at all. If you place it and it doesn't look like it naturally spawned there (I.E on some strange angle or in the middle of the stage) they will most likely leave it be. If you're lucky you will have a player who wishes to make as much Coins as he can and will open any Chests they see.

Swap Positions: Trades Heroes' positions between each other "Wait a minute. If I am here, who is driving?"

This one allows you to force one random lucky Hero to the selected Hero's position. Using this you can easily setup a trap and have the wrong Hero spring it only to correct that and make it the right one (I.E Warrior instead of Mage, Replaced with Mage). It also can be used just before a Warrior is about to block loads of damage to possibly net you an easy Downed Hero.

Structure Spell Cards

Beer Tower: Builds a Tower that fires at the Heroes "Alcohol is bad for your health in many ways."

This Tower can be a minor annoyance or overpowered death trap for those pesky Heroes. If you place it far enough away so that ranged Heroes can't simply kill it off and there is too many minions between it and the Heroes for them to rush to kill it; you will have something that not only supports your monsters but also forces the Heroes to avoid it's attacks. Each attack will splatter on the ground with an AoE that does continuous damage to Heroes standing in it.

Blocking Wall: Places a wall that blocks Heroes "Denied!"

Yes, it's a wall and no, it's not useless. You can use it to divide Heroes from each other or one in need of revive and cause them to spend a Life Heart. You can simply use it to give you enough time to draw another card and or gain Mana. The Heroes might not enjoy it but it allows for much better gameplay choices. If placed correctly there is no way to bypass it or counter it.

Resurrection Tower: Builds a Tower that resurrects nearby monsters "Cheaper than hiring new ones!"

Like the Beer Tower this can be extremely overpowered. Roughly every 1-2 seconds it will have had enough time to build up a shot which it fires out to any remains of a defeated monster within it's area and brings it back to life with full health. If the Heroes were already having trouble advancing forward, this will make it even harder for them. Sadly, it suffers from the same flaws the Beer Tower does, as it has to be close enough to be effective but you don't want Ranged Heroes killing it off easily.

[DLC] Trapping Walls: Create 4 destructible walls to surround a Hero "Try not ruin the dungeon's feng shui"

This one is overly situational and it's lack of placement clarity often causes you to make a mistake. But when you get it off without a hitch it's a box to trap Heroes within. It forces its way up from the ground with 4 breakable walls of mud and rock (hopefully that is what it is). Low health Rogue too fast for your minion? Trap him inside with them. This also works well with setting traps in the area of where the box will come or to have loads of Beer Towers firing at them.

I'm Your Biggest Fan: Builds a giant Fan that pushes everything away "Give it time, it'll just blow over"

The ultimate staller is this pesky fan. It not only seemingly takes a while before Heroes can kill it but it often keeps them far enough away that they can't even hit it. Having multiple of these currently halt all progress of the Heroes. It's suggested to be fair only have 2 blowing at the same direction at a time.

Combat Spell Cards
Real Missiles: Creates a target for a missile barrage. "When the magic ones are not enough"

This spell is a pain in the ♥♥♥♥, literally. You just select where you want to bring the hurt and it slams it right on them. It explodes after about 2 seconds, but it's so sudden that often Heroes who are attempting to get out of range are still hit by it.

Bully Push: Gives one Hero a strong push. "It's funny because he's fat!"

This one is highly subjective as you will often get one when you least need it. It can be used to force Heroes into traps and since it stuns them as well, it will be a nice surprise. It works very well when people are trying to get a revive off, as it will push them far away or into the nearest object.

[DLC] Fire Circle: Creates a circle of fire. "CAUTION: burning Heroes may emit horrible smell"

Think of this like a pocket Orange Sheep blast, as it leaves a large AoE on the ground that damages Heroes. While the damage doesn't seem like much it will still force them to move off of it. Great for getting Heroes to leave a Banner or Healing Area.

Darkness: Creates an area where players can't see. "This spell is dark and full of terrors"

This allows you to hide minions, spawners, chests and all manner of things from the Heroes view. The problem is that it doesn't stop them from still killing things, so take this into account before placing it down.

