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Character Overhaul Seven - Steam Release | ChaOS - SR
By Kaldarasha
This is an early access kind of built of my ChaOS mod for the re-release of FF7 on Steam. It's a nearly complete overhaul of the character models. It's based on the PRP mod (Phoenix Resurection Project) but aims to unify the style of the models and also give them a more realistic shape. Though, it's not a model replacer which use full textured models as some mods here on Steam do, but I achieve a much higher quality which makes this not to a drawback. There are some limitations which doesn't let me use the full potential. One thing is the tool to work on the models itself (has some bugs and is based on VB6) and another is the extra compressed snowboard minigame which we currently can't modify.
Current release
ChaOS - SR 02

Old release
ChaOS - SR 01 FIX2
ChaOS - SR

This is kinda different from the installation method you see here on Steam. There are two reasons for that reason one - sharing game files is illegal. While I haven't seen this in practice, it would be in theory possible to build a game from all the loose files. The other reason is that it works as a patch to the game files which means that it can be used along with other mods and a few things can be made optional.

  1. Extract the files with 7zip[] to any place you want (keep in mind that since windows 7 some folders have an extra write protection). I would suggest the desktop but it's up to you. It will create a folder with some sub folders, an exe and a batch file.
  2. Now locate where these files are in your FF7 root folder and copy and paste them in 0_LGP_In: and 0_LGP_Out:
    • battle.lgp
    • char.lgp
    • chocobo.lgp*
    • flevel.lgp*
    • high-us.lgp*
    • world_us.lgp*
  3. Run the batch file lgp_edit.bat and press a and hit Enter. Close the cmd when finished.
  4. Place the files from 0_LGP_Out back from where you have grabbed them
I made the experience that ulgp can fail to patch the file, if the file was already edited before. Therefor I changed the installation a bit and now the batch file use 0_LGP_In as source, but to be absolutely on the safe side you should also paste the files in 0_LGP_Out. This way you have also the vanilla files always as backup.
*These files have different marker in the file name for other languages than English. If you play a non English version than change the name of these files to the English ones, patch them and rename them back.

That's it.

Battle scenes

You can also use this mod here from Steam

You simply copy and paste its content from Battle_Add to the same named folder in ChaOS.

Cloud without sword on back

If you don't like the sword equiped on Cloud's back, then you can install this. Simply drag the content into the ChaOS folder and overwrite the files when ask.
Known issues
This is an early built of my mod so keep in mind that there can be bugs I haven't noticed yet.

Issue I can't solve
  • the snowboard minigame use the chibi models
  • the shadow in battle looks awkward (I think its kage.dat in the battle folder but I can't edit it to use a real texture)
  • the models do look very tiny in some cases*
  • the blink of the eyes does look strange*
*I could fix this but this needs editing of the flevel.lgp which would make the mode less useful as a universal replacer. Maybe I make an extra installation tutorial for the closed eye texture in the future.

Known bugs
  • Square for making such a great game
  • SquareEnix for... well for making Final Fantasy to a cash cow
  • DLPB for the Patcher
  • Luksy and Aali for creating uLgp
  • Borde for creating Kimera
  • The PRP team which did the first character overhaul
  • and all the other artists from Qhimm forums

Change log:
Update 01 FIX2 03/21/18
  • wrong bit in file header caused black textures in battle for RedXIII eyes
  • wrong name format of Cid's Highwind logo texture made his right arm disappearing

Update 01 FIX: 03/01/18
  • wrong bit in file header caused black textures in battle
  • wrong name format of Barrett's tattoo texture made his arm disappearing

Update 01: 01/12/18
  • Barrett has now his original tattoo (new and remastered)
  • Barrett has gotten some scars on the face and uperbody I also added some pre-light shading on the metal surfaces. Nothing ground breaking but looks a bit better
  • Tifa's cowgirl model is fixed
  • Updated Clouds model for the Chocobo Race
  • Updated Cid's model
  • Barrett - necklace and tattoo added (as well as the other things I added to the field model)
  • Red XIII is now finalised. The right back leg wasn't recolored by me in the previos version.
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Kaldarasha  [author] Jul 19 @ 12:40pm 
It seems that there is a bug with non English versions. I don't know if the ulgp program is the problem or if there is a problem with the files of other languages.
In my first test I simply changed the language of my moded game back to German and the char.lgp and battle.lgp did work. Then I restored the files back to vanilla and applied the patch to them and now battle.lgp did not work anymore and crashes the game when entering the battle. The thing is that the reunion mod will be released in around two months which makes any work and investigation on the problem actually meaningless, since it makes moding much easier and also helps with translation.
Kaldarasha  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:30am 
Das sind nur die Minispiele, ist also nicht ganz so gravierend wenn die nicht funktionieren. Ich teste den ganzen Patchvorgang nochmal selbst. Bis jetzt habe ich mein Spiel nur auf deutsch umgestellt und damit die nicht Sprach abhängigen Daten getestet.
shao Jul 15 @ 6:19am 
Wieviel fehlt dann durch die chocobo und high lgp?
Kaldarasha  [author] Jul 15 @ 3:13am 
Char.lgp, battle.lgp und flevel.lgp sollten funktionieren. World.lgp sollte auch keine Probleme bereiten. Bei den Minispielen habe ich aber auch neue Texturen mitdrin was ein Grund sein könnte, dass sie das Game crashen.
shao Jul 15 @ 12:20am 
Danke :steamhappy:
Kaldarasha  [author] Jul 14 @ 5:58pm 
Ich stell mein Spiel auf Deutsch um und schau mal woran es liegt.:steamsad:
shao Jul 14 @ 3:23pm 
Ich habe es mit den deutschen Files nicht hinbekommen...


sind das denn diese?


Kaldarasha  [author] Jul 7 @ 2:12pm 
Ich hab's leider noch nicht bei mir in Deutsch probiert, aber eigentlich sollte das ohne Probleme laufen, vor allem wenn nur die char.lgp ersetzt wird. Bei mir ist das Spiel bei mir auf Englisch installiert, da der Reunion Mod einige Fixe mit sich bringt. Hoffentlich veröffentlich DLPB bald die neue Version vom Reunion Mod, dann kann die englische Version recht einfach auf Deutsch umgestellt werden.
Draxas Jun 30 @ 11:17pm 
Maybe im doing something wrong on my German FF7 edition.
I tried to find my different named files, copied them, renamed them and patched them like you wrote.
So far it worked, i renamed them back, the files in the out folder, cut the files and pasted them back.
but in my game tff7 crashes, i also tried with the new char-field files only, just to see if it crashes, mod the game slowly but it still crashes and i dont know what im doing wrong. I cant mod so i justt have to ask and be thankfull for helpful answers ^^
Kaldarasha  [author] Jun 16 @ 2:35am 
Your welcome. I'll see if I can find what animations let's Hojo jump up and down and then I release the new animations we have so far.