Polimorph To Sheep: Transforms a Hero into a harmless sheep. "Also known as 'forced evolution'" It should say Polymorph but doesn't

This one turns a select Hero into a sheep so they can't kill anything but still can be killed. Often makes a easy kill for a DM when used on a low heath Hero in combat.
Trap & Support Spell Cards Breakdown
Trap Spell Cards
Originally posted by MasterOfLazyness:
You've activated my TRAP card!

Curse Trap: Places a trap that causes Heroes to receive extra damage when sprung. "The heroes will be the ones cursing after this one."

This card roughly increases damage done to heroes by like 20-30%. You will want to force the entire party to pass over it, so that you can get them all within it. Even getting one Hero with the debuff will benefit you greatly as they will be THAT MUCH easier to kill.

Ice Trap: Places a trap that freezes Heroes in place when sprung. "It's like frozen food, but much more fun!"

A great staller in trap form. This allows easy damage for ranged minions and time to close in for melee minions. It's mainly used for stopping their advancement but can also be used to stop the Heroes from retreating from powerful enemies. Sadly, it doesn't stop them from attacking or using their dodge.

Mines: Places a group of dangerous mines in an area. "This year's Evil Lord Choice for best garden decoration"

Easily one of the most popular used Cards as it forces Heroes to either take the damage or take their sweet time to set off all four of the mines. They also explode with a knockdown that allows for sweet setups. The downside is if they can ignore damage entirely, you will lose the full effectiveness of these.

Monster Trap: Places a trap that teleports all nearby monsters to it when sprung. "Free Hero body parts right here!"

This allows you to take your entire force of minions on the field and toss them directly in front of the Heroes when it's sprung. Careful about this though as it can be sprung by a Hero as your minions are busy attempting to kill another Hero. See "Card Combos & Counters" for more information.

Support Spell Cards

Freeze: Freezes one Hero in place for a few seconds. "Stand still, enjoy the view"

This allows you to select 1 annoying Hero of your choice and lock them in place. Great for letting ranged or strong melee minion to get the drop on a Hero. Used at the right time will more often than not, get you Points of Evil.

Monster Circle: Summons a circle of monsters. "I still think a Monster Triangle would be cooler"

This picks a random monster type and summons 10 of them around a Hero. This can be extremely deadly depending on the type of monster that gets summoned. If all the monsters you have are only made up of effective fighters you will leave that unlucky Hero scrambling to escape.

Healing Area: Creates a magical area that heals monsters. "A healthy employee is a happy one"

Simple yet highly effective! This allows you to place a constant heal on your minions in a massive AoE. This is great when used to defend Spawners and force the Heroes to make use of choke points or retreat. It's also good at keeping the DM alive while using Possession and can make Elite fights downright nasty.

Ninja Monsters: Makes a group of monsters invisible, except when attacking. "Only fools walk the path of good and honor."

Take the ability of the Stalkers and fuse them with the selected group of minions of your choosing and you have an instant surprise squad for the Heroes. This can be deadly if used with Possession and the selected monsters' ability. For example: Invisible Imps.

Teleport Monsters: Teleports all nearby monsters to the target location. "Earned Dungeonland an award in sustainable transportation solutions."

Like a mini version of Monster Trap, it allows you to easily defend structures or Spawners in an instant. If the Heroes are getting too far from your minion horde using this at the right moment will have them right back in trouble.
Monster & Special Cards Breakdown
Monster Cards

Orc Berserker: Very tough, become enraged when damaged. "Hero-killing performance makes up for their therapy expenses"

Despite what the description says, these guys are not very tough. In fact their only saving grace is the fact that they become enraged which greatly increases their attack speed and movement speed. The downside is that they are still quite easily killed before their Enrage which takes too long before it's ready. To make up for this, have them supported by another type of monster or in vast numbers.

Dragon: Very fast and dangerous attacks, run away when attacked. "Disclaimer: they are dragons, not dinosaurs"

Aww, it's a tiny little drag- Ow this HURTS! These guys are not to be underestimated. They will happily attack away at Heroes until attempting to flee. While their damage might not be the greatest they will often be left alone by the Heroes to take on the tougher enemies first. This allows them to continuously rack up Points of Evil for the DM, or just simply whittle down the Heroes health.

Dire Duck: Sleeps until disturbed, rage attacks. "They are actually quite calm. They just like sleeping a little too much"

These ducks aren't happy that the Heroes woke them up from their sound slumber. They're ready with their dukes up and have been known to whirlwind the crap out of them. They're effective in small numbers as they are in huge groups. The downside is, if they aren't whirl winding, they're easily taken down. But because of how effective their attack is, they are often prioritised by the Heroes.

Monkey Commander: Bosses the monkeys around. "Some of our most disciplined employees, fresh from our MBA in cannon fodder management"

While the head honcho Commander might not be much of a threat to deal with, his monkeys are.
They are extremely aggressive and will cluster around Heroes, slashing quickly. The monkeys often keep the Heroes busy while the Commander tosses his Spear at them. Sadly, sometimes there aren't enough monkeys with him to truly be effective with just him. So use him with a plan in mind or a Card Combo.

Wizard: Weak and fast, cast Lightning to surprise the Heroes. "Couldn't reach the higher shelves, learned just a single spell"

Quite obviously one of the most cannon fodder type of enemies but don't let that fool you. Their job isn't to be tough to kill, it's to be completely underestimated. They rush toward their target with single minded focus and can stun Heroes with Lightning. They're cheap and can easily lock down a hero if they allow too many to get close; the hero will be completely overwhelmed and makes for an easy kill.

Skeleton Archer: Slow arrow attacks, but very effective in groups. "Hire the undead, save on medical benefits"

There isn't much to say about these guys, they're only good from afar and in groups. They take forever and a half to get their shot setup (similar to that of the Rogue Archer). A single Archer will not be as effective as a group of them. Thankfully when ready, their arrows will leave almost no opportunity to escape. They can easily take down a Rogue or a Mage with only a few hits, on harder difficulties.

Killer Bee: Slow but very dangerous ranged attacks. "23% of adventurers are allergic to bees. Market research sees this as an opportunity"

These are by far the worst enemies to underestimate! They can kill you if you aren't paying them enough attention. Their shots are slow moving but travel very far, often forcing Heroes to retreat. If there is enough of them firing, the Heroes only option will be to kill or be killed.

Imp: Carry big shields and can make deadly charge attacks. "Make sure to check the work visas of all extra-planar employees"

These are perfect all-around minions, they're good against melee and range alike. Their shields soak up damage which gives them time to use their Heavy Charge attack, with their "Crescent Moon Shovel" (Yue Ya Chan) Spear to thrust into Heroes. It often deals tremendous amounts of damage and has been known to be difficult to dodge multiple at once. Sadly, once their shield breaks they also lose their spears and pull out a mace. At that point in time their usefulness is at an all time low.

Troll: Very slow, regenerate life and stun Heroes with their cleaves. "At your disposal for tactical trolling"

These guys are "very tough" as they have a high amount of health, the ability to naturally regenerate health and a very effective AoE Bash that stuns Heroes. Sadly, their slow lumbering movement and equally slow attack speed will more often than not make them easy targets for ranged Heroes. The only thing that will help them against that is their insanely wide Stun. Make good use of their stun and try to keep them alive to truly make them effective minions.

Special Cards

Rabbit Breeder: Summons suicidal bunnies, teleports and throws energy balls. "And people think training lions is dangerous"

This allows you to easily distract or stall the Heroes. It enjoys attacking from behind or the sidelines but is often known for attacking with fellow minions. It's ability to send baby rabbits that hurt on contact is serious business. It can easily take out a Hero if they aren't careful of them. The babies are merely the icing on the cake as his energy balls "hadokens" travel far as well as fast. Sadly, they can easily be avoided; to make up for this it does a great amount of damage per shot.

Phoenix: Flies, fires lasers, becomes bigger and lays eggs. "Really, stop calling her 'chicken'. It's kind of a sore spot"

These are an overall pain to deal with as their lasers are extremely effective and also knocks down Heroes when hit. After time has passed they can become a "Fat Phoenix" which makes them a lot tougher to kill but limits their attacks. No longer being able to fly or shoot lasers the only thing left to do is butt bounce around the stage. The bounce is a large AoE attack that is also easily avoided but does just as well as the laser in terms of damage.

Ninja Ratman: Very fast, throws shurikens and poison flasks, creates smoke on death. "Trained by the fearsome Turtle Master Hanzo"

Very similar to the Rabbit Breeder, he can use a means to distract Heroes while dealing a good amount of damage to them. He also is able to create areas of poison that should force them to retreat to safety.

Giant Spider: Traps Heroes in a web, jumps and attacks from close range. "I'll be frank, they even give *me* the creeps"

Pretty much the best in its class as it can not only take hits but easily lock Heroes down. You can have only one and it can Web an unexpected Hero and begin to kill them. If the Heroes nearby don't notice and assist the Hero they will easily be downed by it alone. Next it can easily get from one place to another, so that no Hero is too fast or too far!

Stalkers: Invisible predators that attack from the shadows. "They will go for them. One at a time"

These minions love being hidden and only pop out of it when they attempt an attack. Normally it only takes a few of them to get a single Hero at low health. Often the Heroes are not expecting it and don't know how to spot them. Sadly, they are quickly killed off if focused.
Boss Cards & DM Fight Breakdown
Boss Cards
Knowing how the boss works for a DM can also allow Heroes to know what to expect during the encounter.

The Beerholder
Supported by small minions, ranged damage dealer. "A considerable public relations problem, but still very good at hero killing"

[Left Mouse Click] Fires 3 bolt projectiles in a narrow cone spread.
[Right Mouse Click] Fires a Beer Blob that arcs at Heroes, makes AoE splash. (Just like the Beer Tower)
[Q] Gathers energy in a red aura for a few seconds, then explodes for massive damage.
[E] Summons one of the following helpful minions to aid The Beerholder:
  • A Minion that has knockback attacks.
  • A Minion that fires projectiles.
  • A Minion that curses a Hero until death. Noted by a purple colored beam.
  • A Minion that gives the Beerholder Super Armor until death. Noted by a yellow colored beam.
[Spacebar] Teleports the Beerholder. Also known to swap places with a minion or spawn a minion to switch with.
[G] Ultimate Spawns 4 minions that gives the Beerholder Super Armor until death. He also randomly spawns a large number of his other minions as well.

At 30% Health, all [Left Click] related bolt projectiles will spread out in a Y like pattern continuously, until defeated.

The Elder Dragon
Aggressive, demolishes Heroes with fire attacks and stomps. "Fiddlesticks! Now you'll see what's what"

[Left Mouse Click] Stomps the area directly in front of him.
[Right Mouse Click] Slames his staff down at the ground, stirking any nearby Heroes.
[Q] Sucks Heroes towards the Elder Dragon in a long cone.
[E] Unleashes a continuous beam of fire that is controlled by the DM. Cannot move during skill.
[Spacebar] Launches into the sky to bombard any Heroes in his path with flames. Also knocks back Heroes in the way.
[G] Ultimate Unknown.

At 30% Health, The Elder Dragon ignites the outer rim of the arena continuously, until defeated.

Hippo The Griffon
Fast and maneuverable, can fly around and bombard the Heroes. "innovative solutions is what this contractor is all about. Also poop"

[Left Mouse Click] Basic punch attack, can be chained up to 3 times with the final hit knocking Heroes back.
[Right Mouse Click] Fires an unstoppable bubble that pushes Heroes.
[Q] Fires rapid blaster shots. Cannot move during skill as you are aiming
[E] Lunches into the sky to bombard Heroes with Poo [Left Mouse Click] that slows movement. Can be stopped early to rocket back down with an AoE Knockback effect.
[Spacebar] Rockets forward an extremely short distance.
[G] Ultimate Similar to the [E] Skill, where you launch into the sky but this time to bombard Heroes with mines that denotate quickly.

At 30% Health, The Hippo's rocketpack is heavily damaged and will rocket forward every few seconds, until defeated.

The Mind Squid
Confuses Heroes, good balance between offense and monster support. "To flay or not to flay? That is the question"

[Left Mouse Click] Bashes any Heroes directly in front of him and knocks them back.
[Right Mouse Click] Fires about 8 Projectiles in all directions.
[Q] Draws in Heroes towards the Mind Squid in a large AoE.
[E] Activates a barrier that reflects ranged attacks and forces Heroes to get closer.
[Spacebar] Unknown.
[G] Ultimate Instantly disappears and spawns 3 clones. Hides among them. Clones appear to deal less damage and have less health than the Main Boss.
Also spawns pools of confusion around 4 corners of the area.

At 30% Health, 4 portals will appear in the arena that will continuously spawn minions, until defeated. The attacks with the [E] Skill will fire out and zigzag randomly.

The Minocow
Summons and supports smaller monsters, use them as weapons. "Moo"

[Left Mouse Click] Basic attack, nothing special.
[Right Mouse Click] Sends a wave that pushes Heroes and minions.
[Q] Sprays healing milk for the minions directly in front.
[E] Summons a group of minions to aid the Minocow.
[Spacebar] Charges forward with any nearby minions for increased damage (Similar to the Lancer's Leading Charge).
[G] Ultimate Goes into a mindless frenzy. Has increased damage and knocks back any Heroes touched, for the duration. Also loses abilites for the duration.

At 30% Health, Heroes will be trapped in a circular fence in the center of the arena, until defeated. Works nicely with the Ultimate.

The Lumber Tree
Very slow and tough, conjures walls and weapons. "Poster boy for the 'Kill a hero, save a Tree" movement.

Instead of summoning minions he summons rotating axes that damage Heroes until killed.
[Left Mouse Click] Chops the area directly in front of him.
[Right Mouse Click] Summons and kicks a log that damages and knocks back Heroes.
[Q] Summons an axe wielding root from the ground that damages nearby Heroes until killed.
[E] Summons 4 walls from the ground to trap Heroes. Can break the walls to close in for a quick use of [Left Mouse Click]. (Just like the [DLC] Trapping Walls Card)
[Spacebar] When held, The lumber Tree channels a spell that increases the size of his Axe Wielding Roots and causes the attack speed of his Rotating Axes & Axe Wielding Roots to be greatly increased. Cannot move during skill.
[G] Ultimate Blasts Heroes with a constant wind that makes reviving difficult. Also speeds up his Rotating Axes' movement.

At 30% Health, The Lumber Tree lights himself on fire with an overly large match to burn continuously, until defeated. Adds fire trails to his movement as well as his [Right Mouse Click] attack.

  • Information is from Self Knowledge, Minor Testing and SuperGoomba64 from the Paradox Interactive Forums.
Possession Abilities & Traits Breakdown
Possession Abilities

Evil Blink: Fast teleport across short distances. "Effective management means being everywhere at once"

This allows you to effectively close the gap to a Hero or easily escape a fatal blow. Using this effectively allows for well placed 'Run and Gun' tactics. Only use if you plan on being very aggressive against the Heroes, as it can easily be replaced with something less situational.

Evil Freeze: Freeze Heroes in a flash around you. "Frozen Hero on a Stick is a Dungeonland delicacy"

This is your perfect "Halt! You shall go no further!" type of ability. It blasts out an ice nova that locks Heroes in place for easy pickings. It's also very useful to rush towards a Hero and hit them with it at the last minute so they can't move to revive an ally.

Evil Heal: Heal yourself and monsters around you. "Medical services discounted on the paycheck" This ability has been changed in a Game Update which makes it no longer heal you but still heals all minions around you.

Think of it like an instant Healing Area Spell Card that just happens to not work for you though. Yes, its overall effectiveness has been lowered since the changes but it can still be helpful or handy to have with the right enemy types.

DM Traits

[DLC] Built Solid: Structures have 50% extra durability. "Science Minions are very proud of the extra durable cardboard"

Are you a big fan of using the Beer Tower or even the Resurrection Tower? Then this is a handy thing if those pesky Heroes keep gunning for them. It pretty much increases the amount of time it will take before it dies. A few more hits can be the difference between a Hero Downed and one alive.

Mana Maniac: Get one extra Mana. "Mana is never enough"

While it isn't the best choice to have, it does allow for you to summon at least 2 very power cards or groups in one shot. Having your Mana increased to 7 allows for a Monster Card of 4 & 3 to be used right away. This can instantly give the Heroes a hard time as it's not something they would be expecting to happen so quickly.

[DLC] Gladiator: Your Possession Skill recharges 50% faster. "If you want something done right..."

It's not talking about the cooldown of Possession its self (that does not have a cooldown), it's talking about the ability you can use while you have possessed a minion. Being able to use Evil Heal or Evil Freeze 50% sooner every time you want it, is seriously better than it seems.

Long Sleeves: Get one extra Card on your hand. "It's not cheating if they can't see it"

You get an extra Card in your hand, it's that simple. Instead being able to hold 6 cards you get 7. Every time you hand is refreshed you will have one more card, each and every time.

Hordes of Things: Regular monster Summon spells come with extra monsters. "There is no such thing as overkill"

Seriously effective at overwhelming the Heroes with monsters. If you ever thought that you weren't getting enough minions to attack at the Heroes, you will with this. Sadly, I do not believe this effects Event Cards like the Summon a Gargantuan Horde.

Quick Draw: Draw Cards and regenerate Mana 20% faster. "Patience is for the virtuous"

It doesn't seem like much but it's pretty damn nice. You get new cards faster and you get to use cards faster, all by 20%. That percent can make a large difference when you're off playing minion against a few Heroes.

Combat Master: When a Hero is downed by a Spell, refresh your hand. "It's not about who hits first, but who hits last"

There hasn't been a lot of tests with this one but it seems like if you Down a Hero with a trap or combat spell you will get a full hand of new cards or it will be the same amount as you had before but with new cards. Requires more testing

[DLC] Stealth Traps: Traps are completely invisible for the Heroes. "Watch your step... OR NOT"

Do you love tricking the Heroes? How about giving them surprise after surprise? Well, you will LOVE this. Take all the traps you placed before that those Heroes continued to try and avoid, now make them completely invisible. They can't see where they are but you can. It makes using Mines as a source of damage a lot better but this applies to other ones as well.

The Prestige: 50% Chance to broadcast a different spell than the one you are using. "Are you watching closely?"

Every spell you use the Heroes are told about it in advance as a kind of hint for what to look out for. It often goes unnoticed since they are busy dealing with monsters or just plain killing things. You will only need this if the Heroes have a habit of knowing what you're up to.

Free Rider: Possessed monster have 50% less Evil bounty. "New Law Minions trickery for dodging monster labor legislations!"

The game currently does not clearly state what Evil Bounty is and therefore is unknown at this time.

Card Combos & Hero Counters
What is a Card Combo?
A Card Combo is the use of multiple cards at once to have a greater effect against the Heroes. They often require knowledge of how the card works and the right timing to properly use them effectively.

A counter is what you will do against different abilities of the DM. I have left some suggestions along with different Card Combos, below.

Mines + I'm Your Biggest Fan.
Angle your fans towards the mines to force Heroes to have to run straight through, with the mines there it will be an obvious trap that they have no choice but to set off. For an extra garuantee that they will take damage, place a Freeze Trap or Freeze the Hero on top of the mines.

This can be countered by using Super Armor from either The Warrior or The Mage. It can also be set off by a skilled player who runs towards them then lets the fans push them away from the Mines.

Mines + Stealth Traps Trait (Also works well with other traps obviously).
Place mines in hallways, doorways and other choke point areas. The traps cannot be seen by the Heroes and can kill them if they aren't ready for it.

This can be countered by always moving slowly around doorways, the odd hallway and gates to check for mines. Listen carefully for the beep and a click, if you hear it, chances are that's a mine and you need to run and dodge out of harms way. If you have seen the DM use mines at least once you should be aware they will use them again.
Levels & Stages
Here you can find information on the different attractions and how they will be setup, here at Dungeonland. There doesn't appear to be much (or any) randomization in the level layouts so you will always an idea where Gates and Tiny Boxes are.

Gates (also known as Kill Door) in Dungeonland are marked off by a large glowing wall that is either Green or Red in color. A Green Gate means you can continue past it but a Red Gate often means you must defeat nearby enemies. Once nearby enemies are defeated the Red Gate will turn Green. Sometimes the nearby enemies are on the other side of the Gate or is a Spawner that needs killing somewhere on the map.

Gates refill Heroes health to maximum and refresh the available cards of the Dungeon Maestro.
So if you're playing as the Heroes don't waste time gathering health items or wasting Heals when you aren't that far from a Green Gate. As for the Dungeon Maestro, you will want to spend as much Mana and Cards as you can before the Heroes pass the Gate. Remember, you are given Full Mana and a new lineup of Cards. Sometimes enemies that are spawned or are remaining in the area before the Heroes pass the Gate are often instantly killed. Don't worry too much about this.

[Note]: The Dinosaur and The Spawner are selected as Neutral because they do not directly attack you. The Spawner can only summon random packs of enemy units while The Dinosaur only follows the instructions of the rider.

The following information is based on Hard Difficulty with no Challenges selected as indicated by . This is for Player knowledge and strategies.

The Cannibal Kingdom ★
This seemingly is the second area although commonly selected by new players as the beginning. It is much harder than The Arcane Kingdom in terms of enemy grouping and clusters.

Enemy Types:
  • Dire Duck
  • Monkey Commander
  • Monkies
  • Killer Bee

  • Dinosaur
  • Spawner

Stage 1: Enemies. Spawners. Dinosaur. Man-eating Slug Bonus Stage.
Stage 2: Enemies. Spawners.
Boss: The Lumber Tree

The Dungeon Maestro Tower ★
Not to be confused with Dungeon Maestro Mode
This should be completed when you have finished The Cannibal Kingdom and The Arcane Kingdom.

Enemy Types:
  • Orc Berserkers
  • Trolls
  • Skeleton Archers
  • Ninja Ratmen
  • Giant Spider

  • Spawner

Stage 1: Enemies. Spawners. Sheep Cannon Bonus Stage.
Stage 2: Enemies. Spawners. Onslaught Bonus.
Boss: The Beer Holder

The Arcane Kingdom ★
This is the starting point since the tutorial has been shown on this stage and has less of an onslaught against you.

Enemy Types:
  • Dragon
  • Imp
  • Wizard
  • Rabbit Breeder
  • Phoenix

  • Spawner

Stage 1: Enemies. Spawners. Exploding Frog Bonus Stage.
Stage 2: Enemies. Spawners.
Boss: The Elder Dragon.
Item Shop

Here you will find some information about the Item Shop.

Item Type
Total Cost
All 15 Weapons
27,000 Coins
All 12 Armors
30,750 Coins
All 12 Hats
47,100 Coins
All 14 Potion Skills
12,500 Coins
All 27 Perks
40,800 Coins
Total Cost of All Items
158,150 Coins
[Note]: This is the original Shop Costs and does not show Bundles ,Passports or Future DLC Items.

What is the purpose of Weapons, Armor and Hats? Do they boost my damage?
Weapons, Armor and Hats exist only as a cosmetic effect and have no gameplay value whatsoever. It does not make you more durable, deal more damage, give you more health points and it will not earn you more Coins while playing as a Hero. It's merely an option to do some extremely minor customizations to each character. The most you can do is change its color.

What is a Passport?
A Passport gives you permisson to access new attractions in Dungeonland. In otherwords it's an item that allows you to play Locked Out Content or Downloadable Content. Hopefully it will NOT require repeated purchases per attempt. The offical use for this is unknown at this time.

What is a Bundle? When is it coming!?
A bundle is an assortment of items or Content that will be availible upon purchase. The offical release of Bundles for Dungeonland has not been announced yet.
There are 3 different types of Perks: Offensive, Defensive and Character Specific.

Offensive Perks: are more damage oriented modifiers which give you a boost while using your basic skills and attacks.

  • Healer: Heals the party on critical hits.
    This can turn the best Damage Dealer into a support as well, so long as you crit.
  • Assassin: Extra damage against enemies under 30% health.
    Can be extremely useful against bosses or other hard to kill enemies but not as useful against regular enemies.
  • Bear: Chance to push enemies on hit.
    As you attack with your regular attack you have a chance to knock them back a bit.
  • Cruel: Extra damage.
    Unknown % at this time.
  • Critical: Increase critical hit chance.
    Unknown % at this time.
  • Vampire: Steal life with your attacks.
    Every hit either heals you a % of your health or heals for a % of the damage you did (Needs more testing).
  • Energized: Faster cooldowns.
    This allows any Hero to become a force to be reckoned with but you better love your weapon skill.

Defensive Perks: are often something that will always be useful in every battle or fight.

  • Medic: Revive allies twice as fast.
    You will take a LOT less time to revive your allies. A great starter Perk.
  • Runner: Faster movement.
    Unknown % at this time.
  • Backpack: Carry an extra Potion with you.
    Increases your maximum potions to 4.
  • Protection: Extra Armor.
    Unknown % or flat amount at this time.
  • Coward: chance to teleport when hit.

  • Life: Start with an extra Life.
    Increases your maximum Life Hearts by 1. Can be used by multiple Heroes.
  • Martyr: Heals allies when you are Downed.

  • Juggernaut: You cannot be knocked down.
    No heavy hits or explosions will knock you down. Makes reviving and escaping easier.
  • Evasive: Take reduced damage while evading.
    A great choice for Harder difficulties just make sure you dodge a lot!
  • Alchemist: Checkpoints grant extra potions.

Character Specific Perks: tweak or completely change said character's Unique Skill. This often brings new strategies on how to tackle different enemy groups or skillful Dungeon Maestros.

[IMPORTANT] These Perks are placed into your Offensive Perk Slot.

  • Awesome: Ray of Awesome lasts longer.
    This can be useful no matter what but you must think if it's better than an Offensive Perk.
  • Buffer: Ray of Awesome gives extra damage to the target instead.
    In most fights this is only useful for killing a Boss or Elite.
  • Holy Ray: Ray of Awesome heals target instead.
    Not very effective as the heal is minor and often doesn't outweigh replacement of Super Armor.

  • Violent: Gain extra damage after a Backstab.
    Great for The Gunner (not so much other Rogues) but is easily replaced by other Perks.
  • Recharger: Backstab recharges your cooldowns.
    An insanely effective perk, works well for any Rogue.
  • Bloodthirst: Every Backstab heals the party a little.
    Only use this if you plan on using The Rogue's Unique Character Skill to its full effect.

  • Blocker: Extra Block Durability.
    Great for any of the Warriors but sometimes not the best fit.
  • Thorned: Block breaks easily, deals damage to attackers.
    Highly subjective, best used if you don't need to block all the time.
  • Tower: Block durability greatly increased, but you can't move.
    Highly subjective as the lack of movement can leave you surrounded.
There is a total of 41 Dungeonland Achievements to unlock as of 05/02/2013.
These range from Boss Defeats, Hero Victories, Dungeon Maestro Villiany and Simple Item Unlocks.

It was planned to have the complete list of achievements and how to unlock them all here.
But due to the overall character limits of Steam Guides it will not be listed, at least not yet anyway.
In a later date I may add the Achievements back here but only list the difficult ones.
At this time no testing on the Challenge Modes have been completed. Until I have experience in how they work and ways to deal with them, along with facts of each challenge, they will not be listed here. Upon knowledge and experience I will attempt at creating suggestions to deal with the challenges.

For now there is a great guide that lists a few, if not all, of the challenges called Challenge Modes by AvG.
It is I, MasterOfLazyness and I would just like to thank the following people:

MasterOfLazyness - For taking the time out of his OH-so lazy days to gather all sorts of information to have this created.

ZGMF-X13A Diamondclad - For dealing with my rants, grammar fails and proof reading almost 100% of this.

[gBgh] Soundwave Superior - For not only sharing his opinion with me, great skills as a DM but for also his tips for the Dungeon Maestro Category that gave me ideas on what to include.

Steam & Valve - For giving us the ability to make Guides, develop Workshops, leave Comments and give Ratings. Don't forget to leave a rating!

Dungeonland Dev Team (Critical Studios) - For creating this game, listening to its player base and overall being a great bunch of people.

Paradox Interactive's Forums - For their useful Changelog about game updates since steam doesn't show them and for their community that leaves great threads with information.

You! - For taking the time to read, not only these Credits but also parts (if not all) of this Guide. And possibly for giving a rating and or leaving a comment.
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After that I got interested in actually making the very best I possibly could. This is my very first time ever, making something like this and producing it for the world to see. And sure, the game may not be the most popular but it's still fun and people need to know the basics before they can become pros. I think I got the basics down to the point where I get tired of re-reading my words. xD That means anyone completely new to the game should be ready.
